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Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have both opened up after The Sun reported that the pair were now living separately following Jack's cocaine binge.

The Love Island couple have been through their fair amount of drama, but now it's heightened as Jack admits to taking a class A drug on a weekend with friends.

Dani's mother Jo was seen hauling a suitcase out of the duo's house in images obtained by the publication, with a source claiming that Dani and her family were "furious" at Jack.

Dani has denied this;

She took to Twitter to dissipate the claims, saying, "I can’t believe I’m commenting on a paper but when my family are constantly brought up I can’t bear it. MY family have done nothing but always love and support Jack through good times and bad."

She concluded, "So don’t send me messages and judge something you know nothing about." 

Now Jack has come out with his own statement on the matter, saying;

"Please don’t read everything you read , I love Dani and her family and me and Dani are fine we love each other , it’s a shame that this has been written as it’s so untrue." 

He later clarified that he'd meant to say "don't believe everything you read".

The 27-year-old told The Sun the other day that. "I'm in a new world of partying and stuff, and being in circles that I would never normally have been in."

He continued; "I'd never normally be in these situations but, yes, since winning the show I have been offered cocaine a lot."


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Jack went on to say how much he regretted taking the drug during a recent night out with pals, and urged young fans not to follow in his footsteps;

"But I went out all night, I was drinking and I just got carried away and made a stupid, stupid mistake which I wish I'd never done, you know. I regret it."

Jack and Dani are doing just fine, judging by their tweets.

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We’ve been counting down the days all week long, but the bank holiday weekend is finally here.

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy some late night Netflix marathons with none of the guilt.

You don’t have to rise and shine for work come Monday morning, so might as well make the most of it.

Netflix has us spoilt for choice and we’re kicking off with the top picks of films.

Pride & Prejudice has been added today.

The beloved Jane Austen novel comes to life via the award-winning actress Keira Knightley who depicts the character, Elizabeth Bennet.

This cult classic will have you longing for your very own Mr Darcy, who is played by Matthew MacFadyen. Get the popcorn on, crack into the wine and get the girls around to watch the sparks and chemistry fly between the two characters.

If action and a thriller are what you’re seeking this August bank holiday, look no further than Matt Damon who takes on the role of Jason Bourne.

Jason is the ultimate deadly weapon as the CIA are determined to track down him down 10 years after he left training with the agency.

As the search gets underway, Jason soon finds himself back at the heart of the action battling a sinister network that utilises terror and technology to maintain unchecked power.

We all need a laugh after a long week of work so get ready to enjoy Hot Fuzz, which is available today.

The funny and entertaining movie has been created from the brilliant minds of the creators of Shaun of the Dead.

A reassigned big city cop is about to take on small town living and things take an unusual turn of events.

 Which goes to show that looks can be very deceiving.  

Meanwhile, Netflix has released more of their own originals for us to obsess over.

 Marching Orders follows Bethune-Cookman University Marching Wildcats as they fight to keep their spots on the field, memorise routines, balance their academic careers, and maintain their social lives.

On Children is a brand new addition to the streaming service reveals a world where individuals face the tragic consequences of social pressure, parental oppression, and family dysfunction.


Dive into a childhood classic and reminisce with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

In pre-WW1 England, a widowed inventor throws himself into transforming a worn out racing car.

However, the car develops the amazing ability to fly and float on water. The inventor has plans to take his children and girlfriend on a beautiful adventure, but a prince has other ideas. The royal attempts to steal the fantastic automobile which leads the gang into a whole new world.

Have a fantastic long weekend. 


Who doesn't love a good Netflix binge?

The online streaming service has become a familiar part of everyday life and has revolutionised the way we spend our lazy Saturday nights in.

But with thousands of films and series to choose from, narrowing down what to watch can be a real chore. 

Unless you know exactly what you're looking for, scrolling through endless pages of things you've already vetoed in your head can be quite annoying.

See, the algorithm used by the streaming service makes suggestions based on the user's watching habits, meaning we often see the same films popping up over and over again.

But what if you decide to switch it up and trade your usual Hugh Grant rom-com in for an action packed horror?

Well, this Netflix hack is about to make that transition a whole lot easier. 

Simply copy this link into your browser: www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX

Replace the XXXX with a number from this spreadsheet of codes, and voilà – genres for days! 

We can't guarantee that this will solve the 'what do you want to watch?' argument, but hey, at least you'll have options. 


There's nothing really better than a Netflix binge, are we right?!

Whenever we have the time off, it's good to know that Netflix will be there for us, no matter what time of the day.

But these eight hacks are about to make your relationship with Netflix even stronger. 


It's a floating, transparent browser window that allows you to watch Netflix while you do other daily tasks on your computer. Work and watch Netflix? Done. File your accounts and watch Netflix? Done. It's the best of both worlds!


The Netflix Enhancement

This is an ingenious bundle of Netflix add-ons for Chrome that will change you life for the better. With a very quick and easy installation, you can get IMBD profiles, trailers, and pop-up ratings from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Did we mention it's free too? 


Watch in HD

It costs the same as the standard subscription, so why not get it? See your favourite actors up close and personal. 


Watch Netflix from other countries

You can use the free site, Hola to access the Netflix programme lists from other countries! Who knew?! Our Netflix binge just got serious. 


Create multiple profiles

If your tastes differ from action to rom-coms, you can make different profiles to suit each one. Or say you don't want to mess up your profile with all of your boyfriends weird TV shows, just make two separate accounts so he won't ruin your suggestions or ratings. 


Instant Watcher

This tool keeps you up to date with what's coming and going on Netflix. Which, as anyone who's gone to watch something and had it not been there can tell you, might actually save you from a meltdown. 


Flix Roulette

You use your general tastes – favourite director, actors, or even keywords – to narrow down your search and then Flix Roulette chooses something for you based on what you're into. You will discover so many shows you never even knew existed!


Goodbye Buffering

While playing a title, hold down Shift+Opt (Shift+Alt for Windows) and left click, to open up a hidden menu (called the Stream Manager) with buffering fixes and some other ways to help you out.

If you are using Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S to access this menu.



So this is the show everyone is talking about – it can’t be that good, right? Eh, where did the last three days go?

  1. You can’t remember life before it and don’t want to imagine life without it
  2. You attach yourself to other fans of the show – in the office, amongst friends and even strangers on the bus.
  3. You ring in sick to work after watching ‘just one more episode’ until 3am.
  4. You dream about your favourite characters when you finally do turn it off and sleep.
  5. You consider retraining in whatever it is the lead characters do. How hard can detective school be, really?
  6. You start to think of any other activity as obstacles between you and the show, including washing, eating and spending time with loved ones.
  7. Nobody is safe from your rants on the merits of and multiple meaning behind the show, and you’ll continue on regardless even when they start to back away from you slowly.