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We've all noticed how Love Island has produced some pretty unrealistic body standards, but most of the time our focus is on the women.

Each woman on the show is noticeably slim, and young girls have low self-esteem issues as it is without seeing the exact same physique on every TV channel.

What the focus hasn't always been on is the problem with muscular men and the lack of 'dad bods' in sight. The reality show is now being blamed for giving young boys body image issues too.


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Stereotypically 'perfect' bodies on the show has led many to feel that only this type of body will be able to find love, or even lust. It's a hugely damaging notion that's being perpetuated/

According to analysts from the Children’s Society, boys are catching up with girls in the numbers of them suffering from low confidence and self-esteem.

Its annual 'Good Childhood' report revealed that over 200,000 children in the UK alone are unhappy with their lives as a whole, with looks playing a large role in their moods.

Shockingly, one-in-12 boys aged 10 to 15 are unhappy with their appearance.

Richard Crellin, policy and research manager in mental health and wellbeing at the Children’s Society, told The Times:

"They talked a lot about the pressure to go the gym and have a great body. They talked about the men they see on social media and Love Island … about how people are always working out on that show."

One teen in the report said he felt pressure to live up to the built men he watched on TV "You see all these models, you see all these weightlifters, body-builders, and you look at yourself and you're like, 'I look like a stick.'

"I feel like we’re exposed to a lot more so we are less secure about our appearance."

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Love Island bosses vetoed having plus-sized Islanders, causing frustration among fans and body activists alike.

Speaking to The Sun, the show's boss Richard Cowles said: “We try and be as representative and diverse as possible but first and foremost it’s an entertainment show.

"It’s about people wanting to watch and them reacting and falling in love with another. Yes, we want to be as representative as possible but we also want them to be attracted to one another."

This basically implies that plus-sized people won't attract any other contestants, so that comment didn't exactly go down well…

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Rihanna's at it again, bringing her perfection into our undeserving worlds. We can't cope with her, honestly.

This time, she's only gone and produced realistic mannequins for her first Fenty collection, with actual, real-life CURVES. *Wipes away tear* We adore representation.

Bad Gal RiRi debuted her first collection at a New York City pop-up store, and while the clothes themselves were gorgeous, fans noticed the mannequins immediately for their authenticity.

While in-store mannequins in regular retail shops normally feature a 24-inch waist, Rihanna decided to do things her way, adding hips, fuller breasts and even…a BELLY. *Faints*

People were here for the representation, with one user tweeting; "Here for the mannequin having hip dips and a little pooch." Another responded; "Wow, this mannequin is shaped like me".

The joy was palpable from fans all over the world, adoring Rihanna's vision. We all most likely remember her iconic Savage x Fenty catwalk show, featuring models of every colour, size and ability as well as a pregnant model.

"Rihanna’s vision for Fenty is to celebrate femininity in all its form," the brand told BAZAAR.com in a statement.

"This Release 6-19 explores another facet of a woman’s wardrobe, one that honours all colours, shapes, curves and styles. We wanted to illustrate the Maison’s inclusive side by showing a size-range of mannequins which represent this reality."

Nike recently debuted plus-size mannequins in the women's section of their Oxford Street store, grabbing attention for the ground-breaking move.

Located at The Webster until June 30, Fenty's new pop-up showcases the 31-year-old singer's stunning dresses and form-fitting knit outfits on mannequins of all different shapes and sizes.

The move is rarely witnessed in the body-shaming world of high fashion, but everyone knows you can't tell RiRi what to do.

Hopefully other brands take note, and decide to show genuine women in their ad campaigns, runway shows and mannequin sizing.

Feature image: Instagram/@badgalrihann



While it may seem like the fashion industry is making strides towards body positivity and self-love, not every company seems to be on the same page (or planet for that matter). 

Wish.com, a popular online-shopping service, has come under fire after it used slim models to advertise plus-sized women's tights. 

Sure, it's no secret that in the past thin models have been employed to advertise larger clothes, but it's almost 2018 and we're better than that.

The ads in question show tiny models stretch the plus-sized tights in bizarre poses, in what can only be assumed is an effort to demonstrate their bigger size. 

The models can be seen in various positions, with some even managing to fit their entire bodies into the garment. 

Needless to say, customers were disgusted by the "disrespectful" images, with many even taking to twitter to ask the question in everyone's lips: 'Why not hire a plus-sized model?'


She's worked with the likes of Levi's and has appeared to great acclaim in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. 

But when Ashley Graham sashaying down the Fashion Week runway in New York – a platform which ordinarily champions very slim women – she really caused a storm.

Walking for Canadian retailer Addition Elle, the size-16 beauty was not only the star of the catwalk – she also designed the lingerie being showcased. 

Entitled Black Orchid, her collection includes black, blue and purple bras, corsets, and underwear – all of which have been specifically designed to complement the curves of fuller-figured women. 

Ashley, 28, is also a body-positive activist and during yesterday's show, guests were encouraged to use the hashtag #IAmSizeSexy to promote body diversity.

Speaking to the Huffington Post in advance, Ms Graham described the #IAmSizeSexy drive as an "amazing, all-inclusive, high-end fashion campaign".

She also said: "Everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally."

And taking to Instagram after the show, the US model stated: “What an amazing experience!! All the girls looked amazing," adding: "Thank you to everyone who was involved behind stage as well! We rocked it! #IAmSizeSexy."

In further Instagram (a platform on which she boosts 450,000 followers) snaps today, Ashley also said that her "curves and lingerie" had slayed the runway. "Still pinching myself!!" she went on to say.

Meanwhile, the Addition Elle label stated that "history was made!"

"Curves took over the runway at #NYFW. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

"And thank you to all the delicious curves that strutted their stuff and who showed the world what #iamsizesexy means!"


Describing herself as a 'positive body activist' as well as a model, she is the size-26 beauty who has shaken up the fashion industry.

And now Tess Holliday – sometimes dubbed the world's first plus-sized supermodel – has decided to really push the boat out, posing up entirely nude.

In the gorgeous Instagram snap, which has notched up 42,000 likes since being posted, the 30-year-old includes an inspiring message for her fans.

"My relationship with my body is a journey, not a destination. I appreciate & honor what's it's done for me, & the life it brought into the world.

"I couldn't give a monkeys if you find me attractive or if my body offends you."

Ms Holliday recently criticised the likes of Victoria's Secret for not carrying larger sizes.

"Growing up in Mississippi, I definitely remember Victoria's Secret being a huge part of my teenage mall experience, but I couldn't really fit into any of the underwear," she told MTV News.

"I've never actually worn anything from there. I've never been able to." 

She added: "But I think to have the biggest lingerie retailer in the world carry plus-size lingerie would be a huge step in the right direction and an accomplishment, not just for the industry, but for women in general." 

Tess went on to state: "The bottom line is that there's this pervasive feeling that fat girls aren't supposed to feel sexy, and that needs to change.

"It's something plus-size women are constantly messaged – either overtly or subconsciously – and that shows in a lack of options for lingerie." 

At 1.65m tall, Ms Holliday weighs around 130kg. She first pursued her career at the age of 15, but didn't start modelling professionally until 2007. 

She has worked with Benefit cosmetics and H&M and has appeared in Nylon and Vogue Italia.