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Amber Gill has had a pretty wild ride on Love Island, to say the least.

From Michael Griffiths' betrayal and then disgraceful behaviour towards her and now living in the friend zone, romance has evaded the beautician from Newcastle.

While many fans are adoring her friendship with singleton Ovie Soko, the 21-year-old is set to flirt up a storm on her date tonight with Limerick lad Greg O'Shea.


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Michael had recoupled after Casa Amor with Joanna Chimonides, who has since been dumped from the island and walked away without Michael in tow.

Viewers have been extremely protective of Amber ever since this devastating blow was dealt, especially after the firefighter became the villa villain and seemingly takes out all of his frustrations on his ex-flame.

New boy Greg O'Shea awaits her in the Hideaway tonight, after Amber receives a text saying; "Don’t worry Amber. The boys aren’t having all the fun. Greg is waiting for you on the Hideaway terrace. #guarddown #openminded”


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The Irish professional rugby player is seeking a loyal and honest girl who he can totally commit to. Before entering the villa, he said;

"I'm searching for a girl who is confident in herself, not cocky but she knows her worth. I want a girl who backs herself and someone who lives a positive lifestyle."

Based on tonight's teaser, Amber lets her guard down and enjoys the date with Limerick's newest Love Island star. Michael, who?


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Greg also describes himself as a "one girl kind of guy", and seems serious about searching for wifey material;

“If I see a girl I tend to fall for her hard. Hopefully, that can happen again. After my last relationship I lost my faith in love so hopefully going into the villa can get my belief in love back," he added.

“I’ve only been single for the last year. I was with a girl for four years before that and in a relationship for five years before that. I’ve always been in relationships.”

Go get our girl Amber, and prove you're worthy Greg. Do your nation proud.

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Naomi Campbell has reportedly been spotted out and about on a date with the one and only Liam Payne. 

The stunning 48-year-old supermodel has been exchanging flirty messages with the former One Direction star. 

The iconic model commented; 'Beautiful Soul' on one of Liam's pic earlier this month, to which Liam replied, 'takes one to know one.'


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In response, Liam commented 'Perfection in a person … don't give me those eyes,' on a shot of Naomi before she walked for Louis Vuitton. 

Following their saucy public exchanges, it seems their flirtationship has made it's was off Instagram and into real life. 

The pair reportedly attended an intimate gig together last night at London's O2 Arena, where Nigerian singer Davido was performing. 


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A source told The Star: 'Liam and Naomi were keen to keep a low profile.'

'They entered and exited the arena via the back door and were quickly whisked up to a VIP suite on Level 3.'

'Naomi was more than happy to pose for official pictures inside the venue but didn't have a single one with Liam.'


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'After the show they left together in the back of a blacked-out green Range Rover and Liam was seen putting his arm around Naomi's waist,' the source continued. 

Maybe they're just pals? However, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a new celebrity romance. 


Anyone who has seen the wholesome content that is To All The Boys I've Loved Before are 110% aware of how ADORABLE Noah Centineo and Lana Condor are.

It's not a question, it's fact. We all DEVOURED the cuteness between Lara Jean and the iconic God of 'Whoa, whoa, whoa' himself; Peter Kavinsky.

Noah Centineo has since gone on to land roles in the Charlie's Angels reboot, and also is filling the part of 'internet boyfriend' beautifully, if we do say so ourselves.

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With such a great relationship between the two actors, we HAD to wonder, will they ever date in real life?

Lana Condor has only gone and BROKEN our hearts by claiming that the duo have a pact never to date.



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When the pair first met, the chemistry was so apparent that this rule wasn't so black-and-white back then.

Condor stopped by The Tonight Show last night and told Jimmy Fallon that she definitely "felt something" the first time she and Noah hung out. Obviously, have you seen the man's face?

"We had just got back from a hot yoga class, and we went to his apartment and we ordered pizza — it was right before we shot the movie, and we were just getting to know each other," the actress explained. "And I felt something." GET IT, GURL.

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Unfortunately, Lana Condor had to shut the whole thing down for "professional" reasons. BOO.

"We kind of did what we did in To All The Boys, the movie," she laughed, squashing all of our hopes and dreams.

"We made a contract and set boundaries. I'm so happy that we did that, because the movie turned out great, and now we're doing a sequel."

Good Lord, this woman has got seriously levels of restraint.

Lana also has a STUH-NING boyfriend, so we're guessing that put a spanner in the Kavinsky-works too.

Watch the interview below, and try not to cry over their lack of IRL love. We couldn't help ourselves.


Whether you've endured your own one or witnessed someone else's, awkward dates are not something any of us are strangers to.

So, when one woman happened to overhear a conversation taking place between a couple on their first date, she felt compelled to share the awkward with everyone.

(If she was going down, she was taking us with her, basically.)

And Twitter is having a field day.

We'll let Kelly Fine take it from here.












It looks like Pippa Middleton isn't wasting anytime planning her upcoming wedding.

The 33-year-old only got engaged this year, yet she's due to tie the knot next May… and anyone who has planned a wedding will know those months will fly by.

Pippa was dating hedge fund manager James for less than six months when he popped the question with a £200,000 engagement ring.

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According to People, sources close to her party planner say that she is "super excited" for her big day.

"They have a lot in common – he's charming and old-fashioned. Everyone thinks he's quite the catch."

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It is believed Pippa will walk down the aisle in Bucklebury, the Berkshire home of her parents Carol and Michael.

"They will most likely host it in a marquee in their garden."

We just can't wait to see her dress!


It's safe to say many of us have had to endure an awkward date or two in the past.

However, sometimes that awkwardness can turn more sinister and we can feel scared or unsafe while meeting with someone we don't really know.

It's never nice to be in that situation, and to be honest, once that panic sets in, all you can think about is running far, far away.

Well, in Lincolnshire in the UK, the council have started a #NoMore campaign to help anyone who is in need of a way out of an uncomfortable situation.

The council and Lincolnshire Rape Crisis have teamed up and put up posters around bars, pubs and clubs in the area which advise people what to do if they're in need of help.

The sign reads: "Hi I'm Angela. Are you on a date that isn't working out? Do you feel like you're not in a safe situation? Is your Tinder or PoF date not who they said they were on their profile? Does it all feel a bit weird?

"If you go to the bar and ask for 'Angela' the bar staff will know you need some help getting out of your situation and will call you a taxi or help you out discreetly – without too much fuss."

A few bars and pubs have already rolled out something similar to this, but Lincolnshire is the first place to spread it across the whole county.

Would you like something like this to be implemented in Ireland?


When it comes to first dates, the itinerary can be pretty…boring.

It’s usually some combination of dinner, a film and drinks which sounds nice in theory but can be a very different story when you’re eating ribs in front of your date.

Good venues are often wasted on couples who are too uncomfortable to appreciate them

So why not cancel your date and head for a romantic dinner with your best friend instead and say goodbye to all the awkwardness that goes along with it.

Goodbye to stressing about what to wear.

Goodbye to trying to arrive at the perfect time.

Goodbye to having a call from your friends pre-planned as your escape route.

Goodbye to ordering the right thing.

Goodbye to awkward small talk.

Goodbye to acting like you don’t mind they stole a chip.

Goodbye to ordering something cheaper so that he doesn’t think we’re taking advantage.

Goodbye to uncomfortably dancing after a few drinks.

Goodbye to the terrible goodbyes at the end of the night.

We decided to do just that recently with amazing success.

Not only did we enjoy not having to get glammed up after work, we enjoyed not being judged for arriving ten minutes late and getting to order as much of whatever we wanted on the menu.

With the beautiful Marcels restaurant as the backdrop to our date, we enjoyed some amazing food and wine all in beautiful surroundings.

Finishing our lunch by romantically sharing a beautiful pavlova, it went down as one of our best dates yet.



You'd think to woo a star like Rita Ora you'd have to go all out with the glamour – flowers, champagne, fine dining maybe?

But apparently the British singer is quite happy trade all that in for a simple cheeky Nando's!

According to The Sun, Rita was spotted in the popular restaurant with none other than Professor Green last week and the pair were reportedly looking pretty cosy as they chowed down on a portion of Peri-Peri chips.

The recently divorced rapper picked the former X Factor judge up from her East London home on Thursday afternoon before taking her for food.

And, according to a Sun source, the pair even shared a quick kiss when Rita got into the car: “Pro picked Rita up and she seemed really excited to be heading out with him. They had a friendly kiss in the car before heading off.”  Cute!

So what happens when two pretty major celebrities walk into a chain restaurant?  Well, everyone stares.

The source said:   “Inside it was really busy and people did stop and stare."

“It’s not every day two of the biggest pop stars in the country are just hanging out together in your local restaurant."

“They seemed totally relaxed and fine being somewhere down to earth. They were laughing and joking and very comfortable in each other’s company.”


Unfortunately friends close to the pair are insisting they are just old friends and that any car kissing was just to say a friendly hello.  

Rita – who was admitted to hospital for exhaustion last week – has recently been linked to her ex Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile rumours have been circulating that Professor Green has a romantic interest in our very own Vogue Williams, but Vogue told Loose Women the pair are just mates. 


As his estranged wife Cheryl is in a new relationship with One Direction's Liam Payne, it seems that Jean Bernard Versini is getting cosy with another celeb.

The restaurateur was spotted in the early hours of this morning leaving a London hot spot with Irish reality star Nicola Hughes.

The Made In Chelsea star tried her best to hide her face as the paparazzi snapped them leaving in the same car together.

Cheryl and Jean Bernard separated at the end of 2015, and many were surprised with how fast she moved on with Liam.

But now that Jean Bernard seems to have found a new love interest, we can only imagine they'll be moving on with a divorce soon.

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He's been keeping busy with his daddy duties lately, but that doesn't mean he can't stop and enjoy a date with his girlfriend.

The pair were spotted having a lunch date in Beverly Hills over the weekend, and his actress girlfriend Danielle Campbell sure held on tight.

Danielle kept it cool and casual, wearing a navy shirt-dress with camel sandals and aviator glasses.

The gorgeous couple went public in December, with many trying to spark rumours it won't last because of Louis' devotion to his new son, Freddie.

But eye-witnesses say they are having a great time and the former Directioner is keeping Danielle close.

Speaking to E!, one source said: "Louis is very into her and you can tell… He kept on making her laugh."

Aww, how cute! We hope they last.



Now, we've all had our fair share of bad dates, but this just takes it to a new level!

A London woman was asked out on a second date by text, but she reclined as she thought they weren't a good match – but the response she recieved back was astonishing. 

The man actually had the cheek to ask her to pay back the £4.50 (€6) that he spent on a drink he bought her.

The text conversation between the woman, a Londoner in her mid 30s who chooses to not be named, and the man, took place after a 45-minute date earlier this year.

The conversations shows her telling the date that she is not interested in a second encounter and wishing him the best of luck.

But he had different ideas.

Despite her very kind rejection, the date is not ready to give up just yet, offering to cook her dinner. 

She replies: 'Very kind of you but as I said, I don't think we are right for each other, so would not want to waste your time.'

Not one to take rejection lightly, the lad then requests she pay for the drink he so kindly bought her on their date.

As for the next day, he's all about the business:

Talk about a bad date!


We’re used to seeing her look SERIOUSLY glam: in fact, millions of fans around the world regularly copy Kylie Jenner’s make-up look and techniques.

But it seems the 18-year-old reality TV star isn’t so eager to pose for the cameras without her slap on.

Sporting a fresh-faced and unusually natural look, she was off on a cinema date with her rapper beau, Tyga, in Calabasas yesterday.

And when a load of cameras turned up to document their afternoon, Kylie was less than pleased.

Wearing Celine sunglasses, her (of course) Yeezy Boosts, Chanel backpack, American Apparel black leggings and an Adidas Originals jacket, the teenager was certainly dressed down and casual.

But it was her lack of makeup that seemingly caused her most distress: upon spotting the lenses, she quickly held her Chanel backpack up to her face in order to hide her barefaced look.

We actually reckon that Ms Jenner looks very pretty – and much younger – with clean skin, but it’s also unlikely that she’ll be embracing more au natural vibes anytime soon.