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There is no better feeling than knowing your highlight is on fleek, and Penneys is clearly on a mission to help us achieve the look.

Instagram is freaking out over a particular Penneys highlighting palette, and we don't blame the makeup obsessed masses for lusting after this product. 


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 The Ps… Pure Glow highlighting palette is a glowy, shimmery dream set with four gorgeous, high-shine shades.

There is Desert, a pure icy white, and Glimmer, a warmer nude highlight on the top tier.

Then below them is Eden, a peachy pink highlight, and Firefly bronze, the ultimate pure gold shade. 


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The palette is currently in stores, but it's flying off the shelves. 

This will keep us highlighted to perfection all summer long, and the marbled packaging wouldn't look too shabby in an Instagram flat lay either. 

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So, summer may have only just begun, but it's never too early to start thinking about Halloween inspiration right?

Meet Mimi Choi, the Vancouver-based beauty guru taking makeup artistry to the next level.

The 31-year-old uses her incredible makeup skills to create a whole host of intricate optical illusions that'll make you look twice.

“My face is a blank canvas where I can practise my art,” Mimi told Metro.

She creates her masterpieces by using black eyeliner and clever angles to create negative space.

“I hope that my strange creativity can inspire people to think outside the box", she writes on Instagram.


Been doing makeup in front of this mirror inside of my bathroom for more than 3 years now (10+ years if you count those university years when I did my own clubbing makeup, etc) No fancy lights, backdrop or even a chair — I've always enjoyed standing in that little gap between my sink and my toilet and painting away for hours. I like tight spaces, it makes me feel secure. Sometimes I have music on, sometimes my cat sits in the sink and falls asleep while watching me… It's therapeutic. I'll be moving to a new place soon which means that I will have to adapt to a new painting environment. It's both scary and exciting at the same time because I've grown so attached to my old makeup spot. But I'll adapt and maybe it will finally motivate me to invest in better equipments. _________________________ "INCEPTION" #makeup illusion inspired by a photoshopped image of Paul Ryan. Used @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada pencil and liquid eyeliners plus matte eyeshadows for this look. Lashes are all @houseoflashes "Knockout" falsies except for the littlest ones that I had to paint on. All hand-painted, took 3 hours.

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The makeup artist formerly worked as a school teacher but says she wasn't satisified by the job and needed a new challenge. 

“It felt like it was too late to change my career, but my mum was so supportive that I soon realised it was ok”, she told the Metro.


A few of the #makeup illusion pieces that I've done lately • 10 days till the #MIMLESORIGINALS MAKEUP CONTEST ends! Thank you for all the lovely creative submissions so far! Remember to submit by December 31st 2016 if you haven't yet to win $300CAD+ worth of products and get featured! See below for contest rules. _____________ I get it — nothing in this world is 100% original. When I create, I usually get my inspiration from my surroundings — patterns that I see on clothing/wall/architecture, a texture in nature, paintings, photography, emotions, etc, and I try my best not to look at other makeup artists' work to get my ideas. I would like to encourage you to do the same and draw your ideas from different places other than makeup that fuel your imagination! So devour old and new films, paintings, poems, photographs, music and conversations to get your inspiration, and create a makeup look that is authentic, surprises and uniquely your own! _______________ The contest is LIVE NOW and ends on DECEMBER 31st 2016 11:59PM PST so challenge yourself to create your very own original signature looks! Here are the instructions on how to enter: 1. Follow @mimles on Instagram. 2. Tag at least one person who would be interested in participating in comments. 3. Post your ORIGINAL makeup look with the hashtags #MIMLESORIGINALS and #MIMLES, and tag me in the photo/video so I won't miss it! 4. You can post as many looks as you want but it has to be a BRAND NEW LOOK created for this contest. Tagging old work does not count for this competition. 5. Please state what you're inspired by! No recreations of other makeup artists' work please! 6. Contest is open to EVERYONE from all over the world. Good luck and have fun with this! I am excited and cannot wait to see what you come up with! #makeupcontest #makeupcompetition #contest

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She began to practice her skills in her parents bathroom and soon realised her creative potential.

Mimi also operates as a successful makeup artist for weddings and events, but her 156,000 Instagram followers are mostly interested in what jaw-dropping illusion she will come up with next. 



Unlike today's teens, who look like they have just stepped down from the Inglot MUA's chair, we are from the era of foundation covered lips and self applied French manicures.

Perhaps it's down to the mass of YouTube tutorials and Instagram inspiration that wasn't available to us back in the day, but today's teens fail to fall into the (foundation coated) makeup traps we did in secondary school. 

Here are a few of the top nostalgic makeup techniques we used back in the day: 

1. Foundation lips

Foundation coated lips were the basis of an excellent makeup look in secondary school.

While voluptuous, lined and highlighted lips may be all the rage now, when we were 15, the look du jour was to pretend you didn't have any lips at all. 


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2. Foundation types

If it wasn't Dream Matte Mousse or pan stick, we didn't want it. 

There was something about the mousses' air whipped formula that we found perfect for school, and the shiny, tanned, glamorous sheen awarded to our visages by pan stick was too good for us to resist. 

The problem was the liberal nature in which we applied these products, rather than the products themselves. Less is more wasn't our mantra back in the day. 


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3. Spidery lashes

Again with the opposition to less is more, layering mascara onto our lashes until they resembled a terrifying mass of brambles was the way to go.

Bonus points is the mascara started flaking off and left gorge little black specks under your eyes. 

Fake eyelashes from the €2 Shop were also an option for discos, which were to be bought alongside your tube of glowsticks and disposable camera. 


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4. Brushes? What brushes? 

If an eye shadow palette came with a little sponge applicator, that was what was used for liberally layering the pastel shades.

The term brush roll sounded more like a baking term to us in our teens. 

Applying foundation with your fingers was also an acceptable activity, whereas todays' teens wouldn't be caught dead without their beauty blender. 

5. Orange foundation 

There is something about being uber-tanned that seems like an absolute accolade when you are in your teenage years. 

But like, who could be arsed tanning your whole body or splashing the cash for spray tans? 

The natural remedy to our pasty skin was layers on tan in the spots of skin people could see, like our necks and forearms, and a nice coating of 'deep tan' foundation on our faces. 


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6. Foundation mask

Speaking of the aforementioned foundation, it was left in a flat, featureless mask on our faces, with the likes of highligher and contouring distant gifts from the future which had yet to be awarded to us via Kim Kardashian (who wasn't even a thing at this stage of our lives). 

You may have occasionally opted for two delightful stripes of bronzer along your cheekbones or a splash of bright pink blush, but telling someone to get their 'highlight on fleek' back in 2008 would have been a completely foreign concept. 


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7. Raccoon eyes

Whether you were simply experimenting with a new look or had a deep, passionate relationship with The Pretty Reckless or Panic! at the Disco, raccoon eyeliner was the territory of emo kids at secondary schools the country over. 

The look was accompanied by a matte black a swathe of eye shadow across the upper lid, symbolic of the deep and dark nature of the tormented soul of the wearer. 

8. A severe lack of blending

Blending our makeup was something that we never did as teens. 

After all, what was the point of wearing makeup if it didn't look like you were wearing makeup? 

From that attractive orange jaw line to eye shadow that went all the way up to your brows, blending was far from the essential technique that it is seen as by the kids these days. 



As women, there is a distinct pressure to wear makeup to look our best, and yet there is also a culture of shaming women for wearing 'too much' makeup.

The double standard is less than pleasing, and for some women, painting their faces is an empowering and creative endeavour.

One such woman is Kerry Whittaker, who recently penned a powerful and truthful post about an instance of makeup shaming she experienced at her job as a checkout cashier. 

'Why are girls so nasty?' she began her Facebook post about the incident.

'So I'm sat in work today minding my own, and I over hear a woman talking to what I presume is her 14 yr old daughter and they're sniggering laughing saying "have you seen the state on that? Who comes to work to sit on a checkout looking like that.. don't know who she thinks she is."'

'1st of all why would you find that acceptable? I'm not harming nobody. Would you say the same about a girl who has problems with her skin and spots on her face. I doubt it.'

'2nd, why don't you lead by example to your daughter about empowering other women rather than tearing them down. In this society the last thing we need to be doing to each other as humans is judging people based on looks.'

'3rd, when you can do a cut crease as sick as this then come back to me and tell me I look like sh*t.'

Kerry is clearly a makeup maverick, and her response to the unnecessary comments is completely golden. 



Festival season is just around the corner, and we've already started scouring YouTube for the perfect festival makeup tutorial. 

However, sometimes you really need an IRL demonstration of how to execute a tricky makeup look.

Luckily, Temple Bar makeup studio The Makeup Crew are offering a free master class on the subject of festival makeup. 


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'Looking to embark on an exciting career?' reads the event.

'Come along to our open day where you can meet the tutors and find out why The Makeup Crew is the best place for you to start your career in the Makeup Industry.'

'Also sign up to our FREE Masterclass which will be taken place on the evening creating a festival inspired look, giving you the chance to learn some tips and tricks and to experience what it's like here at The Makeup Crew.'


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The class will be running in their studio in Temple Bar from 4.30pm – 7.30pm.

Here's the link to their event if you're interested.



There are always more than a few Instagram makeup trends doing the rounds online, but the latest one really takes the p***.

Teenage MUA Jake Warden has gained over 1.1million views on one particular makeup tutorial.

While the look he creates is pretty flawless, it's the use of his iPhone as a mixing palette for foundation that has people going crazy for the MUAs videos.


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We'd barely toss our phones in our bags without a cover, never mind pour foundation all over them, so this beauty tutorial trend is pretty baffling to us. 

In two separate tutorials, he squirts foundation onto the back of his rose gold iPhone, which doesn't have a case on it, and mixes highlighter into it using the iPhone rather than the back of his hand to mix the products together. 

We thought this might just be a random, teenage makeup trend that would pass by without notice, but now other MUAs are following suit. 


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We shudder to think about the amount of germs that reside on the backs of our phones, so we seriously hope these MUAs are using a sterilisation wipe before dropping foundation oin their pricey smartphones. 

Kids these days…



Balmain is one of the hottest high-end labels around, thanks to their sell-out collaboration with H&M and the Kardashian's obsession with the brand. 

Now, the luxury company is joining forces with high street makeup brand L'Oreal Paris to create a bespoke capsule collection of gorgeous lippies.


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Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing revealed all on Instagram today, posting a picture of the new collection with the caption 'coming soon.'

There won't be just a couple of shades to choose from, with a grand total of 12 lipsticks gracing the shelves at a currently undisclosed date. 

The lippies will be made in L'Oreal's classic Colour Riche formula, but the colours come straight from Olivier.

'L'Oréal Paris and Balmain share the same strong vision of femininity and the same goal, to empower women and offer them diverse ways to express themselves,' Olivier told Vogue.

'With this collaboration, I'm thrilled to make this idea tangible for every woman around the world.'

We're dying to get our hands on every shade!



When you're applying your face in the morning, whether you're a BB-cream-and-go kind of girl or you're more into a full contour and highlight, do you ever stop to wonder why you're applying makeup?

Is it because you want to look professional at work, feel confident in yourself or highlight your best features?

Or is it to 'trick' men into thinking you are attractive? Because that's what 63 per cent of men seem to think.


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A new study by YouGov found that 63 per cent of men think that 'women mainly wear makeup in order to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive.'

As suggested by the survey service, a percentage of men think that women are 'just thirsty for the male gaze,' which is why we apply eyelash extensions, lip liner and contouring kits. 

C'mon lads, we did not just spend an hour and a half getting tiny pieces of mink stuck to our eyelids with industrial strength glue just we we can bat them in the direction of a man.

And even if a woman decided to add a bit of extra effort to her makeup look to impress someone special, we highly doubt it's an attempt at trickery. 

Despite the fact that men think women are hiding something with makeup, the same cannot be said of the perception of men with beards.

Only 36 per cent of individuals think that a man with a beard is using the fuzzy face fluff to hid facial imperfections. 


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Overall, 43 per cent of people feel that women wear 'too much makeup,' which is reflected in the experiences of women who feel that have been 'makeup shamed' for their full faces.

Famous YouTube makeup artists Nikki Tutorials has actually started a campaign to end makeup shaming among women. 

Makeup can give people a confidence boost, which is nothing to be ashamed of, and it definitely doesn't mean women are trying to 'trick' people with their powders and lipliners. 

We mean, if a guy really thought we had naturally shimmery eyelids and matte plum lips, then more fool him. 



There is no better feeling than knowing your highlight is on fleek, and Penneys is clearly on a mission to help us achieve the look.

The high street bargain store has rolled out a new selection of icy, high intensity highlighters that look completely gorgeous.  


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Rather than just having an ice white finish, their range of colours include silver, gold and rose gold.

The shades are shimmery perfection, with names like Mermaid Glow, Rose Prosecco and Champagne.

And at €3.50 each, you can't really go wrong. 

Ps…Highlighting Powder €3.50

Our makeup bags are screaming out for a new, affordable highlighter, and with festival season just around the corner, now is the time to experiment with different types of glow.

While the silver may not be perfect for day-to-day wear, it would look amazing layered under some festival glitter, while the rose gold would be divine with an on-trend cranberry eye.

As for the gold? Well all you need is a deep, glowy tan to pull that one off.

We'll see you in the queue, all three in hand. 

Feature image: Instagram / HighlighterOnPoint



Have you ever gazed at the perfectly edited, well lit and angled photo of your favourite Instagram model and despaired over their flawless skin, plump pout or perfect brows?

The saying comparison is the thief of joy is exceptionally true, but when someone seems to naturally have it all, it can be harder to swallow. 

Luckily, there is a lot more transparency now in the beauty guru business than ever before, with Instagram celebrities being completely honest about their expensive skin care, filler appointments and eyelash extension habits. 


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One Instagram influencer and beauty vlogger Gina Shkeda has called out the perception of natural beauty on social media. 

One of Gina's 820,000 followers tweeted the makeup guru saying 'If I could wake up as beautiful as @GinaShkeda I'd be the happiest girl alive #naturalbeauty.'

The MUA tweeted back, exposing the not-so-natural elements of her makeup free look. 

'Girl, I have micro bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections,' she tweeted back.

'I don't even look like this, you're flawless,' she finished, with no shame about her beautifying habits.


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While Gina and her fan are both natural beauties, lip fillers or not, calling out false perceptions on social media is so important to remind people that what they see on their feeds isn't always exactly what they seem.

Images can be manipulated in photoshop, or people can choose to edit themselves in real life through the use of makeup, cosmetic surgery or beauty techniques like tattooed brows and eyelash extensions. 

What we think is a 'natural' beauty look on someone's Instagram could be any combination of these factors, which is important to keep in mind before we go feeling bad about ourselves after scrolling through our social media streams.



We've tried to channel the unicorn look through glitter festival makeup and holographic hair trends, but emulating the fairytale creature has now never been easier. 

While it may be physically impossible to convert ourselves into the mythical creature, these stunning makeup brushes are here to help.

The handle of each brush resembles a unicorn horn, while the brush hairs are dyed a rainbow of beautiful pastel colours. 

The bright blue handle is also the ultimate colour pop, making them uber-easy to find in a cluttered makeup bag.

And the best part is? 

These affordable bad boys are from high street favourite, Penneys. 

The PS… Unicorn Brush Set comes in at a super affordable €10.00 for four brushes.

The set includes a fan brush for an on-fleek highlight, as well as a triad of foundation, buffing and powder brushes.

These brushes are literally the stuff of fairy tales…

So, while we have you here; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Brown Thomas has just unveiled their first ever Beauty Lounge, and it looks as sumptuous, secluded and serene as you could imagine. 

The stunning new beauty boutique features a living wall covered in plants, as well as luxurious pink velvet furnishings.

Not only does the new lounge look amazing, but the beauty treatments available are giving us life. 


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"We are delighted to introduce the first ever Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge on Dublin’s Clarendon Street," reads the BT website.

"Dedicated to the best beauty services, the luxurious lounge will house Ireland’s first blowdry bar from Aveda and manicures, pedicures, brows and lashes from Nails Inc."

The new beauty bonanza of a boutique is open from 7am, so if you have a big event right after work, you can get your blow dry and your mani before you head to the office for the day. 

The price list is astonishingly affordable, with eyelash extensions coming in at €30.00 and brow tinting costing €10.00.

Their braiding bar charges €19.00 for plaited styles, so get booking before festival season!


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We're also extremely intrigued by the Unicorn Manicure, which sounds absolutely amazing.

The salon is also promoting a 15 minute Need for Speed manicure, which definitely suits our mad schedules. 

The new Beauty Lounge sounds completely dreamy and we can't wait to see it for ourselves!