If you were hitting the town on St Patrick's Day last year, you may recall the bout of snowfall that descended on revellers late into the night. 

Despite the weather, we rarely let our Paddy's Day spirits be dampened, which is just as well, because we may see a similar weather pattern occurring this Sunday. 

On Saturday night, temperatures will drop as low as -1, setting us up for a very wintry Paddy's Day. 

Moving into Sunday, it will be bright and cold, with wintry showers – either snow, sleet or freezing rain. 

According to Met Eireann: 'Sunday, St Patrick's day is likely to be a bright and cold day with sunny spells and scattered showers, some of the showers could be wintry.'

'Top temperatures 7 to 9 degrees in a moderate to fresh northwesterly breeze.'

So, make sure you have your best green winter jacket ready to go.