Relationship issues: How to accept your BF’s best female friend

Dealing with the fact that your boyfriend's best friend is a fellow female can be tough for some women.

Maybe you were hurt in a previous relationship and find it hard to trust people, or you just get a weird vibe from her, sometimes accepting his platonic lady friend can be a little relationship hurdle.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this fear, which will hopefully prove to be irrational. 

6. Don't jump to any conclusions.

Just because this girl is friends with your boyfriend should not instantly suggest ulterior motives, she could literally just enjoy his company as a pal, and vice versa.

Think about how many guy friends you have, and how you'd never hook up with any of them behind your boyfriend's back. And if you would? Then you don't really have a leg to stand on. 

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5. Trust his judgement.

If your boyfriend likes her, then there's a pretty good chance that you will too.

She's probably great craic, or shares an interest of his, or has just been there for him at some stage, and there is nothing to feel threatened about. 

4. Meet her!

Definitely don't avoid her. If you have a reason to think that she's shady, meeting her will help you get a grasp on things.

Plus, meeting her will help you see why your boyfriend likes her, and she may become a friend to you too. 

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3. Relate to her 

When it comes down to it, she might have known your boyfriend before you arrived on the scene, so this might be weird for her too, losing out on time with her bestie.

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2. Do not become emotionally abusive

All of those "hilarious" memes that do the rounds on Twitter showing women breaking their boyfriend's phones to prevent him talking to girls are depictions of emotional abuse passed off as low brow comedy. 

Don't ever try to stop your BF from talking someone or doing something that he wants to do, this kind of manipulation is not okay. 

1. Embrace your fellow female.

Women are taught to be in competition with each other over everything, but your boyfriend shouldn't be one of those things.

Your relationship is not one of those X Factor gossip columns where they pit two female judges against one another and critique everything about them,  it's your relationship with your man and her friendship with him. That's it.