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Have you ever wanted your own personalised snow globe, tailored to you or a loved one? Of course you have, personalised gifts are oh so extra special.

Luckily for us, Kilkenny Nassau Street are offering FREE personalisation of snow globes with every purchase, so you can get the most adorable Christmas gift with a special touch.

The offer is just for December 1, 8 and 15, so make sure to mark it in your Santa calendars. Only one day away until December, gals.

Be it a message of love to your significant other, or just a cheeky joke for your best mate, this is a stunning idea if we do say so ourselves.

John Coughlan is the man behind the messages, and Santa's shoppers can choose between a snowman, Christmas tree, musical or nativity themed globe for their gift, this is getting us so excited for December.

Kilkennyshop.com are also offering complimentary engravings on every snow globe which is more expensive than €29.95 from now until December 5, another date to remember.

Personalised gifts are part of a huge Christmas trend, and a snow globe is a classic winter treasure that will last a lifetime.

Ornaments like these are just made to be cherished, and even passed down the generations.

What would you ladies write in your messages? 



We know kids wish they could see Rudolph in real life sometimes, but we bet the residents of Carlton Hill in Nottingham, UK, didn't expect to see him prancing around their front gardens yesterday.

There was a Christmas event being held at the local Tesco car park, just up the road from a housing estate, but when a car horn beeped, the reindeer named Bjorn, absolutely pegged it down the road. 

Warren Porter, 23, saw the whole thing as he was getting into his car. "It was one of the weirdest, unexpected sights I will ever witness," he said. 

"I locked my doors and thought 'you're not getting in here, I've got carrots in my boot'. As it ran past, a woman dressed in festive gear was chasing up the road with a rope.

"You couldn't create a story like that."

Bjorn was found a little while later in a garden and was safely brought back to the stables. We're not sure Santa will be very happy with him though.