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Gardaí have discovered €100,000 worth of ecstasy near Ballisodare, Co. Sligo.

The discovery was made last week, on October 3. 

Gardaí are appealing for the public's help following the finding of the massive amount of MDMA. 

The drugs were found around noon on the day in question by a man walking his dog. 

The drugs were bundled in a package which contained both pill and powder forms of the drugs. 

The ecstasy has a confirmed street value of €100,000.

Gardaí are appealing for anyone who may have visited the Glenwood, Ballisadare area in the days leading up to October 3.

They ask that anyone who noticed any unusual activity in the area, to contact them at Sligo Garda Station on 071 915700.


The recently released Global Drug Survey has revealed that Irish people use MDMA more frequently than in any other country. 

The data in the survey is based on nearly 120,000 submissions from over 50 countries, who were polled on their use of illegal substances and alcohol. 

Ireland tops the charts, with people using the drug for an average of 15 days across the entire year. 

The study also had some interesting insight into the ways in which Irish people use the drug, which is considered a Class A substance in many countries.

An average of 64 per cent of Irish females and 53.1 per cent of males take a quarter or half of an MDMA laced pill to start with in the under 25s age bracket.

Over 70.3 per cent of females and 62.7 per cent of males also choose to assess the strength of the drugs by consuming a small amount before taking any more.

MDMA pills in Ireland sell for an average of €7.10, while a gram of the powder substance costs €46.50, according to a Mixmag report.

Of the roughly 25,000 MDMA users from around the world who took part in the survey, 1.2% sought emergency medical treatment after taking the drug.

According to the survey, 'MDMA remains one of the most popular illicit drugs in the world and is mainly used recreationally by people attending electronic dance music events.'

If you feel that you or anyone you know is having problems associated with MDMA or drug-taking, you can contact the Irish Drugs Helpline on 1800 459 459 to find out about options in your area.



Marnie Simpson was partying yesterday – and footage captured in the early hours of the morning has some fans seriously concerned.

The Geordie Shore star was out in Shropshire's Inferno nightclub and at one stage piled into a toilet cubicle with a gaggle of three mates. 

A fellow reveller spotted the reality TV personality and filmed over the top of the door while Ms Simpson was locked inside.

The resulting footage seems to show the 24-year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant holding a phone with a line of white powder on the back of it. As she realises she's being filmed, she quickly hides the item and screams "Oh my god!" 

The video was originally posted to Facebook along with a caption that claimed: "We saw Marnie off Geordie Shore sniffing the beak," but has since been removed by the original owner. The Mirror is carrying the footage here

Marnie's people are refusing to comment on the matter, but the star herself did take to Twitter to acknowledge that she was suffering after a night of partying. 

Inferno was at the time packed to capacity with Miss Simpson making a personal appearance alongside boyfriend Lewis Bloor, Towie's Chris and Jon Clark, and Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson.

The popular event had been promoted as a "Boxing Day Reality TV Special".



The Little Mix girls seem to be always up for a laugh during their interviews and promo tours, however, the latest video of Jade Thirlwall has caused concern among her fans.

A recent clip of the singer appeared online and  was taken during an interview in France.

It shows Jade pulling strange faces, rolling her eyes back in her head and fanning herself at the end.


I need help

A video posted by jadeameliabadwi (@jadeameliabadwi) on

Jade herself posted the video, and made light of it, saying she was jet lagged at the time.

But many of her fans took to social media to hit out at the star, who they think is on drugs.


A photo posted by jadeameliabadwi (@jadeameliabadwi) on

One Instagram user commented on the video, "Can nobody else tell this is not f*cking jet lag and definitely trying to cover up the fact she’s on drugs," while another wrote, "Back in my day we didn’t call it jet lag. Her eyes almost went to the back of her head.”

Maybe it was just her crazy schedule, a few too many late nights and travelling all over the world that made her act like that. What do you think?



Three men in their late twenties and thirties have been arrested after a 21-year-old woman died at a house party in Co.Tyrone.

The woman was named locally as Amy Reid from Coolnafranky Park in Cookstown.

Another man that attended the same house party was taken to hospital last night.

Image result for Coolnafranky Park in Cookstown

According to the Independent, police are investigating the tragic event and three men, aged 26, 39 and 32, were taken into custody for drug-related enquiries.

Peter Cassidy, a neighbour of Amy said: "It's another young life lost. She was just a 21-year-old with her whole life ahead of her. The people who live round and about her are really stunned."

Our condolences go out to Amy's family at this difficult time.


It's safe to say many of us are guilty of a few Jagerbombs on a night out, and for a large amount of us, a Vodka Red Bull is our drink of choice when we hit the dance floor.

However, new research carried out states that mixing highly-caffeinated alcohol with energy drinks can be as bad as taking a Class A drug.

Image result for jagerbombs

The study was carried out by Richard van Rijn from Purdue University, which saw that the common combination can have a detrimental effect on your body.

"It seems the two substances together push them over a limit that causes changes in behaviour and changes the neurochemistry in their brains.

Image result for vodka red bull

"We are clearly seeing effects of the combined drinks that we would not see if drinking one or the other."

The research also noted that people who drink the combination frequently will have a higher likelihood of using cocaine in the future.

We'll skip the Jagerbombs, so.


She’s been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, but MTV’s Catelynn Lowell is still struggling to live a drug-free life.

In a Teen Mom OG sneak peek, the 24-year-old explains how she learned to manage her mental health issues during a 30 day stint in rehab, but confesses that she still regularly smokes weed.

Speaking to her mother-in-law, Kim, Catelynn says: “I learned a lot of crap everyday…We had classes and stuff you had to go to.  I haven’t had a trigger.”

As reported by Radar Online, Tyler’s mother was not convinced by the young mum and proceeded to ask her straight out if she’s been using drugs.

The star – who gave her first child, Carly, up for adoption while filming 16 and Pregnant – replies: “It’s something I probably won’t talk about because I don’t want the whole world to know.”

Catelynn’s husband of one year then tells his mother that he has chosen to remain silent on his partner’s drug use because “she’s responsible for her[self]”.


My tootie at her grandmas playing in the rain how cute is this kid?  #icantdeal

A photo posted by Catelynn Lowell (@catelynnmtv) on

Other clips highlight the damaging effect the issue has had on their marriage.

In an extended trailer for the series, Catelynn – who gave birth to Novalee Reign on New Year’s Day 2015 – claims that her “mental illness ruins everything”.

Earlier this month, the star admitted on Twitter that she has driven while high.

Feat image: Wetpaint


The vast majority of us have, at some stage in our lives, tried to hide the fact we're ever so slightly intoxicated from our parents.

Whether it was sneaking up the stairs before passing out behind the shower curtain at 18 or feigning surprise at the number of gins we got through after Christmas dinner at 25, protecting your parents from your vices is just something you do.

And our thoughtful nature in this regard means that the notion of being wrongly accused just doesn't sit well with most of us… including poor ol' Rachel Gelmis from the United States.

Having been subjected to a drug test at her high school four years ago, officials asserted that the then 16-year-old Rachel was positively chock-full of illegal drugs – heroin, meth, pot and cocaine… the works.

Except she wasn't.

"I was freaking out!" Rachel told BuzzFeed. "I was so scared. I kept racking my brain for a reason that I might have tested positive for everything, and I had no idea.”

After being forced to choose between rehab options with her parents, the school eventually fessed up and admitted they had completely misread the teen's results.

So, Rachel's mam did what any upstanding mother would do in that instance – she poured her heart out through the medium of baking.

In other words, she apologised with the help of a lot of blue icing.

And in a throwback move this week, Rachel decided to share an image of the dessert with social media users, writing: "That time my mom genuinely believed I was doing every drug at once bc my idiot school misread my drug test."

Humble pie much?!



In Michaella McCollum's RTÉ interview, she was heavily critizied for not mentioning that she took any drugs when away in Ibiza.

However, now the Tyrone native has admitted to using Ketamine, which led her to make the decisions on that faithful trip.

Speaking to the Irish Mail On Sunday, Michaella said: “Nobody actually put a gun to my head and made me do it.

“Obviously, we both knew there was no way we were forced.

“We kind of thought there was no option, but of course there was.”

Michaella was only 20 years-old at the time she became part of the party scene in Ibiza, and she was also on a bender when making the decision to smuggle the drugs.

“Everybody was doing it. Everybody was on Ket [Ketamine]. Everybody was so drugged up and it was so normal.

“I kind of thought I would try it and obviously I liked it and I got carried away.”

She added: “I was totally influenced by drugs, I don’t even know what I was thinking."



After serving a three-year prison sentence in a hard-core South American jail, convicted drug-smuggler Michaella McCollum has this evening returned to Ireland. 

The 23-year-old left Peru on Friday evening and landed in Dublin via London in the last hour.

Waiting media were on site to ask Michaella questions about her release, but the Northern Irish woman had no comment to make. 

Senior Newstalk reporter Sean Defoe captured the moment she walked from the terminal on Twitter.

Along with UK-national Melissa Reid, McCollum was arrested in August 2013 at Lima Airport with 11kg of cocaine hidden in their luggage and disguised as food packets. 

The Irish-woman was released on parole in March this year after serving less than half her six-year, eight-month sentence.

Reid arrived back to her native Scotland in June.

In a controversial interview with RTE shortly after her release, Michaella said the decision to transport drugs from Peru back to Europe was a "moment of madness".


CBB's Marco Pierre White Jr has announced that he's going to rehab after he broke up with his new girlfriend Holly.

The reality star has been on a rollercoaster of nights out since leaving the infamous house and now it seems that it has all become too much for him to handle.

Marco posted several tweets during the week, which made his fans worry about his health:


Then, he tweeted about "rehab" and becoming sober:

We hope he finds the help that he needs.


Less than three years after her arrest for attempted drug smuggling, Tyrone woman Michaella McCollum has been freed from prison. 

The 23-year-old has been released on parole from the Ancon Dos prison in Lima, but the terms of her release mean that she may have to remain in Peru for anywhere up to six years.

"Michaela McCollum was released from prison at 5pm last night following a successful application for parole," legal firm KRW Law said via a statement this morning.

“She has NOT been released under any repatriation scheme or other protocol between Peru and the UK."

Michaella, from Dungannon, Co Tyrone was arrested at Lima Airport in August 2013, along with Scottish woman Melissa Reid. The pair were found attempting to fly to Madrid with 11kg of cocaine hidden inside food sachets in their luggage. Both received jail sentences of six and a half years.

Irish-American Bishop Sean Walsh visited Michaella in prison a few days ago, and confirmed to media today that she has indeed been allowed to leave.

“She has been granted parole to my very great surprise. She’s going to be granted parole six years and six months,” he told the Irish Independent.

"She is of course quite relieved… Probably she will remain in Lima. She will be allowed to work and study if she wants to do that."

Michaella was freed under new legislation on early prison release introduced in Peru last year.

She has served two years and three months of her full sentence.