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Hold on to your high ponytails ladies – Ariana Grande has added a 3rd Dublin date to her Sweetener World Tour.

The extra show comes following the phenomenal demand for tickets to her previously announced Dublin dates. 

Tickets for the newly-announced gig go on sale this Friday at 9am – perfectly positioned for pay day. 


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Her Dublin tour dates will now span September 22nd, 23rd and 25th in the 3 Arena.

Last night, the musician took to Instagram to request that her fans get clear perspex or plastic bumbags for her show, to make the security screenings easier for staff and attendees. 

The strict measures come following the horrific Manchester bombing attack, which saw 22 people lose their lives in a terrorist attack at Ariana's concert in May of 2017. 


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'We’re sending out emails soon encouraging you to order a clear bag to bring your things into the venues as security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict,' she wrote. 

'They’re super cheap and simple but having them ahead of time will for sure help things go as smooth as possible so if you see this in your emails please don’t ignore it.'

Ticked will be priced from €82.00. 


Westlife's brand new single Hello My Love has OFFICIALLY been released, after airing on Breakfast Republic on RTE 2FM this morning.

The boyband uploaded a short video to Twitter confirming the catchy pop track's release, and the internet went into absolute meltdown.

The tune was written by renowned pop hitmakers Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, so it's bound to make it to the top of the charts.

In the short clip, Kian Egan announces to their ecstatic fanbase; "Our brand new single Hello My Love is out right now!"

The boys will be performing the new single on tomorrow night's The Graham Norton Show, which is set to be a big night for Shane, Kian, Mark and Nicky.

The lads are releasing their first album in a whopping EIGHT LONG YEARS, and it's safe to say our hearts may just stop when it drops.

Nicky Byrne shared a short audio of the song yesterday, and we're in our graves from sheer excitement already;


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Westlife will finish their tour with two massive dates at Croke Park in Dublin this July, which had tickets flying out the door.

The four members shared a photo which appeared to have been taken inside GAA Headquarters before the tour was confirmed, teasing their Croke Park gigs to excited fans.

The Twenty Tour is the boybands' fastest selling tour of all time, it sold an INSANE 400,000 tickets in just 48 hours.

In other news, Westlife have dismissed consistent rumours that Brian McFadden is to rejoin the band, commenting that: “Everyone is talking about this except us.”

It's Robbie Williams vs Take That drama all over again. At least we're getting a brand new chune and a tour?

We don't even know if we're ready for the explosion of Westlife fever which will ensue from their single, prepare yourselves gals.


Deciding what to do on Valentine's Day can be a major chore, especially for single ladies out there. 

It can be a frustrating time of forging through millions of Facebook events, restaurant promotions specifically for two and condescending Whatsapp messages of pity from friends in relationships.

Why not break a world record while trying to find love? Something for the CV as well as a future cuddle buddy would be IDEAL, and the event raises money for two great causes as well.

Valentines Day Love GIF

An official Guinness World Record attempt will take place at the Custom House Quarter on Valentines Day 2019, and it looks absolutely unreal.

If you're single and ready to mingle, or just want to go along for the laugh (or have a competitive streak that can only be tamed by breaking records…) make sure to head to the CHQ speed dating event.

They need more than 655 attendees to beat the current record, and one of them can be you.

Maybe you're looking for a future life partner to walk down the aisle towards (seriously) or perhaps you're just bored this Valentine's Day like millions of us, round up your single friends and join the queue for a night to remember.

marge simpson episode 20 GIF

Tickets are €15 per person and include a drink on arrival (very much needed), snacks and entertainment on the night. If you show your ticket to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum within three months following the event, you get two-for-one entry. Second date alert?

Take home some hilarious stories, not to be told at family events, and maybe even some romance? Who knows what lies in store.

All proceeds from your tickets will be going to Movember Ireland and Breast Cancer Awareness too, so you'll feel extra wholesome after finding a match made in…well, not heaven but close enough.

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC

Get your tickets on Eventbrite, and based on your answers when registering you will be split into categories based on orientation and age (over 18s lads) to match you with your perfect date.As perfect as basic algorithms can manage at least.

Dates per person last three minutes each, so you'll get the sparks of love or just a few snippets of nice conversation/small talk, either way it's a win-win.

Matching will be done on a little app, where you can keep track of everyone you meet throughout the night. Think socially acceptable cyber snooping, like Tinder with a tracker.

valentines day cupid GIF

A link will be sent out to the app via email in January, and your profile can be created before the event.

The app basically acts as your wingwoman on the night; when you meet someone you can scan their QR codes and swipe right or left after the date based on if you're into them or would rather hide in a bin than ever see them once more. 

If you both swipe right, you'll receive each other's contact details, and then LOVE WILL BLOSSOM. Hopefully. If you remember your phone charger.

For more information on the event where you'll find your future baby daddy, follow the link. Y'all are welcome, enjoy breaking records for a good cause.


Today marked the first of five bouts of industrial action by Irish Rail employees. 

Employees went on strike today, leaving up to 150,000 commuters to find alternative means of transport and completely halting the country's rail travel system. 

According to a statement released by Irish Rail, there are a number of other days on which strike action is planned, so mark those diaries. 

Trains will not operate across Intercity, DART and Commuter routes next Tuesday, November 7. 

The following week, strike action will also occur on a Tuesday, the 14th. 

This date will hit those outside of Dublin who plan to travel up for the Ireland v Denmark World Cup Play-off at Lansdowne Road.

There will be strike action on Thursday November 23, and again on December 8. 

Refunds are available for those who have planned to travel on those days. 

Strikers hope to secure a pay rise with the latest bout of industrial action bringing Ireland's transport services to a standstill. 


We've all been there.

Whether it was a Tinder date, a blind date, or with yer man that you met down at the local last Friday – we've all had some pretty awkward dates.

And during those awkward dates, we're sure you've thought of a million excuses of how to leg it, and now the people of Twitter are letting it all out.

Here are some of the best #ExcusesToLeaveMyDate, and they're pretty funny:


Last night, Kildare band, Picture This, teased fans and followers by revealing they had a whopper announcement up their sleeve.

Taking to Twitter, the lads wrote: "We have a massive announcement coming tomorrow. but we have a feeling the cat may already be out of the bag."

And now the time has come.

Jimmy and Ryan, who stormed it at Longitude over the weekend, are set to headline their biggest shows to date with gigs scheduled for Belfast's SSE Arena on October 27 and Dublin's 3 Arena on November 7!

If you want to see the guys in action, you need to bring your A-game this Friday morning when tickets go on sale at 9am.

And at just €36.50 a pop, we're sensing a sell-out.



We'd all like to have a little extra cash money on our hands, and one girl has discovered how to make Tinder a profitable endeavour in both the romantic and financial sense.

Maggie, from the USA, has come up with a crafty way to make some money from her matches, and it's pretty simple really. 

The college student simply changed her Tinder bio and the money came rolling in. 

Her bio requests that her matched send her five dollars, or around €4.60.

When the match asks her what the five bucks will get them, she gives a pretty elusive answer.

Maggie says "send it and find out" and provides them with her email associated with her PayPal account.

Pic: Twitter/ Maggiearch3r

The bio started as a joke, but Maggie quickly realised that it was a pretty nifty way to make some quick cash. 

"It's really a foolproof plan, because I'm not actually promising anything, I just say 'see what happens,'" she told BuzzFeed.

"A surprising amount of men take the bait," she said, which is evident when you look at the screenshot of her PayPal account that she posted to Twitter. 

 Pic: Twitter/ Maggiearch3r

So what does happen when a match send the five dollars? Well, Maggie promptly un-matches with them.

"Some men get creepy and assume if they offer a lot more, like hundreds, something will actually happen, which of course it doesn't," she said.

"I figured it was too funny not to share. Also, I wanted to give more women this idea to share the wealth."

Other women have actually tried out the ploy for themselves, some to great effect.

However, Tinder bros are catching on, as another women in the comments of Maggie's tweet gave it a go and got reported, leading to her Tinder account being deleted. 

Technically she's not doing anything wrong as she never promises the matches anything, but we're not sure the lads would feel the same way. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Fans of Longitude Festival can sit back and relax, because the dates have finally been confirmed.

Organisers announced the news today that the Irish summertime festival will be making a comeback, after many fans began to worry it wouldn't be going ahead this year.

But, the dates are set and we're all going to be rocking out in Marlay Park between the 14 – 16 July.

The first acts for the music fest will be announced next Wednesday, March 1, so keep your eyes peeled.

As seen in the comments section below, fans started to majorly fret about the delayed confirmation.

But, it's all good man!



Getting your act together for Valentine's Day can be extra difficult, especially when you're broke.

However, skimping on the splurging doesn't spell the end of date night for you and your partner.

There are plenty of free things you can do to make that day special, no cost involved. 

1. Cycling


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The best thing about nature, besides its beauty, is that it's free.

A cycling date is an amazing way to explore parts of Ireland that you have never experienced before, all the while accumulating a smug sense of self-satisfaction knowing that you're getting your daily dose of fresh air and exercise.

Pick a delightful scenic cycling route for you and your bae, along the coast or through a big city park. 

2. Back garden picnic

Weather permitting, a dusk back garden picnic is the ultimate dream date, and it's totally free. 

Rig a fort in your garden using sheets and make a sitting area underneath with rugs, throws, and plenty of cushions. 

Keep the food simple so theres no need to keep dashing inside to make sure nothing is burning, and lose the run of yourself with the fairy lights, draping them all over everything to create a special, romantic ambience. 

You can even prop the laptop up and enjoy a movie chilling in your outdoor fort, or if it's getting too cold as darkness approaches, wrap up and take the movie inside. 

3. Night in


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Nights in have a shameful reputation for being boring, but there's no need for that.

Save the Netflix and chill for another day and get out some board games or a deck of cards for you and your love interest to play. 

Making your own pizzas from scratch (or just popping a frozen one in the oven) is the perfect relaxed games night food, and a scattering of throw pillows, fairy lights and candles gives the place some ambience. 

4. Catch a gig


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The great thing about pubs is that there is a great atmosphere, great music, and most importantly, no cover charge.

Bringing your potential bae to a great pub to enjoy a spot of live music is always a good idea, and if you can bear not to buy a pint it's totally free.

Some of the best bands and singers out there began doing pub gigs, and there are some seriously talented musicians singing their hearts out in pubs all over the country every weekend. 

5. Surfing


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Pack up your car, bike or bus ticket and head to your nearest surf spot for a day of riding the waves, amongst other things.

Surfing is free if you already have your own board, and while it's technically not free if you don't, a two hour lesson is usually around €30, so pretty reasonable.

Bring a picnic of sandwiches because you're sure to be starving after, or splurge even more on some seaside chipper food, and don't forget a giant blanket to cuddle in on the beach when you're freezing to death after your foray into the Atlantic.


We all know the deal when heading on a date. We go into a crazed panic about what to wear, how to do our hair, what to talk about, where to go… it's endless (and definitely unnecessary) but we all do it anyway.

Well, then we all might want to take a leaf out of Khloe Kardashian's pre-date rituals because she seems to have this thing down.


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Writing on her blog, Khloe gives her readers some tips on what she does when she's going out with a potential suitor.

"If I'm going out with a guy, I'll usually do extra hair and makeup to make sure I look nice. The rest of my glam is taken care of because I already get my nails done once a week and get laser hair removal.


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"Overall, I just put more thought into it. So I'll do things like double-check that I'm wearing perfume right before I walk out and that my purse matches my outfit. Normally, I'm too lazy, LOL."

She then goes on to write about if a man is coming over to her house.


Keeping up Season 13!

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"I'm prepared 24/7! I like to set a certain ambience in my house, so I have specific candles that are lit every day, morning to night.

"I have a wine fridge in my bedroom and also a mini fridge that I keep stocked with water, too. Don't want my man to get dehydrated, honey!"

She's a absolute pro.


Valentine's is upon us again, and while we're all for loving and being loved, there's always something a little contrived about February 14.

Queues in every shop for last-minute bunches of flowers, restaurants packed to the brim with couples who'd much rather be chilling at home… and the teddy bears. So many teddy bears.

This year, we're opting for something a little more subtle with our Valentine's plans. After all, there are loads of ways to show you love someone and not all of them have to involve rose petals and cheap boxes of chocolate.

Here are a few ways to show your love – without the cheese…

1. Choose your card wisely
Go for a handmade option, or pick one of these no-bullsh*t cards by one of Ireland's many genius designers. You don't have to buy a card plastered with hearts just to make someone feel loved… promise.


2. Make your gift personal
Ditch the loveheart teddy and go for a little momento of your relationship instead – a photo collage, a framed receipt/ticket stub from your first date, or a copy of the film you both watched on your first awkward trip to the cinema.



3. Surprise them with their favourite meal at home
Deliveroo offers delivery from top Dublin restaurants – everywhere from Carluccio's, Brother Hubbard and Dillinger's to Leo Burdock's – direct to your door in an average of 32 minutes. What more could you want for a night in?

The Deliveroo team were out to #ShareTheLove in Dublin yesterday – so be sure to show yours this weekend.


4. Whip them up breakfast in bed
You don't need to go all gourmet – some eggs, toast, avocado, OJ and coffee make for a cheap and totally delicious brekkie. Plus, once it's made you can hop back into bed and get cosy too!


5. Plan a totally chilled out date day
Sometimes you just need to forget what you "should" be doing and go with your own flow. Binge-watch Netflix all day, go to a double feature in the cinema, head to the beach for a long walk followed by chipper chips… whatever it is, do something that'll leave you both relaxed and smiling from ear to ear.


6. Book a cheap trip to somewhere you've never been
Budget airlines are perfect for random mini breaks, but if you want to stay closer to home, simply head off on the train or bus to a county you've never visited before. Beats a package trip to Lanzarote any day.


7. Just say it
Sometimes just saying the words "I love you" is enough to give your other half the best feeling in the world.



A survey carried out by Match.com has revealed that we put a lot of faith in our dogs, when it comes to judging our potential partners.

According to the results, 25% of women have been more attracted to someone because of their pet, and almost half like to see if their dog reacts well to their date.

They also found that 59% of respondents would perceive their date as more attractive, if they found out he or she had adopted their pet rather than buying from a breeder.

Things get a little awkward when it comes to mixing cat people with dog people though. The survey revealed that 97% of cat owners would have a relationship with a ‘dog person’, but only 66% of dog owners would be open to dating a cat person.

How much faith have you got in your dog’s match making abilities?!