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JK Rowling released Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone back in 1997, and it blew all of our minds with magical creatures, spells and characters which will live on forever. 

The book series and film franchise are showing no signs of losing popularity, with young and old fans alike re-watching the movies, re-reading the books and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as often as they can.

If this isn't enough magic for you, Aldi have just released their Harry Potter range, and it's truly amazing as well as offering products which won't break the Gringotts bank.

From Harry Potter notebooks and pencil cases with Hogwarts crest designs for €2.99 each, Top Trumps cards at €3.99 each and crochet kits for just €4.99; The range has something for everyone.

Knit your very own Hogwarts house scarf or hat with Aldi's Harry Potter knit kit, including needles and yarn, for just €4.99.

Imagine strutting into school sporting one of these Hogwarts bags? We absolutely adore these designs, and can't believe how low the prices are.

Children's character shorty pyjamas are only €4.99 with four gorgeous designs are also available, as well as drinks assortments, lunch bags at €5.99 and buckle bags for €12.99 each.

Just look at those colourful duvet sets, we're in love with each one and they're only €14.99 for the single sets (including pillowcase) and €16.99 for the double version. 

The light painting wand, collector-quality replicas, are based on the original film props and are the perfect way to cast your Expecto Patronum spells. With an ultra-bright LED tip, we can't believe they're just €14.99. Choose between the Elder Wand, Hermione or Harry Potter.

Aldi's range of Official Harry Potter interiors, accessories, home-wear and games are on sale in all 137 stores nationwide from Sunday, May 19. Grab your broomstick and get down there before it sells out.

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Say goodbye to your financial stability ladies; ASOS has launched their homewear range, and it's as fabulous and affordable as you'd imagine.

Everyone's fave online retailer has released ASOS SUPPLY, filled with an array of gorgeously patterned bedding and cushions, throw blankets, mirrors, kitchen bowls and even tie hangers. 

The three main trends of the collection are Cool Minimal (clean lines and brush stroke patterns), Eclectic Luxe (recycled glassware and animal print) and Global Traveller (bright colours and 70s-inspired rattans).


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The prices are stunningly cheap; starting from just €9, grab the whole collection and have cash to spare for shopping their fierce clothing lines and accessories.

It's not the first fashion retailer to widen it's remits to interiors, but it's set to be hugely successful. We hope they expand the range ASAP, we've already shopped the entire thing.

With modern kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as planting and bedroom goods, there's something for everyone.


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While ASOS does in fact stock homewear products from brands like Sass & Belle, Chickidee, Typo and Paperchase, it's the first time that the company is launching it's own designs.

All of the prints in the collection are created exclusively by ASOS’ in-house design team, and were made to suit all types of living spaces.

Our personal fave items are definitely the elephant hook and eye patterned cushion cover with matching bedding. Iconic, how can we resist adding the entire collection to our baskets?

Feature image; ASOS


Sometimes, we stumble upon a new home trend that just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Our latest discovery comes in the form of ombré feature walls, and OH MY GOD are they beautiful (seriously, all the goals). 

A subtle ombré technique is actually quite simple to achieve – simply start at the top of the wall with the deepest of three graduated shades, finish with the lightest, and blend for a stunning result.

We did some digging on the trusty internet, and found some amazing examples that are guaranteed to inspire you:

1. Perfect Peach


ombre wall


2. Beautiful Sunset Wall


Ombre wall inspiration


3. Green with Envy


Ombre wall inspiration


4. Sunshine Yellow


Ombre wall inspiration


5. All The Colours


DIY Colorful Ombre Wall | studiodiy.com


6. Something Blue


Kinderzimmer. Mit wolkendruck                                                                                                                                                      Mehr


7. Gorgeous Grey


Home Inspiration Paint effect Ideas. Grey ombre effect wall in bedroom. How to create an ombre painted wall.


8. Our Absolute Favourite.


Ombre wall                                                                                                                                                                                  More



There's nothing better than sprucing up your home with a few new decorations, but sometimes even a mini renovation can leave your wallet pretty empty.

Luckily, Aldi is stepping up for summer with their new Coastal homeware collection, and while being perfectly seasonal it doesn't pull too hard on the purse strings.

The key to the coastal look is all about keeping it simple, and the collection reflects that with a natural soft blue, white and cream palette that echoes the colours of water, sand and summer skies. 

The entire collection will be available in all Aldi stores from Thursday, June 15, while stocks last. 

Cushions €9.99 

 Candle €4.99

 Candles €4.99 each

 Glass lanterns €8.99

 Cushions €9.99 each

 Printed Runner €9.99, Coastal Framed Print €4.99 

Rope Wall Clock €8.99 each


We’re always on the lookout for stylish yet affordable home decor options and the newest collection from Aldi might just be our favourite yet.

The supermarket’s latest Specialbuys features stylish furniture and decorative accessories and will be on sale in 129 stores nationwide from Sunday May 28, and judging by what we’ve seen so far, stocks won’t last very long.

The range is right on trend with geometric patterns that add a fresh and contemporary feel to any space. 

Here's a little sneak peek at what you can expect to see. 

Designer Style Chairs €79.99/2 pack 

Floating Shelves €9.99 each

Drum Bean Cube €39.99 

Home Decorations €4.99 each

The collection will be available from Aldi's 129 stores nationwide from Sunday, May 28.

So save the date, because when they're gone, they're gone.


From Daniel Craig's 007, to Mad Men's Don Draper and Christian Grey of the Fifty Shades trilogy – sophisticated, dapper gentlemen have now firmly pushed to one side the scruffy, gum-chewing bad boys of yesteryear.

And while their suits, their swagger, and their many successes naturally appeal no end, their incredible abodes are something of a mega-attraction too. 

Indeed, here at SHEmazing! we say there are few things sexier than a man who takes pride in his home – whether that's a box-room in his parents' place or a sprawling, detached property.

Thankfully, and choosing to ignore any lingering traffic cones or quirky beers mats from his college years, there are simple, affordable ways to revamp a living space too. 

Yes, armed with the right inspiration (Fifty Shades Darker hits Irish cinemas on February 10, for example) even the dullest of spaces can be transformed into something manly and striking.

Goodbye tatty boys-club gaff; hello cosmopolitan man-cave dwelling!

Here are six simple ways to give refined home-decor a distinctly masculine twist…

1) Accessories are everything 

Forming the perfect living space isn't exclusive to those with a millionaire bank balance. After all, when it comes to creating sleek, masculine interiors, the likes of leather photo frames, matching plates and cutlery, and luxurious faux-fur throws go a LONG way. 

2) Get rid of any junk

Clutter is out! Small living environments in particular can't support a load of 'stuff'. Go through every possession and aim to chuck as much of it as possible. Old DVDs and CDs? Out! Keep your wardrobe simple and concise too; discard anything that's tatty, worn, or dated.

3) Keep the colour-scheme simple

Embrace earthy hues like browns, greys, or deep greens. Or alternatively opt for two or three complementing colours and work with those – not only on the walls and ceilings, but also via accessories, furniture, and paintings. 

4) Storage boxes are a BIG help

Aim to keep day-to-day clutter out of sight. Bathrooms shouldn't be littered with products; bedrooms shouldn't be strewn with clothing, and sitting-rooms should be free of the likes of games consoles and gadgets. Invest in some good-quality storage boxes to help you clear away as much as possible.

5) Create a central feature

Christian Grey may have THAT Fazioli piano in his breathtaking penthouse – but even a bicycle or smaller musical instrument mounted on a wall can create a great central feature and talking point. If that feels too ambitious, use a piece of art or a quirky charity-shop find instead. 

6) Stick to a cleaning schedule

After discarding, decorating, and rearranging – don't let all your hard work go to waste by then not implementing a strict cleaning schedule. Leave the actual scrubbing and washing for the weekends, but daily, aim to complete a 20-minute tidy and re-ordering.




Man caves had totally taken over without much of a female equivalent, but we are happy to announce that girls are now being given a few more options.

Now us gals will also have our own place to get away from it all, without being disturbed and being extremely comfy all the while.

The 'she shed' is the newest trend in garden innovation and has us seriously planning weekend DIY project.  

These she sheds range from purpose built small buildings, to aluminium sheds that have basically just been pimped. 

One you have a comfy place to sit and electricity installed, you're pretty much good to go.

This would be your hideaway for reading or Netflix bingeing, or you could even create your own built-in bar (yes, yes, and YES!). 

To create your own perfect she shed you need a space first of all. even cleaning out the old abandoned shed or an unused corner of the house would do, as long as you're comfy. 

You would need a source of electricity next,and hopefully an extension lead from the house will do the trick.

Then the rest is up to you! If you just want to use it to chill out, somewhere comfy to sit and a nice blanket would be required. But if you want to use it to work or pursue a hobby, then a desk would be a great addition too.

Then it's up to you to get as creative as you want with it, fairly lights galore!



If you’ve been looking at your kitchen lately wondering where it all went wrong, then perhaps it needs a bit of a revamp. And if you’re going to go to the bother of doing it up, why not pick a theme? Themes are the best! Here are our favourites!

We’re not sure we could have an Italian themed kitchen without craving a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese every time we walked in, but if you think you could handle it, the Italian look is really nice and homely!

If you live by the sea, or if you just like the colour blue, a nautical themed kitchen is really fresh and inviting. Accessorise with ropes and sea shells – lovely!

If you want your kitchen to be a natural beauty, why not try an organic theme? We bet having a theme like this would help keep you motivated to eat healthily, a pizza box just wouldn’t look right on that table!

Everything sounds better when you put the word ‘country’ in front of it – country soup, country produce, country kitchen. You’ll be just dying to whip up a few freshly made apple tarts in a kitchen like this, leaving them out on the window sill to cool, like the good old days (or just reheat the one you bought in the shop and hide the evidence!).

If you’re looking for a cool, sleek interior design, then a modern kitchen is just the thing for you. This is a clutter-free zone.

Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine every time you go to make a cup of tea? Well, maybe it won’t be so extreme, but a retro kitchen will surely provide a blast from the past for your parents! It looks really cool too!

images via Pinterest