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Piers Morgan has accused Lily Allen of harassing him during a heated exchange about mental health.

In a series of tweets posted today, the pair argued over Piers' claim that actress Denise Welch has only accused him of not taking mental health seriously because she knew it would get her “in the papers.”

Her comments come after the Good Morning Britain presenter was criticised for his response to the news that Will Young had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, when he said that the singer actually had a case of “WNTS – Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome.”

“What he did by that statement was… you’ve got somebody who is just about to be prepared to talk about their condition because they’ve kept it a secret,” Denise said.

“What he did in that one tweet was he closed them down and said, ’Don’t do it, because we are going to take the f*cking piss out of you’. He shut all those people down who don’t have a voice.”

Lily was quick to defend the actress, tweeting: “Lol, that you think you’re so press worthy. I can think of a billion other ways @RealDeniseWelch could drum up some interest if she was that way inclined. Her incredibly successful son being one of them…”

However, things took a turn, when Piers replied with a picture of the singer appearing to touch his crotch, along with the caption, “I preferred you when you just harassed me in the flesh.”

Lily has yet to reply to the comment. 


Lily Allen will reflect on her life both in and out of the public eye in a tell-all memoir due for release next year.

Always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, the British singer has previously opened up about her struggles with drug abuse, body image, and how she managed to cope after suffering two tragic miscarriages.

According to reports, the 32-year-old has signed a deal to publish her yet-to-be-titled autobiography with Bonnier Publishing imprint Blink.

Touching on everything from her rebellious youth to eating disorders and separation, Lily has warned that the book "might be uncomfortable and shocking and brutal" in parts.


A post shared by Lily (@lilyallen) on

“There will be good stuff in there too; happy times. I will try and make it funny. I know it’s about me but I hope that a lot of it will ring true with anyone who reads it. It won’t be written with shame. It will be true,” she said in a statement.

Blink managing director Ben Dunn adds: “A book like this doesn't come along very often. We were completely blown away by the proposal and sample material. It will not only appeal to her generation and fans of her music, but speaks to a wider polemic about the issues society faces today.”

Fans of the songstress have taken to Twitter to express their excitement: 

We can't wait to give this a read.


If anyone has had a crash course in the downsides of fame, it's X Factor contestant Honey G.

In the spotlight only mere months, the aspiring rapper has had to deal with her fair share of criticism, and it looks like it's only served to make her more determined to smash it in the charts.

Countless viewers have been vocal in their disbelief over Honey G's progress in the ITV show, and now heavy-hitters in the music industry have added to the backlash against her.

When asked her opinion of the contestant, Lily Allen responded: "I find it offensive. So wrong on so many levels, I can’t even start to talk about it.”

Similarly, rapper Professor Green was far from impressed with her performances thus far, saying: "I just don’t think she’s a very credible representation."

Hitting back at the criticism, Honey G reminded her haters that she has an extensive background in music and has the support of two major global stars.

"Lily Allen said she finds it offensive but she needs to get her facts right. Professor Green said I’m taking the mickey out of rap music," Honey G confirmed.

"My mum is a pianist and I’ve followed in her footsteps. Her music is classical and mine is rap. I come from a musical background. People haven’t done their homework on me." she insisted.

Suggesting Professor Green might need a big ol' serving of humble pie, she added: "But then Snoop Dogg has talked about doing a record with me and 50 Cent has backed me."

Hmm, we wonder what they'll make of that…


When Lily Allen reportedly collapsed at the Notting Hill Carnival last weekend, media outlets had a field day speculating about the drinking habits of the mother-of-two.

And it looks like the Hard Out Here singer is determined to set the record straight.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Lily shared an email which focussed on her wellbeing and conduct during the annual event in London.

"As discussed I've just been asked to run past you a story The Sun is planning on running tomorrow," it began.

"Based around fears for Lily's health as she's pictured drinking/ smoking suspicious cigarettes/ vomiting before passing out on a stage at the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday,, and having to be carried off seemingly unconscious over Dan/ boyfriend's shoulders."

Responding to the speculation, Lily tweeted: "Truth is I'm just a lightweight, I had 2 cans of Strongbow on an empty stomach."

Assuring her fans that the incident involved nothing more sinister than that, she added: "I'm here now and I'm absolutely fine."

The response Lily's explanation has received has been mixed, with some followers offering support and others using the opportunity to slam the star.

"There really are so many worse things in the world than a drunk celeb! You're human. We've all been there," wrote one while another remarked: "Great example for youngsters…a classy mum…"

Can't see Lily taking that one lying down.




The whole world is paying tribute to the magic that was Prince. 

And since Rita Ora had some fond memories of recording a song with the musician, she took to social media to write about him:

But a few minutes later, Lily Allen decided to butt in with a really insensitive tweet: 

Yep, "pics or it never happened."

Obviously, fans from all around the world blasted the singer for her comment, so Lily tried to clear everything up.

She said: "I didn't mean that in a mean way. I'm just jealous you were so close to my idol."

But fans still weren't happy and shamed her. One Twitter user said, "If he was your idol then you would know that Rita had a song with him on his last album."

We have to agree, we think Lily was way out of line there. 



The family of Alex Gray, the man charged with stalking popstar Lily Allen, have appeared on Good Morning Britain and offered their sympathy and apologies to the Not Fair singer.

Michelle Gray, Alex's mum, insisted she had no idea her son's mental health issues had escalated so dramatically, and explained that she was unaware he had had any contact with the famous mum-of-two.

"It's surreal and it doesn't feel like she's talking about my son until she mentions his name, just surreal," she told the show's hosts. "We had no idea he'd been stalking Lily Allen and putting her through these years of torture."

"We knew he had a fixation of her, but not that he'd been anywhere near her," she added when opening up about her 31-year-old son.

Alex, who reportedly tormented Lily for years before eventually breaking into her home, is currently in jail awaiting sentencing for burglary and harassment

Fearing for her brother's future, Alex's sister explained that her sibling will only get worse if his diagnosis does not receive the treatment it needs.

"He's not gonna get any help, he's just gonna get worse," she said before adding: "We're sorry it got this far, he should never had, it's horrendous what her and her family have gone through and we feel so horrible for it."

Lily has said she felt let down by the police during her ordeal.


As claims her marriage is on the rocks, and even further claims that she's secretly seeing grime artist, MC Meridian Dan, Lily Allen has launched an attack at the BRIT awards for not nominating any grime or rap artists.

She slammed "music industry figures" for not paying attention to un-signed artists and said that people who "work at major labels" are focusing on the wrong thing.

The singer wrote on her Facebook page a lengthy rant about her feelings, and let's just say, she didn't hold back. 

"The voting academy consists of 1000 music industry figures', and here lies the problem, music industry figures don't necessarily care about music, they mostly care about themselves, they vote tactically for their labels artists to win or so that their competitors at other labels DON'T," she began.

"Skepta JME and Stormzy are all unsigned artists, who would gain from them winning anything? In fact them being nominated or even winning poses a direct threat to 'music industry figures'.

"Imagine if Skepta or Stormzy won , who would they thank in their speeches, who's ego would get massaged?"

"The artist could benefit immensely that's for sure this is an an example music industry figures throwing artists under the bus for personal gain and it's not a culture , it's a religion."

We can see another nominations controversy starting.


Lily Allen is not a happy woman this morning.

After blasting reports last month that her marriage was failing and she had turned to a dating site to meet someone new, the singer is now rubbishing yet more rumours about her personal life.

Mum of two Lily took to Twitter just now to blast reports her life was spiralling out of control and that her upcoming album had been placed on hold.

"I'm not entertaining the absolute rubbish the papers are smearing me with. Rest assured, I am fine, very in control of my life," she wrote to her 5.35m followers.

"The harder you push me the more determined I am to prove you wrong."

Several reports this morning suggested Lily had been dropped by music managers Scott Rodger and Henry Village after just one year of working together.

According to one source, the management team felt Lily's attitude was too negative and her music wasn't performing as they had hoped.

Although Scott and Henry have not addressed the issue on social media themselves, Lily was keen to emphasise that things were still going smoothly. Using a microphone emoji, she indicated that new music was still "on the way."

Lily bowed out of the music industry in 2010 after the release of her second album, It's Not Me, It's You. Her comeback album, 2014's Sheezus, received mixed reviews, but the singer seems keen to try again with another new record.

Speaking about her decision to re-enter the spotlight after a long hiatus, Lily said it felt natural.

"'I wasn’t good at staying at home all day, it didn’t suit me," she told Glamour magazine last year.

"I’m creative, it’s just who I am… I missed the positive feedback about my music from my fans."


So, we're confused… and we bet you are too!

It was reported today that a MARRIED Lily Allen has signed up to an exclusive celebrity dating app… huh?

To even be considered to join this dating app you have to be recommended by a famous person already involved, or satisfy the site's algorithm with a pleasing number of Instagram followers. 

Imagine having eyes on that database!

Pictures from your IG account are automatically posted to the app which could explain why Lily posted THIS risky pic lately:

A source told The Sun, "Raya is a small and very exclusive site, so it was impossible to miss Lily. It has certainly raised eyebrows in the industry.”

Despite all this, Lily apparently IS still married to Sam Cooper, with her reps recently commenting: “There’s no change, she and Sam are very much married.”

The pair wed back in 2011 and have two daughters together, Ethel, 3, and two-year-old Marnie.

Earlier today Lily tweeted this cryptic message:

We can't help but wonder what on earth is going on here, but with Lily Allen it will probably only get weirder.


Lily Allen has just joined Tinder, although, it may not be for the reasons that you think.

The 20-year-old Smile songstress has admitted to using the app to help make new friends while out on the road.

Her profile reads, “I’m a touring artist wanting to meet people abroad who don’t want to talk about the industry formally known as entertainment.”

Ms Allen also proves that she is only using the site as a platonic means to make friends as she then states that she is, “married, [has] two beautiful girls, a massive mortgage and ridiculous schedule.”

This isn’t the first time the star has given the app a try either. In 2014, Lily tweeted saying “Just discovered tinder. *Waves goodbye to life*”.

Oh, we’ve been there too Lily!

And at least now with the verified accounts, if you do happen to stumble across Lily or any other celeb, you know you’re not being catfished! 


Oh the Kloss family. Did you know that the good genes were not just bestowed upon supermodel sister Karlie?

They weren’t. while Karlie is one of the models of the moment (and member of T-Swifty’s all-important lady squad) she might be facing some competition from her sister.

Kimberly Kloss made a red carpet debut with sis Karlie at the Paper Towns NYC premiere on Tuesday.

Wearing a white cut-out dress with seriously stylish strappy sandals the Diane Von Furstenberg intern cut quite the fashionable figure. Oh, and they’re not the only ones in the family, Kimberly has a twin sister Kariann, and they also have an older sister named Kristine.

Kariann (we’re reminded of another famous family with a passion for K-names) is more of a sports personality than a fashion guru. In 2012 Karlie told Vogue with pride “She's in the newspaper all the time!”

While you try and envision how lovely the Kloss family portraits are, we got to thinking about some other celebrities and their genetically blessed siblings. We think there might have been a few more than you anticipated.

Lottie Moss, Kate’s sister.

​Nickayla Rivera, the Glee star Naya's sister

​Claudine Farrell

​THEON? Actually no, Alfie Allen is Lily Allen’s brother.

Kate and Oliver Hudson

Sebastian Theroux shares his brother’s love of biker jackets



While Lily Allen isn’t usually a fan of following the latest bizarre fashion or exercise fads and trends, it seems that she has found one she just couldn’t resist.

The 30-year-old Smile singer has indulged in a ‘face gym’ which is supposedly meant to act as a natural botox.

The mum-of-two shared a photo of her undergoing the treatment, captioning it “Putting in the hours @face_gym #tiring.”


Putting in the hours @face_gym #tiring

A photo posted by Lily Allen (@lilyallen) on

A ‘workout’ at the face gym consists of a number of intensive facial massages. These include a warm up, cardio, strength and cool down.

Well, okay then! We think we might wait and see how it works for Lily before we shell out €115 a pop for a personal face trainer.