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Finally, we have the data which reveals the changing ordering habits and food trends poised to hit Ireland this summer.

It's vital information that we simply HAD to know, and Deliveroo went full FBI secret agent to discover the fascinating food facts.

The summer trends reveal that low alcohol consumption and the 'fourth' meal notion are changing our eating habits. The data also shows that seafood, exotic fruits and hemp-based products are on the rise.

Summer is knocking on the door and it's time to binge the ridiculousness that is Love Island and crack open a beer in the back garden.

There's a grand oul stretch in the evenings, meaning we can have a picnic lasting pretty much all night. It's no surprise that our eating habits change in the sunny season.

Deliveroo's data shows that changing consumption patterns, seafood and exotic fruits are all on our summer menu in 2019.

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Without further ado, here are the top five summer food trends in Ireland:

1. Lower alcohol consumption

Restaurants like Morocco Gate and The Hill in Ranelagh have incredible virgin beverages for those who are kicking the booze.

According to research, younger generations of Irish people are drinking way less than the previous generations at the current age. Whether that's for health reasons or just preference, it seems the youth are lovin' that sober life.

The trend is due to carry on in the same manner, as delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic beers come further into the fray.

2. Hemp-based products

CDB Oil (Cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid which is believed to be associated with wellness and health benefits.

Hemp-based products have exploded onto the scene and their popularity is showing zero signs of slowing down.

Deliveroo caters for CBD lovers through hemp ingredients found in Freshii and 143 restaurant dishes.

Umamii and The Hulk both contain ingredients of this kind, and the food-delivery platform expects to make many more hemp-based products available soon.


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3. Seafood

Ireland's taste for seafood has apparently evolved past the stage of 'fish and chips' for the warm summer months.

The emergence of gorgeous restaurants ike Bao House, Miyazaki and Toyko Kitchen has led to an influx of seafood dishes becoming trendy in the capital city.

Shellfish, seaweed, sushi and sea snacks have become sophisticated common orders on Irish menus, with requests for sushi alone increasing by 35 percent this year.


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5. Alternative eating times

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are becoming less than regular for many Irish people's standard meal structure. 

A 'fourth', smaller meal fits in with the busy lives of Ireland's millennials, apparently. The most popular times to order on Deliveroo at the moment are 9:43am, 1:04pm, 3:45pm and 7:35pm.

As a result of this newfound demand, Deliveroo has extended its delivery hours to later times, where customers can now order from over 30 food favourites.

Eddie Rockets, Subway, Burrito & Blues and Supermacs in Dublin, Cork and Galway are now delivering food via Deliveroo until 2am. Midnight snack alert?


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5. Pacific-Rim Influence

2019 has seen a 23 percent jump in the number of partners who have used ingredients from the Pacific-Rim, featured in the new dishes of Maneki and Opium.

Flavours from the Southern Hemisphere are diversifying Ireland's food palate, and this summer will see more fresh, tastebud tingling foods emerge.

Dragonfruit, guava and seafood dishes are at the top of our Pacific-Rim lists, that's for sure.


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Time will tell what we'll be stuffing into our faces this summer, but it seems the rest of Ireland are on a mad health kick?

It's probably time we join in on that trend, instead of sticking to what we know…

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We've all stumbled in from a night out and craved every single type of food in the galaxy, but opening hours of these glorious fast food institutions have held us back.

It ain't our fault that we get snacky around midnight, and why should we have to cater our food bingeing needs on time? Well, Deliveroo is here to deliver the answer to this age-old problem on a silver platter. 

That's right. The food-delivery service has just announced new and extended delivery hours, so from today in Dublin, Cork and Galway you can now order the likes of Supermacs, Papa John's and KFC to your door as late as 2am.


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With over 30 restaurants and takeaways signed up to the new service, including Eddie Rockets, Subway and Burritos & Blues, it will no longer be a twilight search for sustenance ending in disappointment.

No more burnt toast or undercooked microwave-able meals in the late night, it's time for deliciousness to arrive at your door after dark.

Deliveroo aims to provide the ultimate food delivery experience, and customers also have the option to schedule orders via the Deliveroo app up to a day in advance.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo commented on the new launch:

“We’ve added a late-night delivery service after overwhelming requests from hungry customers looking for their favourite bites late at night. We’re delighted we’ve been able to make it happen and with so many excellent partners on board that are available exclusively to Deliveroo customers”.


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Get your feast delivered to you between 8am and 11pm on weekdays, and from 8am until 2am on weekends.

Some of the restaurants on the list include Istanbul Kebab House (Dublin), Cafe Oasis, Papa John's in Cork and on O'Connell Street, Dino's Terenure Takeaway, Hasu Japanese & Thai, SuperSubs (Galway), Bobo's (Dublin), Apache Pizza and Bombay Flame (Dublin).

A stunning selection of leading local, independent and takeaway restaurants will conveniently bring their meals to your home or office in as little as 15 minutes. We honestly may die of excitement.

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Whether you're a cheese burger meal type of gal or a fan of the Snackbox, there's no better place to end the night than with a comforting plastic tray of takeaway goodness. 

Curry cheese chip connoisseur Supermacs has been known to help us all head home a little more satiated after a night on the town.

Now, the Irish fast food chain is seeking the public's assistance after some very interesting CCTV footage was captured in one premises.


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Taking to Facebook, Supermacs Ireland uploaded a video of a man in the communal area of the men's bathroom. 

The black and white footage shows the man repeatedly cupping his hand under the water of the sink, before splashing the water onto the floor.

He then appears to wipe water onto his back and trousers before leaving the wash basin.

Supermacs uploaded the footage along with the caption: 'Do you know this man? We'd like to speak to him.' 

Most people in the comments section think that it appears that the man is attempting to fraudulently make it look like he slipped and fell in the water, possibly in an attempt to claim damages against the restaurant. 

However, this is just speculation, as Supermacs do not specify what they believe the man was attempting. 


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The footage is currently going viral, after being viewed over 165,000 times with thousands of comments and shares. 

It won't be long before someone identifies the alleged crook. 

'Insurance companies are to blame' said one outraged commenter.


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'They dont investigate anything just pay out and make it back by upping premiums for everyone across all types of policies.'

'Without this footage this scumbag would get away with 20 grand easy.'

Another wrote: 'The garlic cheese has gone to his head.' 


Listen, we don't go to Supermac's to get in our five-a-day.

We go to Supermac's, mostly in the early hours of the morning, to chomp on the deliciousness that is their chunky chips.

However, that could all soon be changing.

Image result for supermacs chips

While speaking to The Capital B, the owner of Supermac's Pat McDonagh, said that the Irish food chain is changing with the times – and that means "healthy" chips.

"Healthy eating has come into the fore and everyone has to adjust, people focused on health food are doing quite well. They're taking up the idea that's come in from the US and ran with it.

"But you'll always have people who want to have a burger, what we've done is gone the fresh route with beef, the fresh route with chicken and we'll be going the fresh route with the chips in the not so distant future".

However, for us Negative Nancies who think there's nothing better than the original, crispy chip, Pat assures us that the side order will, indeed, taste better.

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"You can't beat anything that's fresh, that's why the chicken sandwich tastes so good, it's because it's a fresh product. Anything that you freeze loses some of its quality.

"Likewise with the fresh meats, there's a better taste, better flavour, it's better quality across the board, and we know this because we're selling more of them".

We think we'll have to taste them for ourselves, Pat…


If you're a lover of fast food, but more importantly chicken, then Supermac's is looking for you.

Yep, the Irish burger chain is looking for a mystery shopper to visit various locations around Ireland and eat its Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Image result for supermacs grilled chicken sandwich

All you have to do is evaluate the burger and make sure it's perfect.

Seems simple right? Well, it kinda is, but you'll also have to look out for these specific qualities:

"You will taste the fresh grilled chicken breast sandwich, evaluate the crispiness of the Bratavia lettuce, check that the red onion is sufficiently oniony, and ensure the wholemeal bun is fresh and perfectly round."

Related image

Oh, and you will also need some superhero strengths:

"You should have the stealth qualities of Batman, be as invisible as The Invisible Man and the speed of Flash."

So, if you feel like you're the heroic, chicken-loving, onion-critiquing person for this job, head over here to apply.


April Fools' Day is a total minefield for false news stories, as brands and celebrities do their best to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for one day only.

So far this morning we've seen Woman's Way announce a new mag called Men's Way, Loose Women announce a new show called Loose Men (we sense a pattern), H&M reveal a new collection by Mark Zuckerberg, and Tom Fletcher tell the world that he's launching a toddler music supergroup led by his two-year-old son, Buzz.

But the best – and most Irish – corporate prank we've come across today has to be this gas joint effort by Supermac's and Copper Face Jacks.

In an article posted to the Supermac's website this morning, the fast food chain announced plans to set up a new branch… right on the dancefloor at Coppers.

"Starting tonight, nightclubbers will be able to tuck into a Smokey Bacon Burger without ever leaving the dance floor," the article reads.

And Coppers' owner Cathal Jackson even weighed in on the development, adding, "Just last week I was asked by a Guard from Clare in the nightclub ‘Where is the nearest Supermac’s?’ Now, we will only have to point customers towards the Supermac’s branch in our Premium Bar where they can end their night the traditional Irish way."

The best part? If you have a Coppers Gold Card, you're entitled to one free portion of Curry Cheese Chips per night, which will apparently "almost guarantee" that you get the shift.

Solid effort – and is it weird that we really think this would work?!


Irish fast food chain Supermac's has lost its fight with McDonald's… but to be honest, we kinda saw that coming.

McDonald's operates just about 34,000 restaurants around the world, so it's no surprise it beat Supermac's in a recent trademark claim.

Supermac's was bidding for a European trademark, but lost out when the American company filed a 41-page complaint to the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM).

In its decision, OHIM held up Maccy D's claim, rejecting Supermac's application because there's too many food items and branding that are similar.

McDonald's claimed that there was a "likelihood of confusion" if Supermac's was trademarked in Europe as they have a McFish, McToast, McCountry and other variations of "Mc" on its menu.

The inquest also found that both fast food chains had identical milk, meat and a "high degree" of similar seasonings.

“To the extent that both marks contain the element ‘MAC’, which may be perceived as a name or a nickname, the marks are conceptually similar. Furthermore, to the extent that both marks may be perceived as containing references to great or considerable size, they are also conceptually similar in that they refer to quantitative indicators," it was said.

“Taking into account the above mentioned visual, aural and conceptual coincidences, the signs under comparison are similar.”

But, speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, Pat McDonagh, managing director of Supermac's said that "the battle is not over" and he will not stop fighting to open the Irish chain in Europe.


It's the best thing ever when you're on a long journey and out of the blue, a Supermac's pops up along the motorway. 

No more starvation, no more travelling (for a while), and you can just indulge on a burger and chips. Yum.

Well, you're going to be spotting a lot more of the fast food outlet across Ireland as it is planning to open six new stops along various motorways. 

The company's founder, Pat McDonagh told the Sunday Business Post that the rise of the economy means he's making expansion plans for the next year or two.

"There’s increased employment out there and there’s a bit of confidence coming back into the market again,” he said.

The first to see its doors open is a new outlet on the Galway Plaza on the M6 in Febuary which will create between 70 to 100 new jobs. Sweet. 

That will be followed by four more restaurants along motorways in the next few years.



With the Rugby World Cup in full swing across the water, we're being treated to a load of rather impressive Haka right now. 

What a pity though we missed one on our very doorstep – for a visiting New Zealand schools team delighted Co Kildare locals earlier this week with their impressive display.

Better still… the traditional war-cry took place in a service station branch of Supermac's.

Students from the Wairoa College Rugby Academy have certainly been making the most of the Irish leg of their European tour.

Indeed, their busy Facebook page has plenty of snaps of Dublin city centre (they, of course, made sure to visit the Aviva Stadium), as well as Roscrea College in Co Offaly and Dromore High School in Co Down. 

On Monday, the teenagers stopped in SuperMac's in Mayfield just off the M7 in Kildare – and when staff there asked them to perform a Haka, they happily obliged. 


Boys perform haka at Supermacs – Junction 14 Mayfield after special request from staff.

Posted by Wairoa College Rugby Academy on Monday, 21 September 2015


Numerous locals captured the unique moment on their phones – and a video of the incident uploaded onto the Wairoa College Facebook page has now been viewed more than 20,000 times. 

SuperMac's itself has even shared alternative footage to its own Facebook profile.


The Haka… in Supermac's!

Some visitors to Supermac's at Junction 14 Mayfield performed a version of the intimidating and fear-inducing Haka. Check it out below!Thanks to Martin McKeogh who posted the video on Twitter.

Posted by Supermac's on Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The U18s squad departed New Zealand on Saturday and are also touring England, Wales, Belgium, France and Dubai, where they will compete with fellow students.

Today, they attended morning assembly at Dromore High School, also tucking into a hearty full-Irish breakfast.