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Faux real, winter is well and truly on its way. "What does this mean?" I hear you ask. It means… it's time to get FURRY.

Finding the perfect coat can be a difficult, time-consuming and frustrating task. We've decided to do all the work FUR you, and compile a list of every coat that has caught our eye on the high street this winter season.

So far, brands such a Monki, Mango, Topshop and Zara have impressed us with their glamorous faux fur, but there are some KILLAH vintage websites such as Nine Crows, ASOS Marketplace and Beyond Retro which sell vintage faux fur items that have us collapsed on the floor in sheer fashion overdrive.

I mean, you're welcome.

Nasty Gal Go Fur It Faux Fur Coat, was €121.00 now €60.50


Topshop Luxe Faux Fur Coat: 125,00 €


Missguided Nude leopard print faux fur coat, €95.00


Monki Super Soft Fluffy Coat, €70


Zara, €89.95 faux fur coat


PrettyLittleThing faux fur jacket in multi, €62.21


Bershka patterned faux fur coat, €89.99


Topshop, Luxe Faux Fur Coat, €130.00


Pull and Bear round neck faux fur jacket, 39.99 €


ASOS two tone mongolian faux fur coat in multi, €82.95


Urban Outfitters Jakke Rita Green Faux Fur Jacket, €199.00


Missguided premium blue crop pelted faux fur jacket, €102.00


Bershka faux fur coat in red, €34.99


Glamorous coat in stripe faux fur, €124.43


Monki faux fur coat, €70


Mango checked faux fur coat, €119.99

Some of these uber-glam coats are on sale this week (Black Friday, how are ya) so nab them before they sell out.

Fur can be a tricky business to navigate, finding the right one to suit you is honestly like picking your new home. You're seeking comfort, warmth, and a place to sleep.

What? You can't deny that those coats are prime nap-time material. They're warmer than our hearts after watching pupper videos on Youtube.

Which one's your favourite?



Great news for animal lovers and high fashion fans. 

This season, London has become the first main fashion week to eliminate real fur from the catwalks. 

According to a survey carried out by the British Fashion Council, none of the designers showcasing their pieces intend to use fur. 

Image result for catwalk

PETA urged the British Fashion Council to make the move, saying: 'Nowadays, the majority of people wouldn’t be seen dead in fur.'

'Our poll of designers with a show or presentation at the February 2018 London Fashion Week revealed that 95 per cent – including Burberry and Mulberry – didn’t use fur in their autumn/winter 2018 collections.'

'Many top international designers – including Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Armani, and others – are 100 per cent fur-free.'


A post shared by British Fashion Council (@britishfashioncouncil) on

Fashion Weeks the world over have always had anti-fur protesters staking out the event spaces. 

Perhaps the other major fashion weeks will now take heed? 



If you're looking to stock up on statement pieces this autumn, then River Island is full of your must-haves.

With fur and sparkles galore, RI has exactly what you need to work that cocktail party, day-to-night, boss lady look. 

But just don't take my word for it. Let's have a look at how you can build your very own River Island staple wardrobe. 

 First you get the fur, then you get the money…

Just kidding, but in all seriousness, River Island is a fluffy haven this winter. We're loving this brown leather trench with the fur collar, layer it up with a plaid skirt or over a print dress and you're ready to rock the high street. 

Need more bulk to fend off that wintery weather? I know it seems like ages away but you'll thank us later with his white leopard print fur coat. 

Or if you're more into a grizzly than a polar bear this teddy bear coat is right up your alley.

Team it with a pair of white chunky healed boots and a Baker Boy cap for a medley of 90s and 60s vibes.  

Oh and did we mention that oversized furry bags are a thing? In love isn't the word. 

What winter wardrobe would be complete without a cosy chunky knit?

We adore this muted toned polo neck, worn loose for maximum comfort. 

Go slouchy with a pair of skinnies or dress it up with this delectable plum leather skirt. 

Tis the season to sparkle and shine- and these party pieces are guaranteed to steal  the spot light. 

Are you more cutesy in oversized baby pink and blue sequins or sultry and mysterious in black and gold polka dots?

 Animal prints are everywhere for autumn, even in our two piece suits!

Be the queen of the jungle AND the cocktail party with this fushia sequined suit.

The best part? Use them as separates with either block colours or go bold with clashing prints and textures.

Of course no River Island mooch would be complete without an accessories haul dahling.

Go chic and classy with these elegant pearl and gold drop earrings or bold and show-stopping with massive costume earrings (pictured below). 

Also we NEED these heels! Who ever said that tartan was just for skirts? Eh, not us, we'll take two please. 

Have a gawk at the rest of the collection on the SHEmazing Instagram story at @shemazingie – pieces soon landing in a River Island store near you! 


Animal activists and fashion lovers are up in arms after Kendall Jenner walked the runway in what appeared to be fur coat over the weekend.

The model, who has been accused of being irresponsible, sported the garment in question as she walked the DSquared2 A/W 18 fashion show in Milan last Sunday.

The brand is being condemned online, though they have yet to confirm whether the fur-like material is real or not.

However, no one would would be blamed for assuming the former as the label is known to use fox and rabbit hair in their clothes.

The controversy comes at a pivotal time for the fashion industry, with many high-end labels having already pledged to ditch the fur in 2018.

Gucci and Michael Kors are just two of the designers that have ceased the use of fur in their products, though animal rights activists are hoping more labels will soon follow suit.

Needless to say, Twitter did not that kindly to Kendall's decision to model the fur creation, seeing as she is such a huge influence for young women across the globe.

However, others were quick to jump to the model's defence, pointing out the Kendall was just doing her job and has no choice in the clothes she is told to wear. 



Norway has taken a major step to protect animal welfare by banning fur farms.

The country has pledged to eliminate all fur farms by the year 2025.

The country is estimated to have around 300 fur farms currently in operation.

According to PETA, these establishments kill 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes every year.

Animal rights activists in Norway have been campaigning for a ban for many years.

The final details of the ban have yet to be finalised.

Currently, fur farming is legal in Ireland.



British Vogue is facing huge criticism after publishing a pro-fur advertisement in its February edition.

With several major labels vowing to ditch the fur in 2018, the magazine's controversial position on the issue came as a shock to many readers.

The full-page advert for Wearefur.com shows three models posing in fur garments under the headline; 'Furnow and Forever.'

The ad caused quite the stir online with some readers pledging to cancel their subscriptions and boycott the publication altogether. 

In 2009, then-editor Alexandra Shulman told The Guardian that “broadly speaking” fur did not feature in the pages of. British Vogue.

The decision to feature the latest ad has therefore led some readers to believe that Vogue's policy has changed under new editor Edward Enninful.

However, a spokesperson for the magazine said it while it does not promote fur in its editorial content, it will feature fur advertisements as long as they fit the regulations.

"Vogue’s policy has not changed," they said. 

"From an advertising perspective, it has always been the commercial policy to accept fur advertisements as long as they strictly respect British and European Union legislation. Vogue may make reference to fur editorially as a trend if it is being featured on the catwalk."

A number of fashion brands including Gucci and Micheal Kors have already ceased the use fur in their products, though animal rights activist are hoping more labels will soon follow suit. 



Great news for animal lovers – accessible premium brand Michael Kors has pledged to eliminate the use of fur in their designs.

The brand has received international praise for the move.

CEO John D Idol said in a statement that technological advancements in the production of faux fur mean that the same luxurious appearance and texture can be created without harming sentient animals.


A post shared by Michael Kors (@michaelkors) on

‘This decision marks a new chapter as our company continues to evolve its use of innovative materials,’ he said in a statement to Business of Fashion.

This decision will extend to the brand Jimmy Choo, which was recently acquired by MK.

‘This is a wonderful holiday gift for fur-bearing animals and follows many years of protests at Michael Kors fashion shows and boutiques by PETA and other animal rights groups,’ said animal rights giant PETA.


A post shared by Michael Kors (@michaelkors) on

‘Today’s shoppers no longer want to buy or wear the skins of animals who were caged and then electrocuted or bludgeoned to death,’ PETA's Paula Moore said in a blog post praising the move.

‘Michael Kors is the third luxury fashion brand in recent months to realise that fur is a dead-end.'

'This fall, both Gucci and BCBG Max Azria made headlines around the world when they announced that they were ditching fur.’


Pamela Anderson has spoken out against the fur industry once again. 

This time, the former Baywatch star singled out Naomi Campbell for her frequent donning or real fur. 

Her statement came after Naomi wore a floor-length fox-fur coat to the Pirelli Calendar party in Manhattan.


A post shared by Naomi Campbell (@iamnaomicampbell) on

Her companion Sean Combs, or Puff Daddy, also opted for a white mink scarf. 

The model graphically described the methods of killing used by fur farmers.

Speaking to Page Six, Pamela said: 'So many animals were anally electrocuted for this coat and sometimes skinned alive.'


A post shared by Predrag (@itsmepredrag) on

'Naomi, I adore you. I wish you wouldn't wear fur.'

She continued: 'People follow you. You are a fashion icon. This is heartbreaking.'

'Please have a heart and lose the real fur.' 



Here at SHEmazing HQ, it goes without saying that we are seriously against animal cruelty. 

For this reason, we were delighted to hear that one of the most coveted designer brands was eradicating real fur from its collections. 

Gucci, which has to be the most popular label of 2017, is ditching real fur for good. 


A post shared by Kleo (@kleoklod) on

Many of Gucci's most iconic looks, from the Princetown loafer to their selection of €38,000 mink coats, carry animal furs, so this is a change for the brand. 

Going fur-free is part of Gucci's new commitment to become more sustainable and friendly to the earth. 

'Together, by committing to a culture of purpose, taking responsibility and encouraging respect, inclusivity, and empowerment, we want to create the necessary conditions for a progressive approach to sustainability,' said President and CEO Marco Bizzarri.


A post shared by Realwayrunway (@realwayrunway) on

'Being socially responsible is one of Gucci's core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals.'

Gucci intends to be totally fur-free in 2018. 

Feature image:  Instagram / butikluxurybrands


After meeting at New York fashion week, Pamela Anderson has slammed Kim Kardashian's decision to wear fur and is urging the reality star to “do the right thing.”

The former Baywatch star and passionate animal rights activist made the plea in an open letter posted to her website on Saturday September 16, in which she asked Kim to omit fur from her wardrobe this winter.

The letter began: “Dear Kim. It was lovely seeing you at New York Fashion Week.”

“I've had the pleasure of getting to know you over the years, and I can tell you're a good person with a big, beautiful heart."

"I'm writing to ask you to extend your compassion to real fashion victims — the animals who are violently killed in the fur trade — by swearing off fur this winter.”

As a longtime vegetarian, Pamela is an avid supporter of animal rights organisation PETA and has spent years campaigning to end various types of animal abuse.

She then went on to educate Kim on the dangers of fur farms.

"I think you'd be horrified to learn that every single fur farm that PETA has exposed has been beyond cruel."

“ Just last month, video footage from a fur farm in Poland revealed that foxes are being kept inside filthy, cramped, dark cages…”

She also cited Gisele Bundchen as model who has spoken out about the cruel fur industry and encouraged Kim to follow in her footsteps.

“Time are changing, though: Gisele Bundchen made a bold statement against fur on the cover of Vogue Paris earlier this summer, and Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the U.K, and ohter nations have taken a stand agianst cruelty by abolishing all fur farms.”

Pamela finished the letter by reminding the relaity star about the example she is setting for her followers around the world.

"You know I love you, and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers by swearing off fur.”

"Please do the right thing."

Kim has yet to respond to the letter, though we can't imagine she'll be clearing the fur from her wardrobe any time soon.



The Kardashian family are known for their penchant for luxurious designer goods, and real furs are a staple in the famous family' collective wardrobe.

Kourtney, Khloe and momager Kris were targeted by an anti-fur rally as they attended the Angel ball in New York last night.

The reality TV super stars have regularly been criticised by anti-fur lobbyists and animal rights group PETA in the past. 

The protesters shouted "how many animals have to die you pieces of s***," and particularly targeted Khloe, as they screamed "shame on you Khloe Kardashian."

Protesters also held up signs that read: "Kardashian fur scum," "'F*** fur" and "stop wearing fur! Fur = violence."

This is not the first time the Kardashian family have been the focus of an animal rights group.


A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Back in 2015, Kim was confronted by a group of protesters in New York at a book signing for her pictorial tome, Selfish.

In 2012, Kim was flour bombed on the red carpet by a suspected PETA activist. 

Khloe publicly withdrew her support for PETA back in 2012, citing at the time that she could no longer support an organisation that condoned "bullying." 


Kylie Jenner has gone all out for her new video/photoshoot this week. 

The 18-year-old uploaded a series of pictures and a video to her website, thekyliejenner.com, of her wearing bondage-style lingerie while she wriggles around on a fur blanket. 

The reality star turned to her fave photographer for the shoot, Sasha Samsonova, and even borrowed a few looks from her big sister, Kim, showing off her bum in a black thong. 

She's also seen hugging a random man in one part of th video, which we're sure Tyga wasn't too happy about. 

One thing's for sure though, she certainly started her New Year with a big BANG.