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It's going to be a bitterly cold week, by the looks of things. Met Éireann have just issued a status yellow weather warning for Ireland, with snow and ice predicted.

They updated their website this morning, writing: "Very cold this week with showers of hail, sleet and snow, frequent across the southwest, west and north, where some significant accumulations are possible this evening and overnight."

"There will be widespread frost with icy stretches on untreated surfaces." they added, stating the potential for further significant snowfall on Thursday around the country.

The warning will be updated tomorrow morning, and will be in place until Saturday at 6pm.

Today, we're expecting a cold day with a mixture of sunny spells and scattered wintry showers, as rain and sleet clears eastwards.

There is also a risk of hail and thunder in Atlantic coastal areas, with the western half of the county expecting showers and snowfall.

Maximum temperatures will range from two to five degrees, let's hope we don't get snow like last year. 

Thursday will see sleet and snow continuing across the south of Ireland, but the northern half of the country should remain dry. Severe frost is incoming on Thursday night, with temperatures of just one to four degrees.

Yikes…wrap up warm out there. Hopefully it doesn't drop too far below zero degrees.



Met Éireann has given us some chilly news today: cold and frosty winds could pair with low temperatures to give us a bitterly frosty Bank Holiday Weekend.

Forecasters are now saying that this arctic weather could go on until the end of the month, so prepare yourself for an emotional goodbye to the recent warm tropical spells.

Daytime figures look like it will be a struggle to stay above zero, while the nights will see temperatures drop to minus two at least.

The big chill is predicted to arrive on Thursday night, with Met Eireann claming that "The cold and bright weather continues through the weekend with daytime temps of 7 to 9 degrees; the nights will be frosty with temperatures falling to between -2 to +2 degrees.

Met Eireann also added that temperatures for the long October Bank Holiday weekend will be “below average” and that we might get pelted with hail showers throughout.

"Early indications suggest it will be cold and windy over the weekend with a mix of sunny spells and showers, some of the showers will be heavy with the risk of hail and thunder. Daytime maximum temperatures will be in the high single figures and with the risk of frost at night, especially on Sunday night."

This is going to be a shock to the system, to say the least.

The chances of an early Halloween bonfire are looking fairly slim, put away those fireworks lads.

cold bill murray GIF

Our advice is to arm yourself with some hot water bottles, fluffy socks and a onesie.

Winter is coming, people. Even Jon Snow is wrapping himself up, burrito-style.




If you've managed to make it to work/college this morning without have a total meltdown, pat yourself on the back.

Commuters in Ulster and Leinster were given QUITE the treat this morning, with snow, sleet and ice blanketing a large chunk of the country.

While much of the 'snow' turned to mush and slush, certain more sheltered areas saw heavy snowfall. All in all, it was a total disaster, especially for anyone trying to get to work on time.

Buses, trains and LUASes turned into warm, overpacked tin cans:  


But anyone with a car really had to suffer:


A few brave souls even risked getting frostbite to stop and take a picture:


And of course there were a few ice-related accidents too.


Plus, the inevitable delays on EVERY form of transport – including planes:

Thank God it's Friday. We could NOT do this all over again tomorrow.



If you think we have it bad here in Ireland, but wait until you read the temperatures that some people live in. Could you do it?

1. Ommyakon, Russia
There are 472 tough residents in this town. A temperature of -71.2°C was once recorded here.

2. Snag, Yukon, Canada
This town has the lowest ever recorded temperature in North America with a reading of -63°C.

3. Barrow, Alaska
This town is only reachable by sea or air. The sun sets sometime in late November and doesn’t rise again till late January. The average temperature for February is -25.7°C.

4. Verkhoyansk, Russia
There are a mere 1,434 inhabitants in this town with a recorded temperature of -69.8°C.

5. Dome Fuji ridge, East Antarctic Plateau
This place has the lowest ever recorded temperature on earth at a terrifyingly cold -93.2°C.