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Bellamianta have introduced a new era of tanning application as they launch a trio of brushes, designed to be used with their award-winning range of self tan and finishing products.

The Flat Body Brush, Luxurious Face Tanning Brush and Precision Body Brush are each uniquely designed to work with the brand’s vast range of products to create a naturally flawless, sculpted and long-lasting finish to your tan.

Flat Body Brush €27.99

Crafted to create a deliciously flawless glow, the new Flat Body Brush is an ultra-soft, densely bristled tool with a curved metal handle, to ensure optimum comfort. The synthetic bristles are gentle on the skin and provide the perfect amount of pressure to lightly buff your desired product into a diffused glow across the skin. Ideally paired with any of the Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s array of self-tanning products or their award-winning Bronzing Powder, to expertly apply all over the body with complete control, resulting in a contoured glow.

Luxurious Face Tanning Brush €23.99 

The soft, densely bristled Luxurious Face Tanning Brush is the perfect tool to masterfully create a naturally flawless finish on the face and neck, blending seamlessly into the rest of your body tan. The new Face Tanning Brush naturally compliments any of the Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s liquid and mousse self-tanning products, all of which are safe for both the face and body, or their award-winning Bronzing Power.

Precision Body Brush €25

Velvety soft, and densely bristled, this curved brush is designed to expertly apply and seamlessly buff in liquid tan and highlighters onto the skin, resulting in a perfect finish each and every time. Lightly buff in liquid products onto the face, shoulders, collarbone, arms and legs for a naturally diffused radiance.

The New Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Brushes are available to purchase via www.bellamianta.com and stockists nationwide.

All three brushes are also available in an exclusive bundle on www.bellamianta.com paired with the original Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Kabuki Bronzing Brush, Makeup Bag and gift box, all in the brands new Rose Gold Hue for €85.


It's fair to say that Maura Higgins has completed the best 'hot girl summer' possibly since records began.

The Longford beauty stormed into the Love Island villa, ignored the haters, expressed her views and positive attitudes to sex and nabbed Curtis Pritchard without a single f*ck to give.

We have to applaud the woman, she truly is Maura D. Higgins: Queen of Ireland.

We spoke to the legend herself at the latest Bellamianta event, which showcased stunning tinted self tan mouse, skin perfecting illuminating bronzing powder and flawless filter body makeup. The reality star has been a brand ambassador with the beauty brand for a while now, and it's fitting that it's her first event since exiting the villa.


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Speaking about life since leaving the show, Maura gushes about her professional dancing beau, saying that they've barely spent any time apart. The chaotic life of newfound fame must be difficult to navigate, but she's making time for Curtis;

“I’ve not really got time to process anything, it’s just been so overwhelming and it’s just been hectic since getting out. Curtis and I have only spent one night apart, we’ve been with each other non-stop”.

The 28-year-old has landed a slot on This Morning, with her own segment involving Maura as an agony aunt. The Thursday show went down a storm, with UK viewers adoring her no nonsense approach to dating.

The star was asked about Curtis' recent interview where his bisexuality was mentioned for the first time;

“You can’t believe everything you read in the papers. I don’t read the papers, he doesn’t read the papers. We’re not going to start reading the papers now just because we’re in them. People’s opinions do not matter to us. We’re very very happy.”

Despite the fact that Maura has been with a woman, she denied claims of her own bisexuality;

“I wouldn’t, I’m 100% into guys. It was a drunken, crazy night. A bit of fun. It was a work friend.”


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The grid girl's start in the Love Island villa wasn't easy, with Tommy eventually choosing Molly Mae Hague over Maura. The aftercare programme this year has escalated massively, and Maura said she was warned about the press;

"They told me at the beginning that there was a bit of hate for the way I went about things with Tommy. I don’t care what people think of me, I think everyone knows that by now. I wasn’t expecting the response I got.

“I’m so opinionated and I did expect to come out to a lot of hate. That’s the truth. I didn’t expect to last in there as long as I did. I thought I’d be out in the first three days. To get to the final, I just couldn’t believe it. And then coming out, the support has been amazing. I mean…Amy Schumer! I almost fell off my chair, that’s the truth. I still can’t believe it”.

Higgins was praised for her open and positive views on female sexuality in particular, and has become so infamous for her "fanny flutters" that even US comedian Amy Schumer professed her love. The incident with Tom Walker was what brought the entire UK's attention onto Maura, after she slammed his less than chivalrous behaviour. With the line; "Let's see if she's all mouth or not", Tom brought Storm Maura into the weather forecast and we LIVED for it.

“Just because a woman talks about sex, doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. I was never going to go into the hideaway and sleep with Tom. Making that horrible comment and assumption was out of order.”

She described her filter-free life growing up in Longford, where she could freely talk about sex with her family;

“I can talk to my mother about anything. I mean anything. I’d never be ashamed to talk about sex. When I’m talking about sex in the villa, I was so surprised with how people’s reactions were. They were so shocked, but it’s a natural thing. We all have sex. I had sex in my own house with the parents there. The way I was  brought up was that you could talk about anything. I didn’t have to filter anything growing up, with my family. It’s normal to me”.

She had some strong words to say about former Islander Belle Hassan describing Maura as 'demanding' for always 'needing a cigarette'. The Longford native said Belle was "talking sh*t," and we had to laugh.

When asked if there is any truth to the make-up artist's comments, Maura said: "Absolutely not.

"They would of never ever, ever heard me looking for cigarettes. So what you do, if you want to go for a smoke, you stand at the front door, and when the gallery see you on the camera, they speak through and say 'off you go', so it's not like you're in the villa with everyone else going 'I want a cigarette!' You don't say that. You just go to the front door where nobody is, so they never would of seen me. That's absolute rubbish."

maura seriously GIF by Love Island

She also denied any claims of witnessing Anton and Molly-Mae's lack of communication in the villa.

The Scottish gym owner said himself and the influencer were never mates and didn't speak in the villa, and even unfollowed her on Instagram.

Maura says that everyone spoke in the villa, so we're calling his bullsh*t;

“I’m unsure, because he said that they didn’t speak in the villa. I never noticed it, everyone spoke in the villa. Him unfriending her, I don’t know what’s going on. I never saw any issue.”

Finally, we had to ask her about which Islander she'd unfollow, if she could; "Jordan. Absolutely Jordan" she said, without hesitation.


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We're torn between Michael, Danny and Jordan as the biggest villains to unfollow, but we agree with her choice.

Bellamianta's new luxury tanning products can be bought on their website here.

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By now, it's highly likely you have a Bellamianta product nestled among your other beauty essentials.

The self-tan range, which is based and manufactured in Ireland, seeks not only to deliver a golden hue to our pale Irish skin tone, but caters to customers who understand the importance of treating the skin beneath the tan.

By using key ingredients, which help to capture, maintain and develop moisture within the skin, Bellamianta has become a  firm favourite with the Irish public.

With over 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Bellamianta founders, Lisa McDermott and Linda Stenson, chat exclusively to SHEmazing about their journey to the top of the beauty industry.

What gap did you see in the market? Why did you think you could fill it?

Lisa: As Linda and I both worked in retail we spoke to customers everyday and knew what people wanted, which is the best product for their budget.

We had noticed skincare had taken a very firm direction towards cleaner ingredients and we knew that people genuinely cared about what they put on their skins but didn’t necessarily want the hefty ‘Organic’ price tag.

Linda: We began to work on a skincare line, always intending to create a tan as part of the range.

We quickly realised that there was no other tan that was ‘Clean’ on the market and we took all of that skincare knowledge and put it in a tan. We pride ourselves on our ethos which is ‘affordable luxury.’


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What was the highlight of your first year?

Lisa: The weekend that we launched the mousse we sold out within days. From that we were inundated with stockist inquiries and we literally couldn’t keep the stock on the shelves.

We had to triple all our manufacturing runs. It was at that point we realised this is going to be big, however we never it expected it to get this big this fast. We knew we had a good product but we also knew we were going into a market that was saturated and it would take time to gain our market share. We were very wrong as it happened very quickly for us.

Did you both always have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Linda: Yes, we have always taken pride in our work regardless of what role we were in and wanted to grow our skills to be the best we could be. We have always had entrepreneurial goals so it was more about when we were going to take the leap of faith, rather than when.


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The five words that sum up our business are:

Luxury, Ethical, Exciting, Fast-paced, Rewarding

Can you comment on both being mums and running a high-octane business?

Finding balance between family and work is really difficult and can be impossible at times, we think any mother whether they work outside the home or not, juggles so much everyday. We have just become extremely good at prioritising and making lists!

High point of the first year?

The highlight for us was selling out of the mousse a few days after launching. It was totally unexpected and so rewarding.

Has your relationship always been professional together?

Yes, we met while working together and just hit it off and decided to go into business together.


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What’s your brand ethos?

Our brand ethos is affordable luxury, using the cleanest ingredients while never compromising on performance. Our motto is ‘we didn’t come to play the game, we came to change the game’

What are your plans for the next year / five years?

We plan on expanding Bellamianta carefully to other territories, we say carefully because although we have huge international interest it’s very important for us to maintain the quality and integrity of the brand so we will take our time and expand when its right for us.

If you had to share three top pieces of advice for women in business, what would it be?

1, Believe in yourself, you can do it. 2, research and get advice from as many people as possible, 3, Have a plan, know your niche and know your market.

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For more information check out their website here 



The countdown is officially on, ladies.

With just nine sleeps left until Christmas Day, chances are you (like us) are desperately scratching off items on your to-do list.

But unless you’re Wonder Woman, it’s likely you still have some last-minute gift-buying to do for the ladies in your life.

We’re right, aren’t we?

Well, never fear because we’ve put together a selection of top-notch pressies which will ALWAYS go down a treat on Christmas morning.

Left to right: Inglot All That Glitters €50

Bellamianta Glam Essential Christmas Giftset  

Bellamianta Mousse Christmas Giftset 

Inglot Blackout €50


Left to right: Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Golden Goddess Dry Shimmer Body Oil  €11.95

Kind Shampoo and Conditioner €3.50