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Travelling solo is something we’ve all yearned for, especially those of us who have read Eat, Pray, Love at least three times. However, the fear of the unknown can prevent us from exploring all this planet has to offer. That’s why the team at Shemazing have teamed up with some of the most inspiring and empowering ladies, who have travelled alone. Their stories will educate you, inspire you and leave you itching to catch the next flight out of your hometown.

In the third instalment of our Travelling Light series, we speak to Emma Palmer about the realities of travelling solo when you have anxiety.

In 2015, Emma and her boyfriend of two years went their separate ways after she discovered he was cheating on her. Before their split, the couple had decided to attend a friend’s wedding in Italy and the plane tickets were already paid for. Emma decided to make the best of a bad situation and travelled to Italy alone.

Broken hearted and anxious, Emma boarded the plane to Italy on her own, because nothing was stopping her from visiting the land of pasta and pizza.

“I decided that I was still going to go on this trip, whether he was on the flight or not! A lot of my friends and family were concerned, and advised against it, but I went ahead with it, and I'm so glad I did.”

Despite her determination, Emma was still incredibly nervous about the journey, especially because she’d be on the same flight as her ex-boyfriend.

“It was absolutely terrifying, especially as at that point I had never been on my own in a different country, and my anxiety was sky high (no pun intended). I did have to encounter my ex on the first leg of the journey, which was not pleasant,” she explained.

It was the journey from Pescara to Rome that really tested her. It was one of those trips where everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. 

Not only did Emma get lost on the way to the train station, but she also had the wrong amount of money for her ticket. “I met a priest, encountered angry Italians and a dog randomly dived on the coach from a nearby street. Getting to  Rome was terrifying,” Emma said.

The journey there may have been a complete and utter nightmare, especially for someone who suffers from anxiety, but Emma wouldn't change a thing about her travels.

“I discovered different coping mechanisms for my anxiety. I think my anxiety has always been there, but previously I would stay in my comfort zone where I felt 'safe' so it had never been triggered until the trip. There were moments when I felt that my anxiety was taking over, I had to stop and take deep breaths to calm myself down. "

The people Emma met on her travels were a massive comfort to her, especially during the difficult times, "When I first arrived at the hostel, I was crying in the lounge area until I head someone come in. I grabbed the nearest book and pretended to read it, the person who had come in (from Australia) then began talking to me about the book. It broke the ice and we ended up going out that night with another solo traveller. We ended up meeting more solo travellers and stuck by each other.

"I explained a lot of my recent experiences, which can be daunting to do with strangers – especially if you just met them that day! But they shared their experiences and reassured me that I was a lot stronger than I gave myself credit for. That has stayed with me since, and I find myself giving that same advice to a lot of people I work with," Emma shared.

It may be a cliche but Emma genuinely believes she 'found herself' during her trip, "I really do feel that I did find myself. I can look back at those scary moments where my anxiety got the better of me and reaffirm that if I can do those, I can do anything."

Emma has plans to travel solo again. You can read more about where she will visit next here: https://emma-picks.co.uk/my-top-5-places-on-my-travel-bucket-list/

You can also follow her adventures on Instagram.



Travelling solo is something we’ve all yearned for, especially those of us who have read Eat, Pray, Love at least three times. However, the fear of the unknown can prevent us from exploring all this planet has to offer. That’s why the team at Shemazing have teamed up with some of the most inspiring and empowering ladies, who have travelled alone. Their stories will educate you, inspire you and leave you itching to catch the next flight out of your hometown.

In the second instalment of our series Travelling Light, we speak to Lauren Pears about her solo cycle from London to Istanbul.

Travelling solo has been a dream of Lauren’s since she graduated from university, but she was apprehensive about going on her own, until she realised that she’ll never get to see the world if she waits around for someone else.


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“I've learned that if I wait for someone else to drum up the time, money and interest to accompany me on a trip I want to take, I'll never end up going! Particularly for this bicycle journey, I didn't know of anyone who wanted to join me. So I went by myself. In many ways, I actually prefer solo travel as I can do my own thing and I don't have to make compromises with anybody else. 

“Solo travel seems to be romanticised all over travel blogs and Instagram these days, which I think makes it easier to find inspiration and confidence to do the same.”

Lauren took on one of her biggest adventures to date as she cycled from London to Istanbul this summer, which was the journey of a lifetime for the writer.


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“I've cycled through some beautiful scenery, met some amazing people, and visited some of Europe's greatest cities. Bratislava and Istanbul were my favourite cities, whereas the Wachau Valley in Austria and the Djerdap Gorge in Serbia were the most spectacular sights.

“It sounds cliche, but I really do feel like I learned a lot about myself. Cycling solo nearly every day gives you a lot of time to just think, and so I've managed to come to terms with a lot of problems from my past, and feel that my confidence and independence have grown. I felt a huge mixture of emotions over the past three months; loneliness, joy, liberation, pride, anxiety… It's been quite the whirlwind.”


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The challenge seemed daunting at first but Lauren was met with nothing but support and kindness throughout her travels. She was greeted with open arms and friendly faces as she cycled across Europe by herself.

“Nothing bad happened. Nothing bad even almost happened. It just reminded me that I'm a perfectly capable person who can take care of herself. I'm aware that cycling solo comes with some risks, but I always listened to my instincts and took precautions.

“I remember cycling past the Serbian border feeling very defensive – a lot of people had told me that Serbia was an unsafe country and that I should be extra careful there. It turns out that Serbia is home to the most fiercely warm and hospitable people I've ever encountered on my travels, and I shouldn't have listened to other people's misconceptions. People would shout "welcome to Serbia!" as I cycled past; a truck driver handed me some oranges at a petrol station; I was greeted with coffee or juice at every campsite I stopped at. The world isn't out to get you, as some people seem to believe.”

The main aim of Lauren’s solo cycle was to raise awareness about sustainability and eco-friendly travel. She hopes to show people that you can see the world without relying on trains, planes and automobiles.


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“I wanted to find alternative ways of travelling; ways that didn't harm the environment so much. My dad is a keen bicycle tourist, having cycled through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I'll also never forget the day he said "I'm going to go to the Pyrenees," packed a tent and some clothes on his bike and went! 

“He made me realise that cycling is a feasible – albeit slow – way of exploring a region, and has little to no impact on the environment. And, given that continental Europe is just across a narrow stretch of sea from England, I realised I could take my bike across and cycle the entire continent. So that's exactly what I did. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than interrailing!”

Lauren hopes her adventures will encourage people to be more eco-friendly when they travel.

We should be positively impacting the environment, local culture and wildlife when we travel, not causing more harm to them.


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She advised eager travellers, “This can be as basic as ensuring you don't litter, respecting the local culture and wildlife, and to shop and eat locally. It can also be bigger things such as thinking about how we travel. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an eco-friendly flight. And, if you travel, it’s likely you use aeroplanes. Wherever possible, try to use land-based modes of transport to get from A to B – not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also get to see more of the country! If it’s not possible to avoid flights, try to take direct flights wherever possible. Layovers are worse for the environment as take-off and landing use more fuel than when the plane is cruising.”

You can follow Lauren’s solo adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Read more about her travels on her blog.


It's happened to many of us…we're travelling to the most Instagram-able spots in the world, yet there's nobody to take photos of us in all our cultured glory.

Whether it's Niagara Falls, the Colosseum of Rome or the white sand beaches in Bali, sometimes a great candid is all we crave. Why waste the opportunity?

If your own significant other can barely hold a camera, or if you're a single solo traveller, finding somebody to capture us at our finest moment can be tedious at best. 

Not all of us have a John Legend to work his magic on the lens for the sake of our followers:


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Luckily for us, specialist tour operators Roma Experience are now (hilariously) offering an Instagram boyfriend to follow you around all day and get those #travelgoals snaps you've always wanted.

They spotted a gap in the market, that's for sure. Their timing couldn't be better, seeing as social media is playing a massive role in the lives of global youth.

Instagram is even acting as an influential factor in choosing a travel destination, with a ludicrous 40.1% of millennials deeming the site an important factor when considering a holiday. My God, what have we become?


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The Roma Experience's 'boyfriend of Instagram' is sure to be a sell-out, offering the unsung heroes of 'likes' to women (and fellow men) from every corner of the world. Bless them.

The Instagram Boyfriend has become an obsession in its own right, with countless pages dedicated to the men who play their part in giving a partner the PERFECT shot for the feed.

Not all heroes wear capes, just selfie sticks.


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The wonderful service allows travellers to hire a profesh photographer to join them on their tour for three hours, taking pictures of them around some of the most picturesque Italian sites the gorgeous country has to offer.

You will then be emailed the iconic new pictures of you at your fiercest, fresh and ready for the gram. Or just your fridge?

The service is an additional €350 on top of the price for the full-day tour of Rome, but can you put a price on insta-worthy images? Hell no. It's 2019, this is our lifestyle now people.

Roma Experience’s Full Day Tour of Rome and Vatican City costs from €643, including all entrance fees, and private transfer from the city centre to the Vatican. The photographic service is an option extra, priced at €355.


Ever put off that dream trip because you had no-one to go with?

Well, have you ever considered going solo? 

Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular amongst young holiday-makers, and as long as you keep your wits about you, it could actually turn out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life .

Here's just some of the reasons why going it alone this summer might be the best decision you ever make:

1. You get to choose your own route

So, if you’ve ever tried to plan a holiday with your mates you know difficult picking a destination can be. This seemingly simple decision has been know to divide Whatsapp group chats and test even the strongest friendships.

You’ll never please them all, and you don’t have to.

Travelling on your own gives you the unique opportunity to go wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to do – literally.

Choose your location, plan your itinerary and visit the sites you want to see, all at your own pace and without ever having to compromise. What’s not to love?

2. It’s actually cheaper

If you don’t mind sleeping in a hostel dorm, solo travel can be super cost-effective.

Not only are you not forking out for a luxury apartment or hotel room every night, but you’re also completely in charge of your own expenses, making it much easier to stick to a budget.

The money you save can be used for those extra special activities that’ll be sure to make your friends at home even more jealous.


Diving into a new week Be bold and brave guys, it's gonna be a good one

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3. You’ll gain confidence

There’s nothing like being alone in a foreign country to get you out of your comfort zone.

You might not be familiar with the language or even the currency and you’ll probably cry from frustration when you try and fail to read the city's underground map, but you'll come out the other side stronger than ever. Promise!  

You’ll learn to trust your own instincts as you navigate your way through some weird and wonderful situations, which will leave you wondering, 'why didn't I do this sooner?'  

4. You’ll make friends from all over the world

Let’s face it, most of us prefer to avoid even talking to strangers let alone asking them to be our friends – but that’s exactly what you’ll need to do when travelling solo.

Don't worry though, no-one is going to think you're weird . Every hostel, museum and walking-tour will be packed with other solo travellers, who, for the most part are willing and eager to be your friend.

There’s a certain vulnerability that comes along with being a solo traveller and connecting with other people in the same situation can result in some real life-long friendships.  

5. Indulge in some glorious ‘me’ time

Solo travel can be one of the most therapeutic experiences life has to offer.

Not only will it allow you to take a step back from your daily routine, you’ll also get a chance to re-connect with yourself and enjoy all the little things you’d forgotten make you happy.

So, what are you waiting for? 


Travelling alone can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it is important to stay safe.

Here's some handy tips to consider before jetting off:  

  • Leave a copy of your itinerary at home.

  • Have a portable phone charger on hand at all times.

  • When travelling in Europe be sure to carry a European Health Insurance Card. 

  • Schedule a regular check-in with someone at home.

  • Don’t keep all your money in one place.

  • Trust your gut instinct.

  • Don't do anything abroad that you would consider unsafe at home.

  • Prioritise personal safety.