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One of the most exciting beauty collaborations of the year is almost here, but it's not exactly garnering the positive attention they hoped for…

KKW Beauty and Canadian Victoria's Secret model Winnie Harlow have joined forces, with brand founder Kim Kardashian announcing the news in an Instagram post yesterday.

The model and beauty mogul looked eerily similar in the campaign shots, sporting sky-high ponytails and matching makeup looks. The collab is set to launch next week, but some people aren't happy.


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Kim shared in a caption; "I'm so excited to announce my new KKW x WINNIE Collab!" The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star added that Harlow is "the definition of a true beauty."

The collaboration is set to launch on September 13 and will feature a 12-pan eyeshadow palette, a highlighter duo and three glosses (for an extortionate amount of cash).


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The criticism underneath West's posts was mainly targeting Harlow for her disparaging comments about Duckie Thot and Tyra Banks in the past.

The model referred to Duckie Thot's natural hair as "cauliflower ass head", after Thot spoke out about her struggle to reveal her natural hair on Australia's Next Top Model.

Harlow was also a contestant on America's Next Top Model, and recently became Victoria's Secret's first model with vitiligo. Thot has landed multiple high-end campaigns, including with Fenty Beauty.

"Thought I was the only who was not a Winnie fan until I read the comments," wrote one commenter. "But people change and grow and evolve. So maybe her attitude is better but she won't get my money."

The KKW x Winnie palette also drew comparison to Lunar Beauty's Greek Goddess Colour Palette, which launched late last year. Time will tell whether the collection will be worth the money.

KKW Beauty's KKW x Winnie Harlow Collection Bundle is priced at €101.50 in total ($112) and will be available from September 13 at KKWBeauty.com

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There's no doubt about it; Tyra Banks changed the face of the modelling industry forever. From starting a massively successful TV show on the concept of model-hunting, to fashion lines to movies (Lifesize, anyone?), the woman is iconic.

Her star is set to rise even further, if that's even possible, because apparently she's set to open a 21,000 square foot AMUSEMENT PARK in Los Angeles about models. Seriously…Just picture the level of fierce.

We, for one, were literally obsessed with America's Next Top Model; the show spanned 24 cycles and we watched them all. The television series had a huge number of hooked fans, so her Model-Land theme park should be a success.


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The woman is legit the Walt Disney of beauty.

She posted a stunning image to her Instagram, and captioned the snap; "My dream for you will soon be a reality. #ModelLand. A place where everyone can be a model. A place where all beauty is celebrated."

"I can’t wait for you to step into your light. Head over to Model-Land.com to sign up for more information." Oh, sign up we did. The veteran model recently opened ANTM for all genders, more inclusive body types, heights and rid the show's of an eligibility age limit.


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According to Model-Land's press release, the amusement park is;

"A first-of-its-kind experiential attraction, Model-land will intersect a fantasy version of the modelling world with state-of-the-art interactive entertainment, creative collaborations, curated retail, dining and special events." 

"The breakthrough new attraction is set to open in late 2019 at Macerich’s Santa Monica Place, the iconic open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination just blocks from the beach in Santa Monica."


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“I created Top Model to expand the definition of beauty based on my own pain of being told ‘no’ that I couldn’t do something because I’m curvy or I’m black. My empathy for women in general increased through the experience," Banks told Booth Moore of WWD.

Tyra continued, expressing her hope for even more expansion;

"And now with Model-land, I’m taking it ten steps forward, giving people the opportunity to engage with the elusive world by opening it up to everyone. Men, women, families, all generations can come and enter this model world for a day, have a fun shopping experience, and an eventful meal. This will be the first of many.”


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As a permanent destination, visitors will be able to "step into their light" so just about anyone can be a model. Banks spoke about her Disneyland inspiration, a place she went a lot as a child; 

"There is a storyline I have been working on for a year. Anybody can enter and feel like a model,” she said about the space.

Banks, as the godmother of breaking beauty barriers, is continuing her mission to bring modelling to the masses. She really does bring the industry into the mainstream, and we love her for it.

Feature image; Instagram/@brunettebitchbabe


America's Next Top Model is a noughties classic, with hosts Tyra Banks, Janice Dickenson and Ms J honing the skills of wannabe models year in and year out.

In the most recent series, Tyra vacated her throne as queen judge in favour of Rita Ora, who has been heading up the show with body positivity activist Ashley Graham, as well as stylist Law Roach and chief creative officer of Paper Magazine Drew Eliot.

Now, the OG model has set her sights on her crown once again. 

Tyra, who has been ANTM‘s creator and executive producer this series, is set for a return. 

The super model will begin shooting the new series of the show this summer, but there is no word yet on whether Rita will be remaining as a fellow judge. 

ANTM fans are thrilled by the news, and have called for the other OG judges to make a comeback too. 

Rita took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of herself and Tyra. 

"Words can't describe how much FUN I had hosting this show for you – it was such an honour," she said. 

"I grew up watching and loving the show it was a dream come true and I can't wait for you to hear my new album!"

"It's TIME PEOPLE!!! Love the whole ANTM cast and crew and good luck for the future!! Love you," she finished.

We can't wait for the new season! 


America's Next Top Model is a noughties classic, with hosts Tyra Banks, Janice Dickenson and Ms J honing the skills of wannabe models year in and year out.

Now, as the show enters its 23rd season, Tyra has vacated her throne as head judge for someone all together unexpected.

 When you think "super model" the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Adrian Lima spring to mind, but the new head judge is none other than songstress Rita Ora. 

Rita shot to fame after being mentored by none other than Jay-Z, and has since had a successful album, a collaborative collection with Addidas and guest judging spots on the X Factor, but not a lot of straight modelling experience. 

Fans of ANTM were quick to point this out, with some going so far as to say they will be boycotting the show if someone as "inexperienced" at modelling as Rita Ora takes the reigns. 

Some pointed out the fact that Rita hasn't quite broken America, despite her supporting role in Fifty Shades of Grey and her chart topping hit Black Widow with Iggy Azelia. 

Rita will be joined by plus sized model and body positivity activist Ashley Graham, as well as stylist  Law Roach and chief creative officer of Paper Magazine Drew Eliot, who successfully helped Kim Kardshian break the internet with her infamous champagne popping cover.

Guest stars are set to include Zendaya, DJ Khaled, Tinashe, Jason Derulo, Amber Rose, French Montana, Chanel Iman and Jasmine Sanders.

If the trailer for the new show is anything to go by, it's set to be a lit season. 



After 12 years and 22 cycles, the search for America's Next Top Model is finally coming to an end.

Tyra Banks confirmed last night via Twitter that the show had been cancelled by the CW network, saying she "truly" believed it was time.

The former model recently launched her own lifestyle show, FabLife, but somehow we doubt it will ever reach the dizzy heights of ANTM. After all, it won't have Miss J Alexander.

To help us come to terms with our loss, we've rounded up some of the best (read: most mental) ANTM moments…

1. When Rebecca full-on fainted during her critique in Cycle 4
Love how everyone looks shocked but doesn't move a muscle.


2. When poor Alexandra fell before she'd even reached the catwalk…

…And was hit by a giant pendulum literally 30 seconds later.


3. Any time cycle 5 winner Lisa D'Amato was on screen
'Caaaaaalm downnnn.'


4. That time Tyra herself fainted while delivering some Tyra Mail

when tyra pretended to faint gif


5. But wait! It was just acting… ACTING! ACTING! ACTING!


6. Her stellar modelling advice in Cycle 8
Be a hoe, then make it fashion – simples.


7. Basically any time Miss J Alexander was confused… 


8. When we finally learnt how to smile like a true model
Smize, people. SMIZE.

Not like this…


9. And of course, Tyra's epic rant at Tiffany in Cycle 4.

 Thanks for the memories, Ty-Ty.