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RTÉ's most closely-guarded secret was today unveiled by Ryan Tubridy ahead of Friday night's eagerly anticipated Late Late Toy Show. The magical, mystical wonderland world of Frozen has been revealed as the inspiration behind this year's show-stopping production, and Ryan said that his opening number is his "most outrageous" to date. 

It's his 11th year in the driving seat on The Late Late Toy Show, with Ryan's opening sequence performance fast-becoming one of the most-eagerly anticipated parts of the show.  

"There will be a lot of goof this year and that will be obvious as soon as I step out in the most outrageous of costumes,” Ryan said.“It involves a very toothy grin…even my own weren't sufficient for the occasion!”

"Family, nostalgia and the experience of watching the show together are at the heart of this year's show, Ryan added. 

"This year, viewers will get a sense of family, drawing from Anna and Elsa in Frozen and Frozen 2. A lot of the emphasis this year is on family and coming together and gathering to watch the show, as they have done for decades. It's not a picture perfect portrayal of family, because every family is different, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

"It doesn't matter, once you are there together and are happy and surrounded by people you love, that's what it’s all about. People of all ages, sizes and walks of life come together. I'm asking everyone to put down their phone or tablet for two hours and talk about the show with each other."

Over 200 children from all around the country will participate in the live production from RTÉ's Studio 4 – as singers, performers and toy demonstrators. From the opening sequence, right until the very end of the show, a number of incredible surprises and special guest appearances are also in store. Hundreds of toys have been tested and will feature throughout the live production, and, of course, there will be a special nod to the late Gay Byrne.  

This year's spectacular set is set to melt the coldest of hearts, and was created by the RTÉ production Design Department, led by Marcella Power. RTÉ's Costume and Make-Up departments, with costume led by Brigette Horan, have also been busily prepping the cast ahead of Friday's extravaganza. 

Last year's show was the most-watched programme on Irish television for 2018, with more than 1.5 million people tuning in for The Greatest Showman themed extravaganza.

As with The Late Late Toy Show each year, a number of charities have nominated children to experience the magic of the set for themselves in advance of tonight’s show. This year children from the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, Laura Lynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin and Temple Street had a sneak preview of the set and played with the toys. All toys featured on the show will be donated to charity following the broadcast.

The Late Late Toy Show airs on RTÉ One on Friday, November 29 at 9.35pm



Many of us were absolutely RAISED on Disney when we were kids. We grew up with the incredible cinema releases of The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Mulan and The Little Mermaid, and it changed our lives forever.

The Disney princess role has changed as the generations got older (and more feminist), bringing more progressive films with 3D female characters such as Brave, Frozen, Moana, The Princess and the Frog and Tangled.

Kiera Knightly recently spoke out against the films, saying that her three-year-old daughter is banned from watching them in her home.

keira knightley smiling GIF

When asked why, she said to "rescue yourself!" from the prince is a far better message to send to young women; "Cinderella waits around for a rich guy to rescue her. Don’t." Right on, gal, right on. Fight the power.

However, when we were watching the classic princess films as children, I highly doubt we realised at the time just how YOUNG they all are, which arguably makes the movies seem a tad creepy.

It's basically teens getting sexualised and sent off to live with a man who has privilege over them forever.

For decades, young girls have been seeing these characters as role models; they're compassionate, fierce, caring, brave and highly intelligent.

Many of the gals are preparing for marriage, but they're in their mid-teens. Seems a little weird, considering the men they're marrying are often at least ten years older.

For example. Pocahontas' age in the film was never confirmed, but in real life she actually met John Smith when she was just a 10 year old girl. Ew.

First up: Princess Jasmine. Aladdin's bae was only 15-years-old in the film, as a recent The Mary Sue article pointed out. So when she's dressed in red and is seducing Jafar (a creepy old man), she's officially underage…

princess jasmine disney GIF

A key portion of the film revolves around the fact that she's obliged to marry a prince before her sixteenth birthday, which is three days away.

The Mary Sue also noted that Jasmine is a highly sexualised character, with Jafar commanding the genie to force her to love him. Alright…we're officially disturbed.

Plus, that waist-line is a fantasy; she'd fit maybe half an organ in there if she's lucky.

HuffPost has previously pointed out that none of the 'official' Disney princesses are older than 19, even though most of them are wed or engaged by the end of each of their respective movies.

Ariel is a sixteen-year-old who claims to be an adult, while Eric is the ripe old age of 18. So in today's day-and-age, it would be illegal for them to marry.

Granted, these films are purely fantasy, but it's pretty strange how they design the princesses as sexualised teenagers who always end up with an older man.

If this next one doesn't shock you, we don't know what will. Snow White is just 14 YEARS OLD when she meets her prince, and escapes from a cruel queen who tries to cut out her heart out of vanity.

The prince also kisses her while she's KO'd; problematic as f*ck.

snow white kiss GIF

Kristen Bell has also pointed out issues with Snow White as a film, which was the first colour Disney animation and was released back in 1938.

“Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?” Bell says she asked her daughters. “Because you can not kiss someone if they’re sleeping!” Hello, consent?

Fairy tales don’t have a stable form, and every era rewrites centuries old fairy tales to fit it's specific agenda or zeitgeist. Many Disney princesses were based on the 1812 Brothers Grimm tales.

drunk kristen wiig GIF

They changed their book of stories to adapt to 19th-century German bourgeois family values, so why can't we update them in 2019?

Cinderella was transformed into a live-action remake recently, but ZERO alterations were made. 

Our Chinese hero warrior Mulan, famous for it's WHOPPER tunes like I'll Make a Man Out of You: she's also sixteen. Yet she has to nurture a fragile toxic male ego, and marries him in the end.

Ok, then, it took a woman to fix a man's dodgy job and her reward is a lifetime of obedience. Sleeping Beauty's Aurora was also 16-years-old, and we've got another classic case of non-consent.

sleeping beauty kiss GIF

While Disney has 100 percent made improvements for it's female characters, like Frozen's Queen Elsa and Princess Anna especially, and Brave's Merida (also 16); it's important to be aware of the classic films and their morals.

The live-action Aladdin doesn't arrive for another few months (May 24 to be exact), we have no idea if Jasmine will be a more marriage-appropriate age. The actress cast to play her is 25-years-old, at least.

Naomi Scott isn't a teenager, so let's hope her character isn't either.  Scott told Entertainment Weekly that her character’s goal is “really to protect her people, to do right by them," in December, so we have high hopes.

The eye-wateringly hot Marwan Kenzari has been cast as Jafar in the live-action flick, and he looks FAR younger than the animated character. He's a certified thirst trap.

We're relieved they're moving away from the creepy-old-man game, thank God. The movie looks intriguing, if just for a blue Will Smith as the genie. (Check out those memes about him, they're amazing)

Bring on the badass empowered female princesses, like Meghan Markle and the Thai princess Ubolratana who recently attempted to run for Prime Minister. Get it, gurls.

Feature image: knowyourmeme.com


Disney moves can be our saviour when it comes to being a parent.

Plonk them in front of one of the classics and you'll get some peace and quiet – as well as a brilliant story to your kids to enjoy.

Which is exactly what Kelly Clarkson does with her daughter, four-year-old River Rose.

The 36-year-old told  Entertainment Tonight that she tried to tell her daughter about the mechanics behind voicing an animated character – and it backfired.


A post shared by Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) on

She said, ''I was explaining to her, because she was confused, and I said, ‘It’s my voice. Like, you know, like how Elsa and Anna, there’s a person that plays Elsa and Anna?’ And I didn’t get what I was doing!”

She continued, ''I pretty much crushed her dreams. I didn’t really realise what I was doing.''

She added, ''But she’s very clever. She would’ve figured it out, after finding out that I’m [a voice in UglyDolls]. I’m justifying it to make myself feel better.”

Kelly says how awful she felt when she realised her blunder and how she ruined the fantasy for River. 


A post shared by Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) on

She said, ''I saw her little face, and I just saw the wheels spinning and I was like, ‘Oh no!…But isn’t it exciting that you can meet the real girl that plays Elsa?’”

She continued, ''I was like, ‘Let’s flip this into a positive!’ It was so sad.”

Kelly is also mum to three-year-old son Remy, and we're sure she won't be making any more slip-ups when it comes to iconic kids movies again.


It seems like such a long time ago when Frozen first hit our screens, bringing incredible music, stunning animation and beautiful characters for every age to enjoy. Let It Go became an anthem, winning dozens of awards along the way.

Our favourite ice Queen Elsa and her loving sister Anna were torn apart as children when Elsa's magical powers became too hard to control.

The massively successful film saw the siblings reunite alongside some hilarious and charming friends; the comedic snowman Olaf, stubborn Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven.

Finally, a trailer for the much-anticipated sequel has been released, and Elsa doesn't look like she's in Arendelle anymore.


A post shared by Disney Frozen (@disneyfrozen) on

Elsa must brave an entirely new element in the teaser trailer from Disney, which shows the Queen (played by Idina Menzel) conquering a gigantic wave of the ocean and joining familiar faces like Princess Anna, Olaf and Kristoff.

Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck once again join forces for the film, as well as song-writer married couple Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Lee is co-writing the script with Hidden Figures scribe Allison Schroeder, hinting to Variety that the upcoming adventure will be "bigger" and "more epic" than the initial release; “They’re going to go far out of Arendelle."

Frozen became an instant sensation after it was released back in 2013, raking in over $1.3 billion at the box office, as well as two Academy Awards.

It's also the highest-grossing animated film ever made, and the 13th biggest flick of all time. It was even adapted as a Broadway musical last year, and was nominated for three Tonys.

Frozen 2 hits the cinemas on November 22, get ready for the return of our favourite magical sisters.

Feature image: Fulbridge



After much anticipation, the Frozen 2 release date has finally been announced.

Surprisingly, it has been nearly five whole years since the first film came out.

But the movie is as relevant as ever. There were a ridiculous amount of Elsa and Anna costumes this Halloween.


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Well, now the Disney sequel will be in theatres on November 22, 2019, which is just over a year away. 

Previously, there were rumours of its release on November 29, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the date has been scheduled for a week earlier.

It is easy to see why the original film was such a box office hit.


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The musical has won multiple awards including a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA for Best Animated Feature Film.

It was also the highest grossing animated film of all time, making over one billion euros. 


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While the sequel's plot is still unknown, we know the main cast will be returning for the animated film.

And since it's taking so long for them to finish filming, we know it's going to be amazing!


OK we all love a good conspiracy theory now and then, but this one is actually TRUE. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

According to the director of Disney's Frozen, princesses Anna and Elsa are sisters to TARZAN (mind blown).

Chris Buck spoke to MTV, where he confirmed this theory.

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Apparently, Anna and Elsa's parents did not die in the shipwreck they were involved in… they washed up on a jungle island. 

The story sort of writes itself from here, but anyway… the former King and Queen of Arendelle make a life for themselves on this island. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Ultimately, the couple end up getting killed by a leopard, but not before little Tarzan is born. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Chris admitted that the concept seems outrageous, but insisted that "In my little head, Anna and Elsa’s brother is Tarzan."

We'll take it.


Lads, some people just know how to bloody well commit, and James Patrice is the perfect example. 

Mere moments ago, the gas man grabbed his blonde wig and his guna, and headed outside to give the performance of a lifetime. 

In what can only be described as Oscar worthy, James did a full rendition of Elsa's Let It Go, and honestly we're still laughing. 

Honestly, it needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, so head over to his Instagram story now

You WILL NOT regret it. 

Stay warm ladies! 


Frozen was probably one of the most popular movies of the century, and we've heard more than our fair share of Let It Go renditions to last us a lifetime.

Saying that, we can't wait for Frozen 2 to debut, and all of the characters to enter our lives again.

But until then, Disney/Pixar will tide fans over with Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

Image result for olaf gif

Yep, the spin-off featurette is due to hit our screens in November and the trailer for the flick has finally landed.

The short movie will have four new songs, and is going to be 21 minutes long.

In Olaf's Frozen Adventure, Olaf goes on holiday to find Anna and Elsa new Christmas traditions, since they don't have any of their own.

While travelling, Olaf discovers new traditions from all around the world.

He then goes back home and teaches Anna and Elsa about all the things he learned, and how everybody can be involved in the new traditions in the castle.

Pretty sweet, huh? We're looking forward to seeing this.



Having grown up in what could be described as the Disney renaissance, Disney films still hold an important place in our hearts.

They're ideal for easy watching on cosy Sunday afternoons or binge watching for the nostalgia alone.

Despite there being so many amazing Disney films out back in our day, the animation company are still creating imagination-capturing works of cartoon art, and this is no more apparent than in the 2013 flick Frozen.

Now, the film has finally got an official release date for the sequel, and we couldn't be more excited.

Taking to Twitter, Disney confirmed that the world of Arendelle and the lives of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are returning.

The release date has very aptly been set for November 27, 2019, so we will be in the depths of winter when it arrives. 

Kristen Bell, who voices little sister Anna in the film, also took to Twitter to share the news, and it's exactly the kind of weather forecast we wanted.

Sadly, we will be waiting wo years for the release, but at least that gives us time to brush up on the old storyline so we are perfectly well versed for the next.


OK we all love a good conspiracy theory now and then, but this one is actually TRUE. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

According to the director of Disney's Frozen, princesses Anna and Elsa are sisters to TARZAN (mind blown).

Chris Buck spoke to MTV, where he confirmed this theory.

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Apparently, Anna and Elsa's parents did not die in the shipwreck they were involved in… they washed up on a jungle island. 

The stroy sort of writes itself from here, but anyway… the former King and Queen of Arendelle make a life for themselves on this island. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Ultimately, the couple end up getting killed by a leopard, but not before little Tarzan is born. 

Image result for elsa and tarzan

Chris admitted that the concept seems outrageous, but insisted that "In my little head, Anna and Elsa’s brother is Tarzan."

We'll take it.


Congrats are in order for Idina Menzel – she just got engaged!

The Frozen star announced the good news today that she and boyfriend Aaron Lohr are going to tie the knot.

"What an incredible week. Thank you to everyone for all your support with the album," she tweeted.

She then followed with: "As if this week couldn't get any better I have wonderful news… my man and I are engaged!

"We are so happy. It's a beautiful time."

We're delighted for the happy couple.



Adele might be a Grammy-winning, kick-ass career woman, but when it comes to her parenting style, she's as chilled out as anything.

As well as pushing hard to give her three-year-old son Angelo as normal a life as possible by keeping his face out of the media, the Hello singer is determined to let him pave his own way in the world.

Adele and her partner Simon Konecki were photographed on a day out with little Angelo at California's Disneyland late last week, and one element of this photo really gave us a smile:

It seems Angelo was keen to try on some of the many spoils of his mum's visit to the Disney gift shop, first up being the Princess Anna Deluxe Coronation costume from Frozen.

The little tot looked downright adorable in the green-and-yellow dress, complete with ankle socks and black pumps, as his doting mum pushed him through the park in his buggy.

Just days after her relaxed family day with Simon and Angelo, Adele was back on stage at the Grammys, though she gave herself a bit of a cheat meal treat when her performance didn't go to plan.

Viewers noticed that the singer's rendition of All I Ask sounded skewed and "flat," but it seems audio issues were to blame.

"The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens," the mum-of-one wrote on Twitter after the show.

"Because of it though… I'm treating myself to an in n out [LA's legendary burger chain]. So maybe it was worth it."