Deliver-who? Ireland’s official top 5 weirdest food delivery incidents

It's hardly surprising that Deliveroo drivers come across a variety of strange incidents, seeing as they travel across the whole nation and bring food to eager customers.

The food delivery service have gone through some of their more bizarre Irish order notes for our entertainment, and boy are they eccentric.

The five more unusual delivery requests observed in the country to date have been revealed, and we honestly think these drivers deserve a pay rise for dealing with some of these requests…

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1)  Breakdown Assistance

One Dubliner, whose car broke down on the M50 at Tymon Park, decided that waiting 45 minutes for breakdown assistance to arrive was not going to fill the food-sized hole in his stomach.

To meet this need, the stranded motorist ordered breakdown assistance in the form of a tasty meal from the Deliveroo app. The note simply read "Look out for the broken down Fiesta".

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2) Don’t Forget to Say Grace

In Cork City, one family made the decision to order a Deliveroo on Christmas Eve to make the Christmas rush that little less stressful.

They specified on their delivery instructions to deliver "no earlier than one hour’s time as we are going to mass now". The family went to mass and got through rush traffic, arriving home before the rider got to them

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3) Maternity Meal

A young couple in Galway City Centre had just welcomed the arrival of their newborn and Mum was feeling a bit famished but hospital food was not doing it for her.

So, she got the new Dad to whip out his phone and put in an order from her favourite restaurant. He was then sent to meet the Deliveroo rider at the hospital entrance so that he could sneak in their newest delicious delivery.

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4) Birthday Wishes

A family, celebrating their daughter’s birthday with a party at their home in Sandycove, requested in the delivery notes that with the special delivery, the rider, would give a rousing rendition of happy birthday, which he was more than happy to oblige.

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5) Late Night Hidden Pizza

One female customer in Dublin who was out enjoying a couple of drinks with friends ordered pizza and wanted it delivered to her house so it would be there when she got home.

Based on her note in her order, she was obviously worried that her flatmate would get stuck into her pizza so asked the rider to hide it for her; “Please, please, please hide my pizza under my car as I won’t be there and my house mates keep eating my food!”

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Joe Groves of Deliveroo said, “Food delivery is less about getting that ‘Saturday night takeaway’ nowadays, because different people have different needs and circumstances.

Deliveroo recognises this, and we will always do our very best to ensure that our service meets your needs, whatever your circumstances may be,” he added.

"Whether your housemate is stealing your food or you're stuck in one of life's pickles, just tell us in the delivery notes and we'll try our best to sort you out." Absolute heroes, they are.

Feature image: Instagram/@tribbiani.joey