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Finally, we have the data which reveals the changing ordering habits and food trends poised to hit Ireland this summer.

It's vital information that we simply HAD to know, and Deliveroo went full FBI secret agent to discover the fascinating food facts.

The summer trends reveal that low alcohol consumption and the 'fourth' meal notion are changing our eating habits. The data also shows that seafood, exotic fruits and hemp-based products are on the rise.

Summer is knocking on the door and it's time to binge the ridiculousness that is Love Island and crack open a beer in the back garden.

There's a grand oul stretch in the evenings, meaning we can have a picnic lasting pretty much all night. It's no surprise that our eating habits change in the sunny season.

Deliveroo's data shows that changing consumption patterns, seafood and exotic fruits are all on our summer menu in 2019.

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Without further ado, here are the top five summer food trends in Ireland:

1. Lower alcohol consumption

Restaurants like Morocco Gate and The Hill in Ranelagh have incredible virgin beverages for those who are kicking the booze.

According to research, younger generations of Irish people are drinking way less than the previous generations at the current age. Whether that's for health reasons or just preference, it seems the youth are lovin' that sober life.

The trend is due to carry on in the same manner, as delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic beers come further into the fray.

2. Hemp-based products

CDB Oil (Cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid which is believed to be associated with wellness and health benefits.

Hemp-based products have exploded onto the scene and their popularity is showing zero signs of slowing down.

Deliveroo caters for CBD lovers through hemp ingredients found in Freshii and 143 restaurant dishes.

Umamii and The Hulk both contain ingredients of this kind, and the food-delivery platform expects to make many more hemp-based products available soon.


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3. Seafood

Ireland's taste for seafood has apparently evolved past the stage of 'fish and chips' for the warm summer months.

The emergence of gorgeous restaurants ike Bao House, Miyazaki and Toyko Kitchen has led to an influx of seafood dishes becoming trendy in the capital city.

Shellfish, seaweed, sushi and sea snacks have become sophisticated common orders on Irish menus, with requests for sushi alone increasing by 35 percent this year.


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5. Alternative eating times

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are becoming less than regular for many Irish people's standard meal structure. 

A 'fourth', smaller meal fits in with the busy lives of Ireland's millennials, apparently. The most popular times to order on Deliveroo at the moment are 9:43am, 1:04pm, 3:45pm and 7:35pm.

As a result of this newfound demand, Deliveroo has extended its delivery hours to later times, where customers can now order from over 30 food favourites.

Eddie Rockets, Subway, Burrito & Blues and Supermacs in Dublin, Cork and Galway are now delivering food via Deliveroo until 2am. Midnight snack alert?


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5. Pacific-Rim Influence

2019 has seen a 23 percent jump in the number of partners who have used ingredients from the Pacific-Rim, featured in the new dishes of Maneki and Opium.

Flavours from the Southern Hemisphere are diversifying Ireland's food palate, and this summer will see more fresh, tastebud tingling foods emerge.

Dragonfruit, guava and seafood dishes are at the top of our Pacific-Rim lists, that's for sure.


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Time will tell what we'll be stuffing into our faces this summer, but it seems the rest of Ireland are on a mad health kick?

It's probably time we join in on that trend, instead of sticking to what we know…

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While marrying Prince Harry certainly seems like a fairytale come true, the lifestyle also comes with a whole host of rules that royal family members must abide by.

One part of dietary protocol is that the royal family cannot eat seafood during their public duties.

This is unfortunate for Meghan, who told The New Potato magazine that her 'ideal food day' would include a 'leisurely dinner of seafood and pasta'.

There is a very practical reason behind this rule, though. 

Royal Butler Grant Harrold told Express that certain members of the royal family follow this rule so that they do not get food poisoning.

“It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties,” he explained.

“We don't want a member of the Royal family having a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour.”

Apparently seafood isn't the only food forbidden at the royal table.


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“As well as shellfish, it would also be quite appropriate for foods such as foie gras to be avoided,” Grant said.

Andrew Farquharson, Deputy Master at Clarence House, told the Telegraph, "The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras."

Prince Charles banned foie gras from being served at the royal table allegedly for animal welfare reasons rather than personal health concerns.


Harvey Nichols diners can enjoy Rock Lobster in Dundrum from next month as the Donnybrook restaurant continues its mission to ‘slap the posh out of eating  lobster’.

The 100-seater restaurant and cocktail bar in Harvey Nichols will undergo a major refurbishment. The result should be a fun atmosphere that compliments Rock Lobster’s ‘Cocktails, Fish & Steakhouse’ signature style, making it a fitting addition to this popular fashion destination.

‘Rock Lobster at Harvey Nichols’ will offer the sustainable seafood, lobsters and prime dry aged beef at a reasonable price, served in a relaxed style. Its owner, Niall Sabongi, deals with small, independent fishermen, co-ops and farmers on a daily basis to source the finest fresh seafood and beef.

As it attempts to introduce lobster to the regular folk of Dublin, ‘Rock Lobster at Harvey Nichols’ will offer a Split Lobster or Lobster Roll, served with fries and salad for just €20.00.

Open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, the ‘Rock Lobster at Harvey Nichols’ vibe will continue into the cocktail bar with live music from Thursday to Saturday.

Reservations are being accepted now by emailing Dundrum@RockLobster.ie or calling 01 2910410. See www.RockLobster.ie for sample menus.