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Irish rugby legend Rob Kearney has been announced as the ‘Face of Christmas Jumper Day’ for CMRF Crumlin, to raise vital funds for CHI Crumlin and the National Children’s Research Centre. The CMRF Christmas Jumper Day will launch in schools and businesses across Ireland from November, and aims to raise €50,000 for some of Ireland’s sickest children.

Rob, who is a CMRF Crumlin ambassador, is encouraging teachers and students to set up a Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser in their school; and employees to set up a Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser in their companies, in aid of CMRF Crumlin.

“Christmas Jumper Day is a great way to support sick children in Crumlin hospital.” Rob Kearney said, “Over 150,000 children go through the doors of CHI Crumlin every year. CMRF has helped families in most communities across Ireland, so I’m proud to support this campaign. Hopefully I can encourage as many children, teachers and companies as possible to raise vital funds for sick children.

"Childhood illness takes too many precious moments of laughter, play and happiness. Christmas should be a special time for them no matter where they are. I’m calling on schools and companies across Ireland to join me, and host a Christmas Jumper Day in aid of CMRF, so that they can create some magical memories for sick children this Christmas.”

CMRF Crumlin is encouraging people taking part in Christmas Jumper Day to share photos on social media and to tag @cmrf_crumlin using the hashtags #ChristmasJumperDay and #WhateverItTakes.

Christmas Jumper Day packs can be sent out to schools and companies looking to participate in the nationwide fundraiser. Interested participants can email Sinead Nolan on christmasjumperday@cmrf.org to order their packs.


‘Tis the season to gather with family and friends amidst the twinkle of vibrant lights, the warm crackle of a fireplace, and the nostalgia of red or green décor.

But with that hectic pace of the holidays just around the corner, this doesn’t give you much time to plan and execute the perfect seasonal soiree.

So whether you’re hosting an office social for your co-workers or a laid-back evening with your closest friends, these last-minute ideas will ensure a festive party atmosphere that’s both merry and bright—without the added stress.

Backyard Bonfire Roast Party

As the weather cools down and the daylight hours shorten, it’s an ideal time to huddle around a firepit with the people you love.

Host a bonfire in the backyard, complete with outdoor games, torch lights, cosy blankets and seasonal noshes.

For a sweet tooth option, provide the fixings to roast s’mores and simmer a batch of crockpot hot chocolate.

Or if you want to serve an entire meal for the guests, Midwest Living recommends hearty winter staples like fondue or chilli that can be enjoyed around a roaring flame.     

Tacky Christmas Jumper Party

What is the reverse of a swanky gala with a black-tie dress code? The obvious answer is a tacky sweater bash, and for this event, the quirkier your guests deck themselves out, the more hilarity will ensue.

So the choice is yours—either keep it G-rated, or make it adult only with jumpers that scream “naughty list.”

You can even reward the person, whose attire is the most outlandish, with a Christmas-themed mug and Starbucks gift card to savour a holiday drink (while rocking that sweater, of course).   

Around the World Potluck Party

If you’re curious about how other cultures show off their holiday spirit, then a global inspired celebration is an exciting way to find out.

Invite guests to prepare traditional foods which represent Christmastime all over the world and host a potluck where everyone can sample these unique, exotic dishes.

This streamlines the menu planning, so you can focus more efforts on other memorable touches such these decorations from various countries for an ambiance that’s culturally diverse and authentic.

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

Since just about every person breaks out their oven mitts and dusts off their cookie recipes this time of year, it’s the perfect occasion to gather your loved ones for a cookie exchange.

Bake a few dozen seasonal treats, and request your friends or family do the same. Then invite the whole crew together to nibble on each other’s creations, swap their favourite recipes, and bring home a selection of these holiday desserts.

To pull off the ultimate cookie exchange, Good Housekeeping delivers some hassle-free ideas.

No matter how you decide to celebrate the holidays, these creative and festive themes are sure to enchant your guests and make them feel all the warmth this season has to offer.

Even if you’re short on time, there is no reason you can’t still host a meaningful experience for those you care about—and maintain sanity in the process.



Since the moment the clock stuck midnight on October 31, the Christmas season is upon us.

Well, some people argue that December is the only month allowed for the Santa hype train to leave the station, but we totally disagree. The Christmas tunes are blaring, ChristmasFM is almost back up and running, and the greatest jumpers are already in stores right now.

Finding the funniest, most glamorous or just plain ugly Christmas styles can be a tricky task. We've only gone and done you the favour of finding all the best ones. Thank us later, a Christmas card will do. Or maybe some mulled wine and mistletoe?


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1. The drinking game jumper

First up, we've got an actual drinking game in woolly jumper form. There literally is nothing else as magical. Tipsy Elves have gifted us with this joy, order it from Amazon for €45 and you'll be the life of every festive party. 

They even have the rules for the game printed on the back so you won't forget, and it comes with six balls for you and your pals. Hint: the bulls eye results in the entire party drinking. Good luck with that one…

2. The Jesus jumper

Up next, we have a Jesus Christ birthday jumper from Uppers and Downers, the current price is €59.

To be fair, the Christian holiday is supposed to be celebrating the religious day of Jesus' birth, so the fact that his face is on a jumper isn't unheard of.

It is most definitely unconventional however, especially seeing as he is sporting a birthday hat, a red balloon and a dove. To each their own, we say.

3. The Tupac tribute

Next, we've got an actual Tupac Christmas jumper. We didn't think it was possible either, but Tipsy Elves have only gone and done it.

Get your official "Only Santa can judge me" jumper for €35.50 from Amazon, and rest assured you will be the talk of the hip-hop town.

The resemblance between Tupac and Mr. Claus is uncanny… sort of…

4. The gin-lovers jumper

Gin lovers, this one is going to rock your world. Not On The High Street have released an exclusive Christmas jumper dedicated to a stunning gin pun.

GINgle Bells: we truly want to shake hands with whoever thought of this as a Christmas jumper concept, it's pure GINius.

It won't break the bank either, the website are releasing it for just €37, excluding shipping from the UK.

Get on this one ASAP, we have a feeling plenty of Bombay Sapphire, Cork Dry and Hendricks fans will be racing to purchase it..

5. The glow in the dark jumper

This next festive fashion piece looks pretty normal at first glance. That is, until the lights go off. The white material turns fluorescent green and the red material reverts to black, so there will be no difficulty in spotting you once night falls.

Yes, Jolly have legitimately created a GLOW IN THE DARK Christmas jumper. For an absolute steal as well; it's only €32.

If you are desperate to light up the party, this is the one for you. 

6. The Brexit jumper

This next offer is tongue-in-cheek with a heavy dose of politics: Teespring have created a jumper based around Brexit. Seriously.

It's currently priced at €32.16, and has already gained traction online due to the controversy of the UK situation.

Will you be that person at the Christmas party who has one glass of mulled wine and engages in serious political debate throughout the night?


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7. The Make Christmas Great Again jumper

This next one is yet another political figure reference, wear it if you dare.

Yes, someone genuinely took it upon themselves to design a jumper around Donald Trump. As if his face doesn't bombard us in every other domain…

Cloud City 7 appear to want to stoke some light-hearted Christmas cheer through a dash of controversy, for just €31 (delivery not included.) Keep the change, ya filthy animals.

 8. The Game of Thrones jumper

We are MAJOR fans of this next one, inspired by Game of Thrones, of course.

Funky Christmas Jumpers online are releasing this magical themed jumper for just €44.99

The twist on the classic phrase 'Winter is Coming' has us GASPING for Christmas (and the final ever season of the show, no biggie). 

We recommend try building a Jon Snow-man to match the jumper, just' a thought.


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9. The selfie jumper

The next joyous jumper we discovered is also from Funky Christmas Jumpers, and is about as millennial as they come.

A JESUS SELFIE jumper has indeed been created. Even more absurd, a COUPLES JESUS SELFIE jumper.

Stop the world, we're getting off.

10. The Tesco Value jumper

Last but not least, the Tesco Value Christmas jumper.

For those Christmas fans who want to keep things on the cheap, this offering is perfect for you.

We wonder if Supervalu, Dunnes Stores, Lidl or Aldi will release their own versions? Competition is healthy, folks.

There you have it, 2018's latest and greatest Christmas jumpers.

Grab yours in time for December you can wear it 25 days straight, that's our plan. 

Which will you choose? Happy shopping, gals.

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It's not often that Beyoncé misses the mark.

From secret album drops to iconic baby announcements, she pretty much slays at everything she ever does, and with some of the most loyal fans in the entertainment industry, the singer could sell just about anything she put her name on. 

However, it looks like not everyone is a fan of Queen Bey's latest piece of merchandise.

As part of her 'holiday' collection, the star has released one of the most underwhelming Christmas jumper we have ever laid our eyes on.

It's lackluster design features the words 'Beyoncé Holiday Sweater' etched across a jet-black jumper, in what looks like a child's handwriting.

Needless to say, infuriated fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, with some suggesting that Beyoncé simply didn't send enough time designing the garment.

The jumper sells online for $55 (€46), alongside other festive Beyoncé-themed products such as baubles, phone covers, wrapping paper and even baby grows! 



So, while we're generally of the opinion that any pre-Halloween mention of the 'C' word deserves to be met with copious amounts of eye rolling and a schooling in the modern Christian calendar – we reckon we may have just found an exception to the rule.

As we all know, no winter wardrobe is complete without a festive knit, so it's worth investing early to make sure your Christmas jumper game is a cut above the rest.

But fear not ladies, because this year's must-have style has just landed.

Introducing the 'GINgle Bells' jumper.

Just imagine the look on your friends faces when you rock up to 12 pubs in this.

Not to mention the slightly different (yet just as amusing) look on your mam's face when take your place at the Christmas dinner table.

It's win-win, really.

The unisex jumper costs £29.00 (approx. €33.00), and is available to order on Notonthehighstreet.com.

But you better be quick, we've got a feeling they'll be snapped up in no time.



So ladies, what's covered in 24,274 crystals and costs $30,000?

If you went out on a limb and guessed the world's most expensive Christmas jumper, you'd be dead right (good for you).

In a collaboration which has most of us scratching our heads here this morning, Christmas clothing brand, Tipsy Elves, and crystal brand, Swarovski, have created a festive jumper which would set you back the equivalent of four year's rent. (But who's counting?)

The 'World's Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater' (Yeah, they legitimately christened it that) took a staggering 52 hours to create.

And it can be all yours if you, you know, decide to take leave of your senses.

Form an orderly queue, ladies.



It's safe to say we all want to feel like Beyonce every single day. It just seems like she can get way more things done in a day than any of us can… amirite?

So, you'll be delighted to know that you can look a little like Queen Bey on Christmas day this year.

The singer has just debuted her new festive hoodie which reads "I SLEIGH ALL DAY."

We can just imagine ourselves after a few glasses of Prosecco at Christmas dinner, singing our hearts out to Formation in this.

Related image

Now, that's a Christmas we can look forward to. If you fancy Bey's hoodie, you can snatch it up here.



The Christmas jumper is a strange beast. At any other time of year we wouldn't be seen dead in a bright green knit, but come December and there's a stampede for the last light-up elf jumper in Penneys.

What matters most, though, is not the jumper itself but how you dress it. So if you're looking for some inspiration for last-minute Christmas get-togethers, look no further than our festive jumper styling guide…

1. Over a collared shirt
A Christmas jumper can look surprisingly crisp when worn over a white or denim button down.

Straight shirt, €19.99, H&M

2. With full-on festive tartan
Embrace the season by wearing your jumper over a sweet and preppy tartan skirt.

Red Tartan Check Skater Skirt, €14.99, New Look

3. Go edgy with leather
Make your jumper night-out worthy by teaming it with leather-look jeans or jeggings.

Black Coated Leather Look Molly Jeggings, €55, River Island

4. Over a knock-out party dress
Throw your jumper on over a bodycon dress like this gorgeous tribal print one for a relaxed by sexy look. Perfect with tights and heels.

Tribal Patterned Bodycon Dress, €16.45, Forever 21

5. With a festive colour palette
These burgundy high-waisted pants are the perfect Christmas complement to your woolly sweater.

High Waist Ponte Tregging, €32, Topshop

6. With relaxed boyfriend jeans
These slim-leg boyfriend jeans would be perfect for lounging around in on Christmas Day!

Destroyed Anti-Fit Jeans, €69.95, ONLY

7. Christmas glamour
We're in love with this bronze sequin skirt – it would be perfect with a lightweight knit.

Sequin Pleated Midi Skirt, €95, Topshop