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Butlers Chocolates, chocolate masters since 1932, have unveiled their first ever Pick & Mix fixture in Dublin Airport, Terminal 2. Located in the Chocolatier Section of The Loop, travellers can now pick their favourite treats to enjoy on the flight or gift to a loved one. 

This chocolate lover’s paradise hosts a mix of individually wrapped chocolate mini bars and twist wrap truffles including popular favourites such as Hazelnut Praline, Honeycomb Crisp, Dark Salt Caramel and Milk Truffle, not to mention 70 percent Salted Caramel and 78 percent Dark Chocolate. 

To celebrate the launch, Butlers Chocolates are partnering up with Dublin based illustrator Conor Merriman who will sketch FREE mini portraits of your loved ones for one day only, from 11am to 2pm on October 25 at the Butlers Chocolates Pick + Mix station in T2.

Each portrait is designed to fit into the large Butlers Pick + Mix box, creating the perfect surprise gift for that special someone.  

Speaking about the launch, Aisling Walsh, Marketing Director for Butlers Chocolates commented; ‘Picking up a chocolate gift in the Loop or a visit to Butlers Chocolate Café in the airport is synonymous with the excitement of holidays and travelling. Butlers Chocolates were delighted to work with the ARI team to create a personalised experience, where travellers can pick their favourites to gift, enjoy or share on their onward journey’.

The gift-boxes have been designed with ease of carrying in mind and will easily slip into a passenger’s laptop/hand bag. So after you check in, check out the Butlers Chocolates Pick + Mix in The Loop, Terminal 2 and choose your favourites from the extensive selection with the medium box priced at €8 and large gift boxes at €15


Last night, passengers travelling through Dublin Airport were forced to sleep in the terminals as some flights were delayed by a number of hours. 

Met Eireann issued a status yellow snow and ice warning, and it followed through. 

Following the snowfall across Ireland yesterday, which meant that a de-icing procedure of aircrafts was necessary. 

'Some airlines are experiencing delays to their flight schedules as a result of de-icing issues.'

'Passengers are advised to check with their airline for latest flight updates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused,' Dublin Airport tweeted.

Passengers have been sharing their experiences on Twitter, including images of empty food shelves in the food hall areas of the airport, and people strewn across floors and seats sleeping.

'Only a few people were given water and food vouchers. It's an absolute disgrace,' passenger Sinead O'Reilly said, who was very unhappy with Ryanair's handing of the extensive delays. 

'People queued up for nearly 5 hours and were told that Ryanair couldn't do anything for them Re accommodation etc as the desk was closed,'she added in a tweet. 

Passengers are advised to check with their various air travel providers for updates of delays and cancellations. 


Dublin airport was brought to a stand still this morning with all flights cancelled temporarily.

Dublin Airport has since confirmed that all flights are now resuming as normal. 

The suspensions were due to a confirmed sighting of a drone in Dublin Airport's airspace. 

'Flight operations have now resumed @DublinAirport following an earlier drone sighting.' 

'We apologise for any inconvenience.'

'The safety and security of customers is our key priority at all times,' reads a post on the Dublin Airport Twitter page. 

'For safety reasons we are temporarily suspending flight operations @DublinAirport due the confirmed sighting of a drone over the airfield,' they tweeted. 

'Passengers should contact their airline's website for flight updates.'

'We will post updates here when they become available.'

There was massive disruption at Gatwick airport in December, disrupting the travel plans of 140,000 passengers,after someone flew a drone into the airspace. 

According to The Evening Standard, that incident was the work of a 'disgruntled employee.'

'Police believe either a current or former employee was behind the December 19 incident,' said a source. 


Holidaymakers don't fear!

Industrial action for Ryanair pilots is underway this morning.

Despite the strike, the majority flights are still going ahead. (YASSS)

An agreement between trade union representatives couldn't be thrashed out after seven hours of talks.

Check your phone: Ryanair has said any customers affected by the 30 of 290 flights cancelled, have been notified. 

Don't worry if you haven't received an alert, you will be sipping cocktails in no time, as you should continue with your travel plans as usual. 

Yesterday, the airline took to Twitter and posted a letter detailing the discussions.

It read: "Ryanair pilot union talks conclude without agreement.

"Ryanair expects a strike by 27% of Irish pilots to proceed tomorrow."

Last week, the union representing the pilots indicated that 99 percent of their members were in favour of seeking industrial action after a ballot.

Ryanair tweeted this morning, that they 'regret the decision' taken by a quarter of their Irish pilots to strike. 

They said they believe that the pilots should "take up our offer of working groups" to come to a solution. 

Spare us a thought when you're pool-side, the Irish summer is back. (Cue internal crying.)



Thinking of jetting off this summer? 

More destinations than ever before are available from Dublin Airport. 

The airport is introducing a number of new routes from four new airlines. 

Hong Kong, Beijing, Montreal and Seattle flights will be available this summer, as will new routes to  Luxembourg, Marrakesh, Paphos and Reykjavik.

The new routes are expected to increase the annual amount of travellers via Dublin Airport by one million, according to The Independent.

A casual Beijing mini-break, anyone?



One lucky Irish lotto player is in for a very merry Christmas after ir was revealed that the winning ticket worth €5.4 million was sold at a newsagents in Dublin Airport this week. 

The ticket was purchased on Friday December 22, one of Dublin Airport's busiest days of the year. 

It's thought the ticket, which was bought in Terminal 1 arrivals, may have been sold to someone picking up a loved one, a member of airport staff, or even someone returning home for Christmas. 

In a statement, the National Lottery said: "We don’t know at this stage who the lucky winner of this life-changing amount is. But we can confirm the golden ticket was purchased in arrivals at Terminal 1 in Dublin Airport on Friday December 22nd."

"This was one of the busiest days of the year in arrivals and the ticket could have been brought by somebody coming home for Christmas, by a friend or relative meeting a loved one, or an airport worker.

"This is going to be a very special Christmas indeed for that lucky person.”

The numbers drawn were 5, 14, 28, 29, 32 and 38. The bonus number was 31.



As of 8am this morning, passengers travelling through Dublin Airport can avail of new self-service passport control machines.

Following a trial period in April, the Department of Justice have confirmed that the e-Gates, which can be used by Irish and EU travellers over the age of 18 with e-Passports and Irish passport cards, are now in full operation.

The self-service machines, which rely on passport readers and facial recognition technology to allow entry into the country, have been installed in an effort to speed up the system and increase security in the airport.

Minister Charlie Flanagan believes the 20 new machines – 10 in each terminal – are a very welcome new addition.

"Following a very thorough pilot programme and competitive tender, I believe that we've found a solution that matches our goals and requirements."

" We look forward to working with Vision-Box, through the award of this framework agreement," he said after signing the contract in Augist of this year.

"The introduction of e-Gates will greatly enhance our immigration controls, including our border security, while at the same time providing an improved passenger experience," he added.

Looking to the future. the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has confirmed that expansion is a possibility.

"Following the first phase of the project INIS will examine the scope for extending their use to non–EU passport holders, to allow easier entry for regular visitors such as business travellers."

The machines have been provided by Lisbon-based Vision-Box, in partnership with Accenture and ESP Global Systems.


Dublin Airport look set to introduce new 'e-gates' in an effort to enhance security and speed up immigration queues.

The electronic border control gates will allow passengers travelling on biometric passports and Irish passport cards to pass through security by scanning their document and having their photo taken.

According to reports, the twenty new gates (10 in Terminal One and 10 in Terminal Two), will be up and running by the end of 2017.

A small number of e-gates were previously in operation on a trail basis in Terminal One, however, these were removed in May of this year over a reported maintenance row.

Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan today confirmed the signing of a contract for the supply and installation of the new gates.

Welcoming the move, Minister Flanagan said, “Following a very thorough pilot programme and competitive tender, I believe that we’ve found a solution that matches our goals and requirements. We look forward to working with Vision-Box, through the award of this framework agreement.”

The introduction of e-Gates will greatly enhance our immigration controls, including our border security, while at the same time providing an improved passenger experience through self-service and speedier passage through the immigration process.”   

Dublin airport immigration services processed a record 13.8 million arriving passengers in 2016 and it is hoped the introduction of an electronic system will dramatically cut waiting times.

If successful, the new gates will be rolled out to other ports of entry.



A number of weeks ago, the news broke that The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform intended to demonstrate at Irish airports to discourage women from leaving the country to seek abortions.

While both Cork and Dublin airport stated that they would not be allowing the protests, the manifesto of the 'NGO' continues to state that two weeks of demonstrations are getting underway.

The group released a statement today saying that Dublin, Belfast and Manchester will be the locations of their first protests tomorrow, after recent governmental decisions surrounding the financial implications of procuring abortions.

'In light of the recent decision made by the British government to pay for abortions for Northern Irish women travelling to England, three major pro-life groups are coordinating a massive, visual response,' reads the statement.

'Precious Life of Northern Ireland, ICBR of Ireland and Abort67 of England will be holding simultaneous public education displays in Belfast, Dublin and Manchester on Saturday 29 July 2017.'

'They will be displaying large graphic images of aborted babies, to show the humanity of the unborn child and expose the horrific reality of abortion which the abortion industry strives to keep hidden from Irish women travelling to England for the procedure.'

The protests will take place at Belfast Airport, Airport Spur, Manchester and on Dame Street, Dublin.

'This is about the abortion industry expanding business and increasing profits off the blood of Irish babies,' said Ruth Rawlins, spokesperson for Abort67.

'We want to send a loud and clear message to the public that we stand with both Northern Ireland and Ireland and their right to protect unborn Irish citizens from abortion.”

The group previously received backlash from the public for their intended demonstrations. 

The group emphasised the use of graphic, questionable imagery in their pursuit of 'education,' with the former demonstrations being titled 'Ireland Airport Education Project.'

ICBR have been contacted for comment. 


Dublin Airport's Terminal 2 was recently inspected after the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower.

And thankfully, the terminal "exceeds" fire safety regulations.

Image result for dublin airport terminal 2

In a statement to the Irish Examiner, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) said that Terminal 2 is "one of the best fire-engineered buildings" in Ireland.

It continued: “In light of the Grenfell fire we have reviewed the cladding system on Terminal 2 and confirmed that it more than exceeds the relevant fire regulations and building regulations.

"Terminal 2’s cladding is not comparable with the cladding system at Grenfell."

Since the incident in London, the Irish Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy, has asked all local authories to review fire safety regulations in multi-story social housing.



Dublin Airport has responded to the news of an intended pro-life demonstration by the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

The centre intends to demonstrate at Irish airports to discourage women from leaving the country to seek abortions, and has sought volunteers and donations. 

The 'airport education project' will hold graphic signs featuring images of what it alleges to be aborted foetuses in an attempt to shock the woman out of leaving for abortions.

 The official Dublin Airport Twitter page has given a response to the potential 'project.'

'In response to queries, under statutory airport bye-laws, the distribution of leaflets, etc and/or the holding of a public meeting or demonstration is prohibited unless approved by the airport.'

'We do not give permission for protests of any type at Dublin Airport.'

Cork Airport has given a similar response.

'Under airport bye-laws any protest is prohibited unless approved by @CorkAirport.'

'We do not give permission for protests of any type, ever.'

Twitter has been in uproar since the news broke yesterday afternoon.




Only in Ireland!

Passengers who were queuing for a flight to Cornwall on Saturday were surprised when their boarding call turned out to be a spontaneous sing-song.

A native Cork band, The Molgoggers, were boarding the flight along with the passengers, and instead of the usual final call, the band serenaded the flyers with an original song called All Aboard.

The eight piece group were flying out to take part in the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival in Cornwall.

The tune was written in reference to the history of Cobh, and the emigration that people faced in past centuries.

The song was written by the man singing the verses, Jim Halligan, and we have to say, it's a beautiful song. Their harmonies are on point too.

If only all boarding calls could be like this.