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Father's Day is almost here, which means two things: last minute gift shopping and a higher tolerance for dad jokes for one day only.

Whether it's your step-dad, a special father figure in your life or your parent, buying the right gift can be tricky to navigate but worth it for the results.

Is your Papa obsessed with fantasy themes like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings? Or is he more of a Breaking Bad lad?

Image credit: Breaking Bad

From Peaky Blinders caps to Sherlock detective gear, here are some of our favourite gift ideas for TV and film franchise fanatics this Father's Day.

1. Men's Star Wars pyjamas

Buy: Aldi
Price: €9.99

2. The Unofficial Game of Thrones cookbook

Buy: Rakuten Kobo
Price: €9.78 (excl. shipping)


3. Breaking Bad: The complete DVD series

Buy: Shop4ie.com
Price: €27.99

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Speaker

Buy: Shop4ie.com
Price: €28.99

5. By the order of the Peaky Blinders novelty shirt

Buy: EMP.com
Price: €17.99

6. Harry Potter polyjuice potion table lamp

Buy: EMP.com
Price: €24.99

7. Inside Black Mirror: Behind-the-scenes secrets

Buy: A Good Read
Price: €15.03

8. Hogwarts wristwatch

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €29.99

9. Viserion White Walker goblet

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €39.99

10. Avengers: Endgame Thanos gauntlet-shaped mug

Buy: MenKind
Price: €13.56

11. Only Fools and Horses: The Peckham Archives by Rod Green.

An inside look at the iconic British sitcom.

Buy: Book Depository
Price: €22.87

12. I am SHERLOCKED: Cooking apron

Buy: Shirt City
Price: €26.98

13. The Walking Dead: Monopoly survival edition board game

Buy: Shop4ie.com
Price: €34.99

14. 'Ah It's Yourself' Father Ted t-shirt

Buy: Hairy Baby
Price: €24.99

15. Star Wars 'Welcome to the Dark Side' doormat

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €18.99

16. Lord of the Rings Middle Earth map poster

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €9.99

17. Stranger Things notebook

Buy: Fruugo
Price: €8.95

18. Rick and Morty novelty Rick bathrobe

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €29.99

19. Dr Who varsity jacket

Buy: EMP.ie
Price: €45.94

20. Marvel Thor: Ragnarok hammer key-ring

Buy: EMP.ie
Price; €9.89

Happy Father's Day to all the film and TV show fanatics, we hope they enjoy all these gorgeous gifts and have a special fanboy day.

Feature image: Etsy


Former Father Ted star and all-round comedic legend Ardal O'Hanlon is set to join Derry Girls season two.

As a key character in one of Ireland's most hilarious TV shows, Father Dougal McGuire, we're over the moon to see him join the latest brilliant Irish comedy series.

Derry Girls was first released on Channel 4 back in January of 2018 and quickly became one of the most watched show in Northern Ireland's history.


A post shared by Eamonn Rafferty (@eamonnirishcinephile) on

The show, which is based in Northern Ireland and follows a group of school friends who get up to mischief during The Troubles, with hilarious results.

It snagged Best Comedy at the IFTA Gala Television Awards and Lisa McGee took home the gong for Best Writer for Comedy/Soap after creating the absolute gem.

Soon after the show ended, it was publicised that a second series of the show had been commissioned, and today the news broke that Ardal O'Hanlon will be joining the cast.

A release from Channel 4 claims that the Monaghan native will play the role of; “Eamonn, the awkward, middle-aged mummy’s boy of the Quinn/McCool extended family”.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin Quinn spoke about the actor in an interview with RadioTimes“Ardal O’Hanlon joins our family this year, which is brilliant.” ​​

Nicola Coughlan, who plays Claire, says that the character of Eamonn is “a real Irish stereotype” – but he’s “not a priest”. “I think it’s something that everybody will recognise, and he completely gets it so on the money,” she added.


A post shared by Dylan John Llewellyn (@djllewellyn) on

“It was really surreal, just looking at him, because he’s such an iconic figure in Ireland, and he’s such a lovely man. He’s so good in it," Coughlan continued.

“There’s a scene where it gets quite physical, and Lisa McGee came over. She was like, "Don’t bully Ardal". And we were like, "We’re not bullying him, he’s like a national treasure!" ‘Cause we had to like go for it in the scene.”

Thank the Derry Gods, the show returns to our screens next month, and we finally got a sneak peak when Channel 4 released the trailer for season two a few days ago. It's gonna be pure gas, we cannot WAIT.

Feature image: SoSueMe.ie


It's been 22 years since the cult series aired its final episode, but now Father Ted is back and better than ever! 

The show's creator, Graham Linehan, announced yesterday that he is working on a Father Ted musical with the help of the series' co-writer Arthur Mathews and musician Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy. 

He also revealed that the stage show, called Pope Ted – The Father Ted Musical, would follow Ted as he leaves Craggy Island to take up his new role as Pope. 

He told the BBC yesterday: "It's like putting on an old pair of slippers. I didn't want to do anything like this until the right idea came along, and when Trump won and Corbyn won, I kind of thought: 'Maybe Ted has a chance.'"

"Obviously we're pulling some shenanigans to get him into that position but I think the shenanigans are entertaining enough that people won't mind."

Linehan kept tight lipped about who would take on the legendary leading role, and refused to confirm whether any old stars would be making an appearance. 

However, he did say that the production would definitely be coming to Dublin. 

It is not yet known where the musical will debut, but it is expected to be stage-ready sometime next year.


It's back! Like all good things that come in threes, the annual Holy Thursday Father Ted Quiz and Lovely Girls Competition, in association with Apache Pizza, is back for it's third year!

So go on, go on, go on…grab your friends, your colleagues, your boyfriend, your granny and your cat, and pop along to DTwo on Thursday March 29th.

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The night will be hosted by the one and only Patrick McDonnell, aka Eoin McLove, who will be sure to make a holy show of you if you’re not down with this sort of thing.

The quiz will feature themed rounds based on trivia from the show as well as a brief interlude for our fabulous equal opportunities Lovely Girls Competition.

A competition we have every intention of entering, and winning tbh.

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There will be prizes galore for the best dressed priest, nun or hairy baby. It'll be mad Ted.

To get your gorgeous tickets for this event, which is run by the wonderful humans at Green Shoes events, click here



OK, we're not claiming to be mind readers, but we're going to take a wild guess here and assume you know all the words to the Father Ted classic, My Lovely Horse?

Yeah, that's what we thought.

It's become somewhat of an unlikely anthem for Irish people around the world and we're secretly hoping that one day we'll throw caution to the wind and actually enter it in the Eurovison.

And you know what? With these boy singing, we might just be in with a chance.

The Ramparts, a male acapella group from Dublin, took to St. Stephen's Green this week to perform there own rendition of the beloved song.  

Set up by Ruaidhrí O’Dálaigh, the male voice choir sing everything from trad to pop – and of course, barbershop.

The group also just so happen to be the only Irish act set to compete in BBC One's new show, Pitch Battle.

The first episode airs Saturday, July 15.

We know who we'll be rooting for anyway.  



At this stage, we all know someone whose prized possession is the photo they took of themselves in front of Craggy Island's Parochial House, right?

And while they may be super proud of their windswept snap, it looks like they've been officially usurped if a recent upload by Scottish trad band, Ímar, is anything to go by.

The five-piece, which is comprised of members from Ireland, England, Scotland and the Isle of Man, took it upon themselves to go the extra mile when they rocked up to Father Ted's house in Co Clare.

Whipping out their instruments, the five lads gave a stellar rendition of the hit show's theme tune, and Facebook is. unsurprisingly, all over it.

With 72,000 Facebook views and counting, these lads have made our week.


Well, this is turning out to be an action-packed weekend.

With Body & Soul, Sea Sessions and Dublin Pride all underway, there's no better time to sit back and relax before having to go back to work tomorrow.

And if you have a love for Father Ted and tea, then get yourself down to Stoneybatter today!

Image result for mrs doyle father ted gif

Mrs Doyle's Tea Party — The Batter Bake Off is taking place at the Stoneybatter Festival today, where the Father Ted star herself, Pauline McLynn, will be hosting alongside Great Irish Bake Off presenter Anna Nolan. 

And what's the objective of this bake-off? To see who has the best biscuits in the 'Batter, of course.

Image result for mrs doyle father ted gif

The competition is split into three categories; best cake, best biscuit and best plate of sandwiches, and you will have to register here (but be quick before time runs out!).

The event will take place between 4-5pm on the Festival Stage on Manor Street, Stoneybatter.



We have to admit that our most recent Eurovision bids have not gone down well.

And it looks like these Dublin lads want to up the game a bit by singing a song that everyone knows and loves.

Indie-pop band, Fallen Lights, headed out to Father Ted's house in Ennis, Co. Clare to sing a brilliant rendition of My Lovely Horse.

And, we have to say, they really pulled it off. So much so, that we reeeally want them to be our next Eurovision entry.

Fallen Lights are currently doing a tour around Ireland. Tonight they are playing in Offaly, with their gigs ending in Dublin at the end of this month.


St Stephen's Day is probably the best day during the festive season.

We know that Christmas Day is great for food and presents and family, but Stevie's Day is when the pubs re-open and you go out to have the craic with your mates.

Well, the Bernard Shaw pub is welcoming back its Stephen's Day Father Ted tradition, and we can't wait.

The South Richmond Street pub has been putting on the event for a good few years now, but they're promising this one to be bigger and better than ever.

On the day, there will be a quiz, a costume competition and a deadly DJ.

Doors open at 6pm, with the quiz kicking off at 7pm. See you there?



Growing up in Ireland means you quote Father Ted at the drop of a hat, spit the lyrics to Maniac 2000 with little to no prompting and possess an intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny in Coppers, right?

If that describes you and the crew, then you may need to brace yourself for this one because everyone’s favourite Dublin haunt is about to go international, and they need you (your rap skills and your Craggy Island trivia) to go with them.

For the third successive year on tour, Copper Face Jacks is descending upon the skiing resort of Arinsal in Andorra, the man responsible for Maniac 2000 is heading with them, and the inaugural Father Ted Ski Fest is kicking off.

We know, we’re already making our lovely lady costumes in anticipation.

If you want in on a week-long event which involves live bands, mountain parties, a lip sync battle, and sledding, you need to clear your diary between March 5 and 12, and book your spot here from tomorrow morning at 9am.

For €899 pps, you will get return flights from Dublin to Toulouse, return transfers and 7 nights accommodation in a choice of 5 hotels.

And it doesn’t stop there, ladies.

The price also includes ski lessons, equipment hire, a lift pass, a limited edition ‘money can’t buy’ Copper’s Irish Rugby Jersey and your all-important Copper Face Jacks wristband which will guarantee you access to all of the amazing Coppers events throughout the week!

Excuse us while we count down the days to March 5.


Ah, the lives of the rich and famous, huh?

Ardal O'Hanlon was possibly our favourite star in Father Ted (apart from Ted, of course) and with his good humoured nature, it's a wonder why anyone would ever hate on him.

But the star has opened up about the time he used to get death threats while starring on the comical TV show.

“I remember it was along the lines of, ‘you’ve gone over to England and you’ve taken the Queen’s shilling. You’re a disgrace to the country and if I ever see you, I’ll kill you’,” he told The Sun

“I showed the postmark to someone and they said, 'I think that’s from a little place in the West of Ireland’.”

However, one of Ardal’s friends took a holiday in the remote village and said it could only have been one person that sent the threat.

“The only person it could be is this old ranter and raver in the pub who gives out about people on the telly,” Ardal said.

“So, being a stalker in Ireland is a rubbish occupation.”

Ah, Ardal, you never fail to make us laugh.


If you know your Father Stones from your Father Stacks, and want the whole city to hear about it, then you NEED to get yourself to The Grand Social next Tuesday at 8pm.

Raising funds for the Dublin Roller Derby who are hoping to become the first Irish league to participate in the Beach Brawl international roller tournament in the US, the Grand Social are giving you and your crew the opportunity to pit your wits against other Craggy Island experts.

At just €10 per person and prizes up for grabs, we can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night in the city centre, so check it out here!