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It's going to be a bitterly cold week, by the looks of things. Met Éireann have just issued a status yellow weather warning for Ireland, with snow and ice predicted.

They updated their website this morning, writing: "Very cold this week with showers of hail, sleet and snow, frequent across the southwest, west and north, where some significant accumulations are possible this evening and overnight."

"There will be widespread frost with icy stretches on untreated surfaces." they added, stating the potential for further significant snowfall on Thursday around the country.

The warning will be updated tomorrow morning, and will be in place until Saturday at 6pm.

Today, we're expecting a cold day with a mixture of sunny spells and scattered wintry showers, as rain and sleet clears eastwards.

There is also a risk of hail and thunder in Atlantic coastal areas, with the western half of the county expecting showers and snowfall.

Maximum temperatures will range from two to five degrees, let's hope we don't get snow like last year. 

Thursday will see sleet and snow continuing across the south of Ireland, but the northern half of the country should remain dry. Severe frost is incoming on Thursday night, with temperatures of just one to four degrees.

Yikes…wrap up warm out there. Hopefully it doesn't drop too far below zero degrees.



The UK Arctic blast may be heading towards Ireland, according to the predictions of weather experts Met Éireann and Midland Channel.

There's a possibility of heavy snow and disruptions, so people are preparing for some seriously cold frost.

If the UK's forecast is anything to go by, severe sleet could hit the country this weekend. The UK are facing severe sleet and snow at the moment, which could easily come our way.

According to the Midland Channel;

"As skies remain clear this evening temperatures will fall away quiet rapidly across the country with a widespread ground frost likely as air temperatures dip to as low as -2 or -3 degrees Celsius.

"Showers during the day have lead to rather damp road conditions and as temperatures fall below freezing some icy stretches are likely. Do take care if you are travelling this evening, especially on secondary roads."

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If anyone remembers the Beast From the East in 2018, they can recall the chaos caused by the snow. I mean, a Lidl was destroyed for God's sake. 

A yellow warning for snow and ice across the country has been issued by the Met Office, who are calling the warning an "arctic blast".

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna said:

"Things are turning colder, but it is just more typical winter conditions. It has been so mild this winter that it will be a bit of a shock to the system even though temperatures will be average for this time of year or just below."

Met Éireann also claimed that Ireland possibly could see a fall of snow on Thursday night.

"The freshening southerly winds will become strong southeasterly on Thursday night ahead of rain developing in the west."

"Temperatures will be below freezing in places and the rain will be preceded for a time by a fall of snow as it spreads eastwards across the country."

Batten down the hatches, lads, and whip out the blankets ASAP.

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In case you hadn't been outside in days, Ireland has been experiencing a bout of weather with only one word to describe it – baltic. 

Unfortunately, the cold snap is here for the foreseeable future, and it's set to get colder. 

Today, temperatures will sit at around 6 degrees, and we can expect a moderate breeze. 

 Asd for tonight, things are set to get frosty.

'It will be cold with lowest temperatures between -1 and +1 degree leading to frost and icy patches as northerly winds decrease light to moderate but remain fresh near the coast.'

Some places will see lows of -2 degrees. 

Tomorrow will also be cold, with highest temperatures of 5-7 degrees. 

The rest of the week is set to see further low temperatures as well as rain showers in many parts.

However, by Friday we should see rainier weather with slightly higher temperatures. Not sure if we'd rather have the rain or the cold tbh. 



If our reddened cheeks and numb fingers were anything to go by when we arrived into the office this morning, winter has officially arrived.

And, unsurprisingly, it's not going anywhere fast.

According to the good folk at Met Éireann, it's a weekend for fluffy socks, duvet forts and gallons of alcohol-infused hot chocolate.

Tonight will see the arrival of frost which will become severe as the night progresses, with temperatures dipping as low as -3 degrees.

Friday will be a cold, breezy day, but may be broken up with some bright spells and showers. Some of these showers will, however, carry hail, sleet and snow with a slight risk of a thundery burst too.

Saturday will kick off with a cold, frosty and icy wake-up call and continue throughout the day and into the night, with lows of -2 degrees.

Thankfully, Sunday makes way for some warmer spells, with temperatures reaching 9 degrees as the frost and ice clears.

Ladies, it's a weekend for the couch.



Time to get out more of your winter warmers, ladies as the cold weather is set to continue. 

Met Éireann has issued an orange warning for Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo for tonight. 

Snow is said to reach up to 8cm from midnight tonight until midnight Thursday, with the highest amounts falling on high ground. 

Another yellow warning is in place for Longford, Cavan, Monaghan, Galway and Roscommon. 

The cold weather is set to stay for the weekend with temperatures dropping overnight and risk of widespread frost and ice.