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Dating sucks and swiping though Tinder profiles is, frankly, exhausting AND boring.

Even going on a date is such a huge effort – the whole getting-ready malarkey as well as the actual date itself takes so much energy.

But what about when you get dolled up, show up and present the version of yourself, and you get a barrage of messages afterwards about how you could ''improve'' yourself.

Oh, the absolute NECK of some people.

Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford went on what she thought was a straight-forward date and then didn't hear from him for three months. 

Man sends date list of how to improve three months after first date. Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford tinder date.

However, he did in in touch and what eh ahd to say was, well, hilarious.

He apologised for the silence since their date and then launched into 15 things he think Kimberley needs to improve about herself.

Strap in, it's MAD.

He wrote, ''If you lost some weight, you would look incredible. Maybe about a stone or so. You are very pale. I know you aren’t a fan of the sun but a bit of fake tan won’t hurt.''

He continued, ''You have quite big boobs so you should show your off cleavage more. I think you need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you.''

We're pissing ourselves laughing here.

He seemed a bit confused as on one hand he went on to tell her that she needs to look more natural, while also saying she needs hair extensions and lip fillers.

He wrote, ''You need to look more natural, stop wearing makeup. Just make yourself look decent but don’t overkill it.''

He then added, ''Your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you look sexier.''

What. A. Gent.

To round it all of – and continued the pattern of his advice making NO SENSE, he says, ''You need so much more confidence, confidence is sexy! Get a sense of humour, you didn’t laugh at a single one of my jokes. You just seemed a bit stuck up. Sort your personality out.'' 

He didn't like her offering to split the bill either, writing, ''You made me feel shit when you offered to pay. It’s like you thought I didn’t have enough money after telling you how much is in my account.''

It looks like Kimberley had lucky scape and will be avoiding dates like the plague if this is the shit we've to put up with. 


Love Island lothario Adam Collard caused havoc while in the villa with his women-hopping antics.

And now that he's been booted off the show, it doesn't look like anything's changed. 

The Geordie, 22, may have been declaring his love for fellow contestant Zara McDermott, 21, on Aftersun last night, but it looks like he still isn't completely over his former flame Rosie Williams, 26.

Adam and Rosie didn't get off to the smoothest of starts, with the hunk dumping Kendall Rae-Knight to recouple with the Welsh solicitor. 

However, things didn't last long between the pair after Zara entered the villa and immediately turned Adam's head.

We didn't see that one coming, said literally no-one. 


Watched this one @adamcollard on This Morning

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It seemed like Adam and Zara were the Real Deal though, mainly due to the fact that he didn't seem interested in any new girls…probably because no new girls came in before she was kicked out of the villa. 

Cynical, us? Never.

However true love does exist everyone, because now that Adam and Zara are both out, they're posting loved up pics on Instagram, like the one below.

Who were we to judge?


I’ve already won..

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We were gobsmacked to hear the latest goss that he's been sneakily messaging Rosie behind Love-Of-His-Life Zara's back.

It just doesn't sound like him, does it?

According to The Mirror, "it just shows what a rat he is. Rosie cannot believe he's got in touch when he's been banging on about Zara."

A rep for Adam was quick to quash any whispers of a romantic reunion, stating that he was simply ''wishing her 'good luck' and with a view to 'staying friends'.'' Hmmm.

If we were Zara we wouldn't be going overboard with those romantic Insta snaps just yet….



Ladies, our prayers have been answered.

In a move which will majorly revolutionise our messaging experience (and let's face it, lower our blood pressure), WhatsApp are currently developing a feature which will allow us to revoke, recall or edit our messages AFTER they've been sent.

So if you've ever sent a message by accident or seriously regretted its tone after pressing send, the good folk behind the service are now giving us the opportunity to turn back time and pretend it never even happened.

That's right ladies, in much the same way you are given the option to copy or forward a message by pressing down on the screen, you will soon be offered the option to edit, recall or revoke.

And frankly, we are reeling with relief and excitement.

The feature, which will only work if the recipient hasn't read the message, is currently being trialled on iPhone beta software, and users who have access to the early beta release have explained that the function must be enabled by users as it will not automatically appear as a feature.

And if you're an Android user? Well, reports have yet to be confirmed whether you guys will have access to the new feature, but fingers crossed!




Texts messages can be a bit tricky at times.

You send a simple 'yup' to a question and suddenly the person thinks you're annoyed at them, but really, you're in the middle of work and have a million things to do and you just don't have the time to send the appropriate long-winded answer with emojis and kisses at the end.

Well, this new website will let you know if you sound like a bit of a b*tch, or just a bit off – and we can see it becoming really handy (especially for those with a slightly sarcastic nature).

Tone Analyzer assesses your messages before you send them to make sure you don't give any bad vibes to your BFF.

Apparently, the system is able to detect if there's any anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness in your texts. 

It can also analyse emails, so you can double check you don't sound arsey when emailing your boss.

Handy, huh?



The direct message inbox can be hard enough to spot on Instagram, especially with the one hundred and one changes the app has gone through in recent weeks.

But according to Cosmo, there's ANOTHER secret inbox that nobody knows about; just like on Facebook Messenger.

All you need to do to access your other inbox is:

Go into your messages, the icon on the top right corner:


If you have any secret messages waiting for you, there should be a blue note saying "Message request from" above your list of direct messages:


Now, click on the blue note and it will open up a list of your waiting message requests:

When you open these, you can select either to 'decline' if you don't want the person to be able to send you messages in future, or 'allow' if you do.

Happy messaging!



You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you accidentally hit send on a message that should NEVER have been sent? Well, there is an app that may rid you of that feeling, as it lets you delete messages – from other people’s phones!

This beautiful creation is called Ansa, and it works a bit like Snapchat in that you can go ‘off the record’ and your texts will be deleted automatically. Also, if you sent a message but it hasn’t been read yet, you can delete it for good!

The founder and CEO Natalie Bryla said: “The difference with other texting apps is that everything you say is permanent. If you think about that, you will want to use another app that allows you to talk more freely”.

Let’s not waste any more time talking – it’s time to get our hands on the app that could save us so many embarrassing moments! You can get it from iOS for iPhones, or the Google Play Store for androids.