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Depop is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal when it comes to buying and selling items of clothing.

The legendary buy-and-sell app is getting increasingly popular by the day, especially with the rise of sustainable fashion and ethical shopping.

Buying pre-owned and pre-loved styles will hopefully keep on rising in popularity, otherwise the planet may just burn to shreds at an even faster rate (not even joking!?).

Depop has many lovable traits. The search bar allows you to find gorgeous vintage pieces within Ireland for an incredibly affordable price, and you can also extend your search party worldwide if you're willing to pay for shipping costs.

A seller can also make a pretty penny from selling your old clothes that you NEVER wear anymore (we've sold about 34 dresses we haven't even seen since our Wezz days for a great profit).

The explore page when you first enter the app also has top picks based on your likes and preferences, and also the Depop app's own favourite shops they've got their eye on. 

Beverly Hills 90210 Fashion GIF by CBS All Access

Without further fashion ado, here are our Depop top picks for today. Nab them before they're sold:

1. Vintage deadstock 1990s flare jeans
    Size 6, Price: £30 (€32)

Image: Depop/@lochrian

2. Vintage pink pastel mini-dress  
    Size 10, Price: £39 (€42.55)

Image: Depop/@kaohinani

3. Early 1990s vintage designer mesh dress by Betsey Johnson
    Size XS, Price: £150 (€164)

Image: Depop/@eleanorehly

4. Faux fur cow jacket
    Size 8-10, Price: £50 (€54.60)

Image: Depop/@whatthefluff_

5. Baby blue plaid Nike Air Force 1
    Size: Womens 8.5, Price: $100 (€90)

Image: Depop/@yslej

6. Vintage Jane Norman chainmail shoulder bag
 £20 (€21.80)

Image: Depop/@hazzledazzled

7. Vintage Karen Millen baby pink suit
    UK size 8, Price: £45 (€49)

Image: Depop/@shannoncastro

8. Vintage patchwork frayed denim jeans
    Size UK 10, Price: £95 (€103.60)


Image: Depop/@siandrakard

 9. Upcycled linen Topshop midi dress
     Size: UK 12, Price: £27.50 (€30)


10. Hippy style Miss Sixty flare jeans
      Size: UK 8-10, Price: £110 (€120)


11. Rare 1980s vintage Adidas originals sweatshirt in purple and turquoise
      Size: M, Price: £75 (€81)


12. Vintage Richards bolt blouse with stunning button details
      Size: 8-10, Price: £35 (€37.90)


Shop to your heart's content knowing that you aren't causing damage to the environment by adding to the textiles industry, it's a good feeling.

Feature image: Instagram/@depop



Vodafone Ireland Foundation has announced the launch of Bright Sky Ireland, a free app that connects victims of domestic violence and abuse to support services across Ireland.

This app is the latest addition to Vodafone Foundation’s domestic violence project, which uses connectivity to help support those affected by domestic abuse here and across Europe.

Bright Sky Ireland is created with the UK-based domestic abuse charity Hestia, along with Women’s Aid Ireland and An Garda Síochána.

So how does it work?

Users can locate their nearest support center by searching their area, eircode or current location. 

They will also have to fill out a short questionnaire that will help them assess the safety of a relationship while also providing information about different forms of abuse such as sexual violence, stalking, and harassment.

The app also highlights the types of supports available, steps to consider if leaving an abusive relationship and how to help a friend affected by domestic abuse.

As well as all of that, the app contains a ground-breaking feature designed to log incidents of domestic abuse without any content being saved on the device itself.

It works by allowing users to send information about incidents in a secure digital journal, using a text, audio, video or photo function.

Evidence collated through this function will enable Gardaí to intervene and can help secure prosecutions.

According to Vodafone Foundation, statistics regarding domestic abuse are terrifying – 31% of Irish workers have experienced some form of domestic abuse while  63% experienced psychological abuse and control.

Also, 47% experienced physical violence, 23% experienced sexual violence or abuse and 19% experienced stalking. 

Sarah Benson, Executive Director of Women’s Aid said, ''A very important feature of the app is the myth-busting information as well as quiz to help people recognise the signs of abuse.''

She continued, ''However, our biggest hope is that the ability to log incidents of abuse whether it’s photos, text notes or recordings, will help women experiencing abuse gather the pattern of evidence they need to avail of legal protection and secure convictions of the new crime of coercive control.”

This is fantastic news and we hope women in need will avail of this service. 



One of Ireland's biggest taxi app, MyTaxi, is set to rebrand it's name to FREE NOW later this year.

The company, formerly known as Hailo, emailed it's customers today and informed them about the name change. The app changed it's name to MyTaxi back in 2017, spending €5 million on the large ad campaign.

In a statement sent to consumers, MyTaxi wrote;

“The most important thing to remember is that there will be no change to the mytaxi service and app. We’ll still have the same app, the same local team and the same 5-star drivers – just with a new name later this year.” 

The company tweeted about the change; "We’ve exciting news  We’re joining a new mobility brand family. This means we’re getting a new name and look, and will be changing our name to FREE NOW later this year."

The change is apparently due to a merger between Daimler, it's majority shareholder, and BMW

SHARE NOW, REACH NOW, PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are also a part of the “new brand family”, however these groups don't operate in Ireland as of yet.


A post shared by mytaxi (@mytaxi_ie) on

"At MyTaxi, we're always working hard to give people the freedom to move around cities as easily as possible," they said in their latest statement, according to Newstalk.

"As we continue to grow across Europe, it's important that we are consistent, recognisable and offer the best experience possible to all our passengers, no matter where you hail from".

There will be no change to the MyTaxi service and app, which carried over 16 million passengers across Ireland last year. MyTaxi is available in nine countries and more than 100 European cities.

The FAQs section is available for MyTaxi users to help answer its customers queries.

Feature: @mytaxi_ie/Instagram


We all feel the pinch every once in a while, and wondered where the hell our salary went at the end of a busy month.

We use our smart phones for everything, so utilising your iPhone to track your personal spending is one of the best ways to go about it, as you have a constant reminder in your hand.

There are literally hundreds of personal finance apps out there, but Spending Tracker is probably the most concise and simple of them all. 

The app lets you plan out your monthly expenses, so you know exactly how much disposable income you have left. 

It then allows you to add expenses for your disposable income as the month goes on, so you always know exactly how much money you have to play with. 

The app also allows you to plan out future purchases so there is no panic in the last week of the month that the Netflix bill is due. 

If you think you'd need a reminder to update your spending log, make sure you put the app beside your favourite social media app, so every time you go to check the likes of Twitter or Instagram, you see it. 

The app also lets you carry over money from the previous month, and you can choose whether to keep it for extra fun money or to put in savings.

Pretty genius if you ask us. 


Hashtags which might be promoting eating disorders on Instagram have now been placed on an 'unsearchables' list following an investigation.

It was discovered that users of the photo-sharing network were bypassing the platform's filters, and health warnings have since been added to several spellings or terms which reference eating disorders.

Many of these terms are popular hashtags on Instagram's platform, but if they are on the 'unsearchables' list then zero results will come up.

Since 2012, the site began making some terms unsearchable in an effort to avoid users being able to locate often upsetting graphic images and posts which encouraged the idea that eating disorders were part of a lifestyle rather than a mental disorder.

However, BBC Trending claim that certain terms are still searchable, include ones which promote bulimia, and that Instagram's search bars suggest different terminology and spellings for terms glamorising eating disorders.

The search box offered a shocking 38 alternative spellings in one such instance for a popular term promoting the disorders.

Instagram has now made several alternative terms unsearchable and have added many to the list of terms triggering the health warning. They also have said they will continue to attempt to restrict such content.

A spokesman on their behalf commented that;

"We do not tolerate content that encourages eating disorders and we use powerful tools and technologies – including in-app reporting and machine learning – to help identify and remove it," 

"However, we recognise this is a complex issue and we want people struggling with their mental health to be able to access support on Instagram when and where they need it."

"We, therefore, go beyond simply removing content and hashtags and take a holistic approach by offering people looking at or posting certain content the option to access tips and support, talk to a friend, or reach out directly" to support groups.

Social networks have begun to censor content which could possibly encourage eating disorders, yet many people online discovered a way to navigate around the filters through deliberately misspelled hashtags.

Instagram and most popular sites don't use moderators to proactively search for dangerous content, and relies on users alone to report violations of its rules.

Algorithms fail to detect the difference between positive and harmful content, and then offer advertising and suggested sites which are promoting an unhealthy mental health disorder.

Eating disorder charities are demanding that ocial media networks take more responsibility for policing their content.

Certain sites online and Instagram pages are supportive for survivors of eating disorders, and there is an argument that removing posts could cease discussions surrounding eating disorders, which is important.

The rules of Instagram prohibit posts which promote or glorify eating disorders, but the company has a long way to go to develop its safety policies.


In celebration of Pride Week, Prospect 57 will be releasing a new fictional podcast series on all platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer, PodAddict, Castbox….). 

A 6-part series based in the country's capital, each episode is less than 30 minutes long, making it perfect for your daily commute or for easy listening before bed. 

Prospect 57 is a one-of-a-kind fictional podcast that’s set in Dublin; on streets that you’ve probably walked down, with people you recognise and places you go to.  

The podcast follows the story of James, a bartender who is found viciously bruised and beaten after the Pride Parade. 

After a sun-soaked day amongst queens, flags and celebrations the night sets in and the party continues.

However, early on the morning of July 1st, James is found viciously bruised and beaten.

The world sees the attack as a hate crime, but Nic, a wannabe journalist and friend of James, knows better. 

Nic sets out to discover all she can about her work place and the colleagues she once trusted. Step into Prospect 57, a bar like any other in Dublin with a dark, disturbing underbelly that wishes to keep its secrets hidden. 

All six episodes will be released on July 1st, the day after Pride when James was attacked as though it’s happening in real time.  

Brought to you by QueerMoon Productions and the HeadStuff Podcast Network, Prospect 57 has been months in the making and features a gripping storyline of attack and deceit that will keep you coming back for more. 

You can download it here: www.headstuff.org/prospect-57 


You might be sick to the back teeth of app after app bringing out new features every other week.

However, as any dedicated Tinder user will know, numb thumb from excessive swiping is a problem that is all too real.

Another all-too-real problem is accidentally swiping past what I can only assume could have been your future spouse. 

I'm sure we all are familiar with this crushing disappointment. 

To avoid the boredom and sometimes heartbreak of continuous swiping, Tinder have come up with a solution. 

Their new feature, ''Picks'', helps to curate your choice when attempting to find potential matches.

 It sees what kind of people that you're swiping on, e.g the deep-quote-and-man-bun/the gym bunny/the constant traveller/the no-socks-with-shoes type etc.

Then Tinder ''picks'' certain people for you based on interests you have. 

That's like cutting out over half the people that you're the swiping left on. Sounds ideal, right?

Brian Norgard Chief Product Officer at Tinder spoke to Bustle about the feature. “Just like a friend who introduces you to someone special because you share common interests, Picks makes finding potential matches even simpler, more fun, and more useful.”

Before you get too excited though, there are a few little catches. 

It's only available in the U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands right now, but if all goes well it will be expanding to others.

It's also only available on iOS (it will be heading over to Android very soon) and you have to be a Tinder Gold Member to use it. 

Tinder Picks also vanishes after 24 hours so if you haven't swiped on them in that window, the chance is gone. 



We’re all aware of how important being active is for our physical and mental health.

However, despite knowing just how vital it is, the menstrual cycle – one of the most natural parts of the female body – is the reason many women stop playing sport or exercising.

In fact, according to research by Orreco, over half of women have stopped taking part in sport activities because of their period. This rises to nearly 75 percent of 16 – 24-year-olds.

However, FitrWoman app plans on putting an end to this. And it's something that Dublin All-Ireland champion and 2017 Player of the Year Noelle Healy is totally on board with.

“It just gives a little bit of power, a little bit of control back so you can stay on top of it. You can actually use it to your benefit and to enhance your training, to get the most out of your training rather than just dealing with it when it comes,” the champion told SHEmazing when talking about the app.

FitrWoman provides personalised and evidence-based training and nutrition suggestions tailored to the changing hormones in a woman’s cycle.

Talking about the benefits of the app, Product Developer Grainne Conefrey said, “[The app] allows users to plan ahead; plan their nutrition, plan their training. We have a recipe section where you can explore different snacks and meals.”

Noelle, 27, has been playing Gaelic football for years, starting out in St. Brigid’s GAA in Castleknock, and knows how a woman’s cycle can impact on training.

“It would be impacting on their training and they wouldn’t feel very well so they wouldn’t be able to make the most out of their training. Some people might not even take much notice and it could arrive on the day of a match or a training session. And then it could impact that way because it is another thing they have to deal with.”

Thankfully, it looks like things are being done to help women, including the app development and changing the colour of the shorts to make players feel more secure while playing. 

“Most of the gear comes from the men’s team. A lot of girls would hate to have to wear white shorts and things like that. That was one of the big things that I noticed throughout the younger girls as well. In fairness, since the football has kind of grown, I know a good few clubs that have gone for the navy or blues shorts to just give you that extra bit of confidence. That’s one less thing that you don’t want to be worrying about.”

Grainne hopes the app will “increase the conversation; to get people working with their cycle and to get coaches talking to athletes”, and to put an end to this sense of awkwardness that many still feel when talking about their period.

“We’re trying to educate everyone as well and spread that science. Once you understand how your body works and how it’s reacting and what causing these different things, it opens the conversation. It makes it easier to talk to coaches.”

The app is designed to help women exercising at all levels of ability during their menstrual cycle, and uses personalised data to give actionable insights to make smarter training decisions. 

Periods are a part of the female body, and as Noelle says, “it shouldn’t stop you from doing your sport.”

You can download the FitrWoman App here: App StoreGoogle Play


A lot of information is thrown our way these days, and when it comes to our sexual health, it can be difficult to make decisions.

What birth control is right for me? Should I switch my pill? Is skipping my period actually safe? 

These questions all run through our minds every now and again, but a lot of the time, they go unanswered.

Whether you have a fear of doctors or life just gets in the way, these decisions are difficult to make with little or no guidance, and that's where this app comes in.


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The new iPhone app, Tia, aims to be your personal assistant when it comes to your sexual health.

According to Refinery29, Tia is "for millennial women by millennial women, and run both by a bot and by human sexual health educators."

You can privately ask a question about birth control or sexual health, and if the bot knows the answer, it will shoot it right back at you.

However, if the app doesn't know any information or doesn't understand the question, then it will be sent over to a "wing woman," or in other words, one of its sexual health experts.

Wing women are online everyday between the hours of 8am and 11pm, so you'll always have someone there.

As well as being a source of sexual health information, the app also reminds you to take your pill and can track your menstrual cycle.

"She’s your go-to for all those 'ugh!' 'oops' and 'huh?' moments," according to a source in Refinery29.

While this app seems like a total Godsend, we understand that some women might be a little wary depending on an app to give them solid information.


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Tia was developed with the help of two doctors – Aparna Sridhar, MD/MPH, a practicing ob-gyn and Sally Rafie, PharmD, a pharmacist specialist and they were the key to developing the app's algorithm.

In saying that though, if you do want to make any changes, small or drastic, it's always better to sit down with your doctor face-to-face to see which course of action is right for you.

But as for Tia, we'll be using this as a guideline for our everyday 'oops!' moments.


If you're into online dating,y ou probably know the feeling of nervousness before a Tinder or Internet date well. 

There's the contemplation of what the person will be like, and most importantly, are they a secret creep or not? 

Well, one dating app is putting the mystery of online dating to bed, with a rating system where you can see what other people thought of your potential date. 

Do I Date hopes to establish a an honest dating experience giving hopeful romantics the chance to rate their dates out of five. 

The app also allows past dates to comment and give feedback on how they found their dates company, and why they liked or disliked them. 

You can search for potential dates based on ratings, and review the feedback of others. 

Plugged as 'a platform to discover more about the person you plan to go out with tonight,' the app is taking some of the mystery out of meeting strangers.

However, with the dangers of online dating, it's definitely a good idea to have a little background on the person you're about to meet for the first time. 


Our smartphones are officially ingrained in our lives – from checking the bus times to creeping on Insta, our phones invade our head space more than ever. 

There is major merit in unplugging for a while, whether that's a complete social media sabbatical or simply minimising your scrolling to your commute. 

If you feel like you spend way too muh time looking at your screen and not at the world around you, then we have an app recommendation that could help.

Moment is a lifestyle app that monitors your screen time. 

Every 24 hour period, it counts how many minutes or hours are spent on your smart phone, and the results can some days be quite shocking. 

It also counts how many times you unlock your home screen, and you can set a personal limit as to how much time you want to spend on your phone each day. 

It also tells you what percentage of your life is spent on your phone, and it's frankly quite terrifying. 

'As a tiny experiment, I asked people to guess what their daily usage was and they were almost always 50% too low,' the app’s creator, Kevin Holesh told Tech Crunch.

'The daily limits have helped people set a goal for how much they’re on their phone.'

'My main goal with Moment was make me aware of how many minutes I’m burning on my phone each day, and it’s helped my testers do that, too.'

You can also use the app to see what other apps you use the most, and how much time is spent on them. 

The family option lets parents wee how much time their kids spend on their phones, or, if you have pledged to minimise your screen time with a pal, you could use this option to hold each other accountable for how much time you each spend on Snapchat.  



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the hangover club. 

A new service is making the lives of those of us who can't drag ourselves to brunch on Sundays so much easier.

No longer will we who value our sleep be deprived of poached eggs and avocado, not on BreakfastMe.ie's watch. 


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Breakfast Me is bringing the brunch and brekkie best from some of Dublin's finest eateries direct to your door. 

Operating from 7am to 2pm, the delivery service works like most food deliver services – you simply input your location and it presents you with a variety of restaurants to choose from. 

Whether you're in the mood for Herbstreet's eggs royale or a breakfast burrito from The Good Food Store, you may never have to get out of bed for a breakfast ever again. 

 As well as providing amazing food, Breakfast Me also has a selection of miscellaneous items available to make that Sunday hangover more bearable. 

Whether you're after Rizla rolling skins, toilet roll, tampons, sellotape, a phone charger or a nice cold Lucozade, they'll bring it right to you. 

The service also delivers snacks such as Tayto, chewing gum, Coke and Malteasers.

If you're someone who hates cooking breakfast on the regular, you can use the service on any given day to avoid liaising with the kitchen appliances. 

You can set up a daily or weekly breakfast delivery too if you're feeling extra notions-y. 

Our hangover feeds will never be the same.