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Kourtney Kardashian was massively unimpressed with recent criticism of her work ethic and parenting priorities.

The reality star posted photos from her recent trip to Idaho with her family, but some of the public questioned the holiday time, citing her laziness as reasoning for the harsh comments.

One follower (@kimdashianwest) commented; "Kourtney this is why people say you don't work girl," to which she sassily replied; 

"We all have our priorities. So I'll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest… travel diary coming soon."


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Kourtney's fans immediately came to her defence, with one commenting; "You are true mother goals. Memories with kids should always be a priority. Never change!"

Another responded: "I love that you invest in memories with your kids, family and friends and make that a priority. Keep going and doing!"

The Kardashians are frequently targeted for their supposed lack of work ethic over the last few years, which Kourtney especially hates;

"Who says I am not a working mom? Because I most definitely am. Working moms can be dedicated, of course," she wrote to her followers.


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She added; "As women, we should be supporting each other for what allows us to be our best, not being so critical or judgmental of each other. We all do things our own way."

On episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, mum-of-three Kourtney is often teased by sisters Kim and Khloe for not managing as many businesses as them.

Her latest lifestyle venture Poosh seems to be going from strength to strength with high-quality beauty collaborations and a massive social media following.

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John Mayer seems to consistently have a swirl of rumours surrounding his love life, and now there are whispers of a potential spark with none other than Kourtney Kardashian.

The singer is renowned for his long list of ex-girlfriends who include Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift. He caught up with radio show host Andy Cohen on SiriusXM's Radio Andy, and the two discussed the latest rumours plaguing the star.

The Gravity singer had some things to clarify, namely that he has met Kourtney Kardashian but they have zero plans to date, as of yet.


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Mayer and Kardashian apparently originally met back in December at a party, which sparked the romance rumours. One source from E! News claimed at the time;

"They connected, but Kourtney really didn't think twice about it. Kourtney thinks John is definitely charming but they don't have any scheduled plans to see each other as of now."

The Poosh founder, who is single after breaking up with model Younes Bendjima, "is going with the flow of her dating life." Mayer has now explained that the dating rumours "happen not to be true."


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The pair crossed paths at the GQ Men of the Year bash, at which Mayer admitted he "crashed towards the end." He turned on the charm when he met Kourtney, and flirtatious banter undoubtedly ensued.

The insider who asserts to have seen them heard Mayer say to Kardashian, "It was sweet serendipity running into you." What an absolute MINX.

Mayer seemed happy enough to have the rumours floating around, but he took umbrage at the quotes being changed;

"I would never say that!" he told Cohen. "But if you're getting paid to write the story and you listen to every John Mayer song and say, 'What's the next thing he might say based on all the lyrics?' it might be 'It was sweet serendipity running into you.' But I didn't say that because that's hyper-corny."


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The 41-year-old spoke the truth of their interaction, and it basically was just a chat about rock band The Scorpions…

"I ran into the bass player from The Scorpions and his name was Klaus or something. I don't think it was Klaus but it was close. I said, 'Klaus it was sweet serendipity running into you.'" 

Mayer continued, "He started throwing me in a video and I was hamming it up because I love The Scorpions and then Kourtney Kardashian walks up. I said, 'Kourtney walk away. This is the bass player from The Scorpions and he's going to try to get you in his video' cause he was already like 'Hey Kourtney, come be in my video.'"


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Mayer essentially just blocked a band from getting a Kardashian in their music video;

"All I did was save Kourtney Kardashian from being in a video with the bass player from The Scorpions." He referred to that as a "far better story than 'sweet serendipity.'"

The artist did call the beginnings of the romance story "diabolical and genius," which is a bit gas. There wasn't a meet-cute, but he did share his feelings on the famous family.


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"Look, I actually like the Kardashians," he said. "If you break it down to your interactions with them, they're very nice people. So any objection to them is more philosophical, and I really don't have a philosophical objection to people that I don't get on with every day."

Mayer had a world of hilarious  praise for momager Kris Jenner, even calling her "the Yoda of Hollywood serotonin," but expressed his fear of her at the same time;

"I don't want to be noticed by Kris Jenner too much. I want a nice base level of respect but I don't want to be too far on her radar. She could end me." He's dead right.

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Kourtney Kardashian and ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Scott Disick have a LOT of history between them, not to mention three kids- Mason, 9, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 4.

The pair have been successfully co-parenting their children since their split in July 2015, after Lord Disick was spotted getting up close and cosy with a mystery woman.

They have somehow maintained a relationship which allows them both to see their kids, and Disick has seemingly moved on with Sofia Richie. Kourtney herself was with model hunk Younes Bendjima until last year.


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In a new Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, there's been a TWIST in the Scott/Kourtney tale.

Kourt low-key revealed that her ex-boyfriend is her soul mate, after speaking to a healer during a family trip to Bali. The healer allegedly claimed that the pair have a shared history in a past life.

Take this with a pinch of salt, but Kourtney refused to comment on the healer's revelation, instead choosing to sit back and smile. NO DENIAL. Just a lil smile.

"Scott came in, and the guy was basically saying that in a past life that we were together, and that we’re soul mates. So he was like ‘You have to decide if you want to be together or not be together,’" she explained in the new KUWTK clip.

We have so many questions; Does she believe it? What about Sofia Richie? Is she just biding her time until they reunite? Is Younes firmly in her past? What happened to Scott's weird cane?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian had hilariously different experiences with the 'healer', with Khloe letting him to LITERALLY suck the negativity out of her knee with a straw, while he asked Kim to cut a lock of his hair off.

Are you calling bullsh*t? Either way, consider us entertained…


In a day which is just SATURATED with Kardashian gossip (cheers, Tristan, you're a melt)…let's not forget that Kourtney Kardashian had an awkward encounter with ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

The pair split six months ago after dating for two years, following pictures surfacing showing the young model getting cosy with another girl on holidays. 

E! News reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who called it quits with her former beau last August, was seen standing alongside her ex at Alfred Tea Room in Los Angeles.


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Her fans may have gotten excited imaging a romantic reunion between the pair,  E! News are saying that this was a chance encounter rather than a planned meeting.

"Kourtney bumped into Younes getting coffee at Alfred. It wasn't a planned meet up," an insider source told the publication. "She goes there often and so does he. She was happy to see him and very nice. It wasn't awkward for her and they chatted for a few minutes."

Younes bought Kourtney a latte, which seems nice until you remember he got cosy with another woman…


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"It was sweet and she appreciated it. She gave him a hug and went on her way," the source claiemd. "He texts her from time to time but she has moved on. It was nice to see him and she was glad to see he's doing well."

The former couple ended their romance when Kourtney learned of him getting cosy in Mexico with another girl, but last December, Younes posted a tribute to his famous ex on Instagram.

"Let's not forget this beautiful woman inside and out," Younes wrote alongside pictures of Kourtney. "I'm not the type of man that forgets moments like that. You are an amazing woman and mum and I hope you will find happiness for you and your children."

"It's all love at the end of the day…we don't know what can happen tomorrow so there you go," he finished.


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Apparently, the same source said; "Kourtney heard he had posted, but she has moved on from that time in her life. She doesn't trust Younes and his intentions. It felt like he was looking for attention and to be relevant again."

"She didn't think much of it. She's focused on other people and other things." Kourtney hasn't been in contact with Younes since the photos, and has gotten on with her life without him.

"She knows he is still hurting and misses her, but she isn't focused on him." Damn right girl, you don't need no man.

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It's only the fourth day of 2019 and Scott Disick is already in hot water.

The drama has come in the form of a photo that Scott posted with daughter, Penelope.

The picture of his six-year-old daughter and himself has been branded by some as "racist".


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The snap shows the daddy-daughter duo tucking into some Asian cuisine.

However, it was Penelope's pose that fans have taken issue with.

The little girl is seen pulling at her eyelids and people have taken offence to the "inappropriate face".


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"What he is teaching his daughter in this photo, is racism," commented one user.

“Wow and this is a prime example of how racism is taught. People aren’t born with it. Ignorance at its finest,” said another.

"The problem that people have is this that they’re eating Asian food and holding chopsticks. Obviously, his daughter is trying to make a fun of Chinese eyes! Look people, tell your kids it’s not funny to be racist," added another.


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However, fans were quick to come to his defensive and say that Penelope was making an innocent face, as children always pull faces.

"Kids can’t just make funny faces anymore?? It’s pathetic that everything is now “racist” or “offensive”. This is a CHILD making a funny face. People need to get over themselves and stop making mountains out of mole hills," said a user.

"Hello Asian girl here – if she was pulling them to the side and there was a racist caption or Asian emoji then I would feel offended – but it honestly just looks like she’s trying to pull her face and make it look funny lol she’s so cute," commented another.

"Good grief. Leave it alone. She is a cute little girl making a face for the camera. My grandkids do the same thing," said another.


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This isn't the first time Scott has come under fire for his parenting skills.

However, that's just about enough Internet for the day.



Former partners Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian got into a heated discussion about their children.

In a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the two are shown arguing over Scott’s recent decision.

Kourtney confronts him about the way he is balancing his new relationship with parenting their three young kids.


they make my heart melt

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According to E! News, the fight came after the dad introduced his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, to his children without consulting their mother first.

Scott calls his ex-partner “annoying” when she expresses her anger at the situation.

“It’s called giving someone a heads up and having a respectful conversation — giving someone the respect,” the mum tried to explain.

But the father did not agree with the point she was trying to make, saying that sometimes “things don’t always go as planned”.

Kourtney countered: “I make sacrifices all the time and you’re not following through with the things you say you’re going to do. Then you just go and do whatever you want, and I’m not okay with it.”

But Scott was on a completely different page than the model, attributing her reaction to her “overly controlling” and “difficult” nature.

“I think you expect a lot from a lot of people,” Scott continued. “But not always can your expectations always be met, even though people are trying their hardest to please you.”

The mum admitted being a “perfectionist” but said that it was “not okay” for Scott to “do whatever [he] wants”.

In this couple’s case, co-parenting is important to both of them, but Kourtney felt left out of an important parenting decision.

Hopefully, the pair can resolve the disagreement soon, but we will have to stay tuned for the next episode’s release to find out.


Sofia Richie and Scott Disick have reportedly called time on their relationship almost one year after they were first rumoured to be seeing each other. 

It's understood that Sofia broke it off after Scott was caught getting close to a mystery woman just days after the couple returned from a romantic holiday to celebrate the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's 35th birthday. 

The insider added to E! News: "Her dad got to her and was a major influence. He told her enough is enough and she deserves better than this. He told her to come home and she did.


Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Love you

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"She is upset and sad but feels like she had no choice and she couldn't stand for being cheated on and being in such a toxic relationship.

"She is relying on her family for support and they are trying to keep her busy. She is spending her time with them and with her close friends.”

The news comes after Scott's ex, Kourtney Kardashian, said she finally trusts Sophia to be around her children. 

A source said at the time: "It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia. The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia.

"Sofia has shown over and over again that she is willing to stay with Scott even when things are not great – but Scott is doing well lately. [He] isn't really partying and spends a lot of time with his kids."


The boat is way 2 long we had 2 chop it

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It seems the reality hasn't really hit home with Scott yet, as a source close to the star told PEOPLE he thinks there's a chance Sofia will change her mind. 

 “Scott seems fine,” they said. “He even thinks she might change her mind. He isn’t really taking it seriously.”


If the last few months have taught us anything, it's that Kardashian's have two things down to a fine art – 1. Pregnancy (or lack there of) announcements and 2. Expertly throwing shade at anyone who dares mess with their family dynamics. 

Last night, Kendall Jenner made her feelings about Scott Disick's relationship with Sofia Richie very clear when she left the ultimate 'f*ck you' comment on an Instagram fan account. 


Its good to see them together #scottdisick #sofiarichie #reigndisick

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The image in question shows Scott in a car with his 19-year-old girlfriend, along with the three children he shares with Kourtney Kardashian, 

Commenting on the photo, Kendall wrote, "awww scott and his kids", with a grinning emoji.

The photo marks the first time that Scott has publicly has his kids out with his new model girlfriend. 

Despite having ended his relationship with Kourtney, Scott still makes regular appearances on the family's hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

It is still unclear whether his new romance will be addressed on the show, though a his previous fling with Belle Thorne was mentioned in an episode aired last October, with Kim mocking the 34-year-old for bring the young star with him to the Cannes Film Festival. 


Scott Disick is reported to be dating 19-year-old model Sofia Richie

The pair were spotted reclining and strolling on a beach in Florida this week.

The new couple stole a kiss, which was captured by paps at the scene.

The pair were also spotted together during New York Fashion Week last week. 

Sofia, daughter of Lionel Richie, is fifteen years younger than her new beau. 

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott's ex and mother to his three children, is reportedly embarrassed by his behaviour. 


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A source told The Sun: 'Kourtney is done with Scott – she finds his behaviour embarrassing.'

'She’s totally over it and can’t help but be furious with him. Why is he hanging around with teenage girls?'

Scott was previously linked to Bella Thorne, also 19, during the summer. 

Kourtney has also moved on with a younger man. Her current boyfriend, Younes Bendjima is 23-years-old. 


Bella Thorne has hit the headlines recently, thanks to her new acting gig, her raucous Snapchat adventures, and her Cannes fling with Scott Disick.

The actress was papped reclining on a sun lounger with the KUWTK star, and a number of snaps appeared to show the duo in romantic embraces. 

However, fans were left speculating when the teen left Cannes early, citing the city as boring.


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The 19-year-old has opened up about her relationship with Scott, and has spilled the beans on why she left Cannes so early. 

'We were [at Cannes] a day and a half before I was like I’m booking my flight and leaving,' she detailed to Complex.

'I love to go out and have fun, I love to f***ing dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me. I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh,” she said, highlighting Scott's partying lifestyle.

'I throw a lot of house parties, and that’s how I meet these people,' she said in her Complex interview.


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'They come to my house party and they’re like, ‘Yo, I heard you’re having a party,'” she told the mag, detailing how Scott rocked up to her session with pal French Montana.

'That’s how I met Scott — he came to a house party of mine and I was like ‘hi.’'

The star also defended how the snaps of her and Scott we're taken out of context, as one image appeared to show the father-of-three touching her breast. 


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'Honestly, my nipple came out of my bikini and he tried to fix it for me and it looks like he’s grabbing my boob,' she said. 

'That’s very nice of you to actually not sit there and stare at my nipple because my boobs are big — they come out of my shirt all the time! You can’t keep those suckers down,' she finished. 

Since returning from Cannes, Bella has been chilling with her ex Gregg Sulkin and documenting her fun-filled life on Snapchat. 



Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are one of those broken-up couples that divide a nation, between wanting them to get back together and wanting them to stay split up.

While rumours of a reconciliation have been numerous since their split, it seems that Scott definitely isn't up for getting back with Kourtney, as he was seen partying with multiple models in Miami.

The photos were taken barely 24 hours after Scott shared a family holiday in Costa Rica with Kourt. 


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Despite the cosy pictures, is seems that Kourtney isn't bothered by her ex's antics. 

"Kourtney could not care less that Scott hooks up with other girls. They are broken up," a source told ET.

"Kourtney is happy being single, and Scott still hopes he has a chance to get her back one day,but the chances of that happening are pretty slim."

The pair have been co-parenting their three young children following their split in July 2015.

So it doesn't look like that reconciliation will be happening any time soon. 



Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian shared a photo on Snapchat of children's shoes and glasses, and simply captioned the picture, 'BABY'.

Then, the reality star posted a video of her last naked pregnancy photoshoot, where she was covered in gold while she proudly showed off her growing baby bump.

And now, adding more fuel to the fire, Kourt has shared a video on her website, hinting there could be another Kardashian-Disick child to come.

The 37-year-old posted a video on her website today where, along with her friend Larsa Pippen, she showed her fans inside her very organised kitchen pantry.

In one part of the video, Larsa spotted a cookbook for kids, and quickly exclaimed: "You're not having any more babies, right?" to which Kourt replied, "You never know!" and threw the book aside.

Now, on one hand, she could be totally and utterly trolling us, OR she could be pregnant.

As always with the Kardashians, we're going to have to wait and see…