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Faux real, winter is well and truly on its way. "What does this mean?" I hear you ask. It means… it's time to get FURRY.

Finding the perfect coat can be a difficult, time-consuming and frustrating task. We've decided to do all the work FUR you, and compile a list of every coat that has caught our eye on the high street this winter season.

So far, brands such a Monki, Mango, Topshop and Zara have impressed us with their glamorous faux fur, but there are some KILLAH vintage websites such as Nine Crows, ASOS Marketplace and Beyond Retro which sell vintage faux fur items that have us collapsed on the floor in sheer fashion overdrive.

I mean, you're welcome.

Nasty Gal Go Fur It Faux Fur Coat, was €121.00 now €60.50


Topshop Luxe Faux Fur Coat: 125,00 €


Missguided Nude leopard print faux fur coat, €95.00


Monki Super Soft Fluffy Coat, €70


Zara, €89.95 faux fur coat


PrettyLittleThing faux fur jacket in multi, €62.21


Bershka patterned faux fur coat, €89.99


Topshop, Luxe Faux Fur Coat, €130.00


Pull and Bear round neck faux fur jacket, 39.99 €


ASOS two tone mongolian faux fur coat in multi, €82.95


Urban Outfitters Jakke Rita Green Faux Fur Jacket, €199.00


Missguided premium blue crop pelted faux fur jacket, €102.00


Bershka faux fur coat in red, €34.99


Glamorous coat in stripe faux fur, €124.43


Monki faux fur coat, €70


Mango checked faux fur coat, €119.99

Some of these uber-glam coats are on sale this week (Black Friday, how are ya) so nab them before they sell out.

Fur can be a tricky business to navigate, finding the right one to suit you is honestly like picking your new home. You're seeking comfort, warmth, and a place to sleep.

What? You can't deny that those coats are prime nap-time material. They're warmer than our hearts after watching pupper videos on Youtube.

Which one's your favourite?


Boohoo has just launched their Premiere collection and it is stunning.

The bedazzled bodysuits and sparkling dresses are the perfect holiday wear this season.

Whether it’s an office party or for a festive sesh in town, there is a piece for everyone.

These vintage, flapper-styled outfits are dripping with rose-gold diamonds.

The collection flaunts classic Christmas colours with more modern embellishments.

How fab are these jewelled red and green dresses!

Here are a few of our favourites:

You can shop the full collection on Boohoo to find the perfect Christmas ensemble. 


As stunning the bride always looks at her wedding, draped in white silk and adorned with accessories galore, the guests also have a glamorous dress code to adhere to.

Finding the perfect outfit to wear to a winter wedding can be difficult, seeing as winter in Ireland mainly involves wrapping up as warmly as physically possible.

It's downright offensive to have to cover up our chic wedding attires because of the temperature, but pair these gowns with a glam coat and you'll be the belle of every wedding ball. (Apart from the bride, of course, upstaging her is a faux pas) 

dress GIF

We've taken the time to have a snoop across the winter season's new outfits across every fashion site we can think of to find the ULTIMATE fashion frocks for guests.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Here are our top 20 winter wedding dresses for guests only… enjoy ladies.
























There you have it, gals, the fashion bible for wedding guests.

From watching love bloom in all its magic, to the lethal open bar to the vicious hangover suffered the next day, weddings are one of life's greatest parties.

You've got to look your best, purely because of all those professional photographers floating around…

oc dress GIF

Trust us when we say that if you grab any one of these dresses, you'll be the most memorable guest of all.

Sashay away xoxo



Since the moment the clock stuck midnight on October 31, the Christmas season is upon us.

Well, some people argue that December is the only month allowed for the Santa hype train to leave the station, but we totally disagree. The Christmas tunes are blaring, ChristmasFM is almost back up and running, and the greatest jumpers are already in stores right now.

Finding the funniest, most glamorous or just plain ugly Christmas styles can be a tricky task. We've only gone and done you the favour of finding all the best ones. Thank us later, a Christmas card will do. Or maybe some mulled wine and mistletoe?


dance brings GIF

1. The drinking game jumper

First up, we've got an actual drinking game in woolly jumper form. There literally is nothing else as magical. Tipsy Elves have gifted us with this joy, order it from Amazon for €45 and you'll be the life of every festive party. 

They even have the rules for the game printed on the back so you won't forget, and it comes with six balls for you and your pals. Hint: the bulls eye results in the entire party drinking. Good luck with that one…

2. The Jesus jumper

Up next, we have a Jesus Christ birthday jumper from Uppers and Downers, the current price is €59.

To be fair, the Christian holiday is supposed to be celebrating the religious day of Jesus' birth, so the fact that his face is on a jumper isn't unheard of.

It is most definitely unconventional however, especially seeing as he is sporting a birthday hat, a red balloon and a dove. To each their own, we say.

3. The Tupac tribute

Next, we've got an actual Tupac Christmas jumper. We didn't think it was possible either, but Tipsy Elves have only gone and done it.

Get your official "Only Santa can judge me" jumper for €35.50 from Amazon, and rest assured you will be the talk of the hip-hop town.

The resemblance between Tupac and Mr. Claus is uncanny… sort of…

4. The gin-lovers jumper

Gin lovers, this one is going to rock your world. Not On The High Street have released an exclusive Christmas jumper dedicated to a stunning gin pun.

GINgle Bells: we truly want to shake hands with whoever thought of this as a Christmas jumper concept, it's pure GINius.

It won't break the bank either, the website are releasing it for just €37, excluding shipping from the UK.

Get on this one ASAP, we have a feeling plenty of Bombay Sapphire, Cork Dry and Hendricks fans will be racing to purchase it..

5. The glow in the dark jumper

This next festive fashion piece looks pretty normal at first glance. That is, until the lights go off. The white material turns fluorescent green and the red material reverts to black, so there will be no difficulty in spotting you once night falls.

Yes, Jolly have legitimately created a GLOW IN THE DARK Christmas jumper. For an absolute steal as well; it's only €32.

If you are desperate to light up the party, this is the one for you. 

6. The Brexit jumper

This next offer is tongue-in-cheek with a heavy dose of politics: Teespring have created a jumper based around Brexit. Seriously.

It's currently priced at €32.16, and has already gained traction online due to the controversy of the UK situation.

Will you be that person at the Christmas party who has one glass of mulled wine and engages in serious political debate throughout the night?


A post shared by Andrew (@andrewknight1988) on

7. The Make Christmas Great Again jumper

This next one is yet another political figure reference, wear it if you dare.

Yes, someone genuinely took it upon themselves to design a jumper around Donald Trump. As if his face doesn't bombard us in every other domain…

Cloud City 7 appear to want to stoke some light-hearted Christmas cheer through a dash of controversy, for just €31 (delivery not included.) Keep the change, ya filthy animals.

 8. The Game of Thrones jumper

We are MAJOR fans of this next one, inspired by Game of Thrones, of course.

Funky Christmas Jumpers online are releasing this magical themed jumper for just €44.99

The twist on the classic phrase 'Winter is Coming' has us GASPING for Christmas (and the final ever season of the show, no biggie). 

We recommend try building a Jon Snow-man to match the jumper, just' a thought.


A post shared by Funky Christmas Jumpers (@funkychristmasjumpers) on

9. The selfie jumper

The next joyous jumper we discovered is also from Funky Christmas Jumpers, and is about as millennial as they come.

A JESUS SELFIE jumper has indeed been created. Even more absurd, a COUPLES JESUS SELFIE jumper.

Stop the world, we're getting off.

10. The Tesco Value jumper

Last but not least, the Tesco Value Christmas jumper.

For those Christmas fans who want to keep things on the cheap, this offering is perfect for you.

We wonder if Supervalu, Dunnes Stores, Lidl or Aldi will release their own versions? Competition is healthy, folks.

There you have it, 2018's latest and greatest Christmas jumpers.

Grab yours in time for December you can wear it 25 days straight, that's our plan. 

Which will you choose? Happy shopping, gals.

sabrina the teenage witch christmas GIF by HULU


Boohoo’s Disney line just released more magical clothes and we are OBSESSED.

The collection Boohoo x Disney is launching its second release in honour of Mickey’s 90th birthday.

But despite the icon’s age, his clothes are timeless, for Disney never goes out of style.

From mischievous Minnie jumpers to sassy Cruella tees, there is something for every Disney fan in the edit.

This Christmas, you and your bestie can slay in matching Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck sweatshirts.

And how cute are these bold, cropped jumpers!

These casual and cute t-shirt dresses are the perfect edition to your winter wardrobe.

The collection mainly features Mickey’s classic colour trio – red, white, and black. So, any piece you wear will be keepin’ it classy.

Vintage styles are trending as well, making these 90s cropped shirts an ideal go-to top with high waisted jeans.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:


The best part is that the whole collection is ridiculously affordable, ranging from €13 – €30.

Shop now on Boohoo to channel your inner Disney fangirl on a student’s budget.


Boohoo has launched its Halloween line, and it’s the perfect combination of spooky and sexy.

From mesh, skeleton dresses to spandex cheetah bodysuits, you will look stunning in any of their debuted costumes.

They have a range of stylish outfits for all you basic witches out there.

If you are searching for a more unique look, don’t worry. The new collection has you covered.

We love this dark and sultry gypsy costume.The lacey jumpsuit hugs in all the right places, and its flared bottoms and matching gloves give off a chic vintage vibe as well.

And that headdress could not be more perfect! We would wear that out on the daily.

For something more subtle, check out their black cobwebbed dress or cheeky skeleton t-shirt.

Or if you want to make your own costume, they have so many cute accessories that will complete a wide array of Halloween ensembles.

Seriously, how perfect is this silvery, unicorn horn headband?!

Channel your favourite character from Coco, and complete your costume with a mysterious, mourning veil and skeleton earrings.

It can double as your outfit for the following celebration of the Mexican holiday just a few days later on November 2nd.

We are loving these Boohoo babes frightfully fierce costumes and cannot wait to try on our favourite look this Halloween.


These Love Island fashionistas are honing in on their best-dressed talents to bring us the cutest clothes.

Alexandra Cane, Kendall Knight, and Kaz Crossley have collaborated together and become Boohoo’s hottest new ambassadors.

From indulgent purples to sleek, lacey whites, the trio's collection is a dynamic, bold line, following autumn trends that suit everyone’s tastes.

Alexandra’s captivating, beige utility-inspired jumpsuit is a must-have piece. She looks like a David Attenborough crew member traversing the wild to discover and capture nature on camera.


A post shared by Alexandra Louise Cane (@alexandralouise__) on

Kaz’s Kardashian look combines alluring silk trousers with a gorgeous lace bodice.

And her hoop earrings and combed back hair put a classic twist on a sexy style.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

Kendall arrives on the scene with a loud, sparkly dress in a stunning shade of violet and strappy silver heels.

The halter tie and cinched, scoop neck transforms a potential beach cover-up into the perfect night-out ensemble.


A post shared by Kendall Rae Knight (@kendallraeknight) on

The girls will be working on their own individual projects across a period of 6 months. 

And for their first venture, the threesome will hand pick their own autumn winter edits as part of the DOYOURTHING campaign with special projects to be announced.

Boasting over 3 million followers combined, the light-hearted, fun and flirty Love Island stars will reflect their strong personalities across social media and Boohoo capsule collections, aligning their love for fast fashion, beauty, cosmetics and fitness.

The brand ambassadors are “so excited” to pursue their passion for modelling and help design an autumn collection that’s tailored to all their fans’ tastes.

We LOVE their items, all of which are available now on boohoo.com.



Pride kicks off from June 21st to 30th and we CANNOT wait.

Boohoo has done us all a solid and launched their Love is Love line – and it's fair to say we are buying everything.

The collection's launch is to support LGBTQ, with the designs made to empower, embrace, and celebrate love in all of its forms.

Love is Love has 30 incredible pieces ranging from ready-to-wear and accessories, so you have no excuse to not to look on point at this year's parade.

The ingenious line is created in a subtle way that backs gender neutrality with various colourways, tones, fits and sizes.

However, that's not mean the message of the line is unstated in any way.

Slogans scream f**k hate with flower asterisks and love is a terrible thing to hate.

One of our absolute favs is the Love is Love hoodie.

It can be worn so that when holding hands it continually reads love is love, love is love….

Fantastically, the rainbow flag is a heavily featured throughout the pieces. 

The collection captures the real spirit of pride, which is a celebration of love.

Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or you are someone that supports love, embrace your freedom to express yourself through this collection.

As if we didn't need any more of a reason to splash our cash, 10 per cent of the profits will be divided between the Terrence Higgins Trust and The Rainbow Fund.

Happy shopping, and pray for your bank balance later. 



Paris Hilton is the indisputable queen of the noughties – and her iconic Malibu-glam style will go down in history as the defining look of the decade. 

The heiress, model, singer, DJ and actress is now turning her hand to fashion design, for one of our favourite online stores.  

Boohoo have teamed up with the chihuahua-loving LA princess to create a capsule collection of 70 noughties inspired pieces.

Ideal for those who want to emulate an on-trend nod to the to the era or to Paris herself, the collab includes party dresses, swimwear and lounge wear. 

The line makes major reference to the celeb, pink and glitz obsessed era of Hollywood culture we grew up with.  

Paris's own famous slogan 'that's hot' is featured, alongside cropped hoodies, crystal sunnies and a stunning silver top that pays homage to her now-iconic 2st birthday dress, which was repurposed later by Kendall Jenner. 

The Paris Hilton X Boohoo collection will globally land on June 20.

We'll see you inb the virtual queue, with that silver top in our basket. 



 Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes holiday planning. 

Whether you're planning to laze by the pool in Bali or party up a storm at a beach club in Ibiza, a statement swimsuit is a simple way to create a look with minimal effort. 

Add a straw beach bag and black sandals for a casual look, or don some strappy sandals and a crossbody for pool party perfection: 

Mesh Tulle Swimsuit €48.39, Spot print swimsuit €38.71

Hunza G Ring Detail Crinkle Swimsuit €168.67, Blue scallop lace up swimsuit €38.00

 Tassel Embroidered Underwired Swimsuit €62.30, Lace trim swimsuit €28.00

Tassel Embroidered Underwired Swimsuit €55.30, Orange ring swimsuit €35.00

Animal Print Swimsuit €13.00, Black rib bandeau tie side swimsuit €48.00




Due to popular demand, global online retailer boohoo.com is delighted to announce it’s second collection with reality television personality and digital influencer Gemma Collins introducing swim & beach attire.

Gemma has rapidly become an aspirational figure within the fashion and beauty industry.

Her vast social following of over 2 million across twitter and Instagram alone has allowed her to express her witty and fun loving nature.

With the first GC x boohoo.com collaboration being a popular sensation Gemma, our brand ambassador is back and this time the collection encompasses all sizes from a 34-52.

In true Gemma Collins style, the campaign was photographed in Essex’s holiday hotspot, Marbella.


Sun, sea & the GC 23.05.18 #GCxboohoo Tag someone who’s excited for this…

A post shared by boohoo.com (@boohoo) on

The collection takes you from pool to party with a selection of slogan swimsuits, glamorous maxi kaftans and relaxed knot tie shirts in luxurious fabrics and bold baroque prints.

All inspired by her unique and daring style, there is something to get everyone looking poolside glam.

Gemma comments: "As you all know, I’m the Queen of Marbs – so filming here has made it extra special. What I love most about boohoo is that they go up to a size 24, they are always on trend – it fits amazing and makes you feel amazing!"

The collection will be available to shop from 23rd May on boohoo.com with prices starting from €21.

Check out some of our FAVE looks here:






As a mark of respect to the hundreds affected by the Monday night's atrocity in Manchester, it has been reported that much-loved fashion brand, Boohoo, donated £100,000 to a fund established to support victims of the terrorist attack.

Upon learning of the carnage which unfolded in the wake of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22, the brand took to Twitter to express their heartache over events.

"Today we wake up to news we never imagined we would hear," they wrote referring to the death of dozens of innocent concert-goers.

"Boohoo was born and bred in Manchester – it is the place we call home. Our thoughts are with all those affected. As a sign for all those involved, our channels will remain silent for 24 hours."

Following the brand's decision to remain silent, they then responded to a crowd funding appeal put forward by the Manchester Evening News.

With the publication calling for donations, it has been revealed that the fashion line donated a staggering £100,000.

While the brand decided not to highlight their altruism, the Manchester Evening News paid tribute to their generosity in a Twitter post.

"They didn't want a big fuss but @boohoo made a £100,000 donation to #Manchester! Thank you." read the post.

Meanwhile, British food retailer, Morrisons, donated £250,000 bringing the fund to just over £1,000,000.