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Have you been on the hunt for the perfect highlighter, that will give you that coveted Kardashian glow?

Well, your search is officially over ladies. 

The Laura Mercier Face Illuminator is the product Kim Kardashian uses to get her ethereal, dewy makeup look. 

We know this because she recently shared her products of choice on Snapchat, which included the Laura Mercier highlighter (and quite a few Kylie Cosmetics)

In fairness to Kim, this product is actually CLASS, and fairly reasonably priced when you consider it's high-profile users. 

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder For Summer 2016

The face illuminator costs €42, and can be purchased online, or at Laura Mercier makeup counters. 

This is definitely a makeup must-have! 

We love ice cream, and we love makeup, so when we discovered a brand that combined the two… we nearly fell off our thrones. 

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics is a makeup brand that is inspired by desserts, and we are in love. 

Their latest offering comes in the form of a highlighter that is packaged in an ice cream-like tub.

The company offers a wide range of cosmetics, from BROWnie kits to lip kits, and every shade is named after a delicious treat of some kind. 

Prices for these tasty products start at just €10, and go up as far as €35. 

You can actually buy all these wonders on ASOS at the moment, so get shopping, ladies. 

Another day, another MAC collaboration to lust after.

Three legendary makeup artists, Diane Kendal, James Kaliardos, and Kabuki, have teamed up with MAC to release a line of art-focused makeup. 

The collection represents each MUA's signature style and is filled with vibrant colours. 

The collection of artful cosmetics includes gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and matte lipsticks (and much more). 

Prices for this fabulous MAC collaboration start at just €16.

OH, and the good news is, there will be no wait to get any of these babies, as the collection is online and in-store right now. 


Nothing gets us excited quite like the discovery of a new beauty brand, and this latest find is really fantastic.

Bitter Lace Beauty is an amazing makeup company, that sells its fabulous products on Etsy.


Happy Holidays beauties! I just wanted to check in, we are still hard at work on the restock! 22 colors to make including Prism is keeping us more than occupied, we appreciate your patience as we get thousands of these pans made!  2016 has been one for the books huh? Who is ready for the new year?  I still gaze at Prism on a daily basis and can't believe how much this little rainbow in a pan has changed our lives forever. BLB wouldn't be here without you guys, so we are putting together a massive giveaway that will include many many Prisms!Thank you for the massive amount of support and love you beauties show us on a constant. We will have details in the posts to come! Be merry and may your highlight always be bright! 

A photo posted by Bitter Lace Beauty (@bitter.lace.beauty) on

The brand offers an array of fabulous highlighters, in the coolest packaging EVER. 

All of the amazing products are 100 percent handmade, and are totally cruelty-free: "we test on ourselves, not our fur babies". 

The compact highlighters cost €26.99 each, and can be delivered worldwide. 


Meitu has blown up on social media over the past few days thanks to it's adorable filter that essentially makes everyone look like a flawless, baby-faced character from Harajuku. 

The app has been big in China for a number of years, but the gimmick has just caught on in the wider world.

The beauty app allows its users to smooth and whiten skin, sort out spots, slim down the face and create anime-sized eyes. 

However, some people have become alarmed at the amount of data permissions that you have to enable in order to use the app.

The app can access your calendar, internet browser history, take photos and videos, location, read phone call status and caller identity, read, modify and delete the contents of your photo USB storage, control phone vibration and prevent the phone from sleeping. 

It’s normal for apps to need to access different elements of data and enable functions on a phone so they can run properly. 

However, "they are collecting some very odd data that shouldn’t be looked at necessarily for the application functioning, ” Greg Linares, a security researcher at threat management firm Vectra Networks told Wired.

While there is no evidence to show that Meitu is a scam, that is a worrying amount of information to part with.

The app has been running since 2008 and is massive in China,  and is currently worth billions.

Ladies, it's never too early to start planning your Halloween costume (even if it is 10 months away…).

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to one of the most talented makeup artists we have ever seen! 

Vanessa Davis is a British MUA, who specialises in theatrical and artistic looks, such as skulls and butterflies. 

 Vanessa has gained over 169,000 followers in just over 12 months, which is extremely impressive in our opinion. 

She uses a number of different tools and paints to achieve her breathtaking looks, such as UV paint, glitter and acrylics.


Unicorn / Pegasus Wings Skull I'm jumping on the Instagram Unicorn band wagon and you guessed it- incorporated a skull in there. I just love anything holographic or rainbow. (Pegasus was white, not rainbow and I chose to leave out the horn and some unicorns do have wings you know) What would you name it? Products Used: @wolfefaceartfx Face Painting FX palette, @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Mechanical eyebrow pencil in 'Stud' to do the outline and pressed eyeshadows (depotted, discontinued and unlabelled – sorry guys) in various rainbow colours. @wonderlandmakeup Pigment powders in 'Chaulked', 'Lolite' and lipstick in Pink Squeeze. Hope you had a lovely weekend guys and feeling geared up for the week ahead #amazingmakeupart #skullmakeup #dupemag #skulltress #skullart #artoftheday #mua #muashoutouts #faceart #facepainting #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #bbloger #makeupoftheday #sopormagazine #thehorrorhub #makeuptutorials #FeatureMeDita #mythcosmetics #skulltress #feature__my_stuff #StyleArtists #iphone6 #100daysofmakeupchallenge

A photo posted by ________VANESSA DAVIS________ (@the_wigs_and_makeup_manager) on

Vanessa has not posted any images of a regular, day-to-day makeup, but this Halloween inspo is giving us all the feels.


Third Eye Skull Makeup This was inspired by Dan Hillier's artwork 'Beetle Skull' (Which I will post shortly). It was an exercise in symmetry and illusion! Products used on the three Eyes: @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Paint Sticks in Process Magenta, Rich Purple, Pigments in Neon 60's, Ruby Red, Process Magenta, outlined using Penultimate eyeliner in Black, @wonderlandmakeup Pigment in Chalked. The lashes are from @lashedibiza and @blackmagiclashes For the Skull  I used @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Full Coverage Foundation in White, translucent setting powder and the Chameleon face painting palette from @tiltmakeup Happy Friday folks, hope you have a great weekend! #amazingmakeupart #skulls #skullmakeup #skull #cyclops #eyemakeup #skulltress #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #facepaint #illusion #illusions

A photo posted by ________VANESSA DAVIS________ (@the_wigs_and_makeup_manager) on

You've got mad skills girl!  

Just when you think the Internet couldn't possibly get any weirder, we discover Bitch Slap! Cosmetics

This unusual makeup company sells highlighter and bronzers with boobs, vaginas and penises stamped into them, because… feminism.

Our personal favourite, and one of the company's top sellers, is the "hairy balls highlighter" (we dare you to read that with a straight face). 


Back in stock…. King Kong highlighters #Mac #bsc #makeup #cosmetics #lipsticks #Facebook #glow

A photo posted by bsc (@bsccosmetics) on

The funny thing is, the products are actually brilliant, and the colours are all great… but it just all feels a bit weird. 

Imagine being out for dinner, and touching up your makeup with HAIRY BALLS…?

OK… we're laughing out loud.  

While we are totally obsessed with this company, we'll stick to MAC for now, thanks… 

Just when you thought beauty could not get any weirder, fake freckles arrive.

However, these are not the run-of-the-mill, sun-kissed freckles we all adore… they're glittery (of course!)

Yep, people are currently going mad for glitter freckles… and we cannot deny that they do look kind of cool. 

Now, we are not suggesting you rock up to work on a Monday morning donning glittery freckles, but maybe on holidays… or at a music festival?


Mermaid sparkles  #glitterfreckles

A photo posted by Alex (@alexreidmybook) on

Remember last summer, when every single woman attending a festival had glitter roots, or glitter under their eyes?


#GLITTERFRECKLES. My obsession with #glitter lately doesn't want to stop, lol. I have natural freckles , so I decided to start my own #freckletrend. Glitter @maccosmetics 'gold' from the gold pigment nutcracker set . Brows : light strokes of @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrowpomade in 'blonde' for most natural look . Lips: also #ABH liquid lip in 'Allison'. Foundation @maccosmetics 'Face&Body' Foundation in N1. Glow: @elciecosmetics #glowenhancer. Highlight : @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina #gleamglowkit in 'starbust' &'crushed pearl' . #abhallison #maccosmetics #makeuptrend #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_mua #norvina #glow #thatglowtho #freckles #highlight #onfleek #elciecosmetics

A photo posted by Inessa Mendoza (Емельянова) (@inessamendoza) on

Well, this is the 2017 version of that, and we're totally fine with it! 

Glitter at the ready, ladies, because this year is going to be SPARKLY! 

Do you have makeup palettes coming out of your ears at this stage (same)? 

Image result for all urban decay palettes

Well, if you do, we suggest you take a leaf out of this guy's book, and build yourself a makeup organiser from LEGO! 

That's right ladies… Lego! 

A Reddit user recently posted an image of her new palette organiser, which her kind-hearted boyfriend built for her using Lego.  

Image result for lego

In addition to the glorious pink and green palette holder, the girl's boyfriend also built a lipstick holder from pink Lego pieces. 

Someone give this man an award, or something!

Fair play to him!  

It is safe to say that if given the chance, we would all spend our lives covered in glitter…

However, this is unfortunately deemed socially unacceptable… but, thankfully, we have highlighter to satiate our sparkly needs. 

Image result for i need this gif

The glorious people in Too Faced cosmetics have created an amazing new highlighter, and it's heart shaped… need we say more? 

Launching in gold, silver and rose-quartz, these Too Faced heart highlighters will cost €30 each.

HOWEVER, they won't be available until March (sad face), so we will have to wait. 

And wait we shall. 

2017 has already gifted us with a number of new beauty trends, and it's still only January. 

The latest thing taking over the world of makeup is underliner, and we are totally obsessed with it. 

Think back to the '90s, when you would smudge eyeliner underneath your eye for a more "grunge" look… well it's kind of like that, but cooler. 


Heavy bottom smokey eyes #makeup #underliner #darklips #durringsummer

A photo posted by Jannyna Flores (@makeupbyjanny) on

We first saw this trend on the runway of the Chanel Spring show back in 2014, and now it's back!


We love this look for Mario Schwab S/S 2012  #underliner #graphic #backstage #doubleliner #dewyskin

A photo posted by The Academy of Make-up (@theacademyofmakeup) on

The beauty of this glorious look is that it can be done with any colour, and in a number of different styles and shapes. 


Today Elle UK @tessa.westerhof before the wig. #underliner 

A photo posted by Victoria Bond (@victoriabond007) on

We reckon you'll be seeing a lot more of underliner in the coming months… 

Brace yourselves! 

Are you on the hunt for the perfect matte lipstick, but have no idea where to start?

Look no further, pretty ladies, as we have done all the work for you!

Image result for matte lips

We tried and tested an array of magnificent mattes, and broke the list down to our five favourites.

Check these bad boys out…

Image result for matte lips

1. MAC Matter lipstick

A classic, and a crowd pleaser. If you are looking for a lipstick that will last, but that will also keep your lips from drying out, MAC is your brand. 'Ruby Woo' is our favourite colour (vibrant red), but there are so many to choose from. 

Image result for mac matte lipstick

2. NYX Lip Lingerie

The NYX lip lingerie collection is a serious office favourite at SHEmazing HQ. With a gorgeous range of pinks and nudes that won't break the bank, what's not to love? 

Image result for nyx lip lingerie

3. Kylie Lip Kit

Look, we give credit where credit is due, and Kylie Jenner deserves a right pat on the back for her cosmetic collection. The Kylie Lipkit is long-lasting (seriously, it won't come off), and comes in SO MANY fabulous colours. Also, despite the costly shipping fee, Kylie's cosmetics are relatively inexpensive. 

Image result for kylie lipsticks

4. NARS Velvet Lip Glide

This gorgeous matte has everything, including infused oil to leave your lips smooth and soft. It is available in 13 glorious shades, and you will love them all. 

Image result for nars velvet lip glide

5. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick

We couldn't complete this list without giving you our drug-store favourite. If you are on a budget, or simply cannot get to a proper shop, then this lipstick is perfect for you. It has everything a matte lipstick needs, at a fraction of the cost. 

Image result for Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick

Remember, lipstick is a girl's best friend.