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There was online uproar recently when a Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page sprung up on Instagram with no apparent explanation, and people assumed, hoped and prayed that the conception of the page meant that Rihanna's makeup line was coming soon. 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the page is anything more than a fan page. 

We'll give you a moment to let the imminent disappointment set in. 

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The page has since been removed, but other similar copy-cat pages have sprung up. 

While the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page may not be legit (despite facading as such), there is some exciting news on the horizon for Riri beauty fans.

Rihanna did confirm in September 2016 that a makeup and beauty line was in the works, but the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page, or pages similar, are not affiliated with Riri.

While that particular page was a hoax, the makeup brand is actually en route.

Fashion and beauty mega-corp LVMH confirmed that they had struck a deal with Queen R, and that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna could be a real prospect by autumn 2017, according to WWD.


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Now, the future brand is searching for makeup artists to work with Rihanna as spokespeople for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

In an Instagram post, esteemed beauty professional James Vincent asked that makeup artists come to a casting for the brand.

The casting call is a method of "formal recruitment for Fenty Beauty's Global Makeup Artists and Artistry support team."

So, if you are an uber-talented MUA with a portfolio to die for who has been thinking about heading Stateside, and you have the cash for a last minute plane ticket, what's stopping you? 

Ireland is full of amazing talent, and now one Dublin-born MUA is baking the faces of top models like Kendall Jenner, Lindsey Wixon and many more.

Aidan Keogh, from Cabra in North Dublin, has been working in New York for the past decade, making his mark on the beauty world one famous, fashionable face at a time. 

His work has been featured on high end runways, and his looks have made it onto the cover of Vogue. 


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The MUA started out at M.A.C on Grafton Street before branching out on his own, and now he counts Victoria's Secret models and the Kardashians among his many clients.

"Kendall has always been so good for me to work with," he told The Sun. 

“She knows what she likes, is pleasant and professional and is naturally beautiful so it’s a bonus she continues to ask me back.”


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The Dubliner puts his success down to his Irish roots, saying: "Nobody handed anything to me and there’s been rejection, like in any industry."

"I guess being from Cabra and a middle child of seven siblings gave me thick skin.”

Kudos to Aidan for getting the A-list recognition his makeup looks deserve. 

We wonder if he's given Kendall any ideas to come to Ireland any time soon? 

If you are a fan of beauty, you will definitely have heard of the silicone Silisponge.

The odd looking blender (which looks like a bra insert) has taken the makeup world by storm, with thousands of posts about it littering social media.

What makes this sponge special is that it's not really a sponge at all, it's a poreless gel cushion which allows you to use half your usual amount of foundation, meaning your product can last twice as long as none is absorbed by the beauty tool.


A photo posted by Laura Guinan (@laura_g_makeup) on

The gel cushion creates a flawless finish on your skin, and has been selling out in droves since it was launched.

While the original product wont break the bank at €12, Penneys is swooping in with their own version for a fraction of the price.

For just €2.00, you can get your hands on two of these beauty bad boys, so they are literally one quid each. 

These cult beauty items are definitely going to fly off the shelves, so we will be hitting Penneys ASAP to try and get our hands on some.

See you all in the silisponge queue!

With her plump pout, hourglass figure and sexy outfits, none of can deny the fact that Betty Boop is a feminist cartoon icon. 

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Before Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop paved the way as a figure of liberation and empowerment. 

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That is why we are so excited to hear about MAC's latest collaboration with the animated icon, which is set to launch on Valentine's day. 

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On February 14, M.A.C. Cosmetics will pay homage to Max Fleischer’s feminist creation with an exclusive red lippy named after Betty. 

The lipstick is a bright crimson shade, very similar to Ruby Woo, and seems perfectly fitting for this pin-up princess. 

The product will be sold exclusively online, and we are expecting a total sell out!


As much as we know that they're no good for us, we definitely all have a penchant for fizzy drinks (or minerals if you're feeling fancy).

But incorporating them into our beauty routines has never been on our radar.

That was until we spotted one makeup artist over on the famous Huda Beauty Instagram utilising some fizzy drink bottles to create a killer cut crease.


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Makeup artists and beauty lovers keep coming up with more nifty and novelty ways to make makeup application that bit easier.

The cut crease eye shadow look can be tricky to pull off, but YouTuber Juliana Leme is tacking the trend. 

Using the cap off a Coke bottle, the MUA uses its circular shape to guide her eye shadow brush to create the perfect crease.


A photo posted by  JULIANA LEME  (@julianaleme_) on

Following the line of the bottle cap means that the cut crease will be symmetrical and even every time.

It's also a pretty nifty way to recycle old bottle caps if you're feeling eco-friendly.

We might just have to try out this novelty method for ourselves.

There are few beauty products out there that truly confuse us, but when we stumbled across this nifty invention, we were a tad baffled

Is it an air freshener? Is it an alien egg?

Or even a fancy AF cheese grater?


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If you are a fan of the beloved beauty blender, then this nifty, if odd looking, little case could be the answer to all your beauty blender problems.

We have often fished our blender out of our less-than-pristine makeup bags, only to find it smeared with eye shadow or with flecks of lip liner staining it's porous surface.

And then there's the whole dampening and drying protocol, like do we leave these things on the radiator all day or what?


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After some pretty gory beauty blender horror stories circling the internet about mould and fungus growing inside the blending sponges due to damp, poorly ventilated conditions, indie brand Blenderelle came up with a solution to our very first world problem.

"Black spots or odour are almost a positive sign bacteria has grown inside your favorite little friend," says the Blenderelle Instagram page.

"Proper ventilation when stored or travelling can help to avoid that unwanted bacteria."


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The little cages protect the sponges from gathering dirt and debris in your makeup bag, and they claim to properly ventilate the blenders to prevent bacteria growing within. *shudder*

That's a pretty nifty little beauty hack if you ask us.

It was a saturated market and the recession was about to hit.

That and she had decided to take the plunge alongside her dad, Thomas, mum, Geraldine, and brother, Peter.

So (perhaps understandably!) there were plenty of people who a decade ago told Jane Swarbrigg that she was mad to try and set up new business.

The massive success of Inglot cosmetics in Ireland, however, is a testament to her hard-work, savvy nature, and blunt resolve.

“It’s been as much an incredible journey of personal growth, as well as success in business,” Jane tells SHEmazing! today.

It’s now been a full eight years since Inglot – a global brand famed for its colourful palettes, statement lip shades, and expert foundations – set up shop in Liffey Valley.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

More recently, there have been further outlets in Blanchardstown, Dundrum, and South Anne Street in Dublin, as well as in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Dundalk, and Belfast.

Indeed, the tally currently amounts to an impressive 14. Then, of course, there is the ever-popular inglot.ie site too.

Inglot is a Polish brand founded more than 30 years ago. It really came to global attention, however, when it came up for franchise in 2006. Now it has close-to 500 outlets in more than 50 countries across six continents. Phew!

And certainly when she first stumbled across the brand, Jane, still only 34, was mega-impressed. “I was struck by the colour range (1,500 and counting!) as well as the innovative, quality products on offer,” she explains.

Something of a social media queen (she has 21.5K fans on Instagram alone), Ms Swarbrigg has by now created a firm community of loyal Irish Inglot fans. Not only that, but she’s created the popular hashtags #inglotaddicts and #inglotfamily – which regularly pop up on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

She and her family now employ a talented group of some 250 people, and Jane prides herself on nurturing and building a team that is encouraged to use their creativity.

“A happy team is the key to a successful business,” she stresses. “Once you find the right product the next step is finding the right people to represent you and your brand. Then you just have to look after them.”

Inglot, which has its HQ in Mullingar, furthermore regularly gives back to its customers with free events in stores, as well as online activity such as demonstrations and competitions.

Unsurprisingly, 2017 is set to be a huge year for Jane and her company. “We might even be expanding overseas,” the businesswoman hints with a smile.

She will also find the time to marry her fiancé, Brendan Quinn; he proposed last year at the home they share in Castleknock.  

Jane’s final message for any budding entrepreneurs is clear: “Take those risks, ladies!

"And find comfort in knowing that feeling a little lost can actually be the fire in your belly to get you where you need to be.” 

"You'd be so much prettier without all that gunk on your face" is something that only, I repeat, only our mothers can say to us, not trolls on instagram.

Some makeup artists get bombarded by haters telling them they wear too much make up, attempting to shame the maquillage mavericks into ditching their carefully crafted faces.


A photo posted by Amy (@agentsometime) on

One MUA, Miami-based Amy who shows off her unique makeup looks on Instagram at @agentsometime, defied the haters and proved to her followers that makeup shaming simply isn't ok.

Spelling out a very colourful message, the MUA posted a snap of some achingly sharp liquid liner, along with the word "NOPE" outlined above it. 

The makeup fan is clearly fed up of people pointing out that they prefer a natural look and she should tone it down. 


A photo posted by K i r a S e y m o u r  (@kizzabruh) on

Other makeup artists have followed Amy's example,a nd posted responses of their own to makeup shamers.

Making the most of the popular meme slogan "cash me outside, how bou dat," another MUA outlined the phrase on her eyelids as a reply to her highlight haters. 


A video posted by  Karen  (@glamntrashy_xo) on

Clapping back at people who shame the level of makeup others wear has become something of a movement in the makeup community, with hundreds of Twitter and Instagram posts on the subject.

Shaming for any reason really isn't nice behaviour, never mind over something as personal and creative as someone's makeup application. 

However, it seems like the hate is just one more reason to create spectacular makeup looks in the cosmetic community.

Keep doing you, girls.  

Catrice is one of our favourite makeup brands, because it's great quality AND crazy cheap (seriously). 

We have super exciting news today, as we learned that Catrice's summer collection is set to land in Penneys this February. 

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 The new range is inspired by looks from the Spring/ Summer runway collections, and includes a wide range of covetable goodies. 

Catrice's new eyeshadow palettes are at the centre of the new collection, with four different colour schemes to choose from. 

Oh and did we mention that they cost JUST €5.50! 

We are also totally in love with their new liquid strobing pen, which basically contains liquid gold (and only costs €4.50…).

The collection includes many other fantastic new products, such as ombré lipsticks, lip cushions and extreme volume mascara. 

Literally everything from Catrice is less than €10, which is MIND-BLOWING. 

Ugh, we just LOVE makeup.

Whether they're bushy or bare, none of us can deny the fact that eyebrows shape our entire face. 

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However, keeping those brows perfect can be a very expensive task, between waxes, tints and everything else. 

That is why we are SO excited to introduce you to Eylure's affordable range of brow products. 

Eylure are famous for their fake eyelashes, but they have decided to spread their wings, and embrace the brow. 

Take the fast track to eyebrow perfection with Eylure’s one-stop, fast-fix brow products, that are designed to help you achieve the perfect shape, colour and texture. 

The range includes a fabulous brow contouring pencil, an eyebrow palette, and a brow amplifying wand. 

The best part? The products start at just €3.49, and can be purchased in Lloyds Pharmacies, both online and in-store. 




Harry Potter lovers have been teased and tormented by the revelation of a Harry Potter palette by Storybook Cosmetics.

The brand that brought us Game of Thrones makeup and Beauty and the Beast makeup brushes has been working on the Wizardry and Witchcraft palette for months, and it's finally almost ready for release.


A photo posted by @storybookcosmetics on

The gorgeous, rich shades were finalised a few weeks back, but the spell book packaging needed to be perfected. 

The creators have done an amazing job, and the book palette wouldn't look out of place in Hermione's hands at the Hogwarts library.

The shades themselves are divine, from taupes and neutrals to deep emerald and navy.


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The new eye shadows sit alongside wand themed makeup brushes and quill eyeliner on Storybook Cosmetics' website, so getting a magical makeup look is literally a click away. 

The palette will be released in the next few days, so keep your eyes on the prize because this one is sure to fly off the (Hogwarts) shelves.

Hands up if you remember the fantastic Japanese cartoon called Sailor Moon!

*throws two hands in the air enthusiastically*

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Well, if you were a fan of this iconic animated series, you are about to get really, really excited. 

Creer Beaute has just released an amazing Sailor Moon inspired eye shadow palette, and it has all the gems. 

This Sailor Moon Eye Shadow Palette Is More Swoon-Worthy Than Tuxedo Mask

The compact, which is gold and magical, contains four fabulous eyeshadow shades, one of which can double as a blusher.

The Sailor Moon Prism Compact will be available to purchase online as of March 2017, and will cost €33. 

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We need to add this baby to our growing collection.