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Storm Hannah is on her way to visit us, lads, and we've got to be extra cautious tonight. A red weather warning has officially been issued by Met Éireann in Clare from 8pm tonight until 11pm.

An orange warning has been issued for wind in Galway from 7pm until midnight tonight. 

Winds are especially strong along the coast, and the public has been warned to avoid coastal areas completely.

Wind warnings for Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick are in place from 4pm today until 1am tomorrow, and warnings for wind in Waterford and Tipperary are issued from 10pm tonight until 2pm tomorrow.

A yellow wind alert has been sent out from 11pm for counties in the south east, north-west and the west of Ireland.

Gardaí are appealing to the public to be aware of the dangers posed by high winds those who are living near coastal, cliff and waterway areas are advised to be extra cautious.

Met Éireann have said that northwesterly winds will reach speeds of over 80 km/h with 'violent gusts' of 130 to 150 km/h for a period this evening. Jaysis.

Road users are cautioned to plan your journeys in advance, and be careful of stopping distances on wet roads.

It's going to be a breezy weekend, lads. Prepare to get your Rihanna out and werk some umbrellas.


Una hasn't had an easy few weeks.

Her ex-husband Ben Foden admitting to his infidelity last week, but instead of dwelling on it, the former Saturdays singer stormed the runway at London Fashion Week and turned every head.

The 37-year-old appeared in Oxfam's Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk Show at Ambika 3 last night, showing off her fashionista roots.


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She captioned her Instagram post; 

"It was a real honour to walk the Oxfam #fashionfightingpoverty fashion show as part of London fashion week this evening", showing herself in a black svelte outfit with a plunging neckline. She's looking FIERCE.

The mum-of-two sported gorgeous black boots and loose black trousers, with her hair styled simply and tucked behind her ears. Very Parisian chic, we feel. 

She flashed a smile at the end of the catwalk, showing her excitement at representing the iconic charity in their fashion foray. 


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The glamorous Irish star could easily pursue a modelling career, she looks like she was born on the runway. We're glad she didn't let her ex-husband's confession dampen her moment.

In a recent interview, Ben admitted that he cheated on Una, but also claimed his infidelity wasn’t the only reason for the end of the relationship.

"At the moment anything that’s published about me is never very good and pretty rightly so because I was the one who committed adultery. But at the same time, it wasn’t the only reason for our divorce to go through."

"It’s not ideal, but we’re very amicable, we’re getting through it, we’re not the first people in the world to get divorced. We’ve got two little kids we adore," he concluded.


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Una is since loved up with her new boyfriend, Tipperary hurler David Breen, and appears unfazed by her ex.

She's absolutely slaying the fashion runway anyway, and for an unreal cause. Herself and fellow singer Emeli Sande walked alongside supermodels as they took to the catwalk for Oxfam’s show to highlight sustainable fashion.

The musicians joined top models Stella Tennant and Laura Bailey at the Fashion Fighting Poverty event, showcasing Oxfam clothes specially picked by stylist Bay Garnett from the organisation’s online and high street shops.

Fair play, gals.

Feature image: Entertainment Daily



A Tipperary entrepreneur is to open Ireland's first adults-only cafe this summer.

This is the idea of Alan Andrews who says the adults-only cafe in the Old Barracks Coffee Roastery in Birdhill, Co Tipperary is meant to be for those who want a bit of 'me-time' and a place that isn't necessarily full of kids.  

“The thought process behind it is, we are a roastery, so it’s a manufacturing place," he told the Limerick Leader

“Second of all, I think all adults are entitled to a bit of me time. And it’s really important for life balance that you can go somewhere and you know there won’t be kids there screaming or running around or spilling stuff on the floor."

We can appreciate why some parents, in particular, may not find the idea too appealing, but Andrews, who is a parent himself, speaks of an important life-balance issue in mindfulness and says that people should have a dedicated space for downtime or peace and quiet away from the general craziness of daily life, as much as they have the option to bring their kids along.

“I have got kids but I want to know that there’s a place I can go to where I’m going to have some peace and quiet and read a book or a newspaper. We want to give people that one hour to enjoy their cup of coffee and get some mindfulness. I think that is really important for people. We’ve ran a campaign for Mental Health Ireland," he continued.

Also, Parker is a successful entrepreneur – he also owns educational and training facility Coffee Culture in Dublin – who is one of many who finds their niche target market and caters to this. It isn't discriminatory.

And as it's Ireland's first adult-only cafe, there's a place for it; the alternative for people who choose a little peace and quiet (many of whom are parents) is the pub…or the library, neither of which are best known for their coffee or the environment that goes with it.

What do you make of the plans for the cafe? 



According to recent reports, Gardaí are currently investigating the discovery of eight dead horses at various sites on land in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Seven of the horses, which were found in various stages of decomposition, were discovered by members of the public shortly before Christmas while an eighth horse was found earlier this week.

As Gardaí and the Department of Agriculture investigate the matter, the registered owner of the land on which the horses were found has said that the carcasses were placed there without his permission.

According to The Irish Times, a further 14 horses were discovered alongside the dead animals.

It has been confirmed that the carcasses have been removed while the remaining herd have been transported to an Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) compound in Co Cork.

Action for Animal Welfare Ireland (AAWI) has asserted that it would be in a position to re-home the horses which have been transferred to the ISPCA compound.



If you played the Irish Lotto, you may want to check your ticket. 

One lucky player is after winning a massive €7.5 million jackpot last night. 

The winning numbers are 8, 10, 11, 25, 28, 32 , with a bonus number of 35.

The winning ticket was sold in Eason in the Thurles Shopping Centre in Co Tipperary.

'We are all so excited for the lucky customer,' manager Deirdre O’Toole told The Irish Times.

'We have no idea who it is – hopefully one of our regulars.'

We'll be spending the day dreaming of what we would buy… 

Oh, and one more thing while we have you! Don't forget that you can catch up on all your favourite shows for free for a month right here, so sign up now!



According to emerging reports, the storm which is currently raging across the country has claimed the life of a second person.

It is understood that a man in Cahir, Co Tipperary died after making attempts to clear a fallen tree with a chainsaw.

The man, who is believed to be in his 30s, sustained critical injuries and died as a result.

His body has been removed to Clonmel Hospital.

The news follows the death of a woman in Co Waterford who lost her life after her car was hit by a falling tree at Aglish.



Shane MacGowan's elderly mother has become Ireland's first road fatality of 2017.

Theresa MacGowan was killed in a single-vehicle collision in Ballintogher, Co. Tipperary today. It is believed that her car hit a wall. 

Gardai in Nenagh are now investigating the incident and are appealing for witnesses, reports independent.ie.

Theresa was in her 80s and lived with her husband, Maurice, in the village of Silvermines. 

In her youth, she worked as a model and was also a talented singer and Irish dancer.



A woman has been arrested following the discovery of a man’s body in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, in the early hours of this morning.

The body of a man believed to have been in his early forties was found at a residential property at The Maltings in the Tipperary town shortly after 2.30am.

Early reports suggest that the man had been stabbed.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman – who is also in her forties – is currently being held at Nenagh Garda Station.

The scene has been sealed off for a forensic examination.



What is going on with Justin Bieber lately?

He seems to be complaining about his life 24/7 and in his most recent rant, he made us all very, very confused.

The singer took to Instagram last night and shared a picture of the Rock of Cashel in Co Tipperary, however, the caption of the picture was about award shows.

He went on to say that he doesn't "feel good" about them, and he can't help but think "people are rating and grading" his performance… Yet, the reason for the Irish landmark picture is totally unexplained.


I don't know about these award shows.. No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it. Nothing but love for you guys and your support. But I don't feel good when I'm there nor after. I try to think of it as a celebration but can't help feeling like people are rating and grading my performance. A lot of people in the audience there to be seem worried about how much camera time they will get or who they can network with. When I'm doing a regular show I feel they are there for the right reasons and to strictly have a good time! But these award shows seem so hollow. I get the premise is to award people for their accomplishments, but is it really? Because when I look in the audience I see a bunch of fake smiles so that when the camera hits them they look happy. Sure there are people truly proud of others so I don't want to knock them I'm just looking at the vast majority. I just think to myself if I'm living my purpose I want the reward to be fulfillment. I'm getting awarded for the things that I'm doing and not for who I am which is understandable I know it would probably be hard to calculate and award someone's spirit lol. But When I do get these awards the temptation of putting my worth in what I do is so hard to fight!!!I am privileged and honored to be recognized by my peers in but in these settings I can't feel the recognition. There's an authenticity missing that I crave! And I wonder does anybody else.. Sorry not sorry about grammar it's not my strong point

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The sky in the snap looks dark and horrid (what's new, Ireland?!) so maybe he was trying to make the picture reflect his mood.

Either way, he's confused, we're confused, and the sheep in the picture are probably very confused. 


A young woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer has shared her story online to warn others of the signs and symptoms.

Heather Keating from Tipperary was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix at just 24-years-old. 

Beforehand she went to her doctor because she was getting irregular bleeding and bleeding after sex.

Her doctor told her that since she was only 24 she wasn't eligible to get a smear test and to come back when she turns 25.

But the symptoms persisted and worsened and Heather became anaemic. It was then that she was referred to a specialist who diagnosed her with stage one cervical cancer.

This week is cervical cancer awareness week. So please share my story to let people know the importance of going for…

Posted by Heather Keating on Monday, 25 January 2016

In her message on Facebook, Heather said, "never in my wildest dreams did I think I had cancer."

Fortunately, her cancer was caught early and didn't spread. Four weeks later she was given the all-clear (you go, girl!).

But the whole experience came with a lot of pain. "That was the most dramatic emotionally painful experience of my life and no one should ever have to go through it."

Many have taken to Heather's status to wish her words of support and love:

If you or any of your loved ones have been affected by cervical cancer, you can learn more about it here


The change in weather conditions means many things: big bowls of soup; seasonal woollies; nights in by the fire – oh, and the arrival of rodents into our homes.


Yes, 2015 very much appears to be the year of the RAT – with pest control experts reporting that they are being contacted more than 50 times a day by freaked-out folk.

Dubbed ‘king rats’ (we can’t imagine that’s a good thing) the creatures are said to be increasingly resistant to poisons and are cleverly avoiding traps.

Pest controller Trevor Hayden of Complete Pest Control told the Irish Mirror: "There is evidence rats are getting bigger and not being affected by poisons, because they’ve built up a resistance to them."

He added: "The problem is people who try to tackle the problem themselves could be making things worse, as the rats appear to be growing immune to some poisons and are increasing in size by feeding off them."

Rentokil Ireland has also reported a 34 per cent increase in call outs between September and November compared with the same period last year.

And the British Pest Control Association has already warned that rats across the UK are rapidly getting bigger and stronger.

Meanwhile, a horrifying super rat has been found and killed in New York. It is thought that it could be the largest recorded specimen in the world. Pictures of the scary 1.2metre-long rodent – the same size as a small dog – were doing the rounds on Facebook this week.

Earlier this year a giant, a 90cm-long rat was captured alive in Co Tipperary, although it was later discovered that it was an invasive South American swamp species – probably an escaped pet.

He was named Rodney by the nation's media, and was subsequently taken into care by the Kildare Animal Foundation.


Hey, we've all been there: a serious case of the late-night munchies when you feel you could consume half the chipper menu and STILL have room for a round of buttered toast when you get home. 

But even we are feeling somewhat overwhelmed by one offering from Aarons takeaway, in Kilsheelan Co Tipperary. 

Spanning a metre in length and filled with chicken, chips, kebab meat, sausages and salad, a total of NINE white wraps were needed to complete the monstrosity. 

Sharing a snap on its Facebook page over the weekend, the eatery revealed that it had whipped up the feast for a hungry local customer, Jamie Cornin, who parted with €30 for the privilege. 

The same takeaway gained notoriety on Friday evening when it created an unreasonably GIANT burger.

Consisting of 850g of fresh beef mince and 125g of chicken topped with cheese and salad, (we're frankly pretty horrified by the size of it) it costs €14.

The burger is also in the market for a name, with the winner being gifted with a €25 voucher for Aarons (that's almost enough for a giant wrap!).

Meanwhile, there is sadly no word yet on whether Jamie managed to polish off his personal, meat-filled banquet. If he did – we just hope he's OK.