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Huda Kattan is rarely seen without her iconic, black-winged eyeliner.

The makeup artist pulled off the winged look to perfection, so it was only a matter of time before her followers requested that she developed her own product for her fans, and she delivered.

Waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting, Huda Beauty’s first eyeliner 'Life Liner' is launching this Thursday, September 12. You can bet it'll be the blackest and mattest on the market.


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Life Liner is part liquid, part pencil and 100 percent Huda-approved. The product stays put for 48-hours straight, and was designed to create a huge range of looks with one makeup tool.

Huda and her team have created numerous videos to celebrate the launch of Life Liner, transforming into the most iconic eyeliner wearers of all time; Audrey Hepburn, Cleopatra and Brigitte Bardot.

Eyeliner has been a part of Huda’s signature everyday look for years, so we trust her to come up with the best product on the market for her social followers. In Huda We Trust;


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Life Liner took the beauty guru and her team roughly three years to perfect, which means that both time and love have gone into the creation.

Combining high molecular weight silicones and silicone resins, Huda Beauty's team were able to create an elastic-like texture that prevents cracking, smudging or fading during wear.

The formula’s unique ingredients work together to create a lightweight film that protects the formula once it’s applied giving it the power to last for 48 hours.

Huda was adamant about the cut of the brush, so her customers could create their perfect winged look without the line becoming too thick or clumpy. We love a gal who knows what she wants.

Huda Beauty's Pencil Liner in Very Vanta is also set to launch, with a staying power of up to eight hours.

The unique pencil tip contains a blend of silicon resins and other unique ingredients that delivers extensive wear and smudge-proof colour.


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The pencil liner is designed with a propel system, so you'll never have to worry about sharpening your liner again. Halleluijah to that, we say.

With liquid at the forefront of every bold look, the pencil liner was created to be used on the water and lash line to further intensify and dramatise. 

Considering all of the gorgeous eyeliner you'll no doubt be wearing, Huda Beauty also created the ideal remover to ensure a smooth removal process.


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The Huda Beauty team discovered a gentle but powerful formula that quickly became the perfect partner for our long-lasting Life Liner.

The new Makeup Remover Balm has a transformational formula that takes it from a balm to an oil and finally to a milky texture upon melting with the skin to dissolve dirt, grime and makeup. 

Containing Cherry Blossom extract, the gentle makeup remover leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned. Three new products, three new soon-to-be cult beauty goodies. Thank Goddess for Huda.

The Huda Beauty Life Liner is launching on Thursday, September 12, and will be available online and in retailers from €24.60 (£22).



If only there was a way to bronze and contour your face at the same time, simultaneously. What genius could come up with the perfect beauty solution to a MUA dilemma? Huda Beauty, that's who.

The beauty mogul is excited to announce the introduction of Tantour; a luxurious, cream-to-powder contour and bronzer specially made to help you sculpt your stunning features.

If you're seeking for the perfect product to kickstart your summer, Tantour is the answer to all of our chiselled prayers. Their recent launch of N.Y.M.P.HHuda Beauty's brand-new, liquid body highlighter, was only the beginning.


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Huda Kattan took to Instagram to announce the news and demonstrate her glorious bronzing product, writing;

"Hi beauties. I’m so excited to share our next product launch with you Tantour, an-all in-one contour and bronzer."

Kattan included some added details on the formula, explaining how blendable, workout proof, sweatproof and water-resistant it is.


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“Contouring is dead; it’s all about Tantouring," Kattan elaborates. Use the wonder product to sculpt and define your face, for a beautifully contoured effect.

Tantour comes in five luscious shades, fair, light, medium, tan and rich. From neutral honey, soft caramel and mocha to deep cocoa skin, you won't be missing out.

When you take a dip in the pool or swim in the sea abroad, or even just when you're sweating in the summer heat or after an evening workout, Tantour won't budge.


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The collection dropped online yesterday on www.hudabeauty.com, and each shade sells for €30 each.

You can also grab the sculpt and shade brush for €26 to complete your beauty haul. It's designed to work best with the creamy formula.

It's time to glow up gals, and Tantour is the perfect way to do it. Combine the balance of shadow and warmth for luminous, matte glamour.

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OK, in case you haven't noticed already, the girls here at SHEmazing HQ are just a little bit obsessed with Penneys' beauty products. 

From build-your-own eyeshadow palettes to lip kit dupes, the PS beauty range is packed with high-quality products – minus the extortionate price tag. 

We fell in love with the collection upon its release in 2014, and it has remained a staple in our makeup bags ever since. 

And it looks like we're not the only ones that feel this way. 


We are in Italy  What cities & places should I see?

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Kattan, or @hudabeauty as she's known to her 24 million Instagram followers, is a beauty blogger/ makeup artist turned businesswoman. 

Famous for her Kardashian-like looks and owner of her own business, Huda Beauty, it's safe to say Kattan knows a thing or two about makeup – which is why we were delighted to hear that she's a huge fan of Penneys' budget beauty range. 

Reviewing the PS liquid lipstick, the MUA admitted that the bronze shade was "surprisingly pigmented", but did warn users that they should expect to reapply. 


RePost @beybeauty 

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Next, she tried the brand's Diamond Lip Toppers which she said give a pretty shimmer to lips that are not in your face or excessively glittery” and “smell like the sweet glosses of the 90s, but we love the throwback.”

According to The Independent, while she did note that the collection's packaging is not very high quality, the beauty mogul said she loves "that this gives you the chance to play, especially if you’re not massively into makeup or just want to try out new trends.”

Describing the range as the "best thing we've discovered this year", Kattan was hugely impressed at the cost saying: “You could probably fill an entire makeup bag for less than £30.”

That pretty much sells it for us tbh. 



Instagram is the place to find obscure and bizarre beauty hacks, and the queen of makeup trends has got to be Huda Kattan. 

Taking to her blog and Huda Beauty Insta page, which boasts over 24 million followers, the makeup guru shared a makeup trick she learned from none other than model Bella Hadid. 

The trick is what gives Bella her flawless, airbrushed foundation look, and while a perfect base might be what we all long for, the logistics of the hack might put some people off. 


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Essentially, the hack involves dunking your fully made up face into a vat of cold water. 

It sounds painful, but it's been given the seal of approval from Huda herself. 

Taking to the 'gram, Huda applied her foundation, concealer and baking powder before submerging her face in plain old uisce. 


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Initially, the mogul wasn't completely impressed with the results, but after adding more bronzer and re-setting her brows, the effect was pretty flawless.

'It kind of seems like, because of the cold water, we're literally sealing the makeup into your skin, so I feel like the pores have closed, the makeup is inside my skin, it's become part of my skin, and that's also why it looks so smooth, I've never seen my skin so airbrushed,' she said, in a YouTube video demonstrating the hack.  

Huda also advises that the face dunking is a better method for those with oily skin than dry. 


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She also admits that while it may give that flawless, Insta-worthy finish, it probably isn't so good for the health of your skin. 

'I don't know if this is good for your skin, because if you think about it, you're kind of closing the makeup into your pores, so I think the removal has to be better, you cannot sleep with the makeup on your skin in general but this is going to be even worse.'

'You really want to make sure that you're removing it properly with a little bit of hot water, getting deep into your pores maybe using a little bit of a clay based moisturiser which really pulls (out) any product.'

Maybe we'll save this Korean beauty hack for special occasions , then. 




Unless you have been living under a highlighter-free, internet-resistant rock, you will have heard of Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan owns one of the most popular beauty inspiration and makeup tutorial Instagram pages on the net, and boasts a following of 21.8million. 

As well as being one of the world's biggest beauty influencers, the mum-of-one has also created a seriously popular makeup brand. 

Huda Beauty is a favourite among beauty YouTubers, with the pigmented palettes and liquid lipsticks being spotted in the collections of every influencer worth their salt. 

The collection hasn't been available specifically in Ireland since it's launch, but that's all about to change. 

Brown Thomas is about to play host to the super-hyped beauty brand. 

Taking to Instagram, the Irish institution shared a video of Huda discussing the Irish launch.

'Ireland I am coming for you!' Huda herself exclaims in the video. 

'Hey everyone, it's Huda from Huda Beauty, and we are so excited to be finally touching ground in Ireland.'


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'We are launching in the Brown Thomas beauty lounge in Dublin, and also on BrownThomas.com.'

There's no word yet on an exact date but we'll keep you posted. 

We'll be dusting on the highlighter and sharpening our elbows…