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St Patrick's Day is probably the biggest day of the year in our Emerald Isle for hitting the stores to buy alcohol.

Let's be real here, we're a nation of drink-connoisseurs; we'll be in the pub all day or at some mad gaff with a keg.

Stores like Aldi have been recently producing some of Ireland's best quality and cheapest gin, but they've only gone and topped themselves with their latest product.

Aldi Ireland has OFFICIALLY announced that it will be selling…wait for it…shamrock infused gin. Just in time for St. Patricks's Day; we know exactly what we'll be polluting ourselves with this year.

Made by Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth, Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' will be on sale from Thursday, February 28 for a price of €19.99/50cl, so banishing all of those snakes won't break the bank.

Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' has been distilled in the traditional London Dry style, with all ingredients, including the fresh shamrock, coming from the highways and byways of Co. Louth.


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The refreshing gin has a mild earthy taste from the shamrock flavour, and has rosehips and sweet orange flavour to match. Oh, and the gin is genuinely green, in honour of St. Paddy himself.

The gin makers have written an adorable poem for it's customers to enjoy;

"We once made a gin by The Tower, distilled with an Irish green power, some citrus and spice, some tonic and ice, from Ireland’s delicate wild shamrock flower!"

Adorable. We're so excited to give this one a try, it would be our honour to drink gin for the sake of our country.

Only one week left until we can get our hands on the gincredibly patriotic alcohol beverage, and 24 days until the biggest day of the Irish calendar. Get down to Aldi before the snakes get their paws on it first.



It's not surprising that people around the world want to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and will travel from the far corners to get here. 

Because let's face it from the parades to the atmosphere, there really is no beating it. 

There is a longstanding tradition of celebrities making the grand trip to the Emerald Isle on the big day and this year it was former boyband star and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson who caught the Paddy's day bug. 

Basically, a 90s superstar was here and we were living for it. 

However, the singer-turned-reality-star went to impressive lengths to not only conceal his identity but also get into the St. Patrick's spirit. 

The 42-year-old was snapped strolling down Grafton Street with his wife, Vanessa, and some friends donning a full face of paint, a ginger beard and a leprechaun hat (we are also appreciating the green hints on his runners). 

Because if you can't do it on Paddy's Day in Dublin then when can you. 

The star was also spotted flying into Dublin airport on Tuesday where fans were excited to get pics with the star. 

While they were out soaking up the atmosphere in the capital yesterday, on Wednesday they enjoyed a trip to the Guiness Storehouse as well as dinner and drinks at the Bank Bar on Dame Street. 

We reckon he's probably feeling a bit worse for wear today, but sure who isn't? 



Enda Kenny might have been swapping gifts and sprigs of shamrock with Barack Obama yesterday, but another well-known politician was left outside in the cold.

After receiving his "usual invitation" to attend the annual St Patricks Day event at the White House, Gerry Adams was subsequently denied entry at the door.

According to the Irish Times, Adams waited around for 90 minutes while security "examined his passport," but decided to leave when it became clear he wasn't getting in any time soon.

Taking to Twitter this afternoon, Adams posted a picture of the invitation he had received with the caption, "Just saying."

Although he often faces increased security checks when flying due to his connections with the Irish Republican movement, he has previously attended the White House's yearly event without issue.

Sinn Féin's deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald and the North’s deputy first minister Martin McGuinness were reportedly allowed to enter the event without issue.

In a statement today, Adams described his "grave disappointment" at not being permitted to enter the premises.

"I had received my usual invitation to attend the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the White House and was pleased to accept.

"When I arrived the staff at the White House informed me that there was an issue of ‘security’.

"After two decades of travelling back and forth to the USA and countless meetings in the White House with successive US Presidents, this is an unacceptable development."

He also criticised the ongoing scrutiny he – and other Sinn Féin party members – face when travelling to the US.

"Some of our political representatives have been denied access to the USA while others, including myself, have to regularly go through additional searches and scrutiny when we travel to and from the USA."



There are some great new releases coming out this weekend so grab the girlies, you mum or your other half and head to the cinema!

Hitting Irish cinemas this Friday, Selma sees a great cast of David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Roth and Tom Wilkinson bring to life Martin Luther Kin’s campaign to secure equal voting rights in ’60s America.

The Interview
Probably one of the most talk-about movies of this year so far, The Interview caused a LOT of trouble with North Korea thanks to its depiction of leader Kim Jong Un.

Jupiter Ascending
Described as, erm a ‘space opera’ (?!) this movie stars lots of big names such as Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne. Out this Friday! 

Patrick's Day
A movie set to change the way people look at mental health issues. Written and directed by Terry McMahon and starring Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox and Phillip Jackson, this is one movie you don't want to miss. Hitting Irish cinemas Friday 6th February.