We might ‘like’ it, but we’re secretly fuming on the inside!

1. A snap of you…in a bikini…on a beach…doing yoga. OK, so you’ve spent months trying to perfect your downward facing dog and yes, you look amazing for it, but PURRRLEASE don’t rub it in our faces. It’s not very Zen.

2. Pictures of an À la carte dish your Ryan Gosling lookalike boyfriend has just prepared for you. We’re eating frozen pizza tonight…Alone!

3. A photograph of the cleansing green juice you have just made and are about to drink. We’ll fully support yet another one of your juice detox diets, but please don’t make us feel bad about heating up last night’s leftover kebab for dinner.

4. A gym selfie. Again, see above. We’ll get around to our own gym membership when we’re good and ready, OK?!

5. Valentines’ Day cards/presents/cuddly toys/romantic meals/hotel breaks. Please have a heart and think of all the single ladies out there. Surely you were single once. No? Never?? Well, bully for you! Pass the cookie dough please.

6. Anything on a private jet.

7. Same goes for VIP entry to the hottest club in town, while we’re trying to sneak in through the toilet window.

8. A photo of your manicured feet on an exotic beach captioned ‘Paradise’. It’s lashing rain back home, and all we can afford this year is a weekend stay in our parent’s caravan…in the back garden.

9. A picture of your new designer handbag. You didn’t get that in Penneys did you?

10. Your fabulous new hairdo by a top stylist when we struggled to get a comb through our tangled mane this morning. The Sinead O’Connor look is back in again…isn’t it?!