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Are you planning a short get-away before Christmas arrives? Why not fly across the pond to the UK for some last minute Christmas shopping?

thortful.com have compiled a list of the most Instagram-worthy Christmas hotspots in the UK and you definitely need to check them out if you’re visiting over the next few weeks.

Manchester Christmas Market has been crowned the top Christmas market in the UK, followed by Edinburgh, Bath and London’s Winter Wonderland.

Birmingham and York also made the top ten list.

Manchester hosts UK’s most Instagrammable Christmas market in the UK, with the hashtag #manchesterchristmasmarkets being used a staggering 41,507 times. With more than 300 wooden chalets spread across 10 locations in the city, be sure to grab a picture on Albert Square with a backdrop of the huge light up Santa.

If you’ve completed your Christmas shopping (we’re very jealous) then you need to head to one of the UK’s top ice-rinks for a festive evening.

The Natural History Museum hosts UK’s most Instagrammable Ice Skating Rink, with the hashtag #nhmicerink being used over 2,600 times. With the charming architecture of the museum as your backdrop, this outdoor ice rink is too beautiful.

Competing with the top spot are Somerset house Ice Rink, London, Bath on Ice, Winter Wonderland Ice Rink, Cardiff and the Christmas Village Ice Rink, Aberdeen.

We’ll certainly be squeezing in a trip to the UK before December is over.


News that Ariana Grande is headlining Manchester Pride has caused quite a stir already, with many arguing that the ticket prices have become extortionate as a result of the big name booking.

However, Grande is once again under the spotlight as reports are claiming that she's getting paid €116,000 MORE than Kylie Minogue to perform.

Sources close to the pop star are claiming that the Thank U, Next singer is getting a HUGE €291,000 for her Pride show, which hasn't impressed ticket buyers.

This tweet caught the attention of Grande the other day, who responded to the criticism with an eloquent note defending her performance;

"Hi my love, I have nothing to do with ticket pricing- Manchester Pride sets those rates, and they’re mostly out of my control," she tweeted. "The LGBTQ community has been so special to me and supportive throughout my entire career."

"The relationships I have with my LGBTQ fans, friends, and family make me so, so happy,’ she continued. "I want to celebrate and support this community, regardless of my identity or how people label me. And also I wanna visit a city that means so much to me."

"LGBTQ representation is incredibly important, and I’m always proud to share the stage with LGBTQ artists! Over the years, pride events have been headlined by performers and artists of all sexual orientations and genders, including straight allies like Cher and Kylie Minogue," she said.

"I’m not claiming to be the hero of the community or the face of the LGBTQ rights movement – I just wanna put on a show that makes my LGBTQ fans feel special and celebrated and supported. That’s all I wanna do," she concluded.

People aren't impressed that Ariana Grande is getting over €116,000 more than Kylie to perform, with a source at The Sun writing;

"Obviously they’re both massive stars but Ariana is like gold dust at the moment, so the organisers offered her top whack to take part."


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The 25-year-old has paid attention to the criticism, but claims that ticket pricing was out of her hands. Kylie Minogue herself has yet to comment on the whole debacle, but the pay difference is most likely due to Ariana's demand.

As a recent Grammy winner, as well as releasing two albums over the last six months which have both reached number one, she's one of the world's most popular pop stars.

7 Rings, Thank U, Next and Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored show no sign of leaving the charts anytime soon, and we definitely can't get them out of our heads. They're bangers.

What do you think of the debate on Manchester Pride? Is it acceptable for allies to get paid that much?

Olly Alexander from Years & Years recently pointed out that Pride will support more LGBT+ artists when people LISTEN to those artists' music, to hike up demand for them at festivals and concerts.

It's a two-way street; support can't just be shown one day of the year at Pride for LGBT+ musicians; it has to be 365 days a year for it to make an impact.

Feature image: Instagram/@arianagrande


Westlife have officially made their long-awaited return to our lives, thank the gods, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows back in the day for the boyband.

The band stopped by The Graham Norton Show last week to perform their brand new single, Hello My Love, but Nicky Byrne revealed some spicy drama.

According to the radio DJ and member of the group, Liam Gallagher told the band to "f*ck off" the first time they met. Ouch, someone take the lads to the burns unit STAT.

The 40-year-old singer claimed the band flew to London in 1998 after signing a record deal, with Louis Walsh as their manager.

Byrne told Graham Norton; “So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder."

“Liam turned around and we said, 'Liam we're Louis Walsh's new band and he just went "f*** off”. So we just f****d off." The salt, it's just too real.


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The group's new single is their first release in almost a decade, and it was penned by pop legend Ed Sheeran. 

Hello My Love went straight to number one on the iTunes on Thursday evening, and Westlife even got a congratulatory message from ex-band member Brian McFadden, despite rumours of bad blood.

Hello My Love has been popular with fans, but frequently compared to Sheeran’s hit Castle On A Hill as opposed to “your typical Westlife song”.

Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan will embark on their Twenty Tour this summer, playing two huge gigs in Croke Park in July.

Kian reiterated his opinion that their fans would be “taken aback” by their new sound, according to Metro UK“Good songs are good songs, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Westlife song or not.”

The Twenty Tour is their fastest-selling ever, selling a whopper 400,000 tickets within 48 hours of release. 


When we thought we couldn't love Ariana Grande more – she continues to blow us away.

Reportedly, the singer had politely declined a Damehood because she thought it might be 'insensitive'.

The honour was offered to Ari when she visited grieving families of the Manchester Bombings and organised a charity concert.


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According to The Sun, after the tragic attack which claimed the lives of 22 people, Ariana thought it was "too soon" to accept the Damehood since families were still the midst of grieving.

A source told the publication: “Ariana was flattered but said it was too soon."

"She explained she was still grieving. So were scores of families."

“She feared some affected might see it as insensitive. The committee wrote to her but she politely said no,” the source added.


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An additional source also confirmed that Ari turned down the offer, to the newspaper, saying: “She was deeply moved and honoured. She didn’t decline it as such but explained it was not the right time to accept.”

Here's hoping that she will become a Dame later down the line, as her benefit concert, One Love Manchester raised over £17 million for the victims' families.


We cannot believe that it has been over a year since the Manchester bombing on May 22, 2017. Pop singer, Ariana Grande, had just finished her usual stage performance when the suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 500 more in the audience.

No one could soak in the reality of this rapid tragedy, least of all the victims and their families. The young singer, who had witnessed it all unfold from the stage, had never experienced anything like this before.

Now, a year later, she is still deeply affected by the horrific experience. During a recent interview with Elle, Ariana opens up about the aftermath of the terrorist attack, explaining how it flipped her world upside down.


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She said, “When I got home from tour, I had really wild dizzy spells, this feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I would be in a good mood, fine and happy, and they would hit me out of nowhere.”

 Although she felt deeply shaken, the pop star showed incredible strength in the wake of the Manchester bombing, supporting the victims in the same way her fans have always supported her.

When asked if she contemplated giving up her singing career, she responded, after careful consideration, “Why would I second-guess getting on a f****** stage and being there for them? That city, and their response? That changed my life.”


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Ariana told her mother that her first returning concert would be back on the same stage in Manchester, proving love conquered hate to all her dedicated fans. It is through this fiery determination that she, along with other performers, was able to raise $23 million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

 She explained that her entire way of thinking has been transformed. “I’m also going to be a human being who cares about other human beings; to be an ally and use my privilege to help educate people.”

We stand alongside her in remembering the victims of the Manchester attack, as well as other recent acts of terrorism. Like her devoted fans, we admire her strength and hope it sparks a movement that shows that love is stronger than any amount of hate that tries to destroy goodness in this world. One love Manchester.


Ariana Grande has paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester bomb attack on the first anniversary of the tragedy. 

22 people, including seven children, were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a device as people began leaving Ariana's concert at the Manchester Arena in May 2017.

Taking to Twitter, the 24-year-old wrote:  “Thinking of you all today and every day. I love you with all of me and am sending you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging day.”

Two weeks after the atrocity, Ariana returned to the city for the One Love Manchester benefit concert which saw the likes of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and Manchester's own Liam Gallagher, take to the stage in tribute to the victims.

She and her mother Joan also visited some of the victims in hospitals around Manchester.

A remembrance service will be held at Manchester Cathedral today for those injured in the attack, and the families of those who lost their lives. 

The Duke of Cambridge and Prime Minister Theresa May are due to attend, as well as first responders to the scene, civic leaders and other national figures.

The invitation-only service, held between 2pm and 3pm, will incorporate a national silence at 2.30pm, which will also be marked at UK government buildings.


According to emerging reports, an Aer Lingus flight bound for Dublin had to be diverted due to a mid-air emergency earlier this morning.

Flight EI603 which left Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam at around 9am today was diverted to Manchester Airport at approximately 09.40.

It is understood that a passenger required medical attention which they received when the aircraft touched down in the British city.

According to The Independent,  the diverted flight will depart for Dublin later this morning.


Over the past decade or so, few family feuds have gripped the public quite like that of the Liam and Noel Gallagher.

It's a well-know fact that the brother's relationship has seen better days, but it looks like Noel has finally had enough and has called on Liam to “see a psychiatrist” following his criticism of the Manchester Arena benefit concert.

Last month, the former Oasis frontman dismissed his brother's emotional performance at the venues' re-opening gig, calling it a “PR stunt” and claiming he “doesn't give a f***.”

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Noel revealed how he thinks his brother should seek professional help after the the outburst.

"I don't say that as a joke," he said.

"Because young Mancunians, young music fans, were slaughtered, and he, twice, takes it somewhere to be about him. He needs to see somebody."

Once the brains behind one of Britain's most successful indie rock bands, the brothers have not performed together since Oasis split in 2009.

And judging by the latest comments, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing them on a stage together any time soon.


Last night, over 14,000 people descended on Manchester Arena as the venue reopened for the first time since a bomb attack claimed the lives of 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert earlier this year.

Singers, comedians and poets from around the world took to the stage for the We Are Manchester benefit concert, which was held to raise money for those affected by the attack.

The crowd were entertained by a star-studded line-up including Pixie Lott, Rick Astley, Louisa Johnson and The Courteeners, before Manchester native, Noel Gallagher closed the show with a heart-wrenching performance.

“Every time you sing, we win. So sing like you've never sang before,” he said before leading in an emotional rendition of the Oasis classic, Don't Look Back in Anger.

“So for any of you that doubt it-and some people doubt that Manchester is the greatest city in England…”

“I was sat watching Sky News and watching the minute’s silence. And one girl that was there and sang this song. And I don’t know if you’re here tonight, but I love you.”

The 50-year-old was visibly upset as he belted out the “anthem of defiance” to a crowd that were only too willing to sing along.

Speculation before the gig had led some Oasis fans to believe that Liam Gallagher would join his brother on stage, however, the Wall of Glass singer is currently in Spain for his solo tour.

However, Oasis fans were treated to renditions of Champagne Supernova and Little By Little, as well as Noel's solo material AKA – What a Life and Everybody’s on the Run.


Are you bored at work? Do you feel like you're not fulfilling your full potential? Looking for a change of pace?

Well, it might be time to ask for your P45, because a gin distillery in Manchester is currently offering one lucky candidate the chance to join their growing teams as a 'Gin Experience Host' – and honestly, it sounds like our dream job.

The Three Rivers is on the hunt for an outgoing gin-lover to lead tours around its distillery, as well as offering visitors an insight into how the drink is made.

What's more, the 'Gin Experience Host' will also get the opportunity to assist in the distillery, making this the perfect job for any budding gin connoisseur.

The job description, which was posted to Instagram, reads: “We have a very exciting opportunity for one lucky person to become part of our growing team at Manchester Three Rivers Gin!”

“We want someone who is passionate, dedicated and willing to learn (and loves gin!)… In exchange you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join an exciting and growing brand!”

Sound like you?

Just send your CV and cover letter over to cv@manchesterthreerivers.com to apply.

Obviously you'll have to make the move to Manchester (or face one hell of a commute every morning), but hey, like the ad says, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Ariana Grande has penned a heartfelt letter to fans, thanking them for their support during these difficult few weeks.

Last month, the singers concert was targeted by a suicide bomber who claimed the lives of 22 people at the Manchester Arena

Just two weeks later, Ariana returned to the city to stage the One Love Manchester benefit concert which raised over €2,000,000 for the victims and their families.

The inspirational singer has now resumed her Dangerous Woman tour and as she finished off the European leg, Ariana thanked her fans for sticking by her when she need them the most.

The 23-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of herself on stage, and wrote:

"At the close of this European leg of my Dangerous Woman tour, I just wanted to thank you properly for the overwhelming love and support you’ve shown me, my crew, and each other during this challenging time.Spending this time with you this month has been so very healing and special! Thank you for being here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in supporting One Love Manchester and for helping the families as much as you possibly could.Thank you for bringing your absolute brightest, most passionate, contagious energy to these shows and for wiping my tears away.I'm immensely grateful!!!! I hope you can feel my love, wherever you are because I'm sending you all that I've got. See you so soon.  @alfredoflores @dangerouswomantour"


At the close of this European leg of my Dangerous Woman tour, I just wanted to thank you properly for the overwhelming love and support you’ve shown me, my crew, and each other during this challenging time. Spending this time with you this month has been so very healing and special! Thank you for being here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in supporting One Love Manchester and for helping the families as much as you possibly could. Thank you for bringing your absolute brightest, most passionate, contagious energy to these shows and for wiping my tears away. I'm immensely grateful!!!! I hope you can feel my love, wherever you are because I'm sending you all that I've got. See you so soon. @alfredoflores @dangerouswomantour

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Fans were quick to reply with messages of love and support for the singer.

One said: “Thank you for being a true inspiration and showing all of us that love is more powerful then hate. i love you queen.”

While another wrote: "Love you so so much you are so strong and such a beacon of love and light. forever grateful and thankful. hopefully see you soon in london"

Ariana will now take her tour to Latin America before finishing off in Hong Kong this September.  


Ariana Grande is set to become an honorary citizen of Manchester.

The move will be made under plans put forward by the city council to honour the US singer.

The decision comes under a new system which recognises outstanding contributions to the city. 


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22 people were killed and many more injured after a suicide bomber detonated a home-made explosive in the foyer of Ariana's concert in the Manchester Arena last month. 

Ariana responded by organising another concert, a charity gig called One Love Manchester, to raise funds for the victims and their families. 


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'This seems a fitting moment to update the way we recognise those who make noteworthy contributions to the life and success of our city,' said Manchester Council leader Sir Richard Leese.

'We've all had cause to be incredibly proud of Manchester and the resilient and compassionate way in which the city, and all those associated with it, have responded to the terrible events of 22 May – with love and courage rather than hatred and fear.'

Sir Richard Leese told The BBC that the star had 'exemplified this response.'