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If your anything like us, an impromptu browse through the makeup counters will generally result in one hand covered in liquid lipsticks and the other caked in every various shades of biege and orange.

After all, most of us wouldn't dream of picking up a new product without testing it first, right?

Well, according to experts, the old 'try before you buy' method could actually be doing us more harm than good.

One microbiologist has warned how in-store makeup testers could carry viruses such as herpes and salmonella.

It's thought that lip products could contain tiny droplets of saliva which could carry infections, while mascara wands and eyeliners shared among friends could lead to the spread of conjunctivitis and even pink-eye.


According to The Daily Mail, Dr Amreen Bashir, a microbiologist from Aston University in Birmingham, said: “Most people would never consider sharing a toothbrush with a stranger, yet they happily use make-up testers.”

“There is a real risk of catching bacterial infections and herpes, as we all have different organisms living on us and one cosmetic tester can be used by 30 or 40 different people, which spreads the risk of infection.”

And if that wasn't enough to turn you off makeup testers, studies have revealed that a massive 43 per cent of eyeliners and mascara wands contain contaminants of some kind.

Makeup brushes are another huge offender, with experts warning that they could contain bacteria including Staph aureus, E.coli and streptococcus.

Please excuse us while we decontaminate our entire makeup collections.



Ever wondered exactly how the ancient Egyptians applied their liquid eyeliner? 

Or how the ancient Romans like to style their long locks?

If so, look no further than one particular YouTube channel that's making major waves in the niche of historically accurate makeup. 


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Fashion and beauty video creator Zabrena has carved out a loyal following on YouTube thanks to her epic and accurate makeup looks. 

Taking inspiration from various historical periods, the guru has turned her face into a time machine of past eras. 


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As well as providing us with insight into how certain time periods actually did their makeup, she also provides us with details like what the makeup was made form back them, what it was applied with, and the social reasons for how and what was applied to the face. 

Mum-of-one Zabrena also dips into more recent eras for her tutorials. 

Her video series has covered 50s, 60s and 80s makeup, as well as more niche topics like 90s supermodel, the Dark Ages, 80s glam rock and Marilyn Monroe. 


A post shared by Zabrena (@zabrenaxo) on

Her videos are seriously interesting to makeup lovers and history buffs alike, and we could spend all night binge watching her Historically Accurate series.

Zabrena also posts modern makeup tutorials to her channel, and shares her looks on Instagram with almost 30,000 followers.

We're officially hooked on the talented MUA's educational videos. Halloween costume inspo, anyone?



It may seem a tad premature, but there are so many amazing brands releasing their special Christmas collections – and we are here for it!  

There seems to be new announcements every day, but we are seriously excited about this latest one.

The gorgeous folks at Fuchsia Makeup have revealed their glorious exclusive Christmas collection- and it has jingled all our bells. 

Now a well-established premium make-up brand, the original Fuschia store was born in 2005, in Drogheda, Ireland (homegrown, baby). 

The Fuschia beauty concept focuses on building confidence. Life is challenging (amen sister), and the world can be tough. Everyone neds a secret helper sometimes, to feel strong enough and confident enough to go out and perform at their absolute best.

The sense of empowerment, which comes from looking and feeling ready to face the world, is intense and undeniable. At Fuschia, they make it their business to provide the tools for women everywhere to feel like this, every single day.

Christmas time just so happens to be one of Fuschia's favourite time of year and to celebrate they have launched a huge selection of limited edition gift boxes, brush sets and much more to keep the beauty lover amongst your friends and family filled with holiday cheer! 

Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas stocking filler or a luxury gift set for the one you love, Fuschia Makeup have you covered this Christmas.

Fuschia products are all vetted by their own ultra-talented tribe of make-up artists, who refuse to accept anything less than amazing. Each and every product is tested rigorously and must perform spectacularly to even come close to meeting the highest Fuschia quality standards. 

Gillian Moore, CEO Fuschia Make-Up says “At Fuschia we all absolutely LOVE what we do. We are genuinely passionate about helping women to love themselves a little more and feel braver and stronger as a result. We like to think that we don't just sell make-up; we inspire confidence.”





Game of Thrones has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions in a way that few TV shows can. 

For this reason, it's no surprise that the fantasy series has inspired a myriad of epic Halloween costume ideas. 

Of course, Khaleesi is one of the most popular costume choices, with her flowing white locks and penchant for a leather ensemble. 


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One makeup artist is taking the Mother of Dragons look to a whole new level with her take on the beloved GoT character.

Instagram-famous Irish makeup artist and Youtuber Keilidh Cashell has combined Daenerys Targaryen with her powerful dragons to create a unique Halloween costume we wish we had the makeup skills to recreate. 

Using the popular half-face format, the stunningly skilled MUA transformed half of her face into Khaleesi using subtle sculpting and a statement blonde wig, and used the other side to pay homage to Drogon. 


A post shared by KEILIDH•CASHELL (@keilidhmua) on

The full tutorial isn't live yet, but the MUA did give some details on how she achieved the look in a caption on her Instagram page. 

Keilidh used a few products we already have in our beauty arsenal to create the look, including a SOSU contour kit and Inglot gel liners. 

The artist also used professional SFX makeup products to create those mythical scales. 

'This is my favourite look of life!! Obsessed with GOT and wanted to do it justice – tutorial coming soon,' Keilidh captioned the snap – and we can't wait. 

Feature Image: Instagram / Kheilidh Cashell

Oh, and one more thing while we have you! Don't forget that you can catch up on all your favourite shows for free for a month right here, so sign up now!



Another day, another amazing new beauty product we'd like to formally introduce you to.

We were recently scrolling through Instagram when we stumbled upon a post by Trendmood (beauty gurus/ superstars). 

The page uploaded a video sneak peak from beauty brand, Farsali beauty. 

The clip revealed an amazing jelly highlighting cream, called Jelly Beam, and holy MOLY, is it great. 

Farsali is widely known for the most amazing face oils you have ever seen, and we have no doubt that this new highlighter will be much the same.  

The brand also uploaded the quick snap of the gorgeous new beauty product:

"But not just any kind… it's NOT a liquid, cream or powder… it's JELLY! It's unique Jelly consistency is due to the Farsali skincare DNA – which will keep your skin hydrated and protected from free radical damage, while you beam at the same time!"

They continued, explaining: "This baby goes on like a jelly and sets like a powder, giving you that beaming wet-satin finish. Launching November 1st, exclusively at farsali.com. Get your cheeks and sunglasses ready."

Oh, and it will hydrate your skin while also protecting it from free any damage – combine all that with a beaming satin finish, and we may just have the best beauty release of 2017. 

This amazing product launches on November 1, and we are honestly counting the days. 


The One cleanser + Volcanic Elixir = waking up with a smooth, hydrated and even complexion  – #farsali #farsalicare #theone #volcanicelixir

A post shared by FARSÁLI – Beauty with Benefits (@farsalicare) on

It'll set you back $40 according to the website, which works out at about €35, which is a small price to pay for glowing joy. 

Maybe we should pop this baby on our Christmas lists. 



Not content with dominating the world's of fashion and modelling, Gigi Hadid has announced that she is officially branching out with the launch of her own makeup collection.

The US super model took to Instagram to tease the new range of cosmetics, which were created in collaboration with Maybelline New York. 


A year in the making.. #GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON. @maybelline 

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Assuming that the products in the photo are a taster of what's to come, it looks like the collection will include a number of lipstick shades ranging from subtle nudes to bold purples, as well as smokey eyeshadows, colourful eyeliners and compact makeup brushes.

Maybelline also shared a number teaser videos informing fans to 'get ready' for the upcoming release.



A post shared by Maybelline New York (@maybelline) on

While no release date has been confirmed, fans are excited at what's to come.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.


If ever you needed further proof that some days not even Chrissy Teigen wakes up looking like Chrissy Teigen, then look no further.

Highlighting the prep that goes into the star's pre-event prep, Chrissy's make-up artist, Emma Osborne, uploaded a timelapse video of the process.

And, ladies, it's no mean feat.

Before emerging as the red carpet-ready queen we all know and love, a bare-faced and utterly beautiful Chrissy can be seen laughing and chatting as the two experts get to grips with her hair and makeup.

Spolier: You will be seeing a topless John Legend, and for that we thank you, Emma.





We love all things autumn – from the warm drinks and cosy knits, to the fluffy pyjamas and gorgeous coats.

We would go as far to say that it's our favourite season (but we love the others also!)

The transition from summer to autumn also brings about changes in makeup – as you can now get away with warm, bold eyeshadows! 

Check out our FAVE shades for this season, that are just a little different:

1. Emerald Green

Embrace warm, jewel tones this season with a flawless emerald green smokey eye!

@luxylash Brown n green eyeshadow

2. Deep Blue

We are huge fans of a dark, matte blue eyeshadow.

This seriously makes the eyes POP.

I wouldn't usually go for blue eyeshadow, but this looks beautiful!

3. Sunset Eyes

Combine your yellows and oranges to create a beautiful sunset effect on your lid. 

im definitely going to try this

4. Gold Member

If you're feeling particularly festive this month, why not add a splash of metallic gold to your makeup look?

Combine it with a bold red lip, for the perfect night out. 


5. White Out

We may not get snow this year, but that won't stop us from embracing it in every way. 

bright lid and inner corner/soft wing/nude lip - gesso, solar white, showstopper, wedge, honeylove (needs more brow)

6. Rose Gold

The hottest colour of the season, in all aspects, especially makeup. 

Rose gold and pink metallic eyeshadow look

7. Smokey Brown

Instead of a harsh, black smokey eye, we recommend using warm brown tones.

Perfect for everyday wear. 

Imagem de makeup, eyebrows, and eyes

8. Pink Eyes

There is just something really warm and pretty about a pink eyeshadow look. 

♥️ Pinterest: DEBORAHPRAHA ♥️ pink eyeshadow makeup look



It's FINALLY Friday, and we could not be happier about it to be honest!

You know what makes today even better? The fact that we just discovered an AMAZING new Disney collaboration (our hearts can hardly take it!)

Our latest discovery comes in the form of a Beauty and the Beast makeup collection, and we have Los Angeles based company Lorac to thank. 

"Waltz into a magical journey of wonder and romance with the new LORAC Los Angeles limited-edition Disney Beauty and the Beast collection," says the website, and we are so ready!

The collection consists of a stunning eyeshadow palette, which contains 16 gorgeous shades that are perfect for any occasion. 

There is also a lipgloss set, lipstick set and a delightful cheek palette, that has four lovely blushes that will have you glowing like Belle. 

And our favourite part? The gorgeous bloody packaging! Donning red roses, and what looks like gold embellishment, this collection really is something special. 

Sad story – the site doesn't deliver to this side of the pond, HOWEVER, the goodies are actually available on Amazon, so fear not. 


Shimmering, stunning cheek shades in our #BeautyAndTheBEast Cheek Palette. Which is your go-to color?@crystalsmakeup

A post shared by LORAC Los Angeles (@loraccosmetics) on

The cheek palette sells for $28 (£21.68), and the eyeshadow palette goes for  $48 (£37.17) – honestly, not a bad deal, in our humble opinion.

The divine lipstick and lipgloss sets sell for $36 (£27.87) and $34 (£26.33), respectively. 

We are buying EVERYTHING in this collection.



It would seem as though everywhere we look, there is a new makeup collaboration that has our inner child screaming. 

The latest cosmetic creation is no exception to this, and we are SO excited to tell you about it. 

PÜR Cosmetics has teamed up with My Little Pony in celebration of the forthcoming My Little Pony movie.

This collaboration has resulted in a rainbow-coloured, glittery makeup collection – and it is AMAZING.

The skin care company enlisted Hailie Barber (YouTube sensation) as the brand ambassador for the PÜR Cosmetics My Little Pony: The Movie Collection, and we think she’s the perfect person for the job.

Beauty vlogger, and all-round queen, Hailie is a lover of colour, and all things cute and sparkly – so she's the perfect woman for the job. 

Our favourite piece in this rainbow-filled collection has to be the eyeshadow palette which contains 16 gorgeous shades

There’s also a three-piece highlighter set and a number of lipglosses – say no more. 

The PÜR Cosmetics My Little Pony: The Movie Collection goes on sale August 10th on purcosmetics.com, and My Little Pony: The Movie will hit cinemas October 6th.

So much to look forward to. 



Kylie Jenner has finally revealed her birthday makeup collection – and it could be her most gorgeous yet.

After teasing fans on social media, the beauty mogul gave her Snapchat and Instagram followers a sneak peek at the #KylieTurns20 Kylie Cosmetics collection, and as usual, fans went wild with anticipation.

The glittery pink collection includes a whole host of shiny new products including two new Ultra Glow Highlighter in Queen (a pale pink) and King (golden beige), which Kylie swatched for her Snapchat followers, showing off their glimmering textures.

Also included in the collection is The Birthday Book – a pressed powder palette consisting of nine eyeshadows and two blushes.


The Birthday Book Launching August 1st… 

A post shared by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

Of course, no Kylie Cosmetics drop would be complete without one of her famous liquid lipsticks and it looks like fans will be spoilt for choice.

The new range will include not one, but two mini liquid lip sets – the Velvet Mini Liquid Lip Set and the Matte Mini Liquid Lip Set, each with six brand new shades.

What's more, there will also be a new Lip Kit in Twenty, a matte rosewood shade, as well as a limited edition rhinestone incrusted version of the the brand's original shade, Kylie.

Kylie celebrates her birthday on August 10, but the range will be available to purchase from Kylie Cosmetics on August 1 at 11.00pm.

It is not yet know how much each product will cost, but keep an eye on Kylie's social media channels for more updates over the next few days.

You know the drill.



There is nothing we love more than an amazing new makeup launch – especially when it includes a hint of Disney. 

Well, if you find yourself nodding in agreement with the above statement, you are in for a serious treat. 

The wonderful folks at Bésame Cosmetics are releasing a range of Snow White inspired makeup, and its actually for grown-ups (even better). 

Yep, the Snow White collection will include the same colours and art from the 1937 film to celebrate its 80th anniversary, and we could not be more excited. 

Bésame took to Instagram to announce the arrival of its magical creation, which is set to launch this autumn!

If you find yourself thinking that the collection looks super-authentic, there’s a good reason for that: Bésame actually worked side by side with Disney’s Ink and Paint Department to make sure the colours were true to the classic film.

According to Instagram makeup news account Trend Mood, the collection will include various lipsticks and eyeshadows, as well as powders, blushers, and a gorgeous gold-plated vanity mirror, so you can be the fairest of them all. 

See what we did there?


Here is everything u need to know!!! And more pictures *swipe to the left  I want it all!!!NEW @besamecosmetics X #SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs @disney #Collection80th Anniversary Includes: 1. The #StoryBook #EyeshadowPalette which is a replica of the storybook in the 1973 film, 20 matte shades $68 2. I'm Wishing + Keep Singing #Eyeshadow #Palettes Each one includes 8 Shimmery shades and they have an original artwork from the film. $45 Each 3. Vanity Mirror – gold plated full with little details $40 4. Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder $35 5. With a Smile and a Song, Cream Rouge – a #blush $20 6. Snow White's Pies – 3 #LipBalms in Gooseberry, Apple & Cherry $18 7. Mini Lipstick Set – includes 7 lipsticks $35 8. 4 individual #Lipsticks (Full size) in Love first Kiss, One Bite, Make a Wish & Snow White Red $22 Each 9. Travel Case $35 10. 2 Pouches $15 Each . …. ————————– Will be available  Mid / End SEPTEMBER! Full collection on their website (they will be international shipping) + in their Store in Burbank, CA. They will have an App (very soon), and they will send notifications there first to shop the collection. Will be available in other retails like @Sephora select items no bundles, individual items only #LimitedEdition #CrueltyFree I am sooooo excited for this !!!! The packaging is everything!!! SO #BEAUTIFUL #ByeByeMoney Who else is excited for this???? XO #Trendmood #disney THANK U so much for sharing these Pic: @risingstar52 @ashleyyuenmua @laksari U ROCK! . . #makeup #beauty #bbloggers #beautyblogger makeupoftheday #motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger #makeuponpoint #onpoint #makeuplook #makeuplove

A post shared by TRENDMOOD (@trendmood1) on

Our favourite part of the collection? The Storybook Eyeshadow Palette, which has 20 matte shades inside a replica storybook.

There are also the smaller I’m Wishing and Keep Singing palettes that feature original artwork from the film and contain eight glorious shades apiece.


More pictures and some #swatches !!! *swipe to the left  #NEEDNEW @besamecosmetics X #SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs @disney #Collection  80th Anniversary Includes: 1. The #StoryBook #EyeshadowPalette which is a replica of the storybook in the 1973 film, 20 matte shades $68 2. I'm Wishing + Keep Singing #Eyeshadow #Palettes Each one includes 8 Shimmery shades and they have an original artwork from the film. $45 Each 3. Vanity Mirror – gold plated full with little details $40 4. Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder $35 5. With a Smile and a Song, Cream Rouge – a #blush $20 6. Snow White's Pies – 3 #LipBalms in Gooseberry, Apple & Cherry $18 7. Mini Lipstick Set – includes 7 lipsticks $35 8. 4 individual #Lipsticks (Full size) in Love first Kiss, One Bite, Make a Wish & Snow White Red $22 Each 9. Travel Case $35 10. 2 Pouches $15 Each. ………………………………….. ————————– Will be available  Mid / End SEPTEMBER! Full collection on their website (they will international shipping) + in their Store in Burbank, CA. They will have an App (very soon), and they will send notification there first to shop the collection. Will be available in other retails like @Sephora select items. no bundles, individual items only. #LimitedEdition #CrueltyFree I am sooooo excited for this !!!! The packaging is everything!!! SO #BEAUTIFUL  #ByeByeMoney What's on your list???? XO #Trendmood #disney THANK U so much for sharing these Pic: @risingstar52 @ashleyyuenmua @theglowinggeek @disneymakeup55 @disneystyle @disneylaurac . U ROCK! . . #makeup #beauty #bbloggers #beautyblogger makeupoftheday #motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger #makeuponpoint

A post shared by TRENDMOOD (@trendmood1) on

Full-size lipsticks will come in four shades of Love First Kiss, One Bite, Make a Wish, and Snow White Red. There will also be seven as-yet unnamed mini lipsticks (which we reckon will be an ode to the seven dwarves) available as a set.

The full collection is expected to drop sometime in September, but you can sign up for email updates in the meantime here.