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Reality television star Jess Shears has just confirmed that she's expecting her first baby with former Love Island co-star and husband Dom Lever.

The couple appeared on the popular ITV show in 2017, and have just shared a lovely image of their sonogram alongside a snap of Jess' growing baby bump.

28-year-old Dom is also showing cradling his own tummy, in a show of support to the woman he married only last year.


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Dom shared the image to his Instagram, captioning the snap, "Living the dream." His 25-year-old wife posted an identical image, writing, "The best is yet to come"

This will be the first baby for the couple, who got engaged just three months after the series ended after getting off to a bumpy beginning.

Jess was accused of cheating on Dom with fellow Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis after they both got evicted from the villa, but the scandal was later put behind them.


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The pair got married in Greece last October in a small ceremony attended by only 22 guests.

The couple are also infamous for their staged wedding on Good Morning Britain back in February of 2018, but the live TV nuptials weren't legally binding.

Eight months later, they tied the knot officially and now there's a brand new family member on the way. We wish the newlyweds a warm congrats on the pregnancy, and can't wait for more baby bump photos.

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Instagram is increasingly being told to take responsibility for the harmful effects of it's site on the mental health of young people.

Between celebrities endorsing weight-loss products which have no scientific backing, the NHS encouraging body-negative adverts to be banned, and the new sensitivity screens being put in place to prevent graphic violence and self-harm being depicted; Insta is a dangerous place.

Yet, we cannot deny that selfie culture and self-branding through social media has become just a normal part of our everyday life. Me, myself and Instagram has taken over, and young people growing up today assume it's perfectly normal to try to look perfect.


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It's so prevalent in society to share the highlights of ourselves and desperately emulate others who we assume have 'better' lives, which writers such as Matt Haig have emotionally discouraged.

FaceTuning images to blur seeming 'imperfections' such as stretchmarks, wrinkles, spots, freckles, teeth, smiles, body hair, even elbow wrinkles or unwanted curves is the new normal, according to our society.

Having flaws is deemed unhealthy, and the notion of 'narcissism' or vanity is no more.

Now Rankin is trying to counteract the idea of editing ourselves in a new photo series, and it's beautiful.

The amazing photographer is attempting counteract self-editing, by showing people just how damaging the effects of social media can be.  His photo series, aptly named Selfie Harm, was launched last week on Instagram.

The renowned artist captured portrait shots of 15 teens and handed power to them and their filter apps, asking them to edit the retouched image until they felt it was 'social media ready'.


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He commented;

“Social media has made everyone into their own brand. People are creating a two-dimensional version of themselves at the perfect angle, with the most flattering light, and with any apparent flaws removed.”

“This is a new, enhanced reality, a world in which teenagers can alter themselves digitally within seconds. Mix this with the celebrities and influencers flaunting impossible shapes with impossible faces and we’ve got a recipe for disaster," he attested.

The photographer shows images of youth and natural beauty which massively contrast with the newly filtered, edited versions. It's shockingly easy for the young models to blur the lines of reality, but what is 'perfect' in a world such as this?


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He wrote on Instagram;

“People are mimicking their idols, making their eyes bigger, their nose smaller and their skin brighter, and all for the social media likes. “It’s just another reason why we are living in a world of FOMO, sadness, increased anxiety and Snapchat dysmorphia."

"It’s time to acknowledge the damaging effects that social media has on people’s self-image," he concluded.

The visible differences and changes made allow the teenagers and subjects to transform their entire identity, so much so that their natural state is completely erased. There are smaller noses, smooth complexions, wider eyes and lips, everything you can imagine.

Interestingly, the photographer notes that most of the models preferred their original image, but it's still disturbing to witness the power of filters. These edits can convince people that they're regular image isn't good enough to be seen.

It's becoming harder to discern what's real and what's fake; soon the idea of reality on social media could vanish altogether.

Feature image: Rankin Instagram/Fashionista


Jack Fincham has landed himself in some pretty scaldy water today after admitting to taking cocaine over the weekend, referring to it as a 'terrible, terrible error'.

The former Love Island star, who is loved up with fellow show winner Dani Dyer, has revealed to The Sun that he had a 'blowout' while clubbing with friends last Saturday.

He candidly said that he felt like he had to give in to the peer pressure and constant offers of drugs; "In the past I would never have found myself in a club where everyone wants to be your friend – but obviously they’re not really your friends at all," he claimed.


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He spoke about the consistency of being offered free alcohol, compared to his past when he had to watch his bank balance;

“Before I couldn’t really afford to go out and drink all night with how expensive it is. But all of a sudden I’m being offered free drinks the whole night, getting more drunk than I ever would have been before and I’ve gone along with it.

He contined; "That night, it was a complete error in judgment. It’s a silly thing to do, it’s not something I’ve made a habit of. I mean, what an idiot."

“It’s not a reflection of my character, but I’ve had a blowout. It was a lapse in judgment, but it’s not something that I’ll ever do again.”


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He confessed that Dani was disappointed with him when he told her the following day, and discouraged his young fans from ever following in his footsteps when it comes to drugs.

“I’ve told Dani, and obviously she doesn’t agree with anything like that at all," he said. “She doesn’t like all that. But obviously she’ll always support me."

"She said, ‘I’ll always support you, you made a mistake, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever do it again’. I don’t want to bring her into it, I’ve had a conversation with her and it’s not fair on her.”

Jack said Danny Dyer, Dani's father and veteran EastEnders actor, was likely to take "a dim view" of his actions.

"It will never happen again but I’m pretty sure any parent would take the same view on it," he insisted.

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If you were a devoted follower fan of Laguna Beach and The Hills, then you're going to be very happy with this news.

Lauren Conrad, who recently said that she'd never do reality TV again, has apparently changed her mind.

The designer took to Instagram last night, posting a picture of her with a camera man and she teased us with the caption, "Never thought I'd see the day."

It all sounds very cryptic, but then she tagged MTV in the picture (!!).


Never thought I'd see the day….

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MTV News said the the network will not comment on the IG pic BUT to keep an eye out on Lauren's Twitter next Tuesday at 11am for "exact details." Eeek!

Will it be a brand new show? A look inside her fashion brand, Paper Crown? DIY videos like on her blog?

We have so many questions… 



Expectation: I am going to make a list of everything I need in October, and buy it all by the end of November

Reality: I will run around the local shopping centre at 8pm on Christmas Eve frantically searching for anything that could be considered a gift. You swiftly discover that everybody does this. 

Expectation: I will put aside money every week from April onwards to ensure I have a nice budget for my Christmas shopping.

Reality: Baked goods, anyone?

Expectation: I am so mature now, I do not need my parents to get me a gift. I will give THEM lots of gifts.

Reality: HOW could they have gotten me the wrong perfume?! Fools! *sob*

Expectation: I am going to decorate my apartment beautifully for Christmas, with a tree and fairy lights and even wrapped presents.

Reality: I will drape tinsel over the TV and it will stay there all year round.

Expectation: I won’t go crazy on the Christmas food this year, I will be sensible and not need to lose a stone when January arrives.

Reality: Oh, the box of Roses are gone already? It wasn’t me…I swear.

Expectation: I will bake the grandest Christmas pudding you ever did see and I shall light it on fire like they do in the adverts.

Reality: The fire alarm goes off and your family are forced to eat your black, burnt mess while watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.

Expectation: I will have one little glass of Bailey’s at the local on Christmas Eve before going home to my family.

Reality: I will fall in the door at 4am and interrupt Santa putting out the presents. Oh, don’t mind me…




It’s official – Joey  Essex and Sam Faiers are back together once again.

The on-off couple were pictured for the first time since their rumoured break-up while on holiday in Marbella only a few weeks ago.

 Both Joey and Sam remained unusually quiet amidst the rumours that their relationship was over – but these photos seem to prove they are well and truly loves up once again.

Sam even shared a photo with her followers of her and her boyfriend looking very dapper on her Instagram account recently – though we can’t say we’re mad about Joey’s new man bun…



US Weekly have reported that Kendra Wilkinson threw away her wedding ring after discovering her husband, Hank Baskett, allegedly had an affair.

This heartache for the former Playboy model comes only five weeks after she gave birth to the couple’s second child, a daughter named, Alijah.

It was reported that though she first laughed off the claims of her husband’s affair with a transgender model, she soon became suspicious as he made no attempt to clear his name.

However, Kendra has made no comment on the claims, even taking to her Twitter account and writing: “Fun day with both of my Hanks #lovingsummer.”

Whether or not the rumours are true, it must be a hard thing to go through for the new mum.





It looks like Lady Gaga has teamed up with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for her forthcoming music video.

The song choice, taken from her recent album, ARTPOP, hasn’t been revealed but whisperers say it’s going to be Gypsy.

The music video will star all current members of the popular and controversial reality TV show, including Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster.

We are looking forward to seeing the new video and the direction Lady Gaga takes the ladies in.