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With temperatures threatening to drop to as low as -1 this weekend, and Black Friday in full swing, we're on the market for cosy, comfy jumpers to see us through the cold months. 

We have seen SO many stunning knitted jumpers, that are stylish and cool, but also warm and cosy – a winning combo – and we just had to share.

From online to the high street, these jumpers literally have you covered.

Topshop Swirl Drip Jumper €42. 00, ASOS DESIGN neon cable jumper €38.71

Zara Oversized Jacquard Sweater €29.95, Topshop Chunky Roll Neck Jumper €48.00

Bershka zebra print jumper €41.46, Zara Sequin Jumper €59.95

Colour block roll neck jumper €24.95, COLLUSION space dye jumper with roll neck €41.48 

Leopard Sleeve Jumper €12.00, Dark green knit chenille jumper €40.00



Since the moment the clock stuck midnight on October 31, the Christmas season is upon us.

Well, some people argue that December is the only month allowed for the Santa hype train to leave the station, but we totally disagree. The Christmas tunes are blaring, ChristmasFM is almost back up and running, and the greatest jumpers are already in stores right now.

Finding the funniest, most glamorous or just plain ugly Christmas styles can be a tricky task. We've only gone and done you the favour of finding all the best ones. Thank us later, a Christmas card will do. Or maybe some mulled wine and mistletoe?


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1. The drinking game jumper

First up, we've got an actual drinking game in woolly jumper form. There literally is nothing else as magical. Tipsy Elves have gifted us with this joy, order it from Amazon for €45 and you'll be the life of every festive party. 

They even have the rules for the game printed on the back so you won't forget, and it comes with six balls for you and your pals. Hint: the bulls eye results in the entire party drinking. Good luck with that one…

2. The Jesus jumper

Up next, we have a Jesus Christ birthday jumper from Uppers and Downers, the current price is €59.

To be fair, the Christian holiday is supposed to be celebrating the religious day of Jesus' birth, so the fact that his face is on a jumper isn't unheard of.

It is most definitely unconventional however, especially seeing as he is sporting a birthday hat, a red balloon and a dove. To each their own, we say.

3. The Tupac tribute

Next, we've got an actual Tupac Christmas jumper. We didn't think it was possible either, but Tipsy Elves have only gone and done it.

Get your official "Only Santa can judge me" jumper for €35.50 from Amazon, and rest assured you will be the talk of the hip-hop town.

The resemblance between Tupac and Mr. Claus is uncanny… sort of…

4. The gin-lovers jumper

Gin lovers, this one is going to rock your world. Not On The High Street have released an exclusive Christmas jumper dedicated to a stunning gin pun.

GINgle Bells: we truly want to shake hands with whoever thought of this as a Christmas jumper concept, it's pure GINius.

It won't break the bank either, the website are releasing it for just €37, excluding shipping from the UK.

Get on this one ASAP, we have a feeling plenty of Bombay Sapphire, Cork Dry and Hendricks fans will be racing to purchase it..

5. The glow in the dark jumper

This next festive fashion piece looks pretty normal at first glance. That is, until the lights go off. The white material turns fluorescent green and the red material reverts to black, so there will be no difficulty in spotting you once night falls.

Yes, Jolly have legitimately created a GLOW IN THE DARK Christmas jumper. For an absolute steal as well; it's only €32.

If you are desperate to light up the party, this is the one for you. 

6. The Brexit jumper

This next offer is tongue-in-cheek with a heavy dose of politics: Teespring have created a jumper based around Brexit. Seriously.

It's currently priced at €32.16, and has already gained traction online due to the controversy of the UK situation.

Will you be that person at the Christmas party who has one glass of mulled wine and engages in serious political debate throughout the night?


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7. The Make Christmas Great Again jumper

This next one is yet another political figure reference, wear it if you dare.

Yes, someone genuinely took it upon themselves to design a jumper around Donald Trump. As if his face doesn't bombard us in every other domain…

Cloud City 7 appear to want to stoke some light-hearted Christmas cheer through a dash of controversy, for just €31 (delivery not included.) Keep the change, ya filthy animals.

 8. The Game of Thrones jumper

We are MAJOR fans of this next one, inspired by Game of Thrones, of course.

Funky Christmas Jumpers online are releasing this magical themed jumper for just €44.99

The twist on the classic phrase 'Winter is Coming' has us GASPING for Christmas (and the final ever season of the show, no biggie). 

We recommend try building a Jon Snow-man to match the jumper, just' a thought.


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9. The selfie jumper

The next joyous jumper we discovered is also from Funky Christmas Jumpers, and is about as millennial as they come.

A JESUS SELFIE jumper has indeed been created. Even more absurd, a COUPLES JESUS SELFIE jumper.

Stop the world, we're getting off.

10. The Tesco Value jumper

Last but not least, the Tesco Value Christmas jumper.

For those Christmas fans who want to keep things on the cheap, this offering is perfect for you.

We wonder if Supervalu, Dunnes Stores, Lidl or Aldi will release their own versions? Competition is healthy, folks.

There you have it, 2018's latest and greatest Christmas jumpers.

Grab yours in time for December you can wear it 25 days straight, that's our plan. 

Which will you choose? Happy shopping, gals.

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Hoodies, jumpers, and sweaters: the Christmas presents that give back too. 

Sure you buy them in good faith for the significant male other in your life – but you also know full well that in time you'll be helping yourself to those very same wares.

And why not – don't you look dashing in an oversized geansaí? Sure he wasn't even using it at the time.

With that in mind, we've set eyes upon these below gems from Jack Jones (as available right now on JackJones.com)

We reckon all of them would seriously impress on Christmas morning. That you know they'd fit nicely over your own festive jim-jams is merely a happy coincidence. 

Here's our pick of the crop…

Baseball Neck in grey, €40;
Sky Captain in navy, €40;
Originals sweatshirt, €35.


Plus a few things just for him (go'wan so)…

Vintage Co cap, €20;
Originals grey t-shirt, €15;
Panel cap in navy, €20.




We’ve all heard of superfans – the ones who go above and beyond to show the chosen celebrity in their lives that they really care.

A certain Ms Taylor Swift certainly has her fair share of them – as demonstrated by a recent, lovingly hand-made gift she was given at a concert.

“Someone knitted this sweater for me of a Polaroid of myself and gave it to my mom tonight at the show,” Swifty said on Instagram earlier this week.

“It has very quickly become my everything. Thank you, mysterious knitter.”

And while the artist behind the gorgeous geansaí was a secret in the immediate aftermath, Tay-Tay has now discovered her true identity.


Welcome Jadda, a 27-year-old fan from Colorado in the US who devoted close to a year (wowsers) to the creation.

A self-proclaimed “Taylor Swift enthusiast, first and foremost” (indeed) she started the project last year after the release of Shake It Off.

Writing on Tumblr, she said it required “1000’s of stitches,” and is actually the very first sweater she knitted in the “difficult” raglan style.

Jadda also describes spotting Ms Swift’s mother in the audience at the pop star’s September 6 Denver show – incidentally the second night in a row she caught the 1989 World Tour — and subsequently seizing her moment and passing on her gift.

After spotting Tay-Tay wearing the knitted number on Instagram (the snap went on to garner close to two million likes), the young woman said she went into a state of shock.

“Omg my hands are all clamy [sic]. What is this. I dont even know. I cant believe it either,” she wrote online.

“Like I debated if I would give her the sweater and tonight it just felt right. So happy Taylor loves it!! Ahhh,”

In fact, such was her excitement that Jadda said she didn’t sleep for 38 hours – something which may be ongoing now:  when Ms Swift found out who was behind the gift yesterday, she reached out directly on Tumblr to thank her “so so so much”.



This is horrific, both for the animals suffering for these counterfeit clothes and the people unknowingly wearing them!

Following a year-long investigation into counterfeit goods, it was revealed that the clothing products seized by the police were made up of  ” a mixture of acrylic, viscose and fur from rats and other animals”.

A number of arrests have been made in Rome and police also seized many counterfeit merino wool and silk products.

We can’t help but wonder what “other animals” the police could be talking about…



While looking for the perfect Christmas knit for the 12 Pubs this year, we came across the H! by Henry Holland collection in Debenhams.

Of course, we love our Penneys Christmas knit, but we know we’ll probably bump into lots of people wearing the same one if we turn up to a festive gathering in it.

So Debenhams is our answer.

These H! jumpers are so cute and while the above knits are great, we have a soft spot for the puppy cheerleaders below.