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There are always some weird beauty hacks doing the rounds online, but the latest one is completely bonkers. 

Beauty blenders have become the makeup application tool of choice for MUAs and mere mortals alike, but some beauty bloggers are mixing it up with a very unexpected tool. 

Eggs are a pretty versatile food, but now they are being incorporated into our beauty routines. 


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According to a few in the online makeup community, hard-boiled eggs are the newest way to apply your foundation, contour and even eye shadow.

The experiment (or should we say, eggs-periment) was first undertaken by MUA Nadi, of Pop Luxe.

In a YouTube video, the makeup fan applied a full face of makeup using the protein-filled snack, and it went surprisingly well.

"Oh my gosh, this is actually working really, really well," he said.

"This kind of feels like a really cold SiliSponge but it smells like sewage, like eggs, so that's a turnoff — but it's actually doing a pretty good job."

Another beauty blogger, Esther Gbudje, also attempted the look and had a similar experience.

"The egg did give me the flawless look I was going for, and it doesn't absorb any product at all," she told Allure

We're not convinced that boiled eggs are about to take over from beauty blenders, but this experiment was pretty unique.

We just hope that their faces didn't have that distinctive eggy scent after application… 

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You may remember Kat Von D from her successful tattoo show LA Ink, but now the American artist is better known for her insanely popular makeup line.

Her coveted makeup only became available in Ireland recently, and is now being sold in Debenhams.


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The queen of alternative beauty is coming to Dublin this April to celebrate the launch of her line. 

"HELLO, IRELAND! I'm so excited to get the chance to meet you all in Dublin THIS APRIL!" she said, captioning an Instagram post.

"In celebration of @katvondbeauty launching in more @debenhamsbeauty locations this spring, I'll be flying out to give each and everyone of you a big hug!"


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The tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-mogul will be in Debenhams on Henry Street on April 1 (and this is not a joke).

The catch is that you have to purchase a KVD product on the day to meet Kat, but we're dying to get our hands on a few of her palettes anyway so we don't need another excuse.

Over 1,500 people have clicked attending to the Facebook event, so that's quite a lot of hugs for Kat to dole out!

Let's face it – putting on makeup is an art form, whether you're good at it or not.

That is why we so excited by Urban Decay's latest collection, which is a collaboration with a very famous artist. 


@urbandecaycosmetics X Basquiat X RR

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The exciting cosmetics brand took to Instagram this week to announce their latest collection, which is inspired by the work of famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The launch, which includes so many amazing products is called Urban Decay x Basquiat – and you're going to want it all. 


It's hard to imagine a more perfect fit for UD — introducing our #UDxBasquiat collection. #UrbanDecay

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Many of you may have no clue who Jean-Michel is (fair), so we have a little bit of background information on him.

Basquiat began his career as a graffiti artist in New York City, where he became well-known for his vibrant combinations of text and symbols and his commentary on race and society.


Want more #UDxBasquiat? Check out our Instagram Stories. #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay released a statement about the new collection: "Like Urban Decay, Basquiat was an outsider who challenged the status quo and used colour in nontraditional ways. From his informal graffiti work and the way he mixed mediums and colours to the way he spoke out against social injustice, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit for our brand."

The launch features 12 products, with colours and names inspired by the artist's work. There are two fabulous eyeshadow palettes, a blush/bronzer palette, three vibrant lipstick shades, and eye liners in red, yellow, and blue. 


About last night… #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay

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The products range from €15 to €30, and can also be purchased as a full set fo €150. 

We don't have an official release date for the products yet, but we'll be waiting with baited breath.


The dream collaboration UD X BASQUIAT @urbandecaycosmetics

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We're all pretty obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills products, but we don't love them enough to commit a major crime to get our hands on them.

It seems that not everyone is on our moral wavelength when it comes to palette pinching, as NBC reports that over €4,200,000 worth of ABH eye shadow palettes were stolen from their warehouses.


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The thieves focused on swiping the Modern Renaissance Palette from the ABH warehouse, one of the company's most popular makeup ventures. 

The thefts occurred back in January, but have only recently come to the forefront.

Los Angeles police said this week that they are investigating how the thieves made off with so much of the swiped shadow. 

The suspects are alleged to have sawed through the roof of a San Fernando Valley warehouse and stolen up to 100,000 packages of eye shadow, according to the LA Times. 

I mean, we'd all love a Modern Renaissance Palette, but really? 

None of us can deny the fact that life gets hectic, and it can be easy to forget about skin care, and how  important it really is. 

That is why we are so excited about the latest makeup-related news! 


 @alatorreee playing with purples from our Full Spectrum Palette. ColorUnleashed #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay have been producing the most amazing makeup for decades, and now we are finally getting a range of skin care.

Urban Decay posted an announcement in a photo album on Instagram, in which they released a whole range of new skin goodies. 


Putting on eyeshadow without it is just reckless. Tap to shop your favorites now. #UrbanDecay

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The new collection, called Rehab Makeup Prep, includes a number of gorgeous products that are designed to prepare your pretty face before adding makeup.

The second part of the collection is called Meltdown Makeup Removers, and is filled with products to take off your full face at the end of the day (if you have the time).


Sneak peek from @udwende. Check out the scoop on her page. #UrbanDecay #BeautyWithAnEdge

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With regards to cosmetics, Urban Decay want s you ladies to: "Put it on perfectly, take it off totally."


As makeup artistry has gotten more and more popular, the phenomenon of the self-taught MUA has become more visible. 

No longer is the title of makeup artist applied to seasoned, brand endorsed applicators, but anyone with a fully-stocked makeup kit and flair for a dramatic winged liner look can cash in on their beautifying talents.

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This well-contoured revolution has let to an influx of MUA pages across social media, as people take to the sites to show off their skills and book clients.

However the MUA acronym has been secretly baffling the uninitiated for months now, who thought the three letters stood for something entirely different. 

To the less makeup savvy, the acronym seemed to spell out the word "mwah," a term once popularised through Bebo mails and scrawled at the bottom of 14-year-old birthday cards.

We can kind of see where they're coming from, despite the lack of "w."

Others believed that the makeup lovers were plotting to take over the world, and thought that the acronym represented the sound of a drawn-out, evil laugh. 

While some MUAs may be inspired by Disney villains for their dramatic Halloween looks, this isn't the case. 

Some even thought that Conor McGregor could be part of the MUA squad, as they believed that the letters represented a branch of MMA training.

A MUA's lip liner may kick ass, but the acronym doesn't quite stretch that far. 

So if you had no clue what the lash-loving MUA term stood for, you weren't alone. 

Most of us will spend years coveting a pair of designer shoes, but will never cough up the money for them (because they're SO overpriced).

Sad, but true. 


This is how I do sassy in the morning  #louboutinworld

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However, thanks to the folks at Christian Louboutin, we can get close to expensive footwear through beauty products.

The famous shoe company have released nail polishes and lipsticks in recent years, and are now selling gorgeous eye makeup. 

Louboutin's latest cosmetic offering includes sleek liquid liners, eyebrow and eyeshadow pencils and mascara. 

Now, we are here to tell you that these products are not exactly cheap, but they cost a lot less than a pair of Louboutin shoes. 


King me. #BeauteLouboutin Creative Director: @marz_atashi Photographer: @piotr_stoklosa

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The liquid eyeliner will cost €70, with the eyebrow definers and eyeshadows costing around the €35 mark. 

The mascara is pretty pricey, at €75, but it will transform your lashes. 

Everything from the new Christian Louboutin collection will be available next month online

*counts pennies desperately*

There was online uproar recently when a Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page sprung up on Instagram with no apparent explanation, and people assumed, hoped and prayed that the conception of the page meant that Rihanna's makeup line was coming soon. 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the page is anything more than a fan page. 

We'll give you a moment to let the imminent disappointment set in. 

Image result for rihanna

The page has since been removed, but other similar copy-cat pages have sprung up. 

While the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page may not be legit (despite facading as such), there is some exciting news on the horizon for Riri beauty fans.

Rihanna did confirm in September 2016 that a makeup and beauty line was in the works, but the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page, or pages similar, are not affiliated with Riri.

While that particular page was a hoax, the makeup brand is actually en route.

Fashion and beauty mega-corp LVMH confirmed that they had struck a deal with Queen R, and that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna could be a real prospect by autumn 2017, according to WWD.


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Now, the future brand is searching for makeup artists to work with Rihanna as spokespeople for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

In an Instagram post, esteemed beauty professional James Vincent asked that makeup artists come to a casting for the brand.

The casting call is a method of "formal recruitment for Fenty Beauty's Global Makeup Artists and Artistry support team."

So, if you are an uber-talented MUA with a portfolio to die for who has been thinking about heading Stateside, and you have the cash for a last minute plane ticket, what's stopping you? 

Ireland is full of amazing talent, and now one Dublin-born MUA is baking the faces of top models like Kendall Jenner, Lindsey Wixon and many more.

Aidan Keogh, from Cabra in North Dublin, has been working in New York for the past decade, making his mark on the beauty world one famous, fashionable face at a time. 

His work has been featured on high end runways, and his looks have made it onto the cover of Vogue. 


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The MUA started out at M.A.C on Grafton Street before branching out on his own, and now he counts Victoria's Secret models and the Kardashians among his many clients.

"Kendall has always been so good for me to work with," he told The Sun. 

“She knows what she likes, is pleasant and professional and is naturally beautiful so it’s a bonus she continues to ask me back.”


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The Dubliner puts his success down to his Irish roots, saying: "Nobody handed anything to me and there’s been rejection, like in any industry."

"I guess being from Cabra and a middle child of seven siblings gave me thick skin.”

Kudos to Aidan for getting the A-list recognition his makeup looks deserve. 

We wonder if he's given Kendall any ideas to come to Ireland any time soon? 

If you are a fan of beauty, you will definitely have heard of the silicone Silisponge.

The odd looking blender (which looks like a bra insert) has taken the makeup world by storm, with thousands of posts about it littering social media.

What makes this sponge special is that it's not really a sponge at all, it's a poreless gel cushion which allows you to use half your usual amount of foundation, meaning your product can last twice as long as none is absorbed by the beauty tool.


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The gel cushion creates a flawless finish on your skin, and has been selling out in droves since it was launched.

While the original product wont break the bank at €12, Penneys is swooping in with their own version for a fraction of the price.

For just €2.00, you can get your hands on two of these beauty bad boys, so they are literally one quid each. 

These cult beauty items are definitely going to fly off the shelves, so we will be hitting Penneys ASAP to try and get our hands on some.

See you all in the silisponge queue!

With her plump pout, hourglass figure and sexy outfits, none of can deny the fact that Betty Boop is a feminist cartoon icon. 

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Before Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop paved the way as a figure of liberation and empowerment. 

Image result for betty boop

That is why we are so excited to hear about MAC's latest collaboration with the animated icon, which is set to launch on Valentine's day. 

Image result for betty boop

On February 14, M.A.C. Cosmetics will pay homage to Max Fleischer’s feminist creation with an exclusive red lippy named after Betty. 

The lipstick is a bright crimson shade, very similar to Ruby Woo, and seems perfectly fitting for this pin-up princess. 

The product will be sold exclusively online, and we are expecting a total sell out!


As much as we know that they're no good for us, we definitely all have a penchant for fizzy drinks (or minerals if you're feeling fancy).

But incorporating them into our beauty routines has never been on our radar.

That was until we spotted one makeup artist over on the famous Huda Beauty Instagram utilising some fizzy drink bottles to create a killer cut crease.


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Makeup artists and beauty lovers keep coming up with more nifty and novelty ways to make makeup application that bit easier.

The cut crease eye shadow look can be tricky to pull off, but YouTuber Juliana Leme is tacking the trend. 

Using the cap off a Coke bottle, the MUA uses its circular shape to guide her eye shadow brush to create the perfect crease.


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Following the line of the bottle cap means that the cut crease will be symmetrical and even every time.

It's also a pretty nifty way to recycle old bottle caps if you're feeling eco-friendly.

We might just have to try out this novelty method for ourselves.