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Astrology has always fascinated me.

Maybe it was growing up in a family where my aunt reads our tea leaves and tells us what our future holds from the symbols she sees, or maybe it's the off-hand way we seem to know (maybe ''unfairly judge'' is a better phrase) a person by their star sign, or the way we use phrases like ''Oh, well that's the Libra in me. Indecisive. My symbol is the scales, you know.''

More than most of us would like to admit being guilty of flicking to the back of a magazine and scouring what our star signs say.

And why do we do it?

I find I'm drawn to them more in times of uncertainty – be it with a job or a boyfriend or something else.

It's like we can't make sense of life, so we look to a higher power, something bigger than ourselves, to tell us what's really going on and what was best to tackle things.

It is kind of soothing, like a reassuring friend saying over a glass of wine, ''Look, everything's gonna be ok.''

So why is horoscopes and Astrology, in general, experiencing a resurgence in interest? 

Astrology can be defined as the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

Dating from the 2nd millennium BCE, Western astrology focuses on the twelve horoscopes that divide up one calendar year and show a person's personality and traits e.g. I am a Sagittarius so I am free-spirited, although I can be blunt.

Obviously, not everyone's personality fits into these twelves boxes; with astrology, you have to take into account the time you were born as that gives your rising moon and sun. 

Kate Arbon has been an astrologist for more than two decades and offers personal, one to one and telephone readings as well as holding workshops, forums, and classes. 

SHEmazing spoke to her about how the demand for readings has grown. 

She says that ''It has partly to do with a sign of our times – people are generally taking a greater interest in their own personal development and the metaphysical aspect of their lives. There is also greater interest in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, healing and a range of other areas that explore the psycho/spiritual realms.''

Which makes sense – but what is the one big thing that makes reading your daily star sign (no matter where you are) so accessible?

Yes, the World Wide Web.

Kate says, ''The Internet has made Astrology, and Sun Sign Horoscopes in particular, very accessible. There is a mass of "pop" Astrology available now online. I do see a lot more good quality work being put out in the last few years as well, and that's very encouraging.''

That should make you feel better about scouring your Refinery29 horoscope every day.

However, although so much info about our star signs/moon signs/how compatible Libra's are with Aries is online, we shouldn't take it all to heart.

Kate continues, ''As a professional Astrologer, it's sometimes frustrating to see so much superficial information being presented, often giving people a very poor impression about Astrology. But with the rise in interest it's even more important for serious and traditional Astrologers to keep getting themselves heard too, so at least something of substance is also available for those who want to look a bit deeper!''

So astrology appeals to us as a generation because we're interested in self-exploration and, as Kate puts it, ''looking for meaningful answers and guidance in a fast-changing, uncertain world.''

So if want to travel down this road of self-discovery and use horoscopes as a guiding light, how can we tell if an astrologer is the real deal?

Kate says that firstly, a serious professional Astrologer will be available for direct contact, even if it's just via web messages or email at first. 

She continued, ''A lot of work goes into a genuine chart reading. The cost should reflect this, so expect to pay for 3-4 hours work even if your consultation is only 60 – 90 minutes long. Anything too cheap probably isn't the real thing.''

So what are the signs then that you 're being scammed?

She said, ''A real Astrology reading will require your birth details and not just your "Sun Sign" Avoid the Tarot Astrology combinations if you want something genuine. Tarot is one thing and has its value but true Astrology readings are a completely different thing and are totally personal.''

Like anything, when it comes to astrology there are always skeptics – people who think horoscopes and rising moon and tarot readings are absolute rubbish. 

Kate says that part of this is understandable although that being dismissive of a complex subject which has an ancient lineage as having no validity, shows ignorance.

Her advice to these people?

She says,''Offer them the opportunity to become informed. I've seen many skeptics go away informed and intrigued. My answer to skeptics is that you have the choice to either remain ignorant or give it some study, but don't voice a strong opinion on something you know so little about.''

That seems fair – and tbh we're kinda intrigued too – surely there must be something in it?

But hey, maybe that's just the curious Sagittarius in me talking. 

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Have you ever gazed at the stars, and wondered if they could somehow have the knowledge of your eating habits and favourite meals? Us too.

Astrology is a powerful tool, so why not harness the magic of horoscopes to discover who we should be sharing our nosh with? Forget love and career, nutrition is core for a high-functioning lifestyle.

Food is life, food is love. Deliveroo have partnered with astrologer Kate Arbon to identify our zodiac food signs and traits, and the readings reveal more than just which type of ice-cream parallels with our cool personality 


Deliveroo_Zodiac Landscape_230719.jpg

 Will the rest of this year bring us mountains of gold and every job promotion under the sun? Will we find love in a Spanish villa on a reality TV show? Will a mysterious puppy appear in our home?

These questions are sidetracked for now, as it's time to find out whether flame-grilled chicken wings or spicy red Indian curries are the most suitable for our fiery personas.

Irish-based astrologer Kate Arbon has us sorted with the answers we desperately need in our fridges- we mean..in our lives.

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Aries (March 20th – April 20th)

Impatient Aries wants food now, and wants it hot. Since Aries prefers food of a spicier variety, the fire sign seeks a dish that packs a punch, such as a fiery burrito from Boojum or a Chu Chee Curry from Camile Thai.

Aries sticks with fellow fire sign Sagittarius when it comes to dining together and enjoying the spices of life. 


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Taurus (April 20th – May 21st)

Steady Taurus savours every mouthful at their own pace. The earth sign enjoys food of all varieties – all that really matters is that it’s edible and plentiful.

Such dishes may include the bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys or a penne arrabbiata from Belucci. Of course, Taurus’ partner in crime is Cancer. The crime? A private food appreciation party, with no leftovers.


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Gemini (May 21st – June 21st) 

Social Gemini loves to talk and eat, and loses interest quickly so bite size variety is key – in fact. Dishes like sushi from Aoki Sushi or spring rolls from Mao at Home are likely to grab their attention.

A Gemini’s best dining partner is Virgo, as they can both enjoy their grazing habits whilst they’re busy talking – there won’t be a dull moment. 


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Cancer (June 21st – July 23rd)

Food is life for this sign. Cancer enjoys nothing more than a quiet night in with comfort food and friends.

A hearty rotisserie chicken from Camden Rotisserie would hit the spot for this water sign, finished with a brownie and Nutella cronut from Krust.

There’s no better person to enjoy this level of comfort with than Capricorn – the perfect food match. 


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Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd)

Regal Leo expects to dine as a king would – a lover of all that is lavish, entertaining and expensive, budget permitting.

The majestic sign would enjoy a fine dish such as lobster from Klaw and wash this down with champagne from Baggot Street Wines. Of course every King needs a Queen – or some sort of regal equivalent, at the very least.

Leo’s best food appreciation will come from food-aholic Taurus.


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Virgo (August 23rd – September 23rd)

The health-conscious, moderate and discerning Virgo chooses wisely when it comes to nutrition.

Find them enjoying a salad bowl from Blazing Salads and a tasty salted caramel protein ball from Vandal.

The intelligent water sign makes the finest food match with Aquarius, discussing the merits of health and future foods, whilst putting the world to right. 


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Libra (September 23rd – October 23rd)

There’s no better dining partner than air sign Libra – the choice will always be yours, as they can’t make a decision.

That said, Libras are all about presentation and balance, and particular favourites would include the chicken borek dish from Keshk or gelato macarons from Amorino.

Pisces shares Libra’s elegance, making for a meal of mystic muse.


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Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

Never one to deny the indulgence of temptation, water sign Scorpio loves to delight their taste buds with succulent, rich and strong flavours.

Scorpios can be seen enjoying dishes like the mega special burger from Tasty Hut, or tasting a sensual Belgian Chocolate Slice from The Cake Café.

Only with Cancer can Scorpio enjoy the company of someone who takes food as seriously as themselves. A culinary combination of indulgence and sensuality.


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Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 22nd)

This fire sign isn’t often seen eating traditional Irish meals. No, Sagittarius has a flare for all things exotic and ethnic.

This may be a dish such as zaaluck from Morroco Gate or kimchi fried rice from Hailan Korean Restaurant.

Teaming up with curious Gemini is the best foodie fit for adventurous Sagittarius when it comes to strong flavours from lands far away.


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Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

Practical Capricorn prefers to opt for the old reliable, tried and tested approach.

While Capricorn could venture into new tastes, it prefers to go back to basics with a B.L.T. from Amicus or a good old fish and chips from The Fryery.

Putting their thrifty heads together, Capricorn and Taurus can come up with a sumptuous evening feast, while still having plenty of leftovers to share in the morning. 


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Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

This sign always has a keen eye on the latest trends, and is the first person to be ahead of health trends. If it’s vegetarian or vegan, then great.

You’ll find Aquarius enjoying vegan porridge from Sprout and Co or munching on falafel bites with hummus tahini from Umi Falafel.

For an intense and enlightening experience, quirky Aquarius should share dinner tables with fellow food extremist, Scorpio. 


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Pisces (February 18th – March 20th)

Romantic and refined, Pisces isn’t too concerned about what the food is as long as it creates a dream meal environment of pleasantry.

With this in mind, Pisces typically enjoys dishes like duck ramen from Slammin Ramen, or talking about the stars in the company of a warm and homely macchiato from Cocobrew Café.

Easygoing Pisces would dine well with earth sign Taurus who is happy to dine, unwind and just enjoy life. 


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Joe Groves of Deliveroo spoke about the experience of partnering with an astrologer,

“It’s fascinating to see how our food preferences vary based on our horoscope, and working with Kate on this has been an enlightening experience."

He added; “Mercury may be in retrograde, but Deliveroo is not, and we will always endeavour to cater for every food preference, regardless of your zodiac sign.”

Amen to that. Now give us the goods before Leo season ends.

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Bad news for anyone born in 1991 – according to this Chinese magazine, you'll struggle to find love.

The state-owned publication, caused a stir online after making the claim that people born in the year of the sheep are destined for a lifetime of bad luck in the romance department.

See, in Beijing, many of the older population still believe in the old Chinese custom of matching two families based on their personalities, social class and even the Chinese zodiac – all of which were reflected in the answers given in a recent interview by Phoenix Weekly.

The magazine asked a number of parents living in Beijing what it was like to try to set their sons and daughters up with a potential love interest, and concluded that for those born in 1991, “life is not good -no children even if other conditions are appropriate.”

One interviewee even said, "No people whose Chinese Zodiac is a sheep."

The article sparked huge backlash on Weibo, with many users taking offence at the comments made about the year of the sheep. 

"My mother is a sheep, my girlfriend is also a sheep… this superstition is nonsense, sheep have the best temperament,” one man said.

So, if your birthday does happen to fall in 1991, all hope is not lost.

In fact, according to Chinese astrologer, Master George Tang, those born in the year of the sheep are “refined, cunning, aesthetic, perceptive, charming, serene and sensitive.”

You got this!