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Aldi is thrilled to announce that Kevin the Carrot is back! The nation’s favourite carrot will be returning to screens on Thursday, November 7 at 18.20pm on Virgin Media Two.

The 70-second film follows on from Aldi’s Christmas teaser which aired last Friday (November 1), in which Kevin finds himself in hot water with an angry gang of brussels sprouts. New character Russell Sprout, and his gang of ‘Leafy Blinders’, are boiling with rage about Kevin and his family of carrots stealing the show as the star Christmas vegetable.

This year’s advert begins with the sprouts gathering round Kevin to teach him a lesson. They’ve heard he’s planning on putting on a massive Christmas show and they want to put a stop to it. Luckily, Kevin manages to escape the sprouts’ clutches with the help of Tiny Tom and deliver his ‘Christmas Spectacular.’ Katie and the kids make a reappearance, along with a whole cast of new characters.

John Curtin, Group Buying Director of Aldi Ireland, said: “We’re all delighted to see Kevin back on our screens again, getting up to his usual tricks. Kevin’s popularity has grown steadily over the past three years, he’s becoming something of a festive season treasure! Kevin’s magical Big Top is the perfect environment to showcase the amazing quality of the Aldi Christmas range of food and drink this year.”

The nation first fell in love with Kevin in 2016 when he graced TV screens as part of Aldi’s Christmas campaign and there’s been an incredible response to Kevin since.

Watch the full Aldi Christmas advert below:


Aldi Ireland announced today that Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin “GN Gin”, made by West Cork Distillers, will go on sale in 139 stores nationwide from Thursday, August 29 while stocks last.

 The gin will be on sale for €29.99 and will be available in two variants: 

  • GN Gin €29.99/70cl – Mixed Citrus Zest embraces by the sweetness of Fuchsia Petals.
  • GN Pink Gin €29.99/70cl – Infused with 12 Botanicals and a Blush of Pink Rose Petals.

Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin is small batch distilled in West Cork.  Then, when the weather’s right and the flowers are blooming, local rosehip, fuchsia petals and gooseberries are foraged to round out the blend of 12 botanicals that gives Graham’s Gin its London Dry style and distinctive flavour. 

An infusion of rose petals adds a final blush and a subtle summer nose to the Pink Gin.

 The products will be available in 139 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, August 29, while stocks last.


Planning a hen party may seem like a fantastic idea at the time but it can soon become a complete and utter nightmare. You spend hours scouring the Internet for decorations that are that little bit classier than your typical penis straws and pink feather boas, but alas they're everywhere you look.

Until now, thanks to Aldi, planning your bestie or sister's hen-do just got a hell of a lot easier (and affordable).

An amazing range of party supplies for hen parties, baby showers and summer fiestas, are on sale in 137 stores nationwide from Sunday, May 26.

From tableware to décor, the range has all you need to make sure your party is really memorable!

Make it a Hen Party to remember with some stunning decorations. Choose from Fancy Hen Party props, sashes and balloons. As well as some banners and bunting! With decorations ranging from a mere €0.99 to €12.99, you’ll plan a celebration to remember for a fraction of the price.



We'll be flocking to Aldi to stock up on all these decorations when they arrive in store on May 26.


JK Rowling released Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone back in 1997, and it blew all of our minds with magical creatures, spells and characters which will live on forever. 

The book series and film franchise are showing no signs of losing popularity, with young and old fans alike re-watching the movies, re-reading the books and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as often as they can.

If this isn't enough magic for you, Aldi have just released their Harry Potter range, and it's truly amazing as well as offering products which won't break the Gringotts bank.

From Harry Potter notebooks and pencil cases with Hogwarts crest designs for €2.99 each, Top Trumps cards at €3.99 each and crochet kits for just €4.99; The range has something for everyone.

Knit your very own Hogwarts house scarf or hat with Aldi's Harry Potter knit kit, including needles and yarn, for just €4.99.

Imagine strutting into school sporting one of these Hogwarts bags? We absolutely adore these designs, and can't believe how low the prices are.

Children's character shorty pyjamas are only €4.99 with four gorgeous designs are also available, as well as drinks assortments, lunch bags at €5.99 and buckle bags for €12.99 each.

Just look at those colourful duvet sets, we're in love with each one and they're only €14.99 for the single sets (including pillowcase) and €16.99 for the double version. 

The light painting wand, collector-quality replicas, are based on the original film props and are the perfect way to cast your Expecto Patronum spells. With an ultra-bright LED tip, we can't believe they're just €14.99. Choose between the Elder Wand, Hermione or Harry Potter.

Aldi's range of Official Harry Potter interiors, accessories, home-wear and games are on sale in all 137 stores nationwide from Sunday, May 19. Grab your broomstick and get down there before it sells out.

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St Patrick's Day is probably the biggest day of the year in our Emerald Isle for hitting the stores to buy alcohol.

Let's be real here, we're a nation of drink-connoisseurs; we'll be in the pub all day or at some mad gaff with a keg.

Stores like Aldi have been recently producing some of Ireland's best quality and cheapest gin, but they've only gone and topped themselves with their latest product.

Aldi Ireland has OFFICIALLY announced that it will be selling…wait for it…shamrock infused gin. Just in time for St. Patricks's Day; we know exactly what we'll be polluting ourselves with this year.

Made by Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth, Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' will be on sale from Thursday, February 28 for a price of €19.99/50cl, so banishing all of those snakes won't break the bank.

Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' has been distilled in the traditional London Dry style, with all ingredients, including the fresh shamrock, coming from the highways and byways of Co. Louth.


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The refreshing gin has a mild earthy taste from the shamrock flavour, and has rosehips and sweet orange flavour to match. Oh, and the gin is genuinely green, in honour of St. Paddy himself.

The gin makers have written an adorable poem for it's customers to enjoy;

"We once made a gin by The Tower, distilled with an Irish green power, some citrus and spice, some tonic and ice, from Ireland’s delicate wild shamrock flower!"

Adorable. We're so excited to give this one a try, it would be our honour to drink gin for the sake of our country.

Only one week left until we can get our hands on the gincredibly patriotic alcohol beverage, and 24 days until the biggest day of the Irish calendar. Get down to Aldi before the snakes get their paws on it first.


In some very wholesome news today, a 15-year-old girl's AMAZING Lemon Drizzle Cake is now on sale in Aldi stores across the nation. 

Ava Pierce, from Gorey, was crowned the winner of the National Junior Baking Competition in association with Foroige and the National Ploughing Association, thanks her her delicious and distinctive Lemon Drizzle Cake. 

The Transition Year Student won a bursary for herself in the competition, and her cakes are about to be consumed by the nation. 

'This competition encourages young people to think about good produce,' said Sean Campbell, CEO of Foroige. 

'It helps them hone their baking skills and it exposes them to a whole new world of manufacturing. I can't think of a better opportunity for a junior baker than bringing a product to market.'

Ava's cake will be available in all 137 Aldi stores across Ireland. 

We had a slice this morning and we have to say – it's absolutely delicious. 

Light and zesty with the perfect blend of tangy citrus flavours and soft, fluffy sweet cake – it's definitely a winner. 

Ava's Lemon Drizzle Cake is only €2.49 and is available in Aldi stores now. 


G&T's have become one of the most popular drinks on the market, but how is the spirit evolving? It's sophisticated reputation and delicious flavours create the ideal cocktails, as well as becoming the perfect confidence booster BFF:

"You should go to the dancefloor and show off your hip moves, you're such a great dancer" – as said by Hendricks, overheard in Coppers in October 2018. Hendricks was later proven wrong.

There's no doubt about just how much gin has grown in the world of spirits, with Scottish gin especially undergoing a massive revival.

According to the Irish Times, the on-trade gin market in Ireland is now worth at an all-time high of €50 million. It's image has become transformed from a seemingly 'mother's choice' to a millennial's favourite. 

We've put together a list of gin trends for 2019, so you can prepare your livers for the changes due to come in next year for the gin world. Get yourselves ready for relentless gin puns throughout, you have been warned.

1. GINcredible flavours 

Gin flavours are KILLING the game right now, and they're showing no sign of slowing down.


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Botanical delights such as berry pink gin, plum and cinnamon, pomegranate and rose, lemon drizzle, rhubarb and ginger to passionfruit gin liqueurs, salted caramel flavour and even a bubblegum taste, the flavours of gin available are GINfinite (sorry not sorry).

Copeland Spirits, based in Co. Down, specialises in 37.8% flavoured gins. Aldi Ireland stock its GINSANELY good Rhuberry flavour, naturally infused with local fruit, as well as its new, limited-edition infusion Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant.

Founder of Copeland Spirits, Gareth Irvine has recently spoken about the journey which gin flavours is currently on, saying that a shift in what's popular is incoming:

“Flavours to date have been quite seasonal or trend-led and associated solely to summer, or unicorns, or crazy colours and not veer too much away from berries. Over the coming months, we’ll see the flavour ideas get more adventurous incorporating spices, herbs, exotic fruits.

“Often-times, trend-led flavoured gins are of poor quality and are full of syrups, additives or sugar, rather than real fruit. In addition, the volume is generally around 20% and so a liqueur as opposed to a gin."

Hmmm, this is heart-breaking news. Some of our fave flavah's are legit just sugar and syrup…but this is changing. Thank GOD. We get enough sugar as it is.

Gareth predicts that consumers will start to focus more on quality, just like we saw with unflavoured gin and this will catapult flavoured gin into a category all of its own. Noted, Gareth.

2. GIN-vironmentally friendly

With the introduction of plastic-free consumer goals, especially in terms of straws in bars and restaurants, it's no surprise that gin companies are noticing this important trend. The 'waste not/want not' ideology is spreading fast, with bartenders becoming more aware of the value of not throwing away unneccesary food and drink waste.


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“We’re thinking first and drinking second. We’ve noticed cocktail menus are changing slightly as bartenders consciously look for ways to minimise food waste." according to Gareth.

When it comes to garnishes such as lemon wedges, egg yolks and limes, the amount of fruit that is thrown away or used needlessly purely for the same of appearance is pretty shocking.

Rather than sweeping these used garnishes into to the bin, some bars have making what is becoming known as ‘closed-loop’ cocktails, where excess fruit is used to create natural syrup or saved for pitchers.

Bars becoming conscious about their eco-footprint is imperative, especially since spirit companies rely heavily on the land to create their infused gins.


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3. GINcrease in gin brands

Wait, you mean… we're going to see even more gin? YAS. 

More brands will be arriving on the scene next year, with supermarket-owned brands such as Aldi helping to increase access to the category.

Gin-lovers in Ireland are a passionate bunch of people, and brands are taking that passion seriously. As more and more brands come on the scene, people will only connect with the ones that have strong values, for example supporting the environment or raising talent through graduate programmes.

Brands will be providing a quality product that is conscious of price and quality. Amen to that.


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4. GINnovation

Brands in 2019 hope to focus on some brand new categories, many of our favourite brands which have risen in the last three years didn't exist prior to the gin renaissance. These brands, whose journeys are only really beginning, will be competing to adapt in the long-term industry pool.

Gin and spirit companies will begin experimentation with distilling and flavours which will likely benefit gin, and those who drink it, i.e. us.

We predict that experimentation will lead to some unreal new flavours and tastes, we also volunteer as tribute to test these new tastes. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.


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For the moment anyway, we're heading straight to Aldi Ireland to grab Copeland’s Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant Gin for just €29.99, see you there gals.

With Christmas around the corner, this new flavour is perfect for winter.

Can someone please le Santa know that a gin advent calendar is on our present list? Just in case he doesn't know…


If the great gin boom of 2017 brought us anything, it was a plethora of Irish gin festivals. 

With the gin trend going nowhere, it's no surprise that the coming summer months are playing host to another, affordable gin event.  

Bargain super brand Aldi are bringing delicious, bespoke and on-budget gin festival to their stores on May 31st. 

Launching in 130 stores nationwide, Aldi are introducing five delicious, infused Irish gins to their shelves – that's our summer pre drinks sorted.

The new gins include Brennan’s Old House Gin, inspired by the distillery's surrounding meadows of heather, fields of corn and hedgerows of ripe frocken berries, 'capturing a little bit of Irish magic in every bottle'.

Each “Crock of Gin” is a limited edition, produced in small batches, and available from Aldi for a not too shabby €29.99. 

The subtly fragrant Tower Gin, €29.99, has chocolate-orange sweetness emerges from the organic cacao and orange peel.

An Aldi exclusive, Ha’penny Rhubarb Gin, also €29.99 per 70cl has notes of rhubarb, juniper and lemon peel followed by subtle hints of black pepper.

'Initially there is an intense rhubarb and herbaceous body, rounding to a pleasant lingering touch of blackberry, leaving an unforgettable flavour to the palate,' according to the folks at Aldi.

One for the patriotic, Aldi is also stocking St Patrick’s Classic Juniper Potato Gin.

Described as having a floral undertone, the gin uses the freshness from the potatoes to create a unique flavour. 

Lastly, Boyle’s Raspberry Blush gin, for €24.99 combines the summery smell of fresh raspberries and pine with a hint of spice.

We'll see you in the queue. 


Foodies dreams are about to come true as Aldi launches golden and CRISPY  Halloumi Fries, available in the freezer section across 130 Aldi stores from tomorrow, Friday, 18th May.

Guys, I'm fu**ing overwhelmed by this news. 

Inspired by a similar offering from popular Portuguese chicken eatery, Nando’s; Aldi’s Specially Selected Halloumi Fries are made with scrumptiously soft – and slightly salty – halloumi cheese from Cyprus and a lightly seasoned crispy coating, making them the perfect side snack for sharing

Finbar McCarthy, Group Buying Director at Aldi Ireland said, “We are delighted to be the first supermarket in Ireland to bring our customers halloumi fries, a snack we think will be a huge hit this summer!”

The above products are on sale in 130 Aldi stores nationwide from Friday, 18th May, and they'll cost just 3 quid! 

And if you need me, I'll be lurking in my local Aldi.

No Friday night takeaway tomorrow, lads. 



From shiny new blenders to luxurious scented candles, Aldi's middle aisle is famous for stocking affordable alternatives to the most popular branded products – and it's latest special buy might just be the most exciting yet. 

Launching this May, the budget supermarket have just announced the release of two new eyeshadow palettes and they're total dupes for Urban Decay's cult NAKED products. 

Priced at just €7.99, the Naturals Eyeshadow Palettes will come in two varieties, 'Naturals' and 'Naturals 2'. 

Each palette contains 12 long-lasting shimmer, matte and satin eyeshadows, with hues ranging from smokey greys to glittering golds 

Oh, and just like Urban Decay products, both palettes are completely cruelty-free. 

They also come with a dual-ended eyeshadow brush and a built-in mirror, so you can touch up your smokey eye on-the-go. 

These babies will land in Irish stores on May 17, so mark your diaries as once these special buys are gone, they're gone! 



Today is a very, very good day.

Aldi has introduced five new craft beers, priced from €1.89, available now for a limited time.

And sure, one of them is even gluten free – for all you gorge coeliacs. 

Can I get a hallelujah?

Tom Doorley, Aldi Drinks Expert, says: "The Brown Bear beers, brewed in County Armagh, have real flavour and freshness, ideal as the evenings get longer and we look forward to summer.

O'Shea's are old favourites, with a crisp, characterful lager and an IPA with proper, refreshing hoppy bitterness."

The five groovy new beers are as follows: 

Brown Bear Double IPA (5.2% ABV, 500ml, €2.39), which is a full bodied, copper coloured, IPA bursting with citrus fruits and tropical fruit flavours and aroma. An initially sweet impression gives way to an explosion of orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine. 

We're drooling. 

Brown Bear Gluten Free Lager  (4.1% ABV, 500ml, €1.99) is a crisp, straw coloured lager with a classic pilsner malt flavour and a clean lingering bitterness. A gentle hop aroma finishes this easy drinking lager.

And then we have Brown Bear India Pale Lager (5.2% ABV, 500ml, €1.99), which is a gold coloured, medium bodied lager style beer with a fresh aroma of lime, kiwi fruit and a hint of gooseberry on the finish.

Aldi have also included two beers from O'Shea's.

O'Shea's Irish Lager (5% ABV, 500ml, €1.89) has been brewed true to the craft traditions with the use of Irish Malts.  

This lager is clean and crisp with subtle hints of sweetness due to the addition of a small amount of Caramalt. The longer period of rest allows the flavours to develop, offering a refreshing and balanced finish.

O'Shea's IPA (5% ABV, 500ml, €1.99) is bursting with flavour, and has been brewed with fresh grapefruit combined with a multitude of hop varieties including Cascade and Amarillo. These hops are added after different stages of the brew to give this refreshing IPA its intense citrus flavour.

Now I'm not particularly into beer, but these genuinely all sound delicious. 

Anyone else thirsty? 



If you're baby faced and have a penchant for sipping on energy drinks, you may want to start bringing your I.D to Aldi. 

The bargain retailer has announced that it will sop selling energy drinks to people aged under 16. 

'We are introducing this age restriction in response to growing concern about the consumption of energy drinks among young people,' Finbar McCarthy, Group Buying Director at Aldi Ireland told Breaking News.

The changes will come into place from March 1. 

The decision comes after health campaigners dubbed energy drinks as completely inappropriate fro children thanks to their high sugar and high caffeine content. 

One study, carried out by Action on Sugar, found that many energy drinks had more than the RDA of sugar in one beverage. 

'Sugars are an unnecessary and unhealthy source of calories, and health experts are becoming ever more concerned about the issues associated directly with excessive sugars consumption,' reads a statement on the Action on Sugar homepage. 

'The incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, along with the sometimes serious consequences of those diseases, is rapidly increasing.'

'There is a direct link between consumption of sugars and dental caries as well as a possible link between consuming excess sugars and high cholesterol, high blood pressure, some cancers and non-alcoholic liver disease.'