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Summer coming to an end can be a troubling time for all of us. Why should we have to cope with Ireland's gloomy, cold seasons once more? It doesn't seem fair.

What can be the best stress reliever during difficult and chaotic moments in our lives? Food, obviously.

Deliveroo has revealed how the return to school and end of August can affect our food preferences, and we're not one bit shocked at the rise in alcohol orders during September.

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Summer 2019 is leaving us behind *pause for sobbing* and it's time to ditch the bikinis for uniforms and work clothes. According to Deliveroo, healthy orders significantly increase in September…what?

The alcohol orders rise by 14 percent as we realise that exams and essay deadlines are back in our lives once more.

The end of summer has broken our hearts, but at least we got to enjoy Love Island and let our pasty skin tones get a tad bit more…red? There were glimmers of sunshine and plenty of rain showers, but it was a good time all the same.

As the nights become shorter, we're less likely to stay out dining late or visiting Dublin's best beer gardens, but Irish adults still need some vino to take the edge of the darker September evenings.

Back-to-school season means that rather than venturing out in dark, dreary weather, it's much easier to order a Prosecco Fiabesco from DRINK! or a Coors Light from Herlihy’s instead on Deliveroo. 

With the end of summer comes the end of the 'beach bod' goals. The month is associated with changes and positive progress, with healthy food orders rising by 22 percent last August.

From salads and falafels and miso salmon to super-sub sandwiches, Sprout and Co and SuperSubs see a rise in Deliveroo orders during the month of September. Look at you go, gals. 


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September is also seen as a 'new beginning' time of the year, but we all dread the darker nights accelerating from here until December. It's depressing as f*ck.

The darkness weirdly makes us feel more tired at an earlier time, which means that Deliveroo orders start coming in earlier in the evenings too. 

Last year, the average order time in June was 8:01pm, whereas by the time September rolled around, the average order time was at 7:34pm. Mad what the sky can do to us, isn't it?

So we’re making some new changes with the addition of salads and other healthy orders, but then we need a drink as a result. It's safe to say that September has us in a state of total flux.

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That time of year is upon us again when all the kids head back to school. 

The shops are filled with stationary, uniforms, school bags and lunch boxes.

But while they moan and complain that life isn't fair, we take a look back at the things that only girls of the noughties will understand.

Get ready for memories to come flooding back:


1.The moment your teacher wheeled in the MASSIVE television to your classroom you knew it was movie time (aka. nap time).


2. The SHAME of being told to stand outside the class because you were being bold (but really you are a hilarious entertainer loved by your peers).


3. The battle you had with your mother to get a cool pair of Kickers as your new school shoes. She rarely gave in *sob*.


4. When you got a substitute teacher rather than your normal teacher – which meant ZERO work and having all the bants.


5. Adding amaze WordArt to your homework and school projects. 


6. Homework journals were a blank canvas – any available sticker/picture of hot celebrity filled the pages instead of actual homework. 


7. Writing on your schoolbag with Tip-Ex or a big black marker. Because that's how you expressed yourself, obvs. 


8. The dreaded bleep test. But you secretly made a pact with your BFF to drop out after round 2. 


9. New stationary – you hated going back to school but shopping for stationary was the highlight of your summer.


10. Your German aural exam beginning… and all you can remember are the words bibliothek, diskothek and nein. 


11. Texting under the table with your Nokia – and being able to text without looking because the phone buttons were oh-so HUGE. 


12. Finding out your teacher's first name. #Insiderknowledge.


13. Rolling up the waistband of your skirt – just so one centimetre of flesh could be seen.


14. MSN – where every teenage love affair blossomed.


15. When you FINALLY left school – which involved writing on each others worn out shirts, asking your favourite teacher to sign your memory book and crying loads – only to remember you'll see everyone down the local in an hour. 





Back-to-school time is never going to be nice, add being the youngest child to the mix and it all goes downhill from there. Yes, we admit, there are good things about being the youngest – lots of clothes to rob, make-up to use or people to look up to – but not at the end of autumn. No, the end of the summer is never a good time to be the youngest, here’s why:

The hand-me-downs  
The jumper is almost threadbare and at least five times its original size. Not to mention the skirt that has been adjusted more times than you care to remember. It’s gone through three older sisters and is just about wearable. Just.

Second hand schoolbooks

We’re glad when they change the curriculum, at least you might get a better chance of getting a new book. All we want is one new book to bring to school. Just. One. 

Getting your sisters’ old teacher
For the next year you’ll just be compared to your older, cleverer sister. Prepare for ‘oh your sister was top of the class with that subject’.

Choosing the same subjects as your sister
Sometimes suggested as a great idea by the mother who claims it’s so your sister will be able to help you. Don’t believe her – it’s to save money on books.  

Sports time
If you don’t pick [insert sport that your sister excelled at] like your big sis, mum and dad will worry that you are going off the rails.

The ‘old uniform’

You have never had a new uniform, not even when the school changed it. You are the only one sitting in class wearing the old one – even the teachers feel sorry for you. 




If you’re starting college in September, you’re going to want to have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe. Here are five pieces of clothing that every college student literally cannot live without:

A big, huge, hoody
Because when you’re really hungover, nothing else will do.

Your county jersey
For county colours night – which will definitely happen!

A cool hat
For those mornings when your flat mate used up all the hot water, so you couldn’t wash your hair.

A dress that goes from night to day
For when you go straight to the bar after class.

Fluffy pyjamas
For those days when you just don’t leave the flat.



All those ‘back to school’ signs used to give us the chills – but now? Well, we’re just filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Here are ten reasons why we really, really wish we were going back to school in September:

New shoes
Ok, so they were boring, old, clunky black shoes that you wouldn’t be caught dead in now, but we’d be lying if we said that each year we weren’t filled with excitement at the thought of going shoe shopping. And despite the constant disappointment, we always retained a little bit of hope that this year, we would get nice shoes and be the envy of everyone at school.

Empty promises to ourselves
The endless empty promises, how we loved those: “This year I’m going to get up early EVERY morning and look fantastic every day!”, “I’ll keep my copy SO tidy this year. I mean it.”, “I’m going to make salad for lunch every day – no more curry chips!” Now we have to wait all the way till New Year to make promise we know we won’t keep. It’s not fair!

Because if we were going back to school, we’d have had three months off
Instead, we’ve only had one week off! Imagine how much stuff you could get done in THREE months? Why didn’t we become a teacher like our mothers wished we would? WHY?

Oh, we love a bit of stationary here at SHEmazing!, we really do. Going back to school was the perfect excuse to invest in new pens, pencils, A4 pads, folders, pencil cases (even though the one from last year is perfectly fine), folder dividers…we could go on forever.

We’d get to see our friends more often
Nowadays we don’t get to see them half as much, and when we do we’re all wrecked from work. We really didn’t know how good we had it in school, did we?

Getting to day-dream all day
Even if you were totally bored by your teacher, at least you could just engage in some good old fashioned day dreaming. If they caught you and asked you to repeat the last thing they said, you’d have a great laugh at lunch about your little mishap. You can’t do that in work!

Not having to think about what to wear
As much as we hated wearing a uniform, we can now appreciate the value of not having to decide on what to wear each morning. Imagine how much time you'd save?

Less of a commute
Well this depends on where you went to school of course, but in general, your commute to school was nothing compared to your commute to work these days. Even if it was a long one, at least someone else was doing the driving, so you could snooze in the back.

Free classes
Whispered rumours that the teacher is sick have been circling all day, but you don’t want to get your hopes up. Then the principal walks into the classroom to tell you all to take out your books and study, as Mrs. McDonald won’t be in today, “but you have enough to be getting on with, I’m sure.”  Cue teenage hysteria and a LOT of paper aeroplanes.

The simplicity
At the time, school seemed like a jungle. Now? It seems like a walk in the park compared to real life. Bring us back, please!