What ‘what to wear’ dilemma! Dates with your BFF are totally de rigueur

When it comes to first dates, the itinerary can be pretty…boring.

It’s usually some combination of dinner, a film and drinks which sounds nice in theory but can be a very different story when you’re eating ribs in front of your date.

Good venues are often wasted on couples who are too uncomfortable to appreciate them

So why not cancel your date and head for a romantic dinner with your best friend instead and say goodbye to all the awkwardness that goes along with it.

Goodbye to stressing about what to wear.

Goodbye to trying to arrive at the perfect time.

Goodbye to having a call from your friends pre-planned as your escape route.

Goodbye to ordering the right thing.

Goodbye to awkward small talk.

Goodbye to acting like you don’t mind they stole a chip.

Goodbye to ordering something cheaper so that he doesn’t think we’re taking advantage.

Goodbye to uncomfortably dancing after a few drinks.

Goodbye to the terrible goodbyes at the end of the night.

We decided to do just that recently with amazing success.

Not only did we enjoy not having to get glammed up after work, we enjoyed not being judged for arriving ten minutes late and getting to order as much of whatever we wanted on the menu.

With the beautiful Marcels restaurant as the backdrop to our date, we enjoyed some amazing food and wine all in beautiful surroundings.

Finishing our lunch by romantically sharing a beautiful pavlova, it went down as one of our best dates yet.