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Introducing the new Dripping Gold Kabuki Brush and Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder, the ultimate bronzing duo. 

Enjoy glistening summer skin with the new Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder. Perfect to wear as contour, on the chest, shoulders, and arms over your Dripping Gold Tan for a lustrous, bronzed finish. 

Suitable for the face and body, the Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder delivers a shimmering, illuminated glow – a tanning must-have. Presented in a stylish, matte black palette with a large compact mirror, it is perfect for on-the-go touch- ups. Simply dust & glow.


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Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder glides effortlessly onto the skin with our new Dripping Gold Kabuki Brush, leaving a silky, sun-soaked, golden complexion. 

With super soft, synthetic bristles, this Kabuki Brush sweeps the product over the face and body, delivering an impeccable all-over shine. Easy to wash off, the luxurious brush hairs remain intact and like new when dried. Sized to go, it’s dense, luxury synthetic fibres create a buildable flawless finish, giving you glowing skin instantly.


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Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder features: 

• Illuminating glow 

• Skin perfecting flawless finish 

• Enhances existing tan 

• Suitable for face & body 

• Suitable for all skin types 

• Highly pigmented 

• Effortless application 

Kabuki Brush features: 

• Super soft, luxurious synthetic fibres 

• Flawless application 

• Suitable for face and body 

• Suitable for all skin types 

• Easy to use & wash 

• Hairs remain intact and like new 


Step 1 – Using the Dripping Gold Kabuki Brush, swirl brush bristles into Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder 

Step 2 – Apply the product to the desired areas in circular motions for a flawless, illuminated finish 

RRP: Bronzer – €14.95 Kabuki Brush – €19.95 

Available on www.sosubysj.com and in selected pharmacies nationwide. 



What was anticipated as a six/twelve month limited edition campaign has grown into four years of continuous love and success of the Pippa For Blank Canvas Palette.

main image

This was a sensational launch in 2015 and an instant sell out, selling many, many units in its first year and quickly became a mainstay in in handbags, for nights out and make up artists kits.


The palette was trialled, tested, changed, scraped and tested some more over 18 months and the team even squeezed in a trip to New York to shoot some of their campaign imagery. Together they designed, travelled and most importantly laughed together as friendship and business blossomed.

All good things come to an end.. to make room for what’s next from Blank Canvas.

Blank Canvas can be bought online on https://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/, Cloud10 Beauty and in national pharmacies.

We have 5 Pippa Palette’s to give away – to enter just put your details in below.



Glossier is known for it's 'skin first' approach to makeup, promoting barely there, it-gal makeup looks with their innovative products.

However, the brand is now ready to introduce their customers to something a little more playful, outwardly gauche but ultimately incredibly chic.

'A brand of dialled-up beauty extras that make getting ready the best part about going out,' reads the tag line for Glossier Play, the new brand Glossier has been teasing for weeks. 

The new collection is made up of four beauty products which are an amplified take on the Glossier look. 

These four, combined with two beauty tools, make editorial, fashion show makeup accessible. 

Colourful cosmetics are increasing in popularity thanks to the exhibitionist, experimental nature of digital beauty gurus – and makeup as art is making a come back. 

Glossier Glitter Gelée €14.00

Jelly formulas are having a moment, and Glossier has clearly tapped into that. Recognising it's customer bases' craving for an editorial, backstage-at-London-fashion-week eye, the brand is introducing a series of Glitter Gelées. 

The glitter gel is generously packed with glitters, in a quadrant of trendy shades. 

Bijoux Bijoux, a gun metal silver, caught our eye as the stand out – and we can see these being particularly popular come summer and festival season. 

Glossier Colourslide eyeliner €15.00, Glossier Vinylic Lip €16.00

In the lip department, Glossier is launching a brand new colour contributor to pat on when your The Balm Dot Com isn't cutting it. 

The Vinylic Lip is designed to give a high-shine, high-pigment delivery. The lip vinyl comes in six essential colours, ranging from a 90s taupe to an electric 90s orange. 

The Colourslide eye liner is also amping up the saturation – with a range of colours we have truly never seen in an eyeliner offering before. 

Baby blue, sparkly khaki, bright mustard yellow, moondust and magenta are all on the menu, plus nine others. 

Glossier Niteshine €19.00

Lastly in makeup, is the release of the Glossier Play Niteshine. 

The liquid glow comes in a range of hues, in an attempt to cater to all skin tones. From baby rose and champagne to deep coppery-brown, only time and tutorials will tell if they succeeded.

Outside of tone range, the liquid highlighters promise to blend seamlessly onto cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids, and provide a buildable effect. If their Haloscope glow sticks are anything to go by, Glossier understands highlighter – so this will be a roaring success. 

It's the priciest item of the four new offerings, but if you have experience with liquid highlights, you'll know they last forever. 

Other than makeup items, the Glossier Play family also includes a specifically engineered sharpener for lip and eye pencils, as well as an angled eye liner brush.