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Just a year after purchasing her LA home, Kylie Jenner has put her first house back on the market with the intention of making a million dollar profit for her decorative efforts.

According to the Daily Mail, the makeup guru’s five-bed, six-bath home is for sale for a cool $3.9 million – that’s $1.3 million more than she bought it for.

And just like your standard starter house, Kylie’s gaff comes equipped with all the basics: movie room, glam room, walk-in wardrobe and shoe room.

The teen icon is trading in the luxurious monochrome home – which she spent months decorating with interior designer to the stars Jeff Andrews – for a bigger model.

She has reportedly bought a $6 million mansion in the Hidden Hills – the same area where momager Kris and sister Kim both live.

Her new home not only has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, it also has a pool, four-car garage and a wine cellar – all for the girl who’s not even old enough to drink!

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Well, if we said we don't like Coppers, we're all clearly lying.

Last year, the owners of the infamous nightclub, Cathal and Paula Jackson, made profits of almost €5m, which is close to €95,000 per week and €13,500 per day. Wow.

At €4.94m, the profits were down by 11 percent from 2014, where the club made a profit of €5.5m.

The pay received by the Jacksons has not been made public, but in previous years they were paid €10,000 a week. 

Copper Face Jacks employs 193 people, and total staff costs for the year was €3.75m. 

The Harcourt club managed to stay alive and thriving as many other night clubs around Dublin and Ireland closed because of the recession.