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If you're getting your glam on tonight or planned some Christmas shopping tomorrow – get ready for some BAD weather.

Brollies at the ready as it will bucket down from midnight tonight.

Met Éireann has issued two status yellow weather warnings for the country – so brace yourself for the rain and the wind.

Met Éireann has advised Crimbo shoppers and rugby heads on route to the Aviva tomorrow for the Leinster match, to keep an eye on weather updates.

Forget the heels and grab the wellies as 30 to 55mm of heavy rain is set to fall and mountainous areas are predicted to exceed these limits. 

Hit the hat trend as the wind is coming for perfectly styled hair, with speeds of 55 to 60 km/h forecasted, with the strongest gusts hitting the east of the country.

The wind will then take it up a notch with severe gusts of 90 to 110 km/h predicted for later in the day – if it isn't too late to cancel your plans, use any lame excuse to stay indoors.

Additionally, you need to watch out for spot flooding on Saturday. 

If you want us, we will be curled up all day with Netflix, snacks and online shopping.

You couldn't pay us to go out in those type of conditions.

We will see you all on Sunday when the terrible weather finally eases. 


A drunken Katie Price reportedly caused quite a scene by walking around topless at the EnergySave Christmas party on Monday night.

The star was paid £13,000 to host the event, but ended up drunkenly embarrassing herself on the night by discussing her kids and romantic life in a speech. 

"I love all my kids, even though Harvey… anyway. Whatever," the star said.

Harvey, aged 15, suffers from rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as autism, ADHD and blindness.

The former glamour model also slurred her words are swore throughout the speech, as well as breaking into song. 

The star stripped off in the toilets and walked around in just a thong and knee high boots. The NSFW images and videos have made their way onto YouTube and Twitter.

She also confessed her love for her ex Dane Bowers, saying he was "the love of her life."

"My ex-boyfriend actually got me the job tonight, Dane Bowers, the love of my life," she declared.

She then kept things classy by allegedly telling the room that he once gave her a "toe job."


A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Katie was drunk on arrival and attempted to seduce the company's managing director Mr Jason Rowan, one party attendee told The Sun. 

“She was outrageous. She blew her nose on a tablecloth thinking it was a napkin and grabbed Mr Rowan’s leg under the table.

“She asked him if he was going to sleep with her or his wife and Mrs Rowan was furious and gave her a piece of her mind.”

We can't imagine the fear Katie woke up with the next morning…


Move over the LBD; stand aside the festive frock – because party jeans are having their moment in the spotlight this Christmas. And we are totally on board.

Each December, we spend ages trawling the shops and online in search of the perfect party dress, and we are always spoiled for choice with an array of shiny, shimmering sequinned numbers.

But what about those of us who aren't feeling the frock phenomenon? We want a stylish alternative that's as glamorous as the party dress and inspires just as much confidence – so, this year, we're building our Christmas wardrobe around our favourite jeans.

music video dancing 90s desert janet jackson

We have collaborated with POCO by Pippa O'Connor and River Island to bring you a selection of alternative party looks, and each one is to die for.

The statement sweater

Heading for a few casual drinks with an old friend, and struggling with the smart-casual dress code? Style-dilemma solved! Simply team your party jeans with a trophy sweater, and you're prepared for any and every situation. This look is comfy and cosy, but it still oozes festive cheer and class.



Gold tinsel knit Christmas jumper, River Island, €50

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The metallic top

If you only invest in one top this festive season, we'd make a serious case for a metallic number. This gold cold-shouldered piece just screams 'Christmas', and when paired with a great pair of jeans like these POCOs, it will take you anywhere.



Gold pleated bardot top, River Island, €25

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The trophy jacket

Embroidery and brocade are adding a quirky twist to festive style this season, and the best way to parade a piece like this is to team it with your favourite denims. This cami-and-jeans pairing is sleek, chic and understated – allowing that epic jacket to do all of the talking.


Gold jacquard floral blazer coat, River Island, €120

Gold metallic lace trim cami top, River Island, €30

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The 'Audrey' look 

Just because everyone around you is donning unicorn sequins for the party season, doesn't mean you can't still stun in an amazing all-black ensemble. Set the tone of cool sophistication with your party jeans, and rock Audrey Hepburn vibes by layering with a simple black top and blazer. Embellishments like these pearls will really make the outfit pop.



Black ruched sleeve blazer, River Island, €73

Black embellished neck choker top, River Island, €40

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

There's only one rule of the season, ladies: be confident, feel amazing, and have FUN!



So are you the person that never remembers the office Christmas party?

Did you accidently tell Brigid in Accounting that everyone thinks shes a bit dry or perhaps you flirted shamelessly with your married boss?

Maybe those scratches on your leg are from when you crawled up on the table to do a terrible karaoke version of Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Well listen up! New research says your drunken antics might not just be the result of just having one too many G&Ts. 

A new study conducted by scientists in the University of Helsinki has identified a genetic mutation that results in some drinkers acting overly impulsive and reckless when drinking.

Defects in our 'serotonin 2B receptor' can kick in after only a small amount of alcohol, causing unruliness in some drinkers.

According to Dr Roope Tukkanen, those with the mutation are more likely to "get into verbal arguments and fights, have unplanned sex" and "are arrested more often." 

Those with the genetic mutation are generally quite impulsive even when not drinking and probably suffer from mood disorders. 

Though the study has located the mutation in the Finnish population, people with Finnish ancestry could also be susceptible. 

"Nowadays people move more, which may result in the mutation being passed on," said Dr Roope.

Even if you can't find any semblance of Finnish ancestry in your family tree, this is still a good excuse for a particularly embarrassing office Christmas party – but if we're honest, it was probably all those shots of tequila that were the problem.


With the Christmas party season already well on the way, every occasion is a worthwhile opportunity for good food and glasses of Prosecco.

With so much over-indulging, it can be easy to go up a few pounds without even noticing.

If you're worried that you'll fall off the healthy eating wagon over the next few weeks, take note of these tips. Christmas can still be as fun-filled as usual, but with a few tweaks you won't be terrified to step on the scales come New Year's Day!

1. Be realistic
December is not the time to launch into a brand new diet plan. If you're trying to lose weight, let the festive season be about maintaining your weight and not making any gains. If you're too strict with yourself, you're more likely to give in and over-eat. Don't deprive yourself!

2. Avoid mindless snacking
There's always going to be a cheeky box of Celebrations or bag of crisps lying around as Christmas draws nearer. Save your indulgences for things you'll actually savour, like a mince pie after dinner or a cocktail with the girls. You'd be surprised how quickly the calories can pile up when you keep reaching into that box of Roses for "just the one."

3. Eat before the party
If you're going to an event that you know will be full of tempting food, fuel up on something healthy and filling beforehand. Arriving at a party with a rumbling stomach means you have no choice but to dig into all the finger food on offer.

4. Don't be afraid to say "no"
We're all guilty of stuffing an extra slice of Christmas cake into us because Nana would hate to see us go hungry. But if you're genuinely full, just say "no thanks." Its not going to hurt anyone's feelings – you're the only one who notices!

5. Don't have the one too many
Alcohol not only lashes extra calories onto our daily intake, but we're more likely to relax our eating when we've had a few. Unless it's a big night out, stick to one or two drinks and opt for sparkling or still water between every alcoholic drink.

6. Try not to go back for seconds
Sometimes a second helping is just too good to resist, but keep it small and limit yourself to one food type rather than filling your plate up again with an entire dinner. Start off with a reasonably full plate first time around, so that you'll be satisfied enough to resist going back for more.

7. Get some exercise in
It can be hard to fit in exercise if it's raining or icy outside, but do your best when you can. Even a brisk walk around the shops or a stroll after dinner will do your diet the world of good.


The festive season really is the best time to build yourself a reputation as a top hostess and party planner. Grab the moment because most of the work is already done – your house or apartment is decorated anyway and your friends are just looking for an excuse to pop their Christmas jumpers on.

You could be really lazy and just invite everyone over (BYOB just like every other standard party) OR you could make your gathering exceptional with very little effort – because what can’t be improved by a tasty selection of edibles?

Iceland have created an amazing collection of low-cost, easily prepared party food, specially for the Christmas season. We’ve picked out the best of the bunch – a huge combination that comes in at just over €30 and is guaranteed to make you Queen of the Christmas Parties.

The Savoury Snacks

Savoury Party Platter (€6.50 for 100 pieces)
Cocktail sausage rolls, mini sausage & bean lattices, cheese & onion rolls and mini beef & vegetable pasties

Sticky Chicken Skewers (€3.50 for 16 skewers or 2 packets for €6)
Chicken glazed in an oriental sauce.

Fish and Chip Cones (€3.50 for 16 portions or 2 packets for €6)
Mini fillets of fish & chips in a handy party cone.

Spring Roll Selection (€6.50 for 100 pieces)
Sweet & sour money bags, curry spring rolls, sweet chilli spring rolls and ginger & soy sauce spring rolls

Pepper Popsters (10 for €1.50)
Green pepper slices coated in a crispy breadcrumb filled with a hot & spicy sauce.

Pizza Twists (€1.50 for 10 pieces)
A tasty treat of pizza bread twisted with tomato and herby cheese filling.

The Sweet Treats

Mince Pies (12 for €2.49)
Shortcrust pastry cases filled with mincemeat, topped with a shortcrust pastry lid & a light sprinkling of sugar

Mini Chocolate Eclairs (12 for €1.50)
The perfect sized treat the whole party will love.

Ice Cream Belgian Chocolates (€3.50 for 16 portions or 2 packets for €6)
Milk chocolate with caramel sauce, white chocolate with strawberry sauce, milk chocolate with chocolate and hazelnut flavoured sauce.

Oh and don’t worry about a stressful attempt to get your goodies home – you can have your shopping delivered for free when you spend over €30, which leaves your hands free to pick out a brand new party dress on the journey home!



Last night the SHEmazing! girls took over The Black Door on Harcourt Street to celebrate what has been an amazing year for us.

We were joined by friends and fans of the site who gathered to pop bottles of champagne, listen to great music, chat, laugh, sing Christmas tunes, and of course, be spoiled rotten by us. Obviously we had some amazing presents and prizes for everyone there – we just can’t resist!

The theme was I Can’t Believe It’s Not Christmas (because we just couldn’t wait until December) and the venue was packed with Christmas trees, presents, reindeer and sleighs –  and Santa even paid a visit.

Of course there was a photo booth and of course there were several hundred selfies posted online from the event, but here are some of the more respectable photos of the people we can truly call ‘shemazing’.