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Whilst the other Kardashian-Jenner family are tending to their children – Kendall is very much living the fun aunt life and LOVING it.

Hitting the slopes for the festive season, the model looks UNREAL in a pink bikini.

Braving the snow in -2 weather conditions, the 23-year-old was snapped in Aspen. 


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Soaking up the stunning scenery, Kendall simply wrote in the caption: "f*ck it’s cold."

The Victoria Secret model is enjoying the downtime with a customised snowboard.

In her Instagram stories, Kendall showed off the board which reads: "omg they killed Kenny."

Recently, Kendall joked on Twitter about missing out on the family Christmas card.

She was the only sister missing from the shot and the only one without a small human.

Kendall tweeted the picture of the card along with: "HA, well this is awkward."

Kim quickly explained that this year they had waited until the last minute to do it and they attempted to just get as many people as they could for the photo.

"Schedules we’re changing, my husband was in and out of town. But The day of this card last minute realised we were all together so we had all of our kids come meet us," she tweeted.

"Kendall and my mom rushed to a meeting after this shoot so this is what we have! As many of us as possible," she added.



Have you ever wanted your own personalised snow globe, tailored to you or a loved one? Of course you have, personalised gifts are oh so extra special.

Luckily for us, Kilkenny Nassau Street are offering FREE personalisation of snow globes with every purchase, so you can get the most adorable Christmas gift with a special touch.

The offer is just for December 1, 8 and 15, so make sure to mark it in your Santa calendars. Only one day away until December, gals.

Be it a message of love to your significant other, or just a cheeky joke for your best mate, this is a stunning idea if we do say so ourselves.

John Coughlan is the man behind the messages, and Santa's shoppers can choose between a snowman, Christmas tree, musical or nativity themed globe for their gift, this is getting us so excited for December.

Kilkennyshop.com are also offering complimentary engravings on every snow globe which is more expensive than €29.95 from now until December 5, another date to remember.

Personalised gifts are part of a huge Christmas trend, and a snow globe is a classic winter treasure that will last a lifetime.

Ornaments like these are just made to be cherished, and even passed down the generations.

What would you ladies write in your messages? 



Met Éireann has given us some chilly news today: cold and frosty winds could pair with low temperatures to give us a bitterly frosty Bank Holiday Weekend.

Forecasters are now saying that this arctic weather could go on until the end of the month, so prepare yourself for an emotional goodbye to the recent warm tropical spells.

Daytime figures look like it will be a struggle to stay above zero, while the nights will see temperatures drop to minus two at least.

The big chill is predicted to arrive on Thursday night, with Met Eireann claming that "The cold and bright weather continues through the weekend with daytime temps of 7 to 9 degrees; the nights will be frosty with temperatures falling to between -2 to +2 degrees.

Met Eireann also added that temperatures for the long October Bank Holiday weekend will be “below average” and that we might get pelted with hail showers throughout.

"Early indications suggest it will be cold and windy over the weekend with a mix of sunny spells and showers, some of the showers will be heavy with the risk of hail and thunder. Daytime maximum temperatures will be in the high single figures and with the risk of frost at night, especially on Sunday night."

This is going to be a shock to the system, to say the least.

The chances of an early Halloween bonfire are looking fairly slim, put away those fireworks lads.

cold bill murray GIF

Our advice is to arm yourself with some hot water bottles, fluffy socks and a onesie.

Winter is coming, people. Even Jon Snow is wrapping himself up, burrito-style.




We're sad to say that snow might be on the horizon for this year's St Patrick's Say festivities. 

A status Yellow weather warning is currently in place for Leinster, Cavan and Monaghan was snow showers loom.

The warning will be active from now until midnight on Sunday. 

'Advance warning for cold weather this weekend with low-temperatures, snow-showers, snow-accumulation mainly Saturday night and Sunday,' reads Met Eireann's description of the impending weather. 

Temperatures as low as -4C are expected around Dublin.

While the snow may cause transport issues for many, hopefully we don't see a repeat of the Beast from the East. 


The country has been hit by one of the worst snow storms in decades, with freezing temperatures and icy conditions forcing many of us to stay indoors. 

And while the extreme weather has no doubt causes its fair share of inconveniences, it can be incredibly dangerous for those who don't have a place to sleep. 

If you come across someone sleeping rough during the extreme cold snap, the first thing you should do is contact your local homeless service and let them know you are concerned about the wellbeing of the individual or individuals in question. 

If possible, offer them a warm drink and some food and encourage them to avail of one of the extra beds that have been made available across the country. 

Here's a list of organisations taking calls around the country:

Dublin: The Inner City Helping Homeless // 01 8881804 or 085 8389281.

or report to the Dublin Region Homeless Executive online here

Kildare: Peter McVerry Trust // 1800 804 307.

Meath: County Council // 1890 445 335.

Killkenny: Good Shepard Centre // 056 772 2566  or Council Emergency // 056 779 4145

Cork: Homeless Persons Unit // 021 4963 052

Simon Emergency Shelter // 021 4278 728

St Vincent de Paul // 021 4317 899

Limerick: Homeless Action Team // 1800 606060

Galway: Cope Homeless Service // 1800 788887

Eileen Gleeson, director of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive has urged people to contact homeless services if they witness someone sleeping rough in the extreme weather.

"It's vitally important that anyone who sees a person who's homeless that they link them onto the rough sleeper report, so that we can get to them."



Us Irish don't really cope well with the extreme weather, now do we? (Hurricane Ophelia, we're looking at you)

As the country braces itself for heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and treacherous conditions, courtesy of The Beast from the East,  the Twitter folk of Ireland have done what they do best – made a complete joke out of the whole situation. 

We're a gas bunch altogether! 

The anticipation is palpable. 


It's hard to argue with the facts. 

Same, Grainne. Same. 

Jaysus is right… 

Shorts. He's wearing shorts! 

And let's not forget about bread gate 2018.



Brace yourselves! – It's about to be bloody Baltic. 

Just when we thought the weather finally looking up, a fresh arctic blast is forecast to grip the entire country for five days next week.

Remember last year when Storm Ophelia pretty much shut the country down for a day – well, get ready for round two. Only this time we have snowstorms, plummeting temperatures, severe frosts to look forward to. 

According to Met Éireann, Tuesday to Saturday is expected to be "exceptionally cold" with "significant wind chill and severe frosts." – lovely! 

Temperatures will fall to as low as -10C in some places with daytime temperatures remaining below freezing. 

Are you having a laugh, Joanna? 

We've been told to stock up on essentials (Dairy Milk, Tayto, Gin and tonic – you know yourself) and prepare for possible school closures. 

But of course, as we well know, us Irish have a bit of a tendency to over exaggerate these types of things – Teresa Mannion we're looking at you – so only time will tell. 

But hey, maybe we're wrong. Maybe we'll all be telling our grandchildren about the big freeze of 2018, maybe it'll have its own slot on this year's Reeling in the Years? 

Either way, it's always wise to heed warnings and take care when driving in freezing temperatures – even if we are overreacting. 



If you’re an early bird, you may have noticed the thick blanket of snow that has engulfed much of the country over night.

Thanks to the snow, motorists are advised to take care on the roads.

Snow, ice and compacted snow are a danger to drivers as a result of Storm Fionn.

The Road Safety Authority and AA Roadwatch have urged motorists to take care on the roads.

A number of weather warnings are in place around the country today.

A Status Yellow snow and ice warning is in place for the entire country and will not be lifted until 9am.

A Status Orange wind warning is also currently in place for counties Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Clare, Donegal, Leitrim, Cork and Kerry is in place until 3am.

Gusts of up to 120 km/ph are expected.



Yesterday may have been Blue Monday, but today’s weather warnings are bringing us a major case of the January blues. 

Met Éireann has issued a number of weather warnings for the coming week.

The warnings are for snow, high winds  and potential flooding in some areas. 

From 11pm tonight, the entire country will be under a snow and ice warning as temperatures plummet. 

Lowest temperatures of 0 degrees are expected.

A status yellow wind warning has also come into effect for counties Galway, Clare, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Cork, Donegal, Kerry and Limerick.

Strong gusts of up to 110km/ph are expected.

The wind warning will remain in place until 3am tonight. 



We just missed having a white Christmas this year, if Met Eireann's latest revelations come true. 

The Irish metrological service has predicted that many areas if Ireland can expect sleet and snow today, after temperatures plummeted tom -4 last night.

'There'll be spells of sunshine today with scattered wintry showers.'

'Some showers will be heavy, leading to accumulations of snow on mountains and at times to lower levels.'

'The showers will be most frequent in the north and west and down through the midlands.'

'They'll become isolated in the evening.'

The wintry weather is expected to continue into the last days of 2017. 

Fog, rain and sleet are all expected for the remainder of the week. 



A number of warnings remain in place with many parts of the country experiencing icy conditions and accumulations of between four and eight centimetres of snow.  

An Orange snow-ice warning, which is valid until 11pm tonight, has been issued for the following counties: Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Wicklow, Offaly, Westmeath, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon and Tipperary. 

A second Yellow snow-ice warning has also been put in place for counties Dublin, Louth, Wexford, Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim, Sligo and Waterford. 

Motorists have been advised to exercise extreme caution when travelling and the AA have recommended that drivers use major routes where possible. 

Meanwhile a Yellow wind warning has been issued for counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford with gusts of around 110km/h expected in coastal regions and on higher ground. 

A rainfall warning is also in place for Wexford, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford. 

We reckon it's a day for the duvet! 



Unless you've stayed bundled beneath your duvet for the last day or so, you'll know that it's absolutely baltic outside.

And it's not about to get any warmer any time soon.

Indeed, Met Éireann have issued a Status Orange weather warning to the entire country ahead of below freezing temperatures and snowfall.

While today will be mostly dry, rainfall later tonight will eventually bring snow, with forecasters advising: "The rain will be heavy and persistent and will bring local spot flooding to the south and southwest. As it moves northwards it will turn to snow, bringing large accumulations to Connacht, the midlands and much of Leinster."

Temperatures will drop to as low as -5 degrees tonight, with winds remaining moderate to fresh southeast to east, becoming strong westerly in Munster by morning.

Forecasters say "Sunday will see further heavy rain and snow falls. Temperatures in the afternoon will struggle to rise above freezing in the north and will linger between 1 and 4 degrees for much of the country."

As of Sunday night, forecasters advise the entire country to exercise caution, saying: "The widespread, severe frost will bring treacherous driving conditions to the whole country with all areas at risk."

"Sleet and snow will continue for a time, but will gradually die away as the night goes on."

It's a weekend for an open fire and a mug of hot chocolate, ladies.