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Exam season is officially upon us, and while we're loving all this glorious Leaving Cert weather, we can't help but be reminded of our own experiences. 

To mark the occasion, we've a taken a little trip down memory lane and compiled a list of all the cringiest  fashion trends from the years gone by.

From Ugg boots to Kanye glasses, we've all had style moment we'd rather forget about – what's yours? 

2017 – Plastic jeans 

2016 – Emoji clothing 

2015 – Furry sliders 

2014 – The naked dress 

2013 – Wedge runners

2012 – Over-the-forehead headbands 

2011 – Drop crotch pants 

2010 – Boot sandals 

2009 – Military jackets 

2008 – Kanye sunglasses 

2007 – Low-rise jeans 

2006 – Charity wristbands 

2005 – Ugg boots with everything 

2004 – Jeans under dresses 

2003 – Von Dutch hats 

2002 – Thin scarves 

2001 – All over denim

2000 – Wearing ties as belts 



G&T's have become one of the most popular drinks on the market, but how is the spirit evolving? It's sophisticated reputation and delicious flavours create the ideal cocktails, as well as becoming the perfect confidence booster BFF:

"You should go to the dancefloor and show off your hip moves, you're such a great dancer" – as said by Hendricks, overheard in Coppers in October 2018. Hendricks was later proven wrong.

There's no doubt about just how much gin has grown in the world of spirits, with Scottish gin especially undergoing a massive revival.

According to the Irish Times, the on-trade gin market in Ireland is now worth at an all-time high of €50 million. It's image has become transformed from a seemingly 'mother's choice' to a millennial's favourite. 

We've put together a list of gin trends for 2019, so you can prepare your livers for the changes due to come in next year for the gin world. Get yourselves ready for relentless gin puns throughout, you have been warned.

1. GINcredible flavours 

Gin flavours are KILLING the game right now, and they're showing no sign of slowing down.


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Botanical delights such as berry pink gin, plum and cinnamon, pomegranate and rose, lemon drizzle, rhubarb and ginger to passionfruit gin liqueurs, salted caramel flavour and even a bubblegum taste, the flavours of gin available are GINfinite (sorry not sorry).

Copeland Spirits, based in Co. Down, specialises in 37.8% flavoured gins. Aldi Ireland stock its GINSANELY good Rhuberry flavour, naturally infused with local fruit, as well as its new, limited-edition infusion Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant.

Founder of Copeland Spirits, Gareth Irvine has recently spoken about the journey which gin flavours is currently on, saying that a shift in what's popular is incoming:

“Flavours to date have been quite seasonal or trend-led and associated solely to summer, or unicorns, or crazy colours and not veer too much away from berries. Over the coming months, we’ll see the flavour ideas get more adventurous incorporating spices, herbs, exotic fruits.

“Often-times, trend-led flavoured gins are of poor quality and are full of syrups, additives or sugar, rather than real fruit. In addition, the volume is generally around 20% and so a liqueur as opposed to a gin."

Hmmm, this is heart-breaking news. Some of our fave flavah's are legit just sugar and syrup…but this is changing. Thank GOD. We get enough sugar as it is.

Gareth predicts that consumers will start to focus more on quality, just like we saw with unflavoured gin and this will catapult flavoured gin into a category all of its own. Noted, Gareth.

2. GIN-vironmentally friendly

With the introduction of plastic-free consumer goals, especially in terms of straws in bars and restaurants, it's no surprise that gin companies are noticing this important trend. The 'waste not/want not' ideology is spreading fast, with bartenders becoming more aware of the value of not throwing away unneccesary food and drink waste.


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“We’re thinking first and drinking second. We’ve noticed cocktail menus are changing slightly as bartenders consciously look for ways to minimise food waste." according to Gareth.

When it comes to garnishes such as lemon wedges, egg yolks and limes, the amount of fruit that is thrown away or used needlessly purely for the same of appearance is pretty shocking.

Rather than sweeping these used garnishes into to the bin, some bars have making what is becoming known as ‘closed-loop’ cocktails, where excess fruit is used to create natural syrup or saved for pitchers.

Bars becoming conscious about their eco-footprint is imperative, especially since spirit companies rely heavily on the land to create their infused gins.


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3. GINcrease in gin brands

Wait, you mean… we're going to see even more gin? YAS. 

More brands will be arriving on the scene next year, with supermarket-owned brands such as Aldi helping to increase access to the category.

Gin-lovers in Ireland are a passionate bunch of people, and brands are taking that passion seriously. As more and more brands come on the scene, people will only connect with the ones that have strong values, for example supporting the environment or raising talent through graduate programmes.

Brands will be providing a quality product that is conscious of price and quality. Amen to that.


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4. GINnovation

Brands in 2019 hope to focus on some brand new categories, many of our favourite brands which have risen in the last three years didn't exist prior to the gin renaissance. These brands, whose journeys are only really beginning, will be competing to adapt in the long-term industry pool.

Gin and spirit companies will begin experimentation with distilling and flavours which will likely benefit gin, and those who drink it, i.e. us.

We predict that experimentation will lead to some unreal new flavours and tastes, we also volunteer as tribute to test these new tastes. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.


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For the moment anyway, we're heading straight to Aldi Ireland to grab Copeland’s Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant Gin for just €29.99, see you there gals.

With Christmas around the corner, this new flavour is perfect for winter.

Can someone please le Santa know that a gin advent calendar is on our present list? Just in case he doesn't know…



Halloween might be done and dusted but a genuine chill of fear rippled through me when I read these next three words: low rise jeans.

I mean, if you're JLo circa 2002 then by all means, don't let my frustration and seething envy stand in your way.

But if you're like the majority of us and feel quite at home in your go-to high-waisted jeans, then this may not be the best news.

We have a lot to thank the early 2000’s for – Paris and Nicole’s iconic friendship, Britney being Britney and Xtina’s Stripped album.

Low rise jeans or bumsters are what we try and forget ever happened in the early 2000’s – but word is that they are making a comeback.


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The runways are our glimpse into the fashion world an the trends to come and they have been showing a lot of low slung jeans – were talking full on hip-grazing designs.

It was Alyx’s Matthew Williams June  fashion show where a few trousers dipped suspiciously below the navel.

And in the women’s wear shows? Chanel, Courrèges, Versace followed suit, to name only a few.

What is happening?!

It seems that people are feeling our pain about this re-apparoaching trend, just look at some of these gas tweets.

So, why is it happening?

Is a nostalgia thing? Are we so wrapped up in our obsession of times gone by that were looking at ugly trends through rose-tinted glasses?

Are we romanticising Britney’s 2001 “Slave 4 U” snakeskin thong worn over leather pants?

Or Christina Aguilera’s lace-up low riders on the Stripped album cover?

I think we just might be tbh.

And speaking for myself, Ill be sticking to my trusty mom jeans.

Flattering? Maybe not? Do I freeze my arse off? I do not.

And that’s a win in my book, so you can keep your low-risers, thank you very much.



Whilst craft beer, tequila and mezcal are having a moment, gin continues to be the perpetual tipple of choice for post-work drinkers and weekend party-goers.

This summer, as we flock to enjoy the sun in our gardens and favourite rooftop bars, gin will dominate for another season. However, we wanted to find out how you can stay ahead of the curve when enjoying your favourite tipple in the weeks ahead. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

We spoke to Gareth Irvine, the founder of Copeland Spirits, a Co. Down based company that produces a range of flavoured gins celebrating fruits and herbs all grown right here in Ireland. He has shared his insight into the cool and the not-so-cool of gin for summer 2018.

1. Keep it country

Irvine says, “Provenance has always been a huge part of the gin trend with consumers connecting to a brand because it champions local grains or botanicals – this hasn’t changed but is has developed some. This summer rather than sampling premium craft gins from across the world, consumers are homing in on gins from their local communities.

“In the case of Ireland, all of our most-popular gins are produced using indigenous ingredients giving the unique flavour profile and artisan quality  gin-lovers have come to expect from an Irish gin. Each gin in the Copeland range is infused with fruits which are grown locally, creating flavour combinations that surprise and excite and a totally unique tasting experience.”

2. So fresh and so clean   

Irvine reminds us that as the seasons change, drinking occasions change too.

He says, “The better weather sees us enjoying a few during the day or after work, maybe at a BBQ or in our favourite outdoor hotspot. We can find heavy or strong cocktails don’t refresh us in the sun and we’re more likely to crave light and refreshing serves.

“Allowing your gin to be the focus of your serve by pairing with a classic tonic water over ice is ideal in summer. Choosing light garnishes like mint or raspberries will add that flavour kick but still keep the palate fresh, perfect for pairing with typical picnic or BBQ foods.

“Alternatively, flavoured or infused gins are an ideal base for creating new summer serves but do your homework. Most flavoured gins are actually liqueurs and can be quite rich and sweet, with the gin flavour masked. However, there are flavoured gins that come in at 37.8% or so, such as our range. These are perfect for mixing and can withstand a pairing with other spirits and garnishes.  

“My favourite summer serve is our take on the classic Tom Collins, the Copeland Collins. Simply pour a serving of our Rhuberry Gin into a highball glass, add a generous dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice and two tablespoons of caster sugar, stirring gently. Fill the glass with fresh ice, top up with soda water and garnish with a wedge of fresh lemon.”

3. You’ve been served!

“Wimbledon will be a key event this summer! The event has always had a strong association to fruity, fizzy drinks like Pimms but this year, gin will come to the forefront as part of the trend too. Pimms and gin work really well together and this combo is ideal for sharing pitchers and exploring new fruit garnishes.

“Simply take the classic Pimms No.1 cup and pour into a large jug, add your favourite gin along with oranges, cucumber and mint.”

4. Eco-warriors unite

We’re thinking first and drinking second. Irvine says, “Summer is a time when we appreciate the world around us that little bit more. What we’ve noticed in the last couple weeks is that cocktail menus are changing as bars find ways to appreciate produce and minimise food waste.

“Some garnishes produce a lot more waste that we realise – there’s lemon rind, egg yolk, orange peel and more that can end up in the bin. Rather than sweeping them into to the bin, some spear-heading bars have been making sure all waste is used in a trend called ‘closed-loop’ cocktails.

“Excess fruit might be used to create a natural syrup or saved for the pitcher style Pimms and Gin. We’re really conscious about our eco-footprint at Copeland, given we rely so much on the land to produce our infused gins so development is music to our ears.”  

5. Just chilling!

Gin over ice is a yes, but gin in ice is a no. Irvine explains, “in summer the temptation to enjoy a slushed, ice-based drink can sometimes be unavoidable, and yes gin does feature on the frozen cocktail menu regularly. Our advice to gin-lovers entertaining at home is to chill your glass in the fridge before you use it. Fill your glass with totally frozen, good-quality ice all the way – it will melt more slowly as a result meaning your drink will stay cooler, fizzier and enjoyable for longer.

“Typically, Ireland’s talented bar-folk know how to serve up a great gin but if your glass could fit more ice, then absolutely ask so you can chill out exactly how you intended without having to sip over a melted mess.”

Copeland Spirits Rhuberry Flavoured Gin is available at Aldi across the country and is priced at €29.99. For serving suggestions visit copelandspirits.com

Always drink responsibly.



Spring has sprung and we are getting excited to bring out the sandals and the flip flops! (Even if it's only indoor for now since the weather is still very much in winter mode…)

Colourful, futuristic or embellished, this season's shoes will give a modern twist to our outfits. Here are some of the pieces we just cannot wait to wear.

Clear plastic

Missguided clear heeled ankle boot €60.81

Zara black high-heel sandals, €49.95

Colourful stilettos

River Island yellow faux leather court shoe €48.00

H&M suede court shoes €49.99

boohoo pointed toe mid heel courts €27.00

Curvy heels

Mango heel leather sandals €69.95

And Other Stories pointed slingbacks €89

Strass embellishment

New Look strap gladiator sandals €32.99

Futuristic sneakers

Sandro trainers with flames €195

Zara contrasting chunky sole sneakers €49.95

adidas Originals deerupt trainers €108.10

All white

Monki slingback kitten heels €30

H&M ankle boots €39.99

Cowboy boots

Topshop western ankle boots €98.00

Zara black leather ankle boots with snakeskin-effect €79.95




It's out with the old, and in with the new!

For many, spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts – making it the perfect the excuse to give your wardrobe a well-deserved makeover. 

To help, we've trawled the high street in search of some of the best pieces so you can nail this season's most stylish trends. 

Pretty in Pastel 

Check yo'self 

Puff it out 

Sheer beauty

Statement colour 




Is is just us, or has the process of looking after our skin gone a little OTT over the past few years? 

Gone are the days when an auld bar of soap and basin of warm water was enough to keep the blackheads at bay – now it's all about vampire facials and Korean sheet masks. 

Now, don't get us wrong – we love a goof sheet mask as much as the next girl, but there are some skin-care trends that we struggle to get on board with. 

Namely, butter-masking. And no, 'butter' isn't a cute name for Lush's new face mask. We talking 100 per cent dairy, spread-on-your-toast butter. 

This rather peculiar process involves smearing the ingredient all over you face and body, in what we can only imagine would be pretty slippy circumstances. 

However, as odd as it may seem, it looks as though butter-masking actually holds an huge amount of benefits. 

The high fat content works to moisturise dry skin, while the abundance of B12 and vitamin D give your skin a super goddess-like glow. 

Explaining the process, dermatologist Jacques Lurpacques told Metro.co.uk

"Simply take a stick of butter and apply it to your face using the stick as a crayon, painting it on, or rubbing in the butter with your hands."

But what about taking it off? Not a problem. 

"Don’t worry about removing the butter – it’ll sink into your skin in 15 minutes or so and the lingering product will give your skin a healthy sheen."

What's more, Jacques even recommend using butter as a natural highlighter – though we're not sure we'd want our faces smelling like a block of Kerry Gold all day. 

"I actually recommend my clients use butter as a skin-friendly highlighter. A stick of butter is much easier to use as there’s no need for brushes, so your makeup bag won’t have clutter."

So, will you be trying this? 


If there's one day of the year when cooking for ourselves is utterly beyond us, it's New Year's Day.

And it seems we're not alone.

Just Eat, Ireland’s leading marketplace for online food ordering and delivery service, today confirmed that New Year’s Day 2017 emerged as the most popular day of the year to order takeaway.

The service saw a 40 per cent increase in orders on 1 January 2017 versus the previous year as people across the country recovered from the biggest party of the year.

Other occasions which proved to be popular throughout the year included Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Summer festivals, Halloween and Christmas.

Having analysed last year's trends, Just Eat has today announced its prediction that vegan food options are set to be the food trend of 2018, driven in part to an increase in demand from the image and health conscious, social media savvy consumers.

In 2017 there was an 987 per cent increase in demand for vegetarian options and 33 per cent of all Just Eat Restaurant Partners now provide Vegan and Vegetarian options on their menus.

Some of Just Eat’s restaurant partners like Bombay Pantry, has even launched their own bespoke vegan menu, reaffirming that there is a lot more to Indian food than just Chicken Tikka Masala. 

Demand for healthy choices generally grew by 94 per cent in 2017 vs 2016 and gluten free options increased by 72 per cent, while existing favourites were still popular among Irish consumers, who continued to opt for Chinese, Indian, American and Thai restaurants this year.  Hawaiian, Greek, Malaysian and Vietnamese food also proved firm favourites in 2017.

Just Eat Marketing Director, Edel Kinane said “The results from this year are a good insight into the future consumer trends and while convenience will continue to be key for consumers next year and beyond, we know that they are increasingly looking for more diverse, healthy, gluten free and plant based Vegan options”.

The Just Eat app  has now been downloaded over 1 million times with 60 per cent of all Just Eat orders going through the app.

It is anticipated that this figure will continue to grow in 2018.


It's around that time of year again when thoughts of sandals and bikini tops slowly turn to warm fires and wool blankets – and honestly, we're not mad about it. 

Naturally the darker evenings and colder weather lead us to spend more time indoors, meaning now is the perfect time to upgrade your home interiors before settling in for the season ahead. 

From bohemian lighting to velvet cushions, this AW is all about making statements and we've rounded up some of this year's hottest trends to get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Bold Textures 

Whether it's a chunky knit, velvet bedding or faux fur furnishings, interesting textures are huge for AW17. 

A few simple cushions or a luxurious throw can add a real element of warmth and cosiness, without breaking the bank.  

Source: 1, 2

2. Dark Green

While many of us tend to shy away from dark interiors, the addition of rich colour adds depth to any living space – as long as you don't over do it, of course. 

If you've got a dodgy chest of drawers or a bedside table that's seen better days, why not give your furniture a new lease of life with a fresh lick of dark green paint?

Combined with a neutral background, this usual colour combination works a treat for the season ahead.

Source: 1, 2

3. Rustic Lighting

With darker evenings approaching fast, lighting is an important feature in any home.

And if you're looking to stay on trend this AW – bohemian is better. 

Shut the curtains and transform your room into a Moroccan paradise (even if the weather outside is miserable). 

Source: 1, 2 

4. Brass

Goodbye copper, hello brass! 

When used sparingly, this metal can add a touch of warmth and class to any room – but be careful, it can be easy to go overboard.

 Be sure to incorporate it alongside other colours and textures, but seeing as it goes with pretty much everything, finding a match shouldn't be a problem. 

Frames and flowers pots work especially well. 

Source: 1, 2

5. Patterned Duvets

When it comes to bedding, minimalism is out and eye-catching design is in. 

From tropical to paisley, your bed is one of the few places in your home where you have the freedom to mix colours, texture and patterns as you choose – go wild! 

Source: 1, 2, 3


So, the weather outside might be unpredictable, but that doesn't mean our homes don't deserve a summer facelift. 

From splashes of colour, to fresh scents, there are loads of simple ways you can update your home for the season ahead. 

Here's just a few ideas to inspire your inner designer. 

Botanical Prints

Tropical prints were all over the catwalk for SS17 and now it's time your home interiors got in on the fun.

From ceramic pineapples to palm tree cushions, this trend will inject a breath of fresh air into any living space.

So, even if it's bucketing down outside, simply shut the curtains and relax in your own tropical paradise.  

Climbing Plants

According to Pinterest, climbing plants are a huge trend in home interiors this year.

Traditionally this look would have only featured on the exterior walls of a house, but these winding plants have found a way indoors and actually look super chic in a living room or kitchen.

It can be hard to train plants to grown in the right direction, but all your efforts will be worth it when all your friends are drooling over this statement feature.  


Another trend that isn't going anywhere fast is the bright and beautiful patterns of Morocco.

Whether it's a statement cushion or a simple lantern, the vivid colours and strong textures will add a sense of exotic adventure to any room.

Denim Blue

Designers are shying away from the monochrome colour schemes and are instead opting for a much softer approach.

While they may not be the brightest choice, navy and deep-blue tones provide a fresh yet cosy atmosphere.

New View 

Let's face it, most of us have never even considered the option of pointing our furniture at anything other than the television, but with longer days and shorter nights, it might be nice to enjoy a new view for the summer months. 

Consider rearranging some of the chairs in your living room – not only will it shift the focus of the room, but it will also appear bigger and brighter as a result. 

Shout out to Better Homes & Gardens for this genius idea. 

Summer Scents

Fill your home with the scents of the outdoors for that ultimate summer feel.

Pack away the spiced cinnamon candle you've been lighting since last Christmas and replace it with something more seasonal.

Marine, fruity and cotton scents are all good choices for the summer months.




We'll admit it; we like staying in our comfort zone.

Nothing too sparkly, nothing too backless, nothing to bright. To be honest, most nights out consist of 'jeans and a fancy top'.

So, in an effort to change that, we scoured the Dresses.ie website to see what they have in store, and to hopefully up our 'fancy top' ensembles.


One of the biggest trends for high summer is Oriental. Think soft, satin material, tight bodycons, high necks and pretty prints.

For a summer night out, a wedding or anything in between, we'll definitely be ditching our fancy tops for this.

The Slip

Now, this isn't anything new, but many of us have shied away from slip dresses because 1) we live in Ireland (i.e. rainland) and 2) we're afraid it'll show all of our lumps and bumps.

But, don't be afraid because this one won't cling and hangs softly on your body. Pure 90s vibes as well, which is always a plus.

The One Shoulder

If you just have to go for a 'fancy top' then you need to try this one. Don't be afraid to wear a one shoulder top either, because it's coming back into fashion in a big way.

The perfect statement for a hot day at the beach, or drinks with the girls.



Bardot tops and dresses are another style that have been around for a while now, but this summer, you'll notice everything going a bit… lower, and sexier.

If you want to try out the trend, this is the perfect dress to start, as it hold everything in. And the mesh detail is pretty fabulous too.


Brought to you by

For more fearless fashion check out Dresses.ie 



So, in today's instalment of bizarre Instagram beauty trends that leave us confused, we give you – yellow blush. 

The bold look has been popping up all over the site and beauty bloggers have started sharing their own interpretations.


Yay or nay ? #yellowblush #makeuptrend #trending #Nishsays #makeupjunkie

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Love it or hate it, people are making a pretty convincing argument in favour of the non-traditional colour. 

Brooklyn-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes assured Allure that the bright colour is actually a universally flattering shade.

Yellow hues occur naturally in most skin tones, so essentially, the blush is just bringing out what's already there. 

Some make-up enthusiasts have teamed the blush with a dramatic eye.

While others have opted for a toned down look.


Looks like my amazing vegan lunch is giving me some after glow, but it's actually just yellow blusher!

A post shared by Phoebe (@veganunicorngirl) on

So, whether you're looking for a fun festival look, or a simple healthy glow, yellow blush might be the thing missing from your make-up bag. 

And we have to admit, we're not hating it.

Feature image: Instagram