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Wilde restaurant has quickly become our new favourite spot this summer. For the month of June, they've launched a beautifully curated, indulgent rosé menu. It's all about those summer wines and summer vibes.

Their covered gardened terrace is just the place to enjoy a refreshing rosé and elegant wine tasting experience. 

The best part is that you can find your perfect rosé by sampling the delectable ones available in their Flight of Rosé. It's just €15 for three 75ml glasses of these gorgeous wines.


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The three unique tasting selections include the celebrity favourite Whispering Angel, a light and fresh rosé with a white peach expression; M de Château Minuty, a citrusy rosé with a rounded feel; and Le Bijou, elegantly balancing aromas of wild strawberries, citrus and flowers.

These three wines all come from France, with a special focus on the home of rosé, Provence.

You'll learn all about these exquisite wines while relaxing on Wilde's sunny, 1930s inspired terrace.


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The three delicious rosés are also available as single glasses or chilled bottles.

And for those of you who love your spirits, there are two limited edition artisan cocktails being served up on the terrace, too: the sweet Cherry Blossom G&T and the lavish Rosé Spritz, both perfect for this season.

However, as we all know, any time is rosé time! Wilde is the perfect place to indulge.


Sometimes, all you need is a great bowl of pasta.

And while it is arguably the easiest food to cook, some Dublin restaurants have raised the bar so high their pasta could compete with what you would get in the best trattoria in Rome.

Unfortunately, we can't jet to Italy every time we crave a good plate of pesto pasta, so we have done a quick survey in the SHEmazing HQ to help you find some fabulous pasta around Dublin.

1. Host

Host is certainly one of the best restaurant openings of the past few months in Dublin. 

With its gorgeous small plates to share, this Ranelagh eatery combines incredible food, super friendly staff and trendy yet relaxed atmosphere. 

All their pasta are homemade and since we couldn't decide which one is the best between the Pumpkin cappellacci, the Duck pappardelle or the Taglioni with nduja and mussels, we'd just suggest you get them all.

2. Il Vicoletto

Located in the heart of Temple Bar, Il Vicoletto offers the most authentic Central-Northern Italian cuisine.

Using the freshest ingredients from Ireland and Italy, their hand made pasta are just as good as what you would get in Rome or Milan.

3. Terra Madre

This small cafe located between the Ha’penny and O’Connell Bridge is the perfect spot for an intimate fuss-free dinner date. 

Perfect if you want to impress a foodie, its home-style cooking will make you feel you are eating at your granny's – if she was Italian. 

4. That's Amore 

There is a reason why this place gets booked out weeks in advance. 

Famous for their antipasti, meats and pizza, the Monkstown gem also serves incredible Seafood linguine and Tortellini al tartufo to die for in a very cosy atmosphere, which is why it is so close to the heart of Clare, our lovely MummyPages writer.

5. Cafe Cucina


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The tiny eatery on Parnell st. is an absolute favourite of Katie, our talented MagicMum writer.

Run by Italians, it offers fantastic pasta dishes at a very affordable price.

6. The Hungry Duck


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According to Jolie, our brilliant Business Development Manager, this Walkinstown gem has an amazing linguine on their dinner menu, made with locally produced ingredients. 

It also serves a gorgeous brunch at the weekend. 

7. Pete's of Sandymount

Rebecca, SHEmazing's fab deputy editor, is a regular of Pete's of Sandymount for a very good reason. "It has the most delicious pasta pesto! I don't know what they do to it, but it is like CRACK", she says.

The fact that they have a Ladies' Night on Wednesday, when tables of just women can enjoy half price food, could explain it as well. 


Valentine's Day is mere hours away, but if you're anything like us you've left everything to the last minute. 

Perhaps it's the fact that Wednesday isn't exactly the ideal day for the romantic holiday to fall on, or maybe you'd rather not buy into gimmick of it all – but even if flowers and chocolates aren't your thing, it's still a good excuse for you and your partner to indulge in a well-deserved date night. 

We've done some research and compiled a list of the of the country's most romantic restaurants, any of which would provide the perfect setting for a last-minute Valentine's dinner. 


Luna, Drury Street, Dublin 2

You've got to try: The Pollo, Cavolo e Funghi, Tarragon ( or Chicken, Cabbage, Mushrooms and Tarragon to you and me). 


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L'Ecrivain, Baggot Street, Dublin 2 

You've got to try: The Aged Irish Beef Fillet – G'wan, treat yourself! 

Kai, Sea Road, Galway 

You've got to try: The Quinoa Cakes, Ricotta, Salsify and Asparagus – a dangerously delicious combination. 


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Tannery, Dungarvan, Waterford 

You've got to try: The hazelnut parfait, poached pear, glazed puff pastry *drools*

Amicus, Paul Street, Cork 

You've got to try: The Espresso Martini – Java Organic Espresso, Kettle One Vodka, Kahlua, Simple Syrup (em, yes please!)


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The Honest Vegan, Belfast

You've got to try: The Cauliflower Buffalo Bites – trust us! 


We're all been there – you're out for a meal in swanky restaurant, decide what mouth-watering dish you're going to order, and eagerly wait its arrival so you can finally dig in.

But wait, not so fast.

No dining experience would be complete without the perfect Instagram post, right?

It's pretty much common practice in every restaurant across the world, and while some food bloggers have managed to make careers from portfolios of gorgeous food snaps, not everyone is keen on the trend.


A lovely view of our friends at @watersideinnbray

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In a rather controversial move, The Waterside, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the UK, has banned its customers from photographing their food.

According to The Daily Mail, renowned French chef, Michel Roux, has had enough of the millennial practice and has even gone as far as to place a sign on the door saying: “No photos, please.”

He said: “I mean, what are they doing? Maybe once during the meal you want to take a little photo of something because it’s unusual. But what about the flavours? A picture on a phone cannot possibly capture the flavours.”

The popular restaurant, named fourth best in the UK, was founded by brothers Michel and Albert Roux in 1972 and is now run by Michel’s son Alain – though Michel remains an active member of staff.

Alas, it seems like Michel's efforts could be in vain, as a quick snoop through Instagram shows a number of diners choosing to blatantly ignore the ban. 


Lean in: mirabelle #souffle at The Waterside Inn #threemichelinstars #michelin #bray #berkshire #restaurant #pudding #dessert

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Venison Wellington at The Waterside Inn #bray #berkshire #threemichelinstars #michelin #restaurant

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In fairness, these all look pretty amazing. 


A retro games bar sounds cool, but once you dive into this place you will realise it's a millennial's DREAM.

A legit dream.

Token opened in Smithfield during the week and consists of a bar, a retro arcade, a pinball parlour, a restaurant and and an event space.


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That's not it, either. Next month, a specialised craft brew bar will open too.

And if playing Pac Man while drinking sweet craft beer isn't enough to get you excited, then all you need to do is take a look at its menu:

Dying? We are too. The new Smithfield spot recommend you book in advance so you won't be waiting for a table, but walk-ins are still welcome.

It's open from 4-11pm on weekdays and 4pm-midnight on weekends.

We just think we found our new favourite place.


Food lovers, avert your eyes. 

Gordon Ramsay has revealed the one dish he would never order in a restaurant and it might surprise you. 

The 50-year-old has spent most of his career working in busy kitchens so we're pretty sure he knows a thing or two about how they operate – and we're honestly devastated by his latest revelation.

In an interview with Town and Country magazine the chef explained that the soup-of-the-day is rarely fresh and is actually often made using leftovers from the day before.

 "Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour was before today’s special. It may be the case that it’s the soup du month," he said.

What's more, the television chef also revealed that Valentine's Day is the worst day of the year to dine out. 

"Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year to go out. Busy kitchens with tones of diners means you don’t get the true feeling of the restaurant.''

''You should be cooking on Valentine’s. What’s more romantic than a meal cooked for your partner with good bottle of wine," he added.

We couldn't agree more Gordon. 



We're pretty much always up on celebrity culture here in Shemazing HQ, so when we saw a restaurant inspired by Beyonce and Jay Z, we got very excited.

The Carters (yep, it's named after them), is a very posh, yet extremely cool, eatery in Australia and it's now on our bucket list to go there.


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The whole building is decorated with gold scaffolding poles and monochrome imagery of Bey, Jay and Kanye.

And it's not just the interiors that have us in a flurry; its menu also seems insanely delish.


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It includes Barack Obama fried chicken, a Bey Burger, NAS lamb ribs and a Kimye cocktail.

The venue's manager, Chady Khouzame, told Music: "The Carter was inspired by New York's great architecture, food and controversial entertainment.


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"Jay Z and Beyonce have always been at the centre of controversy which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and the murals on the wall in the basement."

We'd go to Aus literally just to dine in this restaurant.


Even though we're only 25 days in, 2017 has already been a fierce year for memes.

And one that swept away the whole world was definitely #SaltBae. Who else could sprinkle salt so slickly?!


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His suave AF seasoning skills quickly went viral earlier this month, and with that followed a whole host of other memes inspired by him.

Well, now #SaltBae, real name Nusret Gökçe, is opening a restaurant in London, and we're SO there.

The Turkish chef already has restaurants in his native country, but has now decided to take the plunge with London, he confirmed to the Hurriyet Daily News.


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When asked by Time Out if he's worried about the language barrier, Nusret said no, because he's "going to communicate with people through meat."

As well as the new London restaurant, SB also has plans for New York, so we can definitely see 2017 being the year of his salty suaveness.


The year 2016: 12 glorious months packed full of tasty treats, amazing meals and delicious spreads.
Yes, in recent times, the food scene in Dublin has really exploded, with more and more trendy cafes and stunning restaurants cropping up on an almost weekly basis.
And while getting down our list to just ten entrants was certainly a struggle, here is SHEmazing!'s pick of the crop…
1. Mulberry Garden
Hidden down a small lane in Donnybrook, Mulberry Garden is no secret spot, but it remains year after year one of Dublin’s best restaurants. Its chic atmosphere and wonderful food make it a great date place for food lovers. 

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2. Manifesto
Sometimes, all you need is a really, REALLY good pizza. And on that topic, Manifesto delivers. If you have never tried the “Mamy”, (awarded best pizza in the world in 2006), a trip to this small joint off Rathmines Road is almost mandatory. If only they did takeaway…

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3. Forest Avenue
This foodie favourite has mastered the concept of casual gastronomy. With a three-course lunch for €32 – including a few stunning appetisers – Forest Avenue offers one of the best priced meal in town. Refined without being uptight, this restaurant combines well-sourced produces and the creativity of chef John Wyer whose talent is second-to-none.

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4. Richmond  
It didn’t take long for Richmond to become one of our favourite places in Portobello. With an incredible tasting menu for just €30 on Tuesday evenings, the chef, David O'Byrne, formerly of Mulberry Garden, has impressed with beautiful and inventive plates.

5. Bunsen
Between its three locations in the city centre, Bunsen is selling burgers like they are going out of fashion, and it only seems legit. For just a few euro more than a fast-food eatery, you can get the best cheeseburger in town. And the sweet potato fries are probably the most delicious we have ever tasted.

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6. Amuse
On the opposite side of the scale, Amuse offers a fine-dining experience at its best. If you like your plates to look like artwork and your food to taste like heaven, this fabulous French restaurant is a must. Now, this level of refinement comes at a price but for a special occasion, you will have a truly unforgettable time.  

7. Brother Hubbard North/Brother HubbardSouth
Formerly Sister Sadie, Brother Hubbard South and its older sister Brother Hubbard North have received several accolades over the past four years and we can only concur to the praise. We love the Middle Eastern-influenced cuisine boasting lots of fresh and healthy food at a great price. Will we continue to queue for brunch into 2017? YES!

8. Fia
Talking about the best brunch in town, Fia is a serious contestant. This small cafe down Rathgar Road offers a short and straightforward menu, which is for the best as it’s always a struggle to pick from it. With Instagram-friendly dishes that taste like a million dollars for less than a tenner, Fia got us properly addicted.

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9. Asador
This sleek eatery is Dublin 4 turned barbecue into a classy experience. You can find lovely seafood in the menu but its the meats grilled over charcoal that made the reputation of the place. Excellent food, good service and beautiful setting all contribute to a wonderful meal.

10. Featherblade
If you are looking for a great steak at an affordable price, Featherblade is the place to go. We love the casual atmosphere, perfect for a dinner with friends, and the meat there is simply delicious. Again, the menu is short, and we suggest you try all the sides available as they are all delightful. 

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When it comes to the food of kings, we reckon that pizza, and Christmas dinner with all the trimmings are right up there among the very best. 

And now, praise the taste gods, Milanos has decided to combine both to create what ultimately amounts to a Christmas roast on a pizza.

Dubbed the fancy-pants Porchetta Natale Romana, it boasts pulled hog roast along with a soft herb stuffing, pancetta, mozzarella, rosemary, oregano and pine kernels, and fresh parsley and costs €16.90.

If that's not your cup of tea, the Pannetone Cheesecake (€6.85) – chocolate chip and orange marmalade panettone pieces in a creamy vanilla cheesecake, topped on a thick and buttery biscuit base – might be.

Otherwise, Snowball Dough Balls (€4.45) are a safe bet: Milano’s famous Dough Balls sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon and served with a vanilla cream dip.


Earlier this year London gained itself a restaurant with a difference when The Bunyadi stripped open its doors in Elephant and Castle.

Offering diners the opportunity to eat completely naked, the adventurous pop-up quickly became a resounding success and so its owners have decided to spread the nude experience.

According to the Evening Standard, the venue’s founder, Seb Lyall, is currently hunting for a new site in the British capital to allow more foodies the unique opportunity to dine naked by candlelight.

As with the pilot project, diners will be given a locker and robe before having their phones confiscated.

They will then be seated at a discreet table, where they can choose to protect their dignity or drop the robe altogether.

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Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini has certainly had a hectic few months.

Not only did he have a very public split with Cheryl, but he also took a fancy to Irish MIC star Nicola Hughes.

And it seems he has a little crush on the Irish as he wants to open his next restaurant in Dublin.

An insider close to the star said: “JB has been working on his restaurant project in London which is going to be huge, the next logical move is Ireland.



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“JB has always wanted to see Ireland, he’s always thought the country is so beautiful and everyone he has met from Ireland has been lovely and down to earth – that’s really important to him.

“He’s also a huge, huge fan of Conor McGregor so he’s really focused on Ireland at the moment,” the source said.