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The popular dating app Bumble has finally created a new tool to fight back against unsolicited d*ck pics being sent and received by its users.

An AI named 'Private Detector' will be able to scan images sent in chats for signs of X-rated imagery and blur them out as well as assigning a warning.

55 million people use the app, which is claiming that it can separate out the lewd pictures with 98 percent accuracy.


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The firm said: "With our revolutionary AI, we're able to detect potentially inappropriate content and warn you about the image before you open it."

"We're committed to keeping you protected from unsolicited photos so you can have a safer experience meeting new people on Bumble," the company stated.

Bumble is one of Tinder's major competitors, but works by only allowing women to initiate a chat with their matches. The app is one of the few that allows its users to trade images.

In June, the AI technology trained to spot nudes will start flagging possible rude images as soon as they land in your inbox.

The pic will be blurred and will also involve a message underneath that reads: "This photo is blurred to protect you from inappropriate content." Recipients can either block and report the image or open it anyway.

Private Detector was created specifically to tackle a plague of sexual harassment and abuse which has been streaming from dating apps for years. Especially for the safety of women, dating apps can be a dangerous feature.

A YouGov poll recently found that more than half of young women have received nude pictures online, and three quarters of images were unsolicited.

"The sharing of lewd images is a global issue of critical importance," said Andrey Andreev. "It falls upon all of us in the social media and social networking worlds to lead by example and to refuse to tolerate inappropriate behaviour on our platforms."

Andreev heads up Badoo, the network of dating apps which includes Bumble.

The organisation's bosses slammed a misogynistic "small-minded" fat-shamer in a recent open letter, and banned him from the app, according to The Sun.


It's happened to many of us…we're travelling to the most Instagram-able spots in the world, yet there's nobody to take photos of us in all our cultured glory.

Whether it's Niagara Falls, the Colosseum of Rome or the white sand beaches in Bali, sometimes a great candid is all we crave. Why waste the opportunity?

If your own significant other can barely hold a camera, or if you're a single solo traveller, finding somebody to capture us at our finest moment can be tedious at best. 

Not all of us have a John Legend to work his magic on the lens for the sake of our followers:


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Luckily for us, specialist tour operators Roma Experience are now (hilariously) offering an Instagram boyfriend to follow you around all day and get those #travelgoals snaps you've always wanted.

They spotted a gap in the market, that's for sure. Their timing couldn't be better, seeing as social media is playing a massive role in the lives of global youth.

Instagram is even acting as an influential factor in choosing a travel destination, with a ludicrous 40.1% of millennials deeming the site an important factor when considering a holiday. My God, what have we become?


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The Roma Experience's 'boyfriend of Instagram' is sure to be a sell-out, offering the unsung heroes of 'likes' to women (and fellow men) from every corner of the world. Bless them.

The Instagram Boyfriend has become an obsession in its own right, with countless pages dedicated to the men who play their part in giving a partner the PERFECT shot for the feed.

Not all heroes wear capes, just selfie sticks.


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The wonderful service allows travellers to hire a profesh photographer to join them on their tour for three hours, taking pictures of them around some of the most picturesque Italian sites the gorgeous country has to offer.

You will then be emailed the iconic new pictures of you at your fiercest, fresh and ready for the gram. Or just your fridge?

The service is an additional €350 on top of the price for the full-day tour of Rome, but can you put a price on insta-worthy images? Hell no. It's 2019, this is our lifestyle now people.

Roma Experience’s Full Day Tour of Rome and Vatican City costs from €643, including all entrance fees, and private transfer from the city centre to the Vatican. The photographic service is an option extra, priced at €355.


It looks like our foodie pics might be a bit more helpful than just making our Instagram feeds look good.

It turns out that taking pictures of your food can actually make you healthier.

Research carried out at Oregon State University claims that snapping your food can improve your health and can even help people with diabetes.

The study was carried out on 114 nutrition students in the US and Australia. They had to identify the foods that were in the pictures, as well as figure out their serving sizes and weight.

barbecue, embers, food

The students were able to identify different foods, with an 80 per cent success rate. However, when it came to serving sizes, only 38 per cent of the students were able to give an estimate that was within 10 per cent of the actual weight.

"Dietary intake information is important both to individuals using nutrition-based therapy for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and to entire populations for identifying nutrition and disease risk," the study said.

The research further claims that by using photography as a means of understanding food, it could help people in the first stages of diabetes come to terms with their dietary changes.

Mary Clusky, one of the authors of the study said: "If you're providing me with your dietary intake information, you may not be trying to falsify the information, because you're sincerely interested in improving your diet.

Lunch table / salad

"But I'm depending on your ability to recall what you ate and your ability to correctly tell me what portions and specific ingredients you had; there are all kinds of things that can make it go wrong.

"Images can facilitate your recall, and they also prompt important questions from a dietitian: 'Was that low-fat dressing or high-fat?' Plus, images make dietary assessments more entertaining because people do like to take pictures of food."

So, there you go. Time to start snappin'.



Last week, Tokyo woke to its first November snowfall since records began.

And, as you’d expect, residents of the Japanese capital were quick to document the occasion on social media with the hashtag “tokyosnow”.

Given the striking nature of the shots, the resulting collection of images has received much attention online and so we’ve gathered some of our favourites for you to explore.

Check them out below:









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You know the way our camera roll is jammers with snaps, and like divils we still don’t get them printed? Well there’s a simple way to clear our photos and give ourselves back some much needed storage space – hallelujah!

The Harvey Norman Photo Centre IE App makes it easy and breezy to print our photos straight from our phone, our Facebook or our Insta – and when we’ve done that, they’ll arrive straight to our door.

You simply select the pics you want through the easy to use interface, decide if you want prints, a photo canvas or a selection of photo gifts like mugs and calendars, and boom, your freshly printed memories will be on their way to you.  

The Harvey Norman Photo Centre IE App is free to download and is available on iTunes. It’s designed to be used with ease on an iPhone or iPad, so you can pretty much do it anywhere.

We’ll be using it to sort out Crimbo pressies on the commute to work – now that’s some serious multitasking right there.

Come on ladies, let’s start printing our photos again!


Just a year after purchasing her LA home, Kylie Jenner has put her first house back on the market with the intention of making a million dollar profit for her decorative efforts.

According to the Daily Mail, the makeup guru’s five-bed, six-bath home is for sale for a cool $3.9 million – that’s $1.3 million more than she bought it for.

And just like your standard starter house, Kylie’s gaff comes equipped with all the basics: movie room, glam room, walk-in wardrobe and shoe room.

The teen icon is trading in the luxurious monochrome home – which she spent months decorating with interior designer to the stars Jeff Andrews – for a bigger model.

She has reportedly bought a $6 million mansion in the Hidden Hills – the same area where momager Kris and sister Kim both live.

Her new home not only has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, it also has a pool, four-car garage and a wine cellar – all for the girl who’s not even old enough to drink!

Images: Sotheby's Realty


It's certainly a handful, but it sure is a mega-cute handful.

Coleen Rooney has shared the first image of her new son, Kit, along with her other two sons, Kai and Klay.

The black and white photo, which she shared on Instagram, was captioned: "Love at first sight!! My boys."

The mum-of-three let her son, Kai, 6, feed Kit as Klay, 2, watched over them. Wayne also took to social media to share pictures of his newborn.

In the each pic, Coleen and Wayne look as happy as ever, beaming into their new son's eyes.

It seems to be baby overload at the moment, with Louis Tomlinson sharing the first picture of his son, and Tyra Banks announcing that she has welcomed a new baby boy, York, too. 


We gush about how cute Prince George is, but pictures of Princess Charlotte have just been released – and she is just as ADORABLE as her big brother.

The photos were taken by her amateur photographer mother, Kate Middleton, at Anmer Hall, the family's Norfolk home, in early November.

At first, the photos weren't meant to hit the public but the Duchess of Cambridge was so pleased by both her work and the positive response her last photographs of Prince George and Princess Charlotte received, that she decided to release them as a way of thanking the media for letting her children grow-up out of the spotlight.

The princess, who has blue eyes and brown hair, can be seen sitting unaided in a green checked armchair and in one shot is smiling at a toy puppy. The cutest? We think so.

As George has inherited his father's looks, it's safe to say that Charlotte has taken from Kate's side. 



Kanye West has compared having his photograph taken to rape.

Oh Kanye…

In a rant onstage this weekend, Kim Kardashian’s other half said,  “Everybody needs a day off, everybody needs the right to say ‘hey, you know what I need a minute to breathe.

“I want to bring my family to the movies without 30 motherf*****s following me. Everybody here, they like sex right? Sex is great when you and your partner be like ‘hey, this is what we both want to do.

“But if one of those people don’t want to do that, what does that constitute, that’s called rape. That is called violation.”

Within minutes, Kanye was blasted by fans, with one writing on Twitter, “Just stop. It is nothing like rape.”

Earlier this year actress Charlize Theron was slammed by rape charities after she compared press intrusion to sexual assault.

Maybe Kanye should have thought twice before he launched into this particular rant.



Heidi Klum has jumped to Justin Bieber’s defence after he was accused of groping her at Cannes.

The supermodel spoke out about the claims involving the Baby singer – who was photographed alongside Heidi at the amfAR Gala in a snap that appeared to capture the singer touching her chest.

Heidi insisted Justin was NOT feeling her up, adding that he was in fact, a “very polite” young man.

“He was totally not touching me, by the way,” said Heidi. “It maybe looks like that because sometimes in pictures things look a little . . . I’m like, what are they talking about?”

“He’s very polite and very nice,” Heidi said of the Boyfriend singer.

Well, that’s us told!




We might ‘like’ it, but we’re secretly fuming on the inside!

1. A snap of you…in a bikini…on a beach…doing yoga. OK, so you’ve spent months trying to perfect your downward facing dog and yes, you look amazing for it, but PURRRLEASE don’t rub it in our faces. It’s not very Zen.

2. Pictures of an À la carte dish your Ryan Gosling lookalike boyfriend has just prepared for you. We’re eating frozen pizza tonight…Alone!

3. A photograph of the cleansing green juice you have just made and are about to drink. We’ll fully support yet another one of your juice detox diets, but please don’t make us feel bad about heating up last night’s leftover kebab for dinner.

4. A gym selfie. Again, see above. We’ll get around to our own gym membership when we’re good and ready, OK?!

5. Valentines’ Day cards/presents/cuddly toys/romantic meals/hotel breaks. Please have a heart and think of all the single ladies out there. Surely you were single once. No? Never?? Well, bully for you! Pass the cookie dough please.

6. Anything on a private jet.

7. Same goes for VIP entry to the hottest club in town, while we’re trying to sneak in through the toilet window.

8. A photo of your manicured feet on an exotic beach captioned ‘Paradise’. It’s lashing rain back home, and all we can afford this year is a weekend stay in our parent’s caravan…in the back garden.

9. A picture of your new designer handbag. You didn’t get that in Penneys did you?

10. Your fabulous new hairdo by a top stylist when we struggled to get a comb through our tangled mane this morning. The Sinead O’Connor look is back in again…isn’t it?!




There’s nothing new about seeing Kim Kardashian pouting in front of the camera, but these bridal shower snaps show a whole different side to the star!

Opting for a Parisian-themed do, Kim and her besties were posing like they were on the red carpet in the photobooth Kim had laid on for the shower yesterday.

Warming up for the big day, Kim, 33, wore a white dress for her party, held at the plush Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills.

She posted a series of the hilarious pictures to Instagram shortly after, with all her favourite pals packed into a photobooth.

With only two weeks until the big day, Kim looked happy to be letting her hair down before wedding madness hits!