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So, not only are millennials consuming less alcohol than previous generations, but they actually think getting drunk is “pathetic and embarrassing,” a UK study has found.

As part of the research, Eventbrite surveyed 1,023 millennials about their relationship with alcohol – and the results were somewhat unexpected.

On average, millennials drink a responsible five units of alcohol a week, while only one in 10 thought getting drunk was “cool.”

And while these figures reflect a positive emphasis on health and well-being among young people, we can't help but feel a little surprised.

The survey also found that in general, millennials view excessive drinking as something “belonging to an older generation.”

What's more, results showed that 70 per cent of participants would rather brag about how long it's been since their last drink, than about how drunk they got last weekend.

And it looks like some classic hangover cures are changing too.

The hair of the dog is out, and it super-charged vegan smoothie is in, with most saying they would prefer not to drink alcohol the morning after the night before.

Researchers reckon this new-found lack of interest can be blamed on two things:

Number one – Millennials are obsessed with 'living in the moment' and creating memories (which can be difficult to do after four tequila shots).

And, number two – Rather than turning to alcohol, young people are instead choosing to talk openly about their mental health issues.

So, while a sudden decline in the interest of alcohol might come as a surprise to some, the obvious benefits are hard to argue with.

After all, who wouldn't want to live a happier, more memorable, hangover-free life?



A new study has revealed that that 72 per cent of Irish adults believe excessive drinking is “just part of our culture.”

A survey carried out by Drinkaware showed that a massive 45 per cent of people think that consuming alcohol in large amounts is “no big deal”, while just 31 per cent said they would like to drink less.

It seems that a worrying amount of Irish adults are not fully aware of the HSE's guidelines for alcohol which recommend up to 11 standard measures for women and 17 for men per week.

They also recommend that people should aim for at least two alcohol-free days per week.

However, the survey, which examined 1000 adults aged 18 and over, did find that almost two-fifths of people have made efforts to improve their drinking habits, with more than a third saying physical health/ fitness has a strong influence on their decision.

Niamh Gallagher CEO of Drinkaware said: “We are encouraging people to follow the HSE low-risk guidelines which recommends at least two alcohol-free days per week.”

The results of the survey are particularly significant as we head into the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Dr Liam Twomey, chief medical officer at Drinkaware, said: “Bank holiday weekends are a prime time for alcohol misuse and for binge-drinking episodes."

“Even when people aren’t ‘drinking to get drunk’, we see evidence of all-day drinking at parties, BBQs or family gatherings. Even drinking moderately over a long period of time can amount to excessive drinking when calculated over the whole weekend,” he said.

Drinkaware suggest people alternate each drink with water, always use a measure when pouring spirits, never top up a wine glass and always finish one glass before refilling.


So, it's no secret that we Irish like the odd drink or two, but how much alcohol are we actually consuming compared to our European counterparts?

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) collaborated with colleagues from more than 40 European countries, and have finally come up with a clear answer.

As part of the  European Social Survey, a large study conducted every two years in around 30 European countries, researchers asked almost 2000 participant's questions based on their health, lifestyle and drinking habits.

Rather unsurprisingly, the Irish were found to drink the most overall, while Portugal and Britain topped the list when it came to binge-drinking. 

Terje Andreas Eikemo, professor of sociology at NTNU, explained how these findings will help identify the measures that need to be taken in order to curb alcohol consumption. 

"In the past, we could say that drinking alcohol and smoking affect people's health, for example. Now we can go farther back in the causal chain, and identify where measures should be taken." 

The study also confirmed a link between social status and excessive alcohol consumption.

"Overall alcohol consumption is highest in the upper social strata, but binge drinking is most common in the lower social strata,'' he explains.

What's more, European men were found to have consumed almost twice as many units of alcohol as women, with women in Israel and Central and Eastern Europe found to drink the least.


If you think nothing of splitting a bottle of wine with your partner on a Friday night, then that could bode well for your relationship.

A new study has revealed that couples who drink together are much happier in the long term than couples where only one person drank. 

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According to the study, called Drinking Patterns Among Older Couples, the couples who didn't see eye to eye when it comes to drinking had the most arguments and unhappiness in their relationships.

The imbalance is what seems to cause most of the problems, as couples in which both people drank equally, there were less issues.

Interestingly, the study found that in couples where the woman was the one who drank while the husband stayed sober, more issues arose. 

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'Wives who reported drinking alcohol reported increased negative marital quality over time when husbands reported not drinking,' reads the study.

Now, that's not to say that a teetotaler can't have a strong relationship with someone who enjoys a drink, but according to the study, finding someone who has the same alcohol habits as you can make life a bit easier and your relationship a bit longer. 

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There is nothing worse than nursing a killer hangover, and while the headache and dry mouth are bad enough, the hangover shakes are torture.

Shakiness is one of the ultimate giveaways that you've been hitting the G&Ts the night before, and truly gives life to the phrase: "I'm shook."

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While we know we can put our banging headache down to dehydration and our sore muscles down to thinking we can twerk after a few beverages, we've often wondered: What actually causes shakiness during a hangover?

"The tremors and the sweats come from an overactive sympathetic nervous system; they’re withdrawal symptoms," Dr Alastair O'Brien from The London Clinic told Cosmo. 

This is why the hair of the dog works so well, because you are essentially giving the body what it is craving.

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"The hair of the dog will temporarily make you feel a bit better because some of the symptoms you are experiencing are a direct withdrawal effect," explained the doctor.

"After the first drink you feel like Superwoman; you feel brilliant, your sweats and shakes go away." 

"After the second drink you’re back down where you were before. Your body is feeling bad for a reason, so listen to it!"

Your body is essentially "coming down" from all of the alcohol that you pumped into it the night before. 

So, pints of water all around? 


We've pretty much given up on hangover cures. Sure, you have a few remedies that make a banging headache and sick stomach better, but all in all, it takes a good day or so for a hangover to go away.

Why do we put ourselves through it?!

Well, we may not have to put ourselves through it anymore because students in Yale have created SunUp, which will apparently banish the morning-after aches and pains


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The product is a powdered, citrus flavoured supplement that you dissolve in water. However, you don't take it the morning after.

Nope, you take it before you even go out drinking.

The pharmaceutical team, Margaret Morse, a major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Liam McClintock, a competitive athlete, made a chart to show you how the powder works.

SunUp Hangover Cure

We're sold!

Unfortunately, SunUp is still in the crowdfunding stages, so it might be a while before we get our hands on it.



Powering through a hangover can be tough, especially after a big night like Paddy's Day or NYE.

Here's a few hangover cures that work for us: 

10. Powerade 


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Drinking is so often followed by puking, and if this is the case, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals will help you on the road to recovery.

Drinking Powerade can help replace the lost electrolytes, plus it's a flat drink rather than fizzy so it's easier on a sick tummy. 

Lucozade works well too if you can stomach the bubbles

9. Vanilla ice cream

Much like a glass of milk, vanilla ice cream can coat and calm an angry, irritated stomach that was until very recently full of Jägerbombs.

So if your tummy is on fire, try a cooling coat of plain vanilla ice cream or fro-yo. 

8. Dioralyte


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While Dioralyte may reside in the very un-glamorous world of diarrhoea cures, the rehydration sachets are a quick way to get better if you can't face drinking litres and litres of uisce.

The sachets contain rehydration salts, consisting of glucose and electrolytes like sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate, which work to replace body fluids lost after a heavy night on the town. 

7. Banana


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Eating a banana can help shorten the length of time you're going to spend being revoltingly hungover. 

The more dehydrated you get, the more potassium you lose, which makes you feel extra tired and generally icky.

If you manage to eat the banana before you go to sleep for the night, it will serve you well. 

6. Feminax 

Feminax is obviously a powerful cure for period pain, but the painkiller is also excellent for curing throbbing hangover headaches.

Also, if your muscles are aching from a night on the tiles, these tablets can help. 

5. Two Advil 


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If the headache is what's killing you, then two Advil every few hours washed down with a pint of water is the only way to go. 

Simple but efficient. 

4. Spice bag


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If you are well enough for a nice starchy meal, a spice bag is one of the preferred ways to go. 

Definitely not recommended for those with a sick stomach due to the spice, but this high calorie, high carb meal will give you the energy to go about your day

3. Lukewarm shower


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When the hangover is so bad that you're welcoming death with a smile, sitting in the shower and contemplating your life choices for hours is the only way to go. 

It's also handy if you simply cant stop puking, because what difference does it make when you're already in the shower? You can just puke freely and let the shower wash away the evidence of last night.

Also, opting for lukewarm rather than hot water can help wake you up from a zombie-like state. 

2. Tea, tea, tea


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Tea literally cures everything, and the caffeine in a good cuppa can help perk you up, without hurting your stomach like coffee could. 

The milk in tea can also help settle your stomach, and if you take sugar, you can elevate your energy levels. 

1. Hot chicken roll and a can of Coke


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The crème de la crème of cures, the classic chicken roll and can of Coke combo will never get old. 

The addition of a packet of cheese and onion crisps to this stellar line-up is never a bad idea either. 



December killed us. We're totally broke, our livers have gone into crisis, and we just had to endure our first week back to work. Ouch.

Many people decide to try some self control in January, which mostly means, they won't even step inside the local on a Friday night for the entire month.

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But, as it turns out, drinking in the pub with your mates is very good for you.

According to new research released by Oxford University, having a couple of pints or G&Ts with friends will improve your overall wellbeing.

The study, which was published in the Adaptive Human Behaviour and Psychology journal, found that people who had a regular pint in their local were happier and more satisfied with their lives.

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Professor Robin Dunbar, who conducted the study, said: “This study showed that frequenting a local pub can directly affect peoples’ social network size and how engaged they are with their local community, which in turn can affect how satisfied they feel in life.

"Pubs traditionally have a role as a place for community socialising, alcohol’s role appears to be in triggering the endorphin system, which promotes social bonding.

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“Like other complex bonding systems such as dancing, singing and storytelling, [going to the pub] has often been adopted by large social communities as a ritual associated with bonding.”

Dry January is over then, yeah?



Olly Murs appeared in the Late Late Show last night and revealed what it's really like to go out partying with Niall Horan.

The singer gushed about his friend, saying that he feels like he's Niall's big brother.

“He’s brilliant, me and Niall met in 2010, when he was doing X Factor, and we’ve been mates ever since.

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“Over the years, me and Niall just became really good pals. In this job, you just click with certain people, and we just got on really well, and I’m just kind of like his big brother, really."

And when it comes to going out, well, let's just say Olly can't really keep up.

“The last time I went out with Niall properly was in London, and all I remember is, he’s got his mates that come out and they’re all Irish as well – and you guys can drink!

Image result for niall horan and olly murs

“And I thought ‘aw yeah I can drink’ – but, no chance.

“And we went out, and I remember it was such a good night that we walked out and it was daylight, and we were like ‘oh my God, it’s like 6 o’clock in the morning'."

And when asked about the ladies: “We go out, we meet ladies, of course, yeah. A couple.”

Well, they are very lucky ladies.


Let's face it, Marnie Simpson has made her career from going out, guzzling down and getting 'mortal'.

But it looks like the hard partying lifestyle is taking its toll on the reality star's body after she was recently rushed to hospital.

Opening up about her experience in her column for Star magazine, the 24-year-old admitted that professionals fear her symptoms stem from excessive alcohol consumption.

"I was rushed to hospital last week with a kidney infection and kidney stones." she wrote.

"My kidneys aren’t working properly and doctors think it could be from drinking too much alcohol," Marnie revealed in a candid assessment of her hospital stay.

Marnie, who recently told Twitter followers that her 'body was giving up' on her, explained that she had been out with a  former co-star when she was unable to continue socialising.

"I went out with Charlotte Crosby last week and only lasted an hour because I had no energy," Marnie explained.

Thankfully, Marnie's mum, who championed her throughout her controversial stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, is currently on hand.


Still can't believe I did it. Class of Celebrity big brother 2016

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"I’ve been on medication and my mum has been looking after me," Marnie assured fans.

Sounds like it might be time to give Bijoux a bit of a wild berth.



It's a common thing. More common than you think.

Say you're heading out on a Saturday night. You all meet in your friend's house, and when the drinks run out, you haven't a notion where to head to next.

Or, you've been drinking in the local since you left work and it's time for the small pub to close. Where to head to next? No idea.

Do these scenarios seem familar? If yes, then there's a new app here to help you out. Yay!

Dublin Pub Finder will help you find the perfect pub in the city centre based on your preferences.

Want some live music? No problem. Some craft beer? Gotcha. Maybe a cocktail? You're sorted.

The app lets you search for what you want, and will then offer you a list of pubs that suit what you're looking for.

And as well as that, the app also comes with rating, reviews, a map to the location and directions.

Your Saturday night has just been sorted. 


It has been claimed that Lamar Odom paid a visit to an Irish pub the night before Easter. 

TMZ shared photos of Lamar and two other men at Johnny O'Brien's pub in California.

According to the site, who spoke to staff and customers, Lamar ordered three Remy Martin drinks (the same drink he had when he nearly overdosed) and then left at around 1am.

He was spotted wearing the same outfit the next morning when he went to church with the Kardashians, yet we doubt Khloe knew he was out drinking then.

When the reality star spotted the photos on TMZ, she tweeted something very cryptic:

She then proceeded to retweet these tweets from a preacher:

We just hope Lamar is OK, and they can finally work things out.