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Honestly, we can't live without our phones and usually – thank god – we never really have to. 

But our digital dependency isn't necessarily the healthiest habit to have. Look out for these scary side effects of constantly using your mobile phone – they'll make you feel much better the next time your battery dies. 

It strains your eyes

Whenever you stare at your phone screen (or alternate between a phone and computer screen) for a prolonged amount of time, you risk dry eyes from blinking less, headaches, blurred vision and general eye strain. 

Looking into the distance for a few minutes can help, as well as an anti-glare screen for your computer and frequent blinking. 


It can dull your memory

With a smartphone handy, there's no reason to memorise things you know you can look up easily – like phone numbers for instance. And when you stop memorising facts and figures, your memory can become a little lazy. 

Try a few memory games to keep your brain at top speed. 


It interferes with your sleep

If you're part of the 95 percent of people who use an electronic device just before bedtime, the artificial blue light could suppress the hormones that promote sleep and make it harder to go to bed.

Of course there's the added problem of your phone vibrating and beeping that can wake you up during the night. Sleep mode is so underrated on phones and late night texts are like, Really?!


It can cause breakouts

Constantly placing your fingers on your phone can actually spread a lot of germs. So, when you take a call, all those germs and bacteria are transferred to your face. Ew, right? Always carry around some hand sanitizer to help keep those nasty germs at bay. 


It triggers FOMO

Ah, the Fear Of Missing Out. Now, we know this isn't necessarily related to our health, but it can make us feel seriously down. Scrolling through photos of friends on a night out while your sitting at home in your PJs can make the best of us feel down in the dumps. 



It is hard to admit, but a lot of us cannot bear to be without our phones. Some might say your phone is a replacement for that best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever it may be there is no denying that you get anxious and angry without it. Here are 13 signs your phone is the best friend you’ll ever have.

1. It is the first thing you check in the morning
From the second you wake up, five apps will be on repeat in your head: ‘Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.” You will amuse yourself for the next hour or so catching up with all you missed the 8 hours you were sleeping.


2. You freak out daily when you can’t find it
If there is ever a moment you can’t find your phone, you freak out. “Whereeee is itt???.” “Mum ring my phone PLEASE.” Even though you know it’s somewhere in the house,and you are most likely sitting on it, you are terrified for those few minutes.

its happening 1

3. It surprises you more and more each day
When you find a new app or a new function for your phone your face lights up. You find yourself staring at it saying: “What would I do without you? You are perfect.”


4. It knows all your plans
You have all your plans and appointments saved on your phone. Getting those gentle reminders lets you know where you need to be. What more could you want from a friend and a phone.


5. It can cheer you up
Feeling down? Not in the best form? Not to worry, a quick game of Candy Crush and Angry Birds will solve all your problems.


6. The notification sound makes you smile
That beep that chimes as you get a notification for a Facebook ‘like’ makes you beam. Oh what’s that? An Instagram ‘like’! Ah yes this is it. This is what dreams are made of.


7. You panic when it is low on battery
You will go to the ends of the earth to find a charger. You will even go buy one if you are too far from your house to retrieve it. You simply cannot live without it and you will never have to.


8. You cry more when you lose your phone than when you fail an exam
Losing your phone is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. It makes you anxious, sad and numb to just think about it. Yes, it is dramatic but this is how we feel. Not to worry as it is insured but the week of waiting could kill you.


9. You can take selfies
You love a good selfie and your phone’s front camera helps you do that. You can take 1,000 photos and it won’t say a word. In fact, it enjoys you taking them and even lets you edit them.


10. It doesn’t judge you
You can do whatever you want and it will never judge you. It will always be there for you through thick and thin. It never lets you down and it never tells you what to do.


11. It talks to you but only when you want it to
If you’re ever in doubt, no worries because Siri is there. Siri will tell you what the weather will be like, where the nearest McDonalds is and when you have your doctors appointment. And when you don’t want to speak anymore, you simply say goodbye and no feelings are hurt.


12. It let’s you text whoever you want
There is no jealousy here. You can text 100 people at once and no judgement or arguments. They want you to explore life. That’s why you have Tinder.


13. You can erase memories
If you drunk-text that guy for the 15th time or need to erase an ex’s photos, you can. Once the message is deleted no one will see it. It is free therapy and “if it’s not there no one has seen it.”



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Many of us are guilty of sleeping with our mobile phones within arm’s length at night time- you know, just in case someone texts at three o’clock in the morning.

However, experts suggest it is not actually good for us to sleep with our phones so close, as it causes hypervigilance – being constantly tense and on guard because you are waiting for your phone to ring. This causes sleep to become interrupted as we can’t relax properly and may also lead to insomnia and other problems.

According to sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley: “In order to get a good night’s sleep, you have to feel safe and not worried about anything. By having your phone close by at night, you’re subconsciously saying you wish to attend to that phone. The brain will monitor the situation and your sleep will be lighter and more likely to be disturbed.”

Insomnia specialist at The Sleep School in London, Dr Guy Meadows, leaves his phone outside his room and believes “people will sleep better if the bedroom is kept free of mobile phones and other electronic devices”.

Maybe it’s time to invest in an alarm clock and leave the mobile outside the bedroom.


Back in the day when mobile phones first became popular there came with it a fear that people could develop cancer due to the radiation.

However, while it didn’t stop us from using them, there was always a fear, especially when your ear turned red from speaking on it for too long.

Scientists also worried about their ability to cause cancer because they emit “emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues closest to where the phone is held.”

However, the good news is that, after an 11-year study, scientists have found that mobile phones don’t actually cause cancer.

According to the chairman of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research, Professor David Coggon: “We can now be much more confident about the safety of modern telecommunications systems.”

Well that is certainly a weight lifted off our minds – we can use our mobile guilt-free.

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