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Urban Decay is truly raining down blessings upon us by welcoming NAKED Honey to the world.

The 12-pan eyeshadow palette has a mixture of beautiful golden, brown and amber hues, in a range of glitters, mattes and shimmers. We cannot cope. 

Legendary newly appointed queen of everything that moves; Lizzo, was first to break the exciting news about the latest NAKED palette. 


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The Juice singer gave us a glimpse of what the palette looks like in real life, modelling it in a stunning selfie that has us throwing money at Urban Decay.

The 12 shades have been designed to give a 'retro golden glow', which sounds like a sweet treat to us. Who doesn't love a good glow? 


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The beauty brand described the newbie as; "12 all-new, golden neutrals that include classic golds, warm ambers, and rich chocolate browns." 

They added; "Reach for our go-to shade Amber (it practically glows), create the perfect hazy, smoked-out eye with Sting (warm brown matte), or get hooked on Honey (intense gold metallic) for the ultimate ’70s statement eye."


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The palette will go on sale from September 13, 2019 at on Urban Decay's website, and will cost €45 (£42).

Feature image: Urban Decay/Instagram/@beautynewsofficial



We're all aware that Urban Decay have garnered an absolute CULT around their legendary make-up palettes. 

We can all remember the mass hysteria when their Naked palettes were released; we'd never seen the likes of it, and we all just HAD to acquire one.

Now the giant cosmetics brand are offering the chance to snatch a FREE Naked Reloaded palette worth €44 (£38), but you'll need to be prepared.


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They've just launched their Naked Reloaded palettes after the huge success of their debut Naked 1, 2 and 3 and have since added the Naked Cherry, Naked Smoky and Naked Fire Palettes.

Now Urban Decay have stated that they will gift the first 20 customers to walk through the doors of selected stores on Monday a FREE Naked Reloaded palette.

That's right, the claws will well and truly be out to play that day. You need to bring any other Urban Decay palette of yours to swap, however. Seems fair to us.


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The American brand removed the Naked palette from stores last August and effectively brought the beauty world into a state of grief.

The new take on their classic has since been offered, with 12 gorgeously glitter shades from warm browns to beige neutrals, rouge golds and sparkly whites.

Urban Decay are celebrating the first day of the Naked Reloaded palette hitting shelves officially with the giveaway, and we're expecting MAJOR queues to form from the break of dawn on Monday,

Get your EP tents ready for camping ladies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride when the doors open. 

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Ah, the Naked palette – it was truly the first cult beauty product of it's kind. 

Since then, literally thousands of neutral palettes have attempted to replicate the OG palette, but none have quite captured the functionality and quality of the original.

In a shock announcement this week, Urban Decay revealed that they will be discontinuing the iconic product.

Luckily, the palette is still available today – and it's on sale – so you can snap one up quickly if your old one is looking a little worse for wear.

'Today, we mourn our beloved original Naked Palette, a revolutionary product that changed the beauty industry forever,' UD wrote on Instagram.  

'A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after 8 years.'

I think we ALL remember our first encounter with the Naked palette, and how enraptured we were that all the shades we could possibly need were now in the one place. 

For me personally, I hunted high and low in my home town of Galway for the palette back in 2011, but it was like Half Baked gold dust. 

However, during a jaunt to Limerick to buy a Debs dress, we spotted a stand of them in a department store – que me screaming and my mother slamming on the breaks of the car worried that I had suddenly been struck down with acute appendicitis thanks to my screech.

An intense battle ensued and the palette was  bought, and my entire self-painted sparkly smoky eye for my Debs was courtesy of Creep and Gunmetal. Eight years later I still have the palette, and that Debs look is screaming for a recreation. 



From shiny new blenders to luxurious scented candles, Aldi's middle aisle is famous for stocking affordable alternatives to the most popular branded products – and it's latest special buy might just be the most exciting yet. 

Launching this May, the budget supermarket have just announced the release of two new eyeshadow palettes and they're total dupes for Urban Decay's cult NAKED products. 

Priced at just €7.99, the Naturals Eyeshadow Palettes will come in two varieties, 'Naturals' and 'Naturals 2'. 

Each palette contains 12 long-lasting shimmer, matte and satin eyeshadows, with hues ranging from smokey greys to glittering golds 

Oh, and just like Urban Decay products, both palettes are completely cruelty-free. 

They also come with a dual-ended eyeshadow brush and a built-in mirror, so you can touch up your smokey eye on-the-go. 

These babies will land in Irish stores on May 17, so mark your diaries as once these special buys are gone, they're gone! 




This is an extremely important public announcement! 

The  Urban Decay Naked Petite HEAT palette is due to hit Irish stores in April, HOWEVER, there is going to be a special presale event starting tomorrow. 

The gorgeous palettes will be available from the Urban Decay Boutique on Grafton Street, Dublin 2 from Thursday 8th March ahead of it’s official launch at the end of April!

We're excited. 

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The palette is only available while stocks last though, so act bloody fast lads. 

Naked Petite Heat is a compact eyeshadow palette featuring six all-new scorched neutrals inspired by our own Naked Heat. With five matte shades for lid, crease and liner, plus one demi-matte highlighting shade, it has everything you need to create looks that range from soft and sultry to flat-out fire.

Plus, it's a baragain, at just €29! 

Image result for NAKED PETITE HEAT

The ultra-compact packaging was made for travel and fits in your smallest purse. But don’t let its petite exterior fool you—it contains full-size pans of our legendary Eyeshadow and a mirror. Emblazoned with burning roses, this hot commodity will be your go-to palette.

It really is divine. 


Feature image courtesy of Allure.com



Honestly, we are already counting down the days until we can put up our trees, drink eggnog and sing about Rudolph's red nose. 

Yes, we know Halloween hasn't even come yet, but who could blame us for all the Christmas ethusiasm? Especially when all the gift inspiration is starting to surface.

One company that are widely known for their amazing Christmas sets is Urban Decay – and they are seriously taking it up a notch this year. 


Naked Heat Naked  Naked 2  Naked 3 #UrbanDecay

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The iconic beauty brand has released a Naked 4Some Vault which is full of their famous eye shadow palettes, just in time for Santa.

The vault contains the original bronze-coloured Naked 1 palette (our old pal), as well as the the Naked2, the rose gold themed Naked3, and Naked Heat which is home to all your burnt gorgeous shades.

In a not-so-shocking twist, the palette vault does not come cheap – at a casual £120, but when you work it out, you actually save money. 

It will be available for purchase from November 2, which gives us a bit of time to save! 



Get excited, beauty lovers!

Urban Decay's Naked Palette is a cult makeup item, and the nude selection and its sequels the Naked 2 and Naked 3 have become makeup bag must-haves. 


 Now, Urban Decay is releasing a brand new Naked Palette, and this one is hotter than the rest. 

The Naked Heat palette is coming for those of us who live for a warm, cranberry eye. 

The palette has a few traditional (albeit warm-toned) nudes in the mix, but it is unique to the rest thanks to the reds, pinks, peaches and cranberry shades it features on its spectrum. 

The 12 'amber-hued neutrals' are ideal for a sexy summer eye look, and we can even see some of the mid tones working as gorgeous blushers. 

The amazing new palette launches officially on June 30, so we'll be saving our pennies up for the end of the month!



Make-up geeks rejoice!

There is nothing that get our hearts beating faster than a shiny new palette to add to our collection and this may just be the most exciting one yet. 

Urban Decay are about to drop their most versatile Naked palette ever and it looks absolutely beautiful.  

The Naked Skin Shapeshifter  is a one-stop palette for contouring, colour-correcting and highlighting, and is available in two colour ways to suit all skin tones and complexions.

The palette consists of two layers, one for powders and one for creams, perfect for achieving that classic Urban Decay 'naked skin' look. 

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter is available from June 8. 

See you in the queue.


There is a special kind of feeling we get when we purchase a Naked Palette from Urban Decay. 

Today, we were lucky enough to step inside the doors of Urban Decay HQ, and try out their brand-new illuminating palette.

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*Caution: you will WANT this*

Called the Naked Illuminated Trio, this gorgeous creation will be on every girl's Christmas list this year. 


It's a good day to have a have a great highlight. #BeautyWithAnEdge #UrbanDecay

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The palette contains three beautiful shades: Pyrite, a rich and pigmented gold shade, Twilight, a sparkling rose-gold, and Oasis, a marble of glittering taupe and pink.

These three iridescent shades also come with a double-ended makeup brush, that is guaranteed to transform you into a glowing goddess. 

This wonderful addition to the Naked family is all wrapped up in very chic, marble-like packaging. 


For when you want that gorgeous, just-got-Naked glow all over: Naked Illuminated Trio. #UrbanDecay

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While the price for this palette has not yet been released, we reckon it will be around the €40 mark, judging by the cost of other Urban Decay palettes. 


Your Naked stash isn't complete without Naked Ultimate Basics. #YouLookBetterNaked #NakedUltimateBasics

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Unfortunately, you will have to wait to get your hands on one of these beauties, but we PROMISE it will be worth it! 

The Naked Illuminated Trio will be available to purchase from November 4th on debenhams.ie.



I’m a big fan of the natural daytime look, but as it’s coming into summer (and festival season is just around the corner!) it’s time to put the neutrals on hold and embrace colour and chaos.

I’ve been looking for the perfect summer eye shadow palette for a while and it’s really no surprise that I found it when I went for a make-up consultation at the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams on Dublin’s Henry Street.

Urban Decay is famous for its eye shadows; in fact, I doubt there’s a make-up lover out there who doesn’t own one of their incredible Naked palettes.

Urban Decay’s Electric palette may seem a little intimidating at first, but trust me, as soon as you see and feel how these shadows look on the skin, you’ll fall as head over heels as I did.

There are 10 shades, 2 previously released and 8 brand new, all using their velvety smooth, highly pigmented formula.

My lovely consultant Roisin walked me through the palette and demonstrated just how versatile these shades are and how even the smallest amount can make a big statement. Adding a pop of purple (Urban) or blue (Chaos) along a cat-eye flick or adding a splash of colour to the inner corner can give you the most gorgeous look!

This really is a must-have for summer, as is UO’s new line of beautiful skin products, Naked Skin Liquid Makeup, which are available in a fantastic range of shades and so lightweight it feels like you’ve nothing on your skin. A combination of these products and you’ll be set for summer and beyond. You can see how convincing my consultant was, right?

Oh and it’s not just me who gets to be pampered – the Urban Decay team at Debenhams Henry Street is offering FREE mini- makeovers exclusively to SHEmazing readers! Just call  to book your appointment and decide which area you want to focus on ( eyes or complexion) – simple!