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Love Island star Kaz Crossley has given fans an update on her boyfriend, former athlete and fellow reality star Theo Campbell, hours after he said he'd lost all vision in his right eye.

The 25-year-old shared an image of Theo wearing bandages over his eye while she snuggles up to him in his hospital bed.

Kaz wrote to her social media followers: “It’s been a hard 24 hours no one here speaks English and he was taken for hours at one point and I had no clue he was in surgery again.

"I’ve stayed in his room over night and just wanna take him home. He’s so brave and positive hopefully it will get better thanks for your kind messages," she added.


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"I hope this will make people aware of the dangers at these parties and to be more careful."

Theo is now blind in one eye after a cork hit him in the eye at a Champagne spray party, with his eyeball freakishly splitting open.

The 28-year-old was rushed to hospital and has undergone two surgeries in Ibiza, but is now blind in his right eye. Theo confirmed the news and thanked Kaz for flying out to support him.

In an Instagram post, Theo wrote: “Thanks for all the messages and support I’ve got over the last couple days they’re all very much appreciated!"

“So yeah basically 2 eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me…

"But I still have 1 eye left, looking at the bright side of things. Thanks for flying out to look after me as well babe. If anyone knows where sells cool eye patches let me know."

His Love Island friends reached out to him after his post, with Caroline Flack posting; “Sending love.”

Marcel Somerville said: “Ah bro sorry to hear this news, everything will be blessed, mad things happen in life but we roll with the punches. Man's just got a new niche fashion accessory to rock.”

Image: Instagram/@georgialouiseharrison

Scott Thomas commented: “Thinking of you bro”, while Montana Brown wrote: “Sending all the love. your poor thing xx.”

Theo’s close friend Georgia Harrison wrote on her Instagram stories about Theo and Kaz, saying:

“Love then so much words couldn’t even describe. Get well soon. @theo_campbell91 and @kazcrossley you are the most amazing girlfriend. Thank god for you.”

She also commented under his Instagram post writing: “Love you more than anything in the world. Nothing will hold you back I promise xxxxxxxx.”

Sources have told OK! online that Theo’s bizarre accident happened at a Champagne spray party in Ibiza.

The insider said: “Theo was partying at the champagne spray party with sunglasses on, when some champagne got in his eye.

“He removed his glasses to rub the champagne out of his eye, when a cork flew into his eye. The cork was travelling really fast and Theo’s eyeball was split entirely open.

“It took a moment for people around Theo to realise what had happened, but people started screaming and panicking when they saw his eye."


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“Poor Theo was in complete agony and it was just a total freak accident. He was rushed to hospital but sadly his vision couldn't be saved," they concluded.

Kaz wrote to her Instagam today about his medical treatments; “Got him back out of surgery what are u like babe,” followed by a heart emoji.

The pair began dating after her split from Josh Denzel, who she met in the villa last year. Theo left the villa without finding romance during his time.

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It seems like Kaz Crossley has officially moved on from her Love Island romance with Josh Denzel, with ANOTHER former Love Island-er; Theo Campbell.

They seem to stick to their pack, this lot. Kaz pretty much confirmed the rumours swirling about her romance with Campbell on a PDA-filled night out.

The couple couldn't keep their hands off each other at Georgia Harrisson's fitness clothing launch last night in London, and it looks like they've finally gone public.


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Kaz wore a miniscule orange crop top and leather-look trousers, and partied the night away with fellow Love Island alumni Montana Brown and Ex On The Beach stars Nicole Bass and Zahida Allen.

Theo appeared on the ITV show back in 2017, and seemed smitten with Crossley. He even put her on his Instagram Story (GASP).

OK! online report that the pair are seeing each other, but aren’t exclusive yet; “Theo and Kaz are dating, but they’re in the early days of a relationship,” the insider told the website.


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“They’re seeing how things go and taking it day by day. They’re having fun and getting to know each other," the source continued.

“It’s not exclusive but they like each other’s company. However, with so many commitments like sponsorship deals and TV shows, they don’t have a lot of time together. So for the time being, they’re having a bit of fun.” Good for them.

The pair met while filming a reality show in Thailand in March, and all those Insta snaps send the rumour mill flying.

While Theo has been single since Love Island apparently, Kaz confirmed her split from Josh Denzel in January with a candid Instagram snap;


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Time will tell whether they'll last long or if it's just a pre-summer fling. You never know with this group, but it's keeping us entertained so we can't complain…

Can someone send us to Thailand so we can meet an attractive man while getting paid, please? Cheers.

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The Love Island couples are breaking everyone's hearts at the moment with what feels like CONSTANT break-ups, one after another.

A string of break-ups in quick succession from Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson,  Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley , and even winners Jack and Dani had brief split back in December. News has just broken that Zara McDermott and Adam Collard have parted ways.

Zara posted a heartfelt message to her Instagram which expressed how she felt she wasn't enough for her former boyfriend, writing;

"I am heartbroken to announce that Adam and I have parted ways,' she wrote. "I love him very much and will always have a special place in my heart for him & our time spent together. I have tried so hard to be the best person I can possibly be and to make it work."

Instagram / @zara_mcdermott

The couple reportedly decided to break up following Adam's party-boy ways since the show ended.

McDermott finished the emotional statement by saying; "Sometimes in life, you just aren't enough for someone, no matter what you do for them or how much you try to be. For everyone asking if I am okay, I dont know that I am. But I know that soon I will be."

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are now officially the last pair standing.

Now the viewers are speculating that the ITV reality show implore the couples to sign a 'six-month contact' which prevents them from breaking up until at least six months after the show ends.

It was recently reported that series champs Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham had called time on their relationship in December, but reunited just a few days later. Many people believed back then that it was all a publicity stunt to gain more attention…

It was then alleged a few days ago that the pair had taken a break following Jack's admission that he took a class A drug on nights out with friends, only for them to show PDA after Dani's return from Tanzania. 

Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley split earlier this month, despite Kaz insisting she "still loves" 26-year-old Josh. Suspish.

Megan Barton Hanson split with Wes Nelson following his introduction to Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer. It was claimed that Hanson was jealous at how much time Wes was spending with his partner, and tensions rose.

The pair released a statement after ending their seven-month relationship, even using the famous phrase 'consciously uncoupling' and announcing that they would co-parent their hamster. (GAS)

However, fans are calling bullsh*t, insisting that the entire thing is a hoax. Especially since Megan showed up to Dancing on Ice that same evening.

 One social media user wrote;

"Does Love Island  have a contract with the couples that they have to stay together for six months after the show ends? They're all breaking up this month…"

Hmmm, we need to get our detective hats on for this one, because something fishy is 100 percent afoot.

Another fan of the show commented that suddenly, their jobs just HAPPEN to get in the way of their romance:

Kaz Crossley spoke about her split on Monday's Capital Breakfast Show, she shut down rumours that her and Josh's romance was fake: "Basically when we met each other on the show everything was so perfect."

She confessed: "I definitely was in love. Definitely. I'm still in love. We still have a lot of love for each other."

Yet the online speculations keeps gaining heat, seeing as boyfriends are being dropped "like flies" according to one Twitter fan:

What do you think of the conspiracy theory?

We have to admit, the whole thing is pretty believable. Yet… the show's runners-up, Laura Anderson and Paul Knops, split up WITHIN the six month limit:

Laura rubbished accusations that her relationship was false, telling people to be "more kind" considering "Love Island relationships are REAL."

Image: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

The show is essentially an eight-week summer sunshine binge, and we all want to believe that it's all real but let's be honest: it ain't so.

Do we think that the couples are contractually obliged to stay together when the show ends?

We may never know the answer to this INCREDIBLY important question, but we've contact the FBI, MI5 and CIA to get on the case. We need answers, people.

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So, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, and Adam Collard and Zara McDermott, are officially the last couples standing from  the 2018 edition of Love Island.

The show's entire premise is to pair up and become a couple, but the show has very few romantic success stories outside of the villa.

Last week, Megan Barton-Hanson parted ways from her Dancing on Ice beau Wes Nelson, and now Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel have also announced their split. 


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Taking to Instagram, Kaz posted an adorable picture of herself and Josh, but the caption revealed that all might not be well between them. 

'Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned, but you have to be grateful for the journey,' she wrote.

'Thank you for everything especially showing me how to love myself again.'

Fans flocked to the comment section to ask if this was a break up post, with Josh confirming it with a pair of emojis – a sad face and a prayer hands emoji. 


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Wes Nelson, who just came out of his break up, commented: 'Stay positive! Nothing but love for both you guys.'

Dani Dyer also added: 'You'll never forget the perfect summer.'

With only two couples left from 2018's edition of the reality TV show, will any be left by the time they re-open the villa this year?



Love Island’s Kaz Crossley is known for her stunning makeup talents.

We love that she can create a makeup masterpiece with just a few products.

Most recently she unveiled the key to her gorge glowing skin – Inglot’s All Covered line.


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Kaz gave a live makeup tutorial at the Inglot All Covered launch, revealing her foolproof method to creating a flawless look.

“It’s all about the application”, she emphasised as she transformed the model’s skin.

After prepping her face with primer, she began with the All Covered concealer, sliding the brush beneath her eyes and across her forehead.


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She then streaked down her nose, upper lip, and chin – creating a tribal-like design. Adding a thin bronzing line to emphasise her cheekbones, nose and chin, she began blending it all together.

The trick is is to apply the foundation on top with a tapping motion, she said. This not only avoids any streak marks from showing but also prevents creasing.

Inglot’s face foundation is light enough so that when you blot it, it doesn’t look too cakey. It creates a smooth, natural looking finish.


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Kaz loves adding the HD powder on last. It’s diamond dust infusion leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

She also used JLO sunkissed bronzer, JLO Radiant livin the the highlight, and 29 blush so that the model’s makeup would match the rest of her tan.


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The 27TG brush is the perfect density to blot and blend your foundation while the 4SS is a great fit for concealer as well.

You can get her look on Inglot in the shade that's best for you.

Kaz is a makeup master and her tips can make all the difference when applying your foundation for a flawless and natural looking finish.


Love Island’s Kaz Crossley is coming to Dublin.

She will meet fans at Inglot in Dundrum to celebrate the launch of their latest collection, All Covered.

The London makeup artist is coming to bless us mere mortals with her insider beauty tips.


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And that’s not all…

The gorgeous reality TV star will be giving a live makeup demo using her favourite products from the new collection.


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So when will she be here?

She will be at the Inglot in Dundrum Town Centre on Saturday, November 10th at 11:00am.

Make sure to get there early because the first 50 customers will get an exclusive Inglot gift – something probably involving free makeup.

Yassss. Are there any two words that sound sweeter together?

“I am so excited to be coming back to Ireland next week,” gushed the Love Island finalist.

“I love Dublin and to be able to come back to this beautiful city and launch Inglot’s – All Covered foundation and concealer is amazing.

“Come and visit me at Inglot's store in Dundrum on Saturday 10th of November from 11am for a selfie! I hope to see you there.”

And don’t worry about long lines on a dreary morning because the debut is going to be conducted Kaz-style.


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There will be refreshments and a live DJ setting up party vibes in the Dundrum Inglot matching station.

Plus, the new foundation range is supposed to be amazing. Kaz said she is “in love” with it.

“It’s a high coverage yet lightweight foundation and literally makes your skin look flawless,” she raved.

So bring some friends and make a morning of it! We can’t wait to see what makeup tips she has in store.


These Love Island fashionistas are honing in on their best-dressed talents to bring us the cutest clothes.

Alexandra Cane, Kendall Knight, and Kaz Crossley have collaborated together and become Boohoo’s hottest new ambassadors.

From indulgent purples to sleek, lacey whites, the trio's collection is a dynamic, bold line, following autumn trends that suit everyone’s tastes.

Alexandra’s captivating, beige utility-inspired jumpsuit is a must-have piece. She looks like a David Attenborough crew member traversing the wild to discover and capture nature on camera.


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Kaz’s Kardashian look combines alluring silk trousers with a gorgeous lace bodice.

And her hoop earrings and combed back hair put a classic twist on a sexy style.


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Kendall arrives on the scene with a loud, sparkly dress in a stunning shade of violet and strappy silver heels.

The halter tie and cinched, scoop neck transforms a potential beach cover-up into the perfect night-out ensemble.


A post shared by Kendall Rae Knight (@kendallraeknight) on

The girls will be working on their own individual projects across a period of 6 months. 

And for their first venture, the threesome will hand pick their own autumn winter edits as part of the DOYOURTHING campaign with special projects to be announced.

Boasting over 3 million followers combined, the light-hearted, fun and flirty Love Island stars will reflect their strong personalities across social media and Boohoo capsule collections, aligning their love for fast fashion, beauty, cosmetics and fitness.

The brand ambassadors are “so excited” to pursue their passion for modelling and help design an autumn collection that’s tailored to all their fans’ tastes.

We LOVE their items, all of which are available now on boohoo.com.


Last night, three of Love Island's most beloved stars descended on Dublin. 

Samira Mighty, Laura Anderson and Kazamir Crossley flew in to attend a star studded bash for the  launch of the PS… Loves Easilocks collection, which lands in Penneys stores today. 

The gals looked super glam, and decided to make a night of it before catching their 7am flight back to the UK. 

The girls were each wearing Easilocks extension pieces from the new range, and took to the catwalk on the night in the RHC Gallery on Ely Place to showcase their new do's. 

The trio partied at Dublin hotspot House, along with the Easilocks crew. 

Despite Laura declaring she wasn't able for shots, the three indulged in a round of baby Guinness shots. 


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Laura and Samira showcased their night on Instagram., while Kaz kept the evening private without posting 

We hope they weren't too hungover on the flight!